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But it doesnt stop there for Jack n Jill. This year marks the
biggest change yet in Jack n Jill history as its product line goes all
out. Jack n Jill will no longer be just a name but a mega brand
that brings with it the promise of unending product innovations
and quality improvements. Armed with its rich heritage in
snacking, Jack n Jill forays into the equally competitive business
of candies, chocolates, biscuits and baked goods. From now on,
these brands will all carry the renowned Jack n Jill name: Maxx,
Dynamite, X.O., Star Fruits, Wiggles, Magic Flakes, Magic
Pleasures, Presto Creams, Cream-O, Dewberry, Nips Rainbow
Bites, Hello!, Cloud 9, Big Bang, Nips and Quake Cake.
It will truly be a thrilling new chapter in Jack n Jill history as it
ventures into greater opportunities for growth, not only in the
Philippines but in the vast Asian market. You can expect that a
bigger and better Jack n Jillwith more surprises up its sleevewill
continue to provide the highest-quality, most innovative products
that will surely bring color and enjoyment to food lovers of all
ages around the region.

Monde Nissin Corp holds the lead in biscuits; expected to

account for one-third of value sales in 2013. The companys
strong position is supported by the leading position of its brands
in key biscuits categories, namely Sky Flakes in savoury biscuits
and crackers, Eggnog in plain biscuits and Bingo in sandwich
biscuits. The manufacturer has capitalised on its long-standing
presence in the Philippine market, which enables it to create a
strong brand image and loyalty amongst consumers. The
company continues to launch new innovations in order to
respond to the increasing health-consciousness in the
Philippines, and appeal to the more adventurous young adult
market, which demands variety.

Chapter 1Marketing AspectCurrent Market Situation

Biscuit products sustained to escalate as consumers
contemplatedreasonably priced indulgent snacks. With the health and
wellness trendbecoming an increasingly vital aspect, growing numbers of
consumers arereaching for good-for-you features of biscuits, such as
whole grain or varietiesenriched with milk and fruit pieces. With that, the
researchers came up with theidea of creating another strain of biscuit
enhanced with health nutrition usingvegetables as the core ingredient.
The vegetable biscuit will go through theidentical process as that of a
home-made biscuit.Biscuit manufacturers are bringing new products to
consumers as theycrave for something distinctive from the plain-looking
and ordinary tasting biscuitsthey have used to for many years. Recently,
RITZ developed their product byintroducing new product lines such as
wafers and chocolate coated biscuits(such as choco sticks) to its already
wide array of baked products while Rebisconow carries a wide variety of
snack food ranging from nuts and seeds, cakes,wafers, breads, chips and
curls, candies and gums, and chocolates through thecreation of new
partners over time such as JBC Food Corportion, Suncrest FoodInc.,
Multirich Food Corporation, Pinnacle Food Inc., and SPI Corporation. On
theother hand, Monde Nissin Corporation concentrated on their product
type, as thesources say that crackers (such as Sky Flakes, Blue Skies,
Magic Flakes, etc.)are the best-selling variety followed by sweet biscuits
(such as Eggnog, Marie,etc.) and wafers like TiniWini, through the help of
its sister company Monde M.Y.San Corporation, they evolved into a
premier food firm. Biscuit manufacturersintroduced different packaging
and product formats to cater to all consumptionoccasions. They also
modified existing products via ingredient upgrades, to cater to changing
consumer preferences and needs. Business companies are likely tofocus
more on reformulating biscuits recipes and on more unique flavours,
asthey seek to address the issues of health and obesity and also to
promote sustainable development and local production. With regard to
health-positionedproducts, more wholegrain and fortified/functional
varieties are expected withlow-calorie versions as well as single-portion

variants.With rising globalization of lifestyles, supported by increasing

affordability,biscuits saw rising acceptance as a snack not just amongst
urban consumers,but also amongst rural consumers, who are
increasingly seeing biscuits as agood snack option between meals that is
why they choose impulse products toindulge themselves, so offering
bolder flavours, unusual flavour combinationsand fun textures will be
important ways to keep consumers engaged andindulged.