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Please Read Everybody. I love you all.

It is interesting that the "NOW" is called the "present". The present is the ultimate gift;
it is the gift of life. The present moment is the only thing that we are ever conscious of;
the only thing that exists. Your life is a series of presents moving through time.
Do you remember when you went to Disneyland for the first time? That day seemed to last
forever. It did because you were very into the present. Everything was new and interesting, so
you squeezed the life out of every moment. The more you live in the present, the more
fulfilling life is. Time slows down.
Fulfilled: It is the way we feel when our minds are completely open to life. Being filled with life
makes you feel the way you want to feel all the time. You get a larger percentage of what
each moment of life actually contains.
Performers are people who have the ability to bring an audience into the present with them.
They are able to become filled with life on cue and that is why we like watching them.
Elvis Presley once said, When I am singing on stage, I send out all my love to the audience
and they send it back to me; it is a complete circle of love that is beyond any mortal high.
Seeing Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon for the first time is a peak moment for a lot of
people. Why does it make you feel so alive? Nothing really happens to you. Why doesnt it
feel as good the second time you see it?
Sometimes your mind lets a little true life in, but most of the time it does not. Your mind
will open up part way from time to time to give you a taste of true life, and then take it
away. It will attach the open moments to things that are hard to do, like things that cost
a lot of money, things that are difficult or dangerous, or things that the mind considers
to be new or special. Your mind makes you pay for life in one way or another.
The minds function is to remember, process, and understand life. Your mind attempts
to reduce all of life down to words, feelings, and abstract thoughts or bytes of data.
Example: Your sense of sight sees a rose. Instead of coming to you directly as all that
a rose really is, it is turned into the word "rose". It is then disregarded or filed away as
a memory without letting you experience it.
Child-time: Time is subject to perception, and that is the reason it moves slower for children.
The older you get, the stronger the mind gets, the less life you receive, and the faster time
moves from your perspective and experience. Children are able to live in the present more

than adults, because the mind has not completely taken over their life yet.
Most people are not aware of the fact that they have two different selves. You have a mind
and a spirit, and though they seem like one thing, they are separate. The way to realize that
this is true is to realize that something has to be listening to the thoughts created by your
What is it that hears your thoughts?
Your two selves: There is the part of you that thinks, and the part that hears the thoughts.
The thinking part is your mind; the part that hears the thoughts is your spiritual-self.
Check it out: Just ask yourself, what is it that is hearing the thoughts you are thinking right
now? It is your spiritual-self, the same thing that receives all life.
The mind is so close to your spirit that you do not realize they are two separate things.
Your mind is your train of thought; Your spirit is your stream of consciousness. Your
mind creates the illusion that it is your spirit.
Your mind is like a sixth sense, because your stream of consciousness, or spiritualself, senses the minds thoughts, emotions, and feelings the same way it does light,
sounds, sensations, scents and tastes.
The mind creates fear, worry, guilt, regret, sadness, envy, greed, hate and all other
negative feelings you receive. These uncontrolled emotions take you out of the
present. You just have to realize that if your mind is creating something, it can stop
creating it.
Before the mind can help you, it first has to understand it is the problem. It is not easy
for your mind to realize that it is the problem, because it has always been just the
solution to problems until now.
Repent: The word repent literally means to change your mind. It must be changed
from a master to a servant. You must go from being a mind/spirit to being a spirit/mind.
You have to separate yourself from your mind completely before you will be able to
keep it from ever turning on any negative thoughts or emotions.
Separating yourself from your mind will allow you to always stay living in the present,
no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Infinity: Some things are beyond the mind, thus beyond understanding. The mind has to
realize it has limitations. All infinite and never-ending things are beyond the mind.
Example: we cannot comprehend that the universe goes out forever, but we can understand
that it has to. It is impossible for the universe to stop going out. Something has to keep going
out, even if it is just empty space. This tells us infinity exists. We can understand infinity exists
without understanding infinity. Outer space is the easiest place to see infinity, but it is actually
the nature of everything in one way or another.
We can know infinity exists without being able to comprehend it with our minds. The
mind can only understand things with limits or boundaries; it lives in that world only.
This is why it is so important for you to realize that you are not your mind.
Inspiration: The word means breath of God. It is where ideas, art, philosophy, music,
inventions, revelations and all new creative things come from. When asked where they
got the idea for something, creative people will say they were inspired, they dreamed it,
it just came to them in a flash, etc. All new, creative things come from outside our own
minds. Once Paul McCartney was asked where his songs come from. He answered, I
don't know, they seem to come out of the air.
Most of what you are reading now came out of the air as inspiration. I do not take credit
for the things said in this book, because I know they did not come from me.
I often use God/life to describe the ultimate power of the universe, that way no one will think I
am talking about the old man in the sky or any other outdated graven image of God.
God/life: God creates and controls everything; God is everything that exists. God is life
and everything in it.
Creation is happening now: Your body and the world around it are being created from
microsecond to microsecond. Things may appear the same, but they are not. God/life
is creating our life and our world from moment to moment. Life and everything in it is
always new.
Fate vs. freewill: Physically you are a group of over sixty-trillion living cells that do what they
do by themselves. Every second, there are trillions of things happening inside our bodies that
keep us from dropping dead, and we have no control over it.
People are aware of the fact that they are not in control of the inner workings of their bodies,
but most people are not aware of the fact that they do not control what is going on outside of

