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Nel-Ars Building, Dagupan City


(Final Mock-Test)

Prepared by:
NQESH 2012 Passer


Directions: Read the sentences carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write the
letter of your answer on the space provided for.
A. Sentence Completion
_____1. She is well loved by the people for being ____________________.
a. slanderous
b. virtuous*

c. ambiguous
d. condescending

_____2. Davidlee is an ____________ diver. He always wins the gold medal.

a. inept
b. efficient

c. adroit*
d. aggressive

_____3. The ____ student _____ going to school.

a. delinquent; abhors*
b. awkward; abhors

c. industrious; dislikes
d. obedient; dislikes

_____4. The reporter was adjudged guilty of _____ for spreading false accusations.
a. calumny*
b. rebellion

c. treachery
d. mutiny

_____5. Ewan played the violin with such _____, everyone was amazed.
a. anxiety
b. inanity

c. deity
d. virtuosity*

_____6. Today, Alfred Wegeners theory is _______; however, he died an outsider treated with ___
by the scientific establishments.
a. unsupported: approval
b. dismissed: contempt

c. accepted: approbation
d. unchallenged: disdain*

_____7. The revolution I art has not lost its steam; it _________ on as fiercely as ever.
a. trudges
b. meanders

c. rages*
d. ambles

_____8. Biological clocks are of such _____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would
expect most organisms to _____them.
a. obvious: possess*
b. ambivalent: develop

c. meager: evolve
d. significant: eschew

_____9. The peasants were the least ______ of all people, bound by tradition and _____ by


a. conventional: encumbered
b. pinioned: limited

c. free: fettered*
d. enthralled: tied

_____10. The conclusion of his argument, while _____, is far from ______.
a. germane: relevant
b. esoteric: obscure

c. stimulating: interesting
d. abstruse: incomprehensible*

B. Synonyms
_____11. The virulent drug he had mistakenly taken killed him in an instant.
a. effective
b. expensive

c. sedative
d. toxic*

_____12. Argentina is one of the worlds leading honey-exporters. It maintains a large apiary.
a. Place where birds are bred.
b. Place where apes are grown.

C. Place where bees are raised.*

D. Place where honey is stored.

_____13. Eugenio Joshua admires his teachers deportment during class.

a. demeanor*
b. speech

c. banishment
d. intelligence

_____14. His recommendation was rejected because it might be inimical to the company.
a. insubstantial
b. useful

c. costly
d. disadvantageous*

_____15. Marvin Jays supervisor asked him to elucidate his proposal during the presentation.
a. clarify*
b. extend

c. improve
d. shorten

C. Antonyms
_____16. The mother has been doleful every when she lost her son.
a. miserable
b. cheerful*

c. prayerful
d. anxious

_____17. Juan Carlo acquiesced to his friends plan of going to Baguio comes February.
a. agreed
b. objected*

c. rejoiced
d. abided

_____18. John Dans house is full of a motley collection of furniture, including antiques,
woodcrafts and glasswares.
a. diverse
b. attractive

