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(A Government Company)

Ref. No. CRP/PER/C/34/1444

Date: 01 . 06 .2013

All CGMs/GMs/Chiefs
All Areas & Corporate
Sub: Coal India Limited Leave Rules 2010 as adopted by the Singareni Collieries
Company Limited for Executive cadre employees appointed on or after 05.03.1974
Insertion of Clause No. 7.14 Child Care Leave (CCL) Reg.
Ref: 1. Circular No. CRP/PER/C/34/1298, dtd. 11.05.2012.
2. Circular No. CRP/PER/C/34/1416, dtd. 25.05.2012.
3. Circular No. CRP/PER/C/34/2388, dtd. 06.09.2012.
-0The Board of Directors of SCCL in its meeting held on 14.05.2013 at Hyderabad has
accorded approval for adoption of Child Care Leave (CCL) to Female Executives as prevailing in
CIL by carrying out amendments in SCCL Executives Leave Rules-2012 applicable to all
Executive cadre employees appointed on or after 05.03.1974. Accordingly the provisions of CCL
is inserted as Clause 7.14 in the SCCL Executives Leave Rules-2012 circulated vide Circular No.
CRP/PER/C/34/1298, dated 11.05.2012 and subsequent clarifications issued thereon as given
Clause No. 7.14 - Child Care Leave (CCL):


Female executives having minor children may be granted Child Care Leave by
an authority competent to grant maternity leave, for a maximum period of two
years (i e.730 days) during their entire service for taking care of up-to two eldest
surviving children whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs like
examination, sickness etc. Child Care Leave shall not be admissible if the child is
eighteen years of age or older. During the period of such leave, the female
executives shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before
proceeding on leave. It may be availed of in more than one spell. The leave
account for Child Care Leave shall be maintained in the proforma (Annexure-II)
and it shall be kept along with the Service Book of the female executive
concerned. Child Care Leave may also be allowed for the third year as leave not
due (without production of medical certificate). It may be combined with leave of
the kind due and admissible.
Child Care Leave shall be granted subject to following conditions:
(a) Child Care Leave cannot be demanded as a matter of right. Under no
circumstances can any employee proceed on Child Care Leave without
prior proper approval of the leave by the leave sanctioning authority.
(b) It will be treated like Earned leave and sanctioned as such.
(c) Weekly days of rest (Sundays/Fridays), Paid Holidays etc., falling during
the period of leave would also count for Child Care Leave as in the case of
Earned Leave.
(d) The leave will not be allowed more than three spells in a calendar year.
(e) Child Care Leave may not be granted for less than 15 days in a spell.
(f) LTC/LLTC cannot be availed during CCL.

CCL should not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain
extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied about the need of Child
Leave to the probationer. It may also be ensured that the period for which this leave is
sanctioned during the probation is minimal.
The above will be effective from 01.06.2013. The Leave Sanctioning Authority as per
Leave Rules/delegation of powers shall sanction the Child Care Leave and invariably mark a
copy of CCL sanctioning letter to Executive Establishment Cell, Corporate for personal record of
the executive concerned. This may be circulated to all Mines & Depts., and all executive cadre
female employees working under your administrative control.
This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority. C&MD
All Directors
PM.ERP He is requested to allot separate code for CCL and arrange to make necessary
configuration in HR PYP with ceiling of maximum of 730 days during entire service.
All Heads of Area Personnel Dept., /F&A Dept.,/IA Dept.
All wings of Corp. Per. Dept.
Per.Mgr.,HR PYP



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