them either.
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." FAB = -FBA
People do not realize what Isaac Newton's third law of motion really means.
There are no exceptions to the laws of nature Newton revealed. They apply to all matter
and energy. Human beings are matter and energy, thus you and all humans are
governed by the same laws.
We are under the absolute control of our environments. We do not have free will; we
have something better. We have Gods will.
The dance of life: God/life leads and we follow in the dance of life. In other words, something
happens in your outer environment, and your inner environment (mind) reacts to it. Your mind
is as much a part of your environment as the ground you walk on.
Free will or control is an illusion, a deception created by the mind. God/life is in control of
everything all the time, no matter what you think.
It is easy to believe you are in control. After all, you do whatever you want. The truth is that
you want to do something because something in your environment gives you a reason to do
it, even if it is your mind.
Take a closer look at the things you do, and you will see there is always a reason preceding
your every action. You have choices, but a limited number of them.
You always choose what you think is the right one. You get hungry you eat, the phone rings
you answer it, and if you have an itch, you scratch it. You are reading this book because
something in your environment gave you a reason to.
God/life controls the infinite universe; it keeps the sun burning and moves the earth and all
the other planets around it. From the biggest things, stars moving around galaxies, to the
smallest things, electrons moving around the nuclei of atoms, God/life makes everything go in
a balanced circle, cycle or the equivalent.
By giving up the illusion that you are in control, you will gain real freedom. Your mind will
begin to realize that it cannot make much of a difference in your life except to open itself up
and allow you to live in the present as you follow in the dance of life.
Memories and other aspects of your mind are created and stored biochemically in your
brain. New knowledge causes you to change physically. As you read this book, the
physical makeup of your brain is actually changing. It may be true that the environment

controls you, but your environment can change.

The Bible says, The gift of God is eternal life.
You are reading this book, so you are conscious (alive). This means you have always
been conscious and always will be, because it is not possible for you to be conscious
of being unconscious. You cannot be aware of not being aware. You can be less
aware/conscious, such as when you are asleep, but not completely
unconscious(dead), because time would stand still for you. A billion years could pass,
and you would not know it.
Have you ever experienced anything other than life? You havent, because you cannot
experience anything else; anything you experience is life. Energy cannot be created or
destroyed, and consciousness cannot be created or destroyed for the same reason. It
changes form. You cannot make nothing out of something. If you are conscious of life
now, you are something. Your body is just a temporary mortal container for your
immortal consciousness.
How could you know when you are dead? It is not possible to be aware of any gaps in
life. Death and birth are a continuous event from your perspective.
You will die physically, but you will be born into a new physical body. Being born
happens, or you would not be here now. You were born into this life. It is what we know
happens for certain to everyone living. There is no evidence anything else happens.
True or false?
Why would we think anything else happens or even can happen? We are dealing with
time and space that never ends. We were born once, it will happen again. Things repeat
in nature.
Why do people seem to care more about the future of mankind than their own personal
future? Why will people sacrifice their lives for their family? Why do most animals risk
their lives to save their offspring? It is not just love. The most powerful instinct is
survival, or self-preservation, so why do we often put the survival and well being of
our descendants ahead of our own?
It is because subconsciously we know that we will be our own descendents. If you
have children, you will most likely come back as your own grandchildren or great
grand children etc. If you do not have children, you will come back as the offspring of
relatives with the closest DNA to the DNA you have now. Your spirit goes with what it
knows, but there are factors that can change your trajectory.