c. homogenous*
d. expensive

_____19. Jeric Angels nervousness was palpable despite the confident faade he was showing.
a. evident
b. increasing

c. decreasing
d. hidden*

_____20. He had learned that everything in life is evanescent.

a. temporary
b. permanent*
D. Analogy

c. extraordinary
d. luminous

a. predictable: event
b. coordinated: movement



c. active: thought
d. erratic: path


a. departure: arrival*
b. culmination: upshot

c. approach: return
d. escapade: punishment


a. erudite: wisdom
b. desultory: error

c. boisterous: calm*
d. exalted: elevation


a. seed: flower
b. smoke: fire

c. chair: furniture*
d. mystify: enlightenment


a. obdurate: foolish*
b. ascetic: austere

c. loquacious: taciturn
d. peremptory: spontaneous

a. exacerbate: problem
b. modify: accent

c. dampen: enthusiasm*
d. elongate: line


a. religious: private
b. expensive: profligate

c. conservative: stoic
d. mendacious: truthful*

_____28. PENURY:: MONEY

a. starvation: sustenance
b. independence: freedom*

c. infirmity: illness
d. spontaneity: care

_____29. MASON:: STONE

a. soldier: weapon
b. lawyer: law

c. carpenter: wood*
d. teacher: pupil

_____30. REPEL:: LURE

a. miscarry: succeed*
b. dismount: devolve

c. abrogate: deny
d. abridge: shorten

E. Reading Comprehension
Passage 1
Much of what goes by the name of pleasure is simply an effort to destroy
consciousness. If one started by asking, what is man? What are his needs? How can he best
express himself? One would discover that merely having the power to avoid work and live ones
life from birth to death in electric light and to the tune of tinned music is not a reason for doing
so. Man needs warmth, society, leisure, comfort and security: he also needs solitude, creative
work and the sense of wonder. If he recognized this he could use the products of science and
industrialism eclectically, applying always the same test: does this make me more human or
less human? He would then learn that the highest happiness does not lie in relaxing, resting,
playing poker, drinking and making love simultaneously.


Adapted from an essay by George Orwell

_____31. The author implies that the answers to the questions in sentence two would reveal
that human beings _____________________.
a. are less human when they seek pleasure*
b. need to evaluate their purpose in life
c. are being alienated from their true nature by technology
d. have needs beyond physical comforts
_____32. The author would apparently agree that playing poker is _____.
a. often an effort to avoid thinking
b. something that gives true pleasure
c. an example of mans need for society *
d. something that man must learn to avoid
Passage 2
Examine the recently laid egg of some common animal, such as a salamander or newt.
It is a minute spheroid an apparently structure less sac, enclosing a fluid, holding granules
in suspension. But let a moderate supply of warmth reach its watery cradle, and the plastic
matter undergoes changes so rapid, yet so steady and purposeful in their succession, that one
can only compare them to those operated by a skilled modeler upon a formless lump of clay. As
with an invisible trowel, the mass is divided and subdivided into smaller and smaller portions.
And, then, it is as if a delicate finger traced out the line to be occupied by the spinal column,
and molded the contour of the body; pinching up the head at one end, the tail at the other, and
fashioning flank and limb into due proportions, in so artistic a way, that, after watching the
process hour by hour, one is almost involuntarily possessed by the notion, that some more
subtle aid to vision than a microscope, would show the hidden artist, with his plan before him,
striving with skillful manipulation to perfect his work.
Adapted from an essay by T H Huxley
_____33. The author makes his main point with the aid of _______.
a. logical paradox
b. complex rationalization*
c. scientific deductions
d. observations on the connection between art and science
_____34. In the context of the final sentence the word subtle most nearly means _____.
a. not obvious
c. discriminating
b. indirect
d. surreptitious *

Passage 3


There are not many places that I find it more agreeable to revisit when in an idle mood,
than some places to which I have never been. For, my acquaintance with those spots is of such
long standing, and has ripened into an intimacy of so affectionate a nature, that I take a
particular interesting assuring myself that they are unchanged. I never was in Robinson
Crusoes Island, yet I frequently return there. I was never in the robbers cave, where Gil Blas
lived, but I often go back there and find the trap-door just as heaven to raise as it used to be. I
was never in Don Quixotes study, where he read his books of chivalry until he rose and hacked
at imaginary giants, yet you couldnt move a book in it without my knowledge. So with
Damascus, and Lilliput, and the Nile, and Abyssinia, and the North Pole and many hundreds
of places I was never at them, yet it is an affair of my life to keep them intact, and I am
always going back to them.
Passage 4
The books one reads in childhood create in ones mind a sort of false map of the world,
a series of fabulous countries into which one can retreat at odd moments throughout the rest
of life, and which in some cases can even survive a visit to the real countries which they are
supposed to represent. The pampas, the Amazon, the coral islands of the Pacific, Russia, land
of birch-tree and samovar, Transylvania with its boyars and vampires, the China of Guy
Boothby, the Paris of du Maurierone could continue the list for a long time. But one other
imaginary country that I acquired early in life was called America. If I pause on the word
America, and deliberately put aside the existing reality, I can call up my childhood vision of





Adapted from: The Uncommercial Traveller, C Dickens

The first sentence of Passage 3 contains an element of
a. paradox
c. melancholy
b. legend
d. self-deprecation*
By calling America an imaginary country the author of passage two implies that ___.
a. America has been the subject of numerous works for children
b. his current vision of that country is not related to reality
c. America has stimulated his imagination
d. his childhood vision of that country owed nothing to actual conditions*
Both passages make the point that _____.
a. books read early in life can be revisited in the imagination many years later *
b. imaginary travel is better than real journeys
c. childrens books are largely fiction
d. the effects of childhood impressions are inescapable
Both passages list a series of places, but differ in that the author of passage three ___.
a. has been more influenced by his list of locations
b. never expects to visit any of them in real life, whereas the writer of passage
two thinks it at least possible that he might
c. is less specific in compiling his list*
d. wishes to preserve his locations in his mind forever, whereas the author of
passage two wishes to modify all his visions in the light of reality.


