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Colloquium on International and Transnational

810 October 2014
Institute for Security Studies
Pretoria, South Africa
10 October
Working Groups: Recommendations for the Establishment of Future
International Crimes Divisions

Public discourse for reasons and strategy; all this to get national buy-in

Establish joint investigation teams, but also find ways to maintain

independence of prosecutors

Establish Standard Operating Procedures on roles, responsibilities and on

relationship with external stakeholders

Work on capacity building of all the relevant stakeholders [ensure

they are sustainable, joint and focused to have good results]

Priorities of capacity building should be defined by executive committee;

train the trainers

Create a donor coordination group. Align and coordinate activities with

national capacity building programs organized by the UN and other

Develop and utilize national expertise

Harmonize criminal procedure legislation (nationally)

With the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office

Ensure harmonization of regional legislation on transnational crimes and

witness protection

Have a clear definition of mandate / jurisdiction

Budget with national and international partners

Create prosecution guidelines and policy --- ensuring transparency

and accountability as well as independence (DPP already has it); then
create relevant training manual for investigators, prosecutors and

Work on interagency coordination and cooperation (judiciary,

prosecution, investigation, witness protection) --- also establish SOPs and
more formalized coordination

Build capacity for online case management

Create focal point for Mutual Legal Assistance / formal and informal
relationships to neighbouring countries

With the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office

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