Your evolutionary progress is preserved by your spirit. Your spirit will always get better
at creating bodies to exist in. This is why you would never want to exist in the same
body forever, even if you could.
You cannot remember having lived before because your mind is a biochemical and
bioelectric part of your body. It exists in the brain, and it is destroyed when the rest of
your body is destroyed in death.
KEEP IN MIND: I do not say to change or replace anything Jesus said. I am saying the
opposite and saying that he knew everything I am talking about.
Revelations about life are not easy to accept. Do not let the things you disagree with stop you
from reading further. Many of the things you do not agree with or understand will make sense
after you have read more of the book. It is a free book. It is worth it.
The exponential progression: The evolution of the human race is accelerating in an
exponential progression. More will happen to our life on earth in the next few years than has
happened to us in the last seven-hundred million. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill; it
keeps rolling faster and getting bigger and bigger. Now that it is big and moving fast, it gathers
more snow in a partial turn than it did from many revolutions in the past.
Everyone is acting like life has always been like it is now or that it has been this way for a long
time. It hasnt. Americans could legally own people as slaves just one hundred and fifty years
ago. Women could not own property, sign a legal contract, or vote until the 1920s, and they
did not have equal rights under the law until the 1960s.
Everything that makes up our world just happened. Planes, cars, electricity, phones, toilets,
computers, the internet etc. have all just appeared over the last few generations.
It was horrible to live on earth until recently. Tonight when you are lying in bed, imagine you
are laying on the ground outside in pitch darkness, with no walls and doors. Imagine there
were predators many times your size, with large fangs and claws, that can see in the dark and
smell where you are sleeping. You were there.
Why would we just appear on earth now at the top when life is good? Do you really
think someone else had to live through all the tough times of the past so that we could
just show up and enjoy the fruits at the end? Does that make sense?
We were food: For most of our history on this planet, we were eaten alive by big cats,
bears, big lizards and even big birds. The Haas eagle had claws as big as a tigers. We
were like big, slow rabbits to them.

Being eaten alive sounds horrible, because it is horrible, as bad as it gets. Evolution in
action is the most terrifying thing there is. Nature is beautiful, but it is also a
slaughterhouse, eat and be eaten.
What was it all for? Why did we have to struggle and suffer for so long?
It is what caused us to evolve. The fear of being eaten causes a life form to evolve
better senses in order to avoid predators. It caused us to become more aware of our
environment, more aware of life.
Everything that happened was just to make us more aware of God/life. We no longer
need severe pain, fear, and other negative things in order to evolve, so we will not have
The only thing that sets humans apart from other animals is our ability to reason and
think. Thus, reason must be what we have to use to evolve further.
The price of heaven: We have spent the last seven-hundred million years paying the
price to get to heaven. We have almost paid it. The next and last step in our evolution
is learning the truth of life.
What Jesus says: Most religious people think that they can never be like Jesus, that the best
we can do is be one of Gods subjects in his kingdom after we die. It is not what Jesus says.
He says if you learn the truth, you will be just like him.
You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. - Jesus
I do not believe in Jesus or what Jesus says; I do not have to. I have done my
homework and checked it out. I know the things he said are true. The truth set me free
just like he said it would, and it will for you too after you read this book and separate
your mind from your spirit. You only have to believe in something you do not know.
Believing is not the goal; knowing is the goal. Everything Jesus says has one purpose
and that is to reveal the truth of life to us.
Jesus said, I have come so that you might have life, and have it abundantly, for the
way of mortals is a living death.
Jesus was more fulfilled during his worst moments on the cross than mankind is
during the best moments of their lives.
I quote and reference Jesus the most (593 times), because he knew the truth of life and