F. Idiomatic Expressions

_____39. We are affected as much as you are by the rising prices of gasoline; we are all in the
same boat.

Suffering the same predicament*

Hindering the success
Empathizing with everyone on his suffering
Acknowledging the suffering

_____40. The members of the public are demanding for better public infrastructure and more
public services, but at the same time they are demanding for lower taxes.

It is

becoming a Catch-22 situation.



challenging situation
dilemma from which it is impossible to escape*
problem that involves government efficiency
condition of no great importance

_____41. That lady should not have become a war correspondent. She is a square peg in a
round hole.
a. A person who has been given an opportunity to change her profession.
b. A person who has no interest in her job.
c. A person who takes part in every event.
d. A person who is not suitable to her work or surroundings*
_____42. It slipped my mind that I will have with Davidlee tonight.


determined, in spite of my schedule.

forgot as a result of carelessness*
planned delicately.

_____43. The idea of expansionism has not taken root in the Philippines.
a. Has not become popular
b. Has not been heard

c. has not established itself*

d. has not been monitored

_____44. Ewan Gregory does not mind how much resistance he causes; he like sailing
against the wind.
a. Being popular
b. Interfering

c. overcoming the opposition

d. opposing the popular view*

_____45. Although Marvin Jay had only a minor role in the play, he stole the thunder from
the lead actor.
a. Borrowed the role from
c. succeeded in portraying
b. Diverted the attention to himself from* d. transformed the character of
_____46. I had a heart to heart talk with my teacher on my plans to study Linguistics or
Microbiology at the university.
a. Sentimental meeting
b. Superficial talk

c. serious discussion*
d. successful arrangement

_____47. Juan Carlo decide to keep his peace until he finished examining the situation.


a. Not to talk*
b. To be forthright

c. to be relaxed
d. to be reserved

_____48. The company needs a couple of million pesos for its expansion. It is likely that th
e Php 100 000.00 the partner has offered is a drop in the ocean.
a. Useful
b. More than enough

c. a tiny fraction of what is needed*

d. useless until the amount is complete

G. Cloze Test (Part 1)

This is the School 49) _________ Plan of the East Central Elementary School, San Fabian
District II, Pangasinan II Division, was 50)________________ and 51)_______________ through the
concerted efforts of the teaching 52)___________ with the other stakeholders of education
headed by the principal. It 53)_______________ the vision or educational goals which 54)________
to uplift or improve the school performance in terms of the following areas of development
namely the pupil, staff, curriculum and physical facilities development which will 55)__________
as the 56)_________ for evaluating the performance of the school. It presents the school and
community profile and the expected activities of the school.
Through the 57)_________ of this School Improvement Plan, with the unwavering
58)___________ of the officers and members of the PTA as well as the School Governing Council
and other stakeholders of education, it is 59)________________ that the goals vision and mission
of the East Central Elementary School will be 60)___________.
_____49. a. improving

b. improves

c. improved

d. improvement*

_____50. a. conceptualized*

b. conceptualizes

c. conceptualizing

d. conceptualize

_____51. a. evolving

b. evolves

c. evolved*

d. evolve

_____52. a. staffs

b. staff*

c. staffed

d. staffing

_____53. a. present

b. presenting

c. presents*

d. presented

_____54. a. aims*

b. aim

c. aimed

d. aiming

_____55. a. serves

b. serving

c. servicing

d. served*

_____56. a. basis

b. bases*

c. basing

d. based

b. implementing

c. implementation*

d. implements

_____58. a. support*

b. supporting

c. supports

d. supported

_____59. a. expect

b. expects

c. expecting

d. expected*

_____60. a. realize

b. realized*

c. realizing

d. realizes


_____57. a. implement

H. Cloze Test (Part 2)

Madam 61) _____

I have the honor to request permission 62)_______ you good office to 63)__________ an
action research in Science 64)_______, Enhancing the Performance of the Grade VI Pupils in
Science and Health through Counteractive Lecture for the Grade VI pupils of Greater Heights
Elementary School for this school year 2014 2015.
Hoping for your 65)________ approval.

