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; Ad DIRECTOR, BALTIMORE DISTRICT February 6, 1963 Joba c. Bullard 4-093V, Kubvard B Meters L. Ron Hubbard, Distribution FBC 43405 Genter, inc., Founding Church : i. of Scientology, et al. pmy/pahe. District meno, dated 1/24/63, requested a viste todthe Pinkerton? Detective agentyybaltinore, Wd. According to evidence compiled by DRM, the: Cbinterton Detective Agency reportedly nade an investigation of L- Ron wubbard ee is dsscelations of Jaquary 22, 1957. Tt was requested that full ingomma- tion as to their investigation and findings be obtained. ~ La M . ge : on 2/4/63 1 visited the(Ginkezton Detective Agency locatalia Room 509, one: Céharlea Center, Horth Charles and Fayette Streets, Baltinore, Maryland) 1 first talked toflir. E. C. Pay, manager) after I had related the information as outlined ia the DXi meso, (Mr- Fay)called/assistant manager, C. E. cElwee,) ato the office and briefly sumarized ny statements. (Mr. Fay/stated that ke had been in(Baltimore)only since 1960 and would probably aot be feniliar with investigations prior to that date. DIVISION OF REGULATORY MANAGEMENT: - : for your Information. We sil} check wi th@ kertom in about one week. GGT: fw GORDON G. THOMPSON wet ¥ Chief inspector «."~- x Osce-DRH 7 2-8-63 : ec-BFA 7" re GOT a : . 2, Hubbard £ Meters, Jb, 2/6/63 (ie. McElueg) stated that he recalled the investigation quite vividly. He,in “faet, had been the agent assigned to conduct this investigation. “ir. McBlve2) recalled the following information from memory: | Initially their office vas requested to conduct an investigation | by L, Ron ixbbard and his wiie, Mary Sue Hubbard, ‘They stated that 7 they were interested in obtaining evidence to be used in a slander suit that they were considering bringing egainst some unknown in- divideals. Apparently the whole thing started with a meaber of. the Founding - J 2Church of Scientology who was (Assigned as a guardian of a Mongoliany vidiot. According to the investigation this Scientologist was ac- ‘conpanying the Mongolian idiot along the streets of Washington when “the idiot suddenly to rundown the street, away from the guardian, vtaking off Ris clothes in the meantine. According to(Mc¥lvee,) the : 7 Washington newspapers picked up this incident and promoted it to a - qmore than ordinary degree,) Kubbard felt that this incident wes being ‘used to discredit the Church of Scientology, and desired to know the r§adividual who was responsible for (Continuing these articles: ia the papers) ec : i > : McBlvea) stated that.he, himself, met with Hubbard and hisvife at —. © the Founding Church, located on 19th St, in Washington: He stated , that he'vas quite impressed vith the building and its furnishings. (ticBiwee! stated that he conducted an investigation of an intermediate length, and stated,.that as he recalled, they did obtain the ingor~ mation desired by Hubbard. (During this investigagion, he stated? that his discussions with lubbard and his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard,y led him to believe that they were a bunch of quacks.) He stated + : that on his firat visit to the Founding Church, he inquired as to a what Scientology vas. He stated that in response to this question they tried to indoctrinate Kim in the beliefs of good Scientologists. Gicelwee) stated that it was his recollection that Hubbard had requested their agency to make several other Javestigations after this. (He. - ¢ stated that they had tactfully declined due to the nature of the> ‘organication.} ’ Gir. Bay)stated that due to the age of this case the files would be in.New York > ‘City.’ He stated that he would contact /the New York office and request the information contained in this avestigation. “The tuspector suggested that =| he phone the Baltinoxe District Food and Drug office wien this information is savailable. (ir. Fay)stated that this would be agreeable and suggested that it would take about one eek to obtain this information. fe ON C BULLARD, Inspector \ SC:DR, CDT \ JeBtbic/diot

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