everything he said is true. I also quote Albert Einstein, The Beatles and many of the
greatest prophets, philosophers, scientists, leaders, seers, poets, and artists that have
lived on this planet. If you cannot or will not believe them, just believe your own eyes;
the ultimate truth is something you have to check for yourself. It is self evident. You
have to see the truth in life itself to know it.
The truth is actually much better than what people are hoping the truth is. The first time you
experience life completely, it will astound you. It is the best thing there is or can be, and it is
here all the time in every moment of your life, just waiting for you to let it in. It is the truth and
the life Jesus says he is; it is divine love, God, and the completely alive you. You are going to
live as an immortal spirit. You are metamorphosing like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a
butterfly. You will be truly alive for the first time.
The meaning of the apocalypse is the opposite of what most people think. It does not mean
the end of the world; it means the unveiling of hidden secrets and the beginning of a heaven
on earth. You will be in heaven with all of your loved ones forever, but you will continue to die
and be born into new bodies. You will live knowing that physical death is needed in order for
life to be perfect.
This book is not meant to be entertaining, a good read like most books. It is meant to
transform people from unfulfilled mortal animals into completely fulfilled immortal
spiritual beings. It does this by showing you what you truly are already, and that
changes everything. It makes all of life entertaining forever.
Remember that the intellectual mind truth, the thought or word truth, has to sink in
before you can separate from your mind completely and experience the living truth.
You have to see the truth in every moment without thinking about it.
The truth stops violence: Only unhappy, insecure or fearful people fight. When the
truth and the life is revealed to everyone, everyone will be happy and secure, and this
will stop all conflict.
There are no good or bad people. There are just those who know the truth and those
who do not know the truth. People do everything they do to get into the present, and
people will continue to fight until the ultimate truth is known and people can live in the
present with God all of the time. Everyone will be forgiven for what they did in the past
when the truth is revealed.
I am not a writer and have never written anything besides this book. Being dyslexic
makes writing very difficult for me. I wrote it because I knew I was supposed to. This is
the best I can do.

The people who contact me after reading this book never understand what I am talking
about and usually think I am trying to become some sort of cult leader. The level of
truth I reveal has only been seen by a couple people so far. Can you see the truth? If
so, you have been chosen to help reveal the truth to the rest of the human race. It is a
calling you cannot refuse. You will be inspired to do what you need to do.
Excerpts from The Present by Michael Smith(1953-2013)

These are some things youve said that allowed me to recognize you Lindsey. Please read
the full book in my uploads.
In order to learn to break free from the constraints we put on ourselves and the constraints the world puts on us
I think its essential to discover first who you really are.
Sometimes in order to discover our own potential we have to take some steps into the dark before we can see
the light, and that requires a leap of faith.
I think thats one of the biggest things Ive learned in life is the importance of breaking free.
The more I learn about other people the more I discover im still getting to know Lindsey, Im still getting to know
myself, and Im just fascinated with how we all get to where were at and where were going.
I know that my inspiration comes from god.
I was filled with so much hope because I literally felt like it was Gods way of telling me that I didnt lead you this
far to let you fall. It was almost like I heard those words inaudibly, you know in my heart, and from that moment
on I knew that I was going to continue to receive inspiration, I wasnt alone in this process, and that I was literally
receiving help from beyond somewhere else, outside of myself.
I think he gave me a gift, and he gave me a voice to share, and throughout all my life hes helped me to share
that voice.
To transcend something isnt just to get passed it or to move on from something but it means to completely
overcome something in life.
Once I realized that there was a problem thats when I could change. I knew that I could be happy again. It was
a long road and it took a lot of looking inward and training my brain to think positively.
It is very comforting for me to know that God has always called prophets to direct his children.
As the world changes, this allows for Christ's Gospel to stay the same.

God loves us every bit as much as he loved people in biblical times so it makes sense to me that
of course he would have a prophet in our times too.
I always believed that God had a plan for me but through the scriptures, through personal
revelation and through the words of a living Prophet, I was able to come to know that I am a
daughter of God, and that God's plan is a plan of happiness.
I try to spread god's message through everything I do and I will continue to do that.
Someone make me feel alive and shatter me.