1st 67)___________
Respectfully forwarded 69)__________ the Schools Division Superintendent, Pangasinan
Division II, Binalonan, Pangasinan, recommending approval of this basic communication.
Public Schools District Supervisor
_____61. a. ;

b. :

c. ,

d. .

_____62 a. to

b. for

c. your

d. from*

_____63. a. conduct*

b. conducts

c. conducted

d. conducting

_____64. a. entitle

b. entitles

c. entitled*

d. entitling

_____65. a. kind*

b. kinder

c. kindest

d. modest

_____66. a. yours,

b. sincerely yours,

c. Truly yours

d. Very truly yours,*

c. indorsement*

d. endorsement

_____68. a. With date*

b. No date

c. -----

d. -----


b. from

c. with

d. for

_____70. a.Truly yours,

b. Very truly yours,

c. Sincerely yours,

d. No complementary

b. endorsment


_____67. a. indorsment

Part II
_____71. Greater Heights Elementary School is tagged as the YELLOW COLOR in terms of
pupil-classroom ratio. What does this mean?

Does not meet RA 7880 even with double shifting.

Falls to meet RA 7880 with one shift.*
No existing instructional classroom.
Meet RA 7880 with one shift.

_____72. As per records of the division office, Greater Heights Elementary School has a ratio of
2.00-2.99 in the pupil-seat ratio. What will be the color of the school?
a. Orange*
b. Yellow

c. green
d. gold

_____73. Greater Heights Elementary School has six teachers holding an average of 23 to 25
pupils. What does this mean?
a. Generous teacher provision
b. Sever teacher shortage

c. excessively surplus teacher provision*

d. Manageable ratio

_____74. Principal X is looking for the data on the number of graduates last school year 20122013. At the same time, hes looking for the grade 1 entrants six years ago. What is
he looking for?
a. Promotion rate
b. Participation rate

c. repetition rate
d. completion rate*

_____75. Hypothetically, your principal gives you the data of the enrolment as of march (6-11
years old) and the population of 6 11 years old. What does your principal want you
to find?
a. Drop-out rate
b. Participation rate*

c. cohort survival rate

d. retention rate

_____76. What data do you need when you want to find out the retention rate of the school?

Enrolment Grade II-VI of present school year and the enrolment of Grade I-

V of previous school year.*

b. Enrolment Grade I-V of present school year and the enrolment of Grade II- V
of previous school year.
c. Enrolment Grade II-VI of present school year and the enrolment of Grade IIVI of previous school year.
d. Enrolment Grade I-VI of present school year and the enrolment of Grade I- VI
of previous school year.


_____77. Which of the following constitutes 30% weight?

c. understanding and performances
d. knowledge and process


a. Understanding and knowledge

b. Performances and process

_____78. In which of the following criteria is given the least weight of computation?
a. Understanding
b. Products/performances

c. process/skills
d. knowledge*

_____79. Davidlee was given a grade of 89.95% in Science and Health. What does this mean?
a. Davidlee is PROFICIENT in Science and Health.*
b. Davidlee is DEVELOPING in Science and Health.
c. Davidlee is ADVANCED in Science and Health.
d. Davidlee is APPROACHING PROFICIENCY in Science and Health.
_____80. Grading scale for the Grades I and II is stipulated under what DepEd Order?
a. Deped Order No. 30, s. 2012
b. Deped Order No. 31, s. 2012*

c. Deped Order No. 32, s. 2012

d. Deped Order No. 33, s. 2012

_____81. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in order to get the top-up bonus for the fiscal year
2012 in the PBB?

Achieved at least 90% of fiscal year targets of each

Major Final Output

(MFO), Support to Operations (STO) and General Administrative Support

Services (GASS).
b. Achieved 90% of each priority program /projects under the 5 Key Result
Areas of Executive Order no. 43.
c. Satisfied 90% of good governance conditions.*
d. None of the above.
_____82. Who are NOT automatically entitled to the Php 35 000.00?
a. Teachers who are recipient of Civil Service Award in Fiscal Year 2012.
b. Teachers who are recipient of Metrobank Foundation in Fiscal Year 2012.
c. Teachers who are recipient of National Literacy Award in Fiscal Year 2012.
d. Teachers who are recipient of National Competitions as Coaches in Fiscal
Year 2012.*
_____83. What is the breakdown of criteria in the computation of PBB among the schools?








Liquidation 30%*
Liquidation 30%
Liquidation 40%

_____84. Greater Height Elementary School teachers received a PBB of Php 25 000.000. What
does this mean?
a. Greater Heights Elementary is an EXCEPTIONAL SCHOOL.
b. Greater Heights Elementary is an OUTSTANDING SCHOOL.*
c. Greater Heights Elementary is an EXCELLENT SCHOOL.
d. Greater Heights Elementary is a SUPERB SCHOOL.
_____85. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in the granting of service credits?
a. Services rendered in connection with early opening of the school year.


b. Services rendered during school sports competitions held outside the regular


school days.
c. Attendance/participation in special DepEd projects that are held during
summer vacations or during weekends.
d. Teaching overload compensated by honoraria.*
_____86. Which of the following is TRUE in giving of vacation service credits to teachers?
a. It shall not exceed 15 work days in one year.*
b. It shall not exceed 20 work days in one year.
c. It shall not exceed 25 work days in one year.
d. It shall not exceed 30 work days in one year.
_____87. In the level of priority in the construction of school buildings, what is the least




BLACK school color.

YELLOW school color.*
GOLD school color.
RED school color.

_____88. In preparing the final list of school building projects, what should be considered?

50% Based on School-age Population, 40% Classroom Shortage and 10%

Reserved Funds *
b. 40% Based on School-age Population, 40% Classroom Shortage and 20%
Reserved Funds
c. 40% Based on School-age Population, 30% Classroom Shortage and 30%
Reserved Funds
d. 40% Based on School-age Population, 50% Classroom Shortage and 10%
Reserved Funds
_____89. What is TRUE characteristic about the career service positions in the Civil Service?

Entrance based on merit and fitness to be determined as far as practicable

by competitive examination, or based on highly technical qualifications.

b. Opportunity for advancement to higher career positions.
c. Security of tenure.
d. All of the choices.*
_____90. Which is NOT a third level position in the Civil Service careers?
a. Education Program Supervisor*

c. Assistant Bureau Director

d. Undersecretary

_____91. Which of the following should NOT be acted upon through the grievance machinery?
a. Union related issues and concerns.
b. Sexual harassment cases as provided for in RA 7877.
c. Disciplinary cases which shall be resolved pursuant to the DECS Rules on
Procedures on Administrative Disciplinary Cases.
d. None of the above.*
_____92. In the grievance procedures under the discussion with the immediate supervisor, how
many days will decision shall be rendered?
a. 3 days*

c. 10 days


b. 5 days

d. 15 days

days will decision shall be rendered?

a. 3 days
b. 5 days*


_____93. In the grievance procedures under the appeal to the higher supervisor, how many
c. 10 days
d. 15 days

_____94. In the grievance procedures under the appeal to the office of the Secretary, how many
days will decision shall be rendered?
a. 3 days
b. 5 days

c. 10 days*
d. 15 days

_____95. How much should be paid by any student for the SSGs Developmental Fund as
stipulated under DepEd Order No. 34, s. 2008?
a. Php 25.00
b. Php 50.00*

c. Php 75.00
d. Php 100.00

_____96. Hypothetically, the election of SSG First Year Representative will be on July 1 which
falls on Friday. When will be the start of the campaign period?
a. June 21
b. June 22

c. June 23
d. June 24*

_____97. How many days the SSG COMELEC be established before the election?
a. 30 days
b. 35 days

c. 40 days
d. 50 days*

_____98. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE in the PTA Board of Directors and
a. The Board of Directors shall be composed of 15 members.
b. Parent-members shall comprise two-thirds of the Board of Directors.
c. A teacher-member cannot hold any position in the PTA except as a member
of the Board of Director as a Secretary.
d. The school head shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors at the
same time adviser of the PTA.*
_____99. As perceived as hazardous school building, what is the minimum distance of the
cordon that will be placed from the building line?
a. 1 meter
b. 2 meters

c. 4 meters*
d. 5 meters

_____100. A school building declared by the building official to be unfit for occupancy shall be
demolished within a period not to exceed _______ from the date of its condemnation.
a. 60 days
b. 90 days*

c. 30 days
d. 100 days

_____101. The TSNA is composed of how many competency items?

a. 170 items
b. 270 items*

c. 37o items
d. 470 items

_____102. It is a tool that serves as a guide for the professionals learning and development?
b. IPPD*


The mandated functions and competency standards for profession.

Results of training needs assessment.
Priority development goals of the school, division and region.
The philosophy, vision and mission of the school.*




_____103. Which of the following statement the IPPD is NOT based upon?

_____104. Who is tasked to develop a summary of the teachers accomplishments and their
implications to the schools priority improvement areas as indicated in the AIP?
a. School IT Coordinator
b. School Records Coordinator

c. School NCBTS Coordinator*

d. Assistant Principal

_____105. Which of the following institution in which the Philippine Flag should NOT be hoisted
day and night?
a. Rizal Monument
b. Barasaoin Church

c. Supreme Court and other Courts*

d. Senate of the Philippines Building

_____106. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the Philippine flag?
a. The Philippine Flag could be knotted to signal that assistance is badly
b. The flagpole could be equal in height or higher than the Independence
c. The blue color should be on the left if in a hanging position in time of peace.
d. It is hanged day and night at the Congress of the Philippines Building.
_____107. Hypothetically, the Speaker of the House died, how many days should the Philippine
Flag is on a half-mast?
a. 10 days
b. 7 days*

c. 15 days
d. 5 days

_____108. Which of the following is a prohibited act on the use of the National Flag?

To dip the National Flag to any person or object by way of compliment or


To display the National Flag horizontally.
To print, paint or attach representation of the National Flag on


handkerchiefs, napkins, cushions and articles of merchandise.

To use or display or be a part of any advertisements or infomercial.
a. I and II
c. I II and III only
b. III and IV
d. I, II, III and IV*

_____109. In the Pledge of Allegiance to the National Flag, which of the following is the third
order being mentioned?
a. Makabansa
b. Maka-tao

c. Makakalikasan*
d. Maka-Diyos

_____110. Which of the following is NOT the core principle in school improvement?
a. It is based on standards.
b. It is systematic.

c. It is continuous.
d. It is exclusive and integrative.*

_____111. Which of the following words best describes the School Improvement Plan?
I. It is a roadmap.
II. A comprehensive overview of major priorities.
III. It is a document which embodies the school.


IV. It is an instrument by which the community can hold a certain school


accountable for students performance.

a. I and IV only.
C. I, III and IV only.
b. I, II, and IV only.
D. I, II, III and IV*
_____112. Which of the following is the LAST STEP in the SIP Planning Cycle?

Determining the schools goals and objectives.

Implementation start-up.*
Communicating the plan.
Organizing for Implementation.

_____113. This enables the leader to reward followers who serve the purpose; as such he
derives instrumental compliance.
a. Referent Power
b. Rewards Power*

c. Coercive Power
d. Expert Power

_____114. What is shown when the principal issues a memorandum towards a teacher who
always absent without notice to the principals office?
a. Expert Power
b. Referent Power

c. Legitimate Power
d. Coercive Power*

_____115. This is based on the formal rights one receives as a result of holding an authoritative
position or role in an organization.
a. Legitimate Power*
b. Expert Power

c. Reward Power
d. Coercive Power

_____116. This is based on the leaders cutting edge in some fields.

a. Expert Power*
b. Legitimate Power

c. Referent Power
d. Coercive Power

_____117. Principal Y is greatly admired by the teachers. What power influence is being
a. Legitimate Power
b. Expert Power

c. Referent Power*
d. Coercive Power

_____118. Principal Y has low emphasis on performance but show high emphasis on people.
What leadership style is being shown?
a. Human Relations Leader*
b. Democratic Leader

c. Laissez Fair Leader

d. Autocratic Leader

_____119. Principal T strives for a well-organized and challenging work environment with clear
objectives and responsibilities and gets the job to be done by motivating and
managing individuals and groups to use their full potential. What leadership style is
being shown?
a. Laissez Faire Leader
b. Autocratic Leader

c. Democratic Leader*
d. Human Relations Leader

_____120. Principal Q puts low emphasis on performance and on people. What leadership
style is being shown?
a. Autocratic Leader
b. Human Relations Leader

c. Laissez Faire Leader*

d. Autocratic Leader


_____121. Principal M wants everything to be in order in the school at all cost. He wants
always want to set his best foot forward. He puts over emphasis on performance but
a. Democratic Leader
b. Laissez Faire Leader


low emphasis on people. What leadership style is being shown?

c. Autocratic Leader*
d. Human Relations Leader

_____122. It is aimed at enabling the acquisition of Basic Education competