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Hert 7 / be 46093 L. Ron wubbard E meter Founding Church of Scientology Fae 48405 Distribution Ceater Ine The Hubbard Guidance Center Ete., Washington, D.C. January 30, 1963 1DUM FOR F. Gn January 29 I interviewed/fir. Malcolm Houston) Attorney/with offices at (iG10 Vermont Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. Mr. HoustonJwaa re~ ferred to me by Meo. Sisk of the Gexeral Counsel's office as On indiv~ idual who had been connected with(@n assault jbyJL. Ron Hubbard > ke. (foustoa) supplied the following information. Gx. Joseph Ettelman, owner & a jewelry manufacturing plant)became close friends vith Mr. L. Ron Hubbard sometime in 1958. Mr. Hubbard became 2@ partes? Gith We Etteiman~in-this jewelry manefetearing”operation-and «/Supplisd-Ettelman-with-credit~of~$5030007—The~jewelry~firm-was-to-maka pendants~ coataining-signs-of-—the. Zodiac) for Mr. Hubbard's use in the Brelated firms of the Founding Church of Scientology. Miése pendants were to be given to the auditors depending upon their progrese and status ia the organization. The various Zodiac symbols would indicate their status. Me. Ecteluwn vas also supplied with money for down payment on manufac~ turing equipment by]Mr. Hubbard. (As Mr. Ettelman had difficulty with the IRS.) Mr. Eubbard suggested that fhe property of the jewelry firm be sold tojitr. Hubbard.” fimediately upon the sale the property was leased on a five-year bagis back to Nr. Joseph Ettelman. Difficulties then arose when}@fx. Hubbard Geclined to make furtiner payment on the machinery which he fiad supplied the down payment for and Mr. Ettelman had various suits g outstanding for the claim.) 7 (A Miss Marilyn Routsong then filed a couplaint for the Founding Church lof Scientology against (Mr. Ettelmai/on the basis that the contract for sale of the property was wade under false pretense. The coatract ‘indicates in fine print, that the property was free and clear., The Founding Church claimed that they had uo contact with dir. Sttelman) other than (Zhe sale of this property. (this charge was filed in Syattsville, Md. on July 20, 1959) f=. Ettelman vas placed in jail three different tines and each tine was leeleased on bond which bond was increased in value up to $4,000. He was then indicted'at Grand Jury in Upper Marlboro, Md. end found not guilty. Attorney Houston) thea obtained a complaint of false arrest which was #ilea in the District of Columbia on January 4, 1960 and is referenced na DC 14-60. 2 Gttorney Houstod)was able co determine that Mr. Hubbard would be in / the Washington area fon January 4 and that he was living at the Shoreham? Hotel under an assumed name of Jamzs Olsen. Attorney Houston and a Process server, Nes. Cynthia Steketee Harrison, proceeded to the Shoreham Hotel to serve the papers on £ive separate individuals or organizati Those included the Founding Church of Scientology of the District oF Columbia, the Founding Church of Scientology of New York, Mary Sue Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard and Harilyn Routsong. upon confronting tr. Hubbard vith the Papers ira. Warrisoa's hands were slapped and the papers Were strem to tie floor, on five separate occasions. A Fizht thea developed anongst Mr. Houston, Hes. Barrison,) Ron Hubbard, Mary Sue» Hubbard, arilya Routsong and a few other individuals who were in ace companinent with Mr. Hubbard. (Attorney Houston states that Merilya | Boutsong pounced upon him, scratched and kicked like a wild cat) Eventually the fight broke up and the papers were given to Mr. Hubbard as He entered an elevator. He again knocked them to the floor but was informed that the papers had been served. Gi. Houston) then made arrangements with @ttorney Janes Donovan who was‘ handling the case)for Mr. Hubbard, to tale Mr. Hubbard's Sepesition Ga, London, England. “this vas by Gentleman's Agreement. Hr. Houston traveled to Englang/ but was unable to contact Mr. Hubbard. (Upon retuming to the Countzyjke confronted fiir. Donovas) and was told that he had not issued the« required legal papers in order to obtain this deposition, Gx. wouston stated thatte.had not filed an assault suit against He. Rubbard after much consideration. He stated that he did not want the publicity which vould evolve dus to his other suit vhich was in process) G&. HoustonJstill intends to contact Mc. Hubbard for deposition after Tiling the proper legal forma. his case is st4il outstanding. No trial has been held; howaver, several motions have been filed. Gir. Houstog) stated that/Ris client, Hr. Joseph Ettelman,Jwas required to Joia the Founding Church of Scientology(Zn order that the business deal with L. Ron Hubbard could be congummated.) Houston)offered to ac- company me oa an interview with/iir. EttelmanPuho he felt would be able te supply mch information about the Zoundifg Church and other organiza tions of L. Ron Hubbard, and who would be a very willing witness Gf needed in any court case. 1 intend to interview ffir. Ettelma)at ay next opportunity. George D. Tilroe Inspector, Baltimore District —\ colzale/ ec GC BFA GdTlroe:ms:rb 1/30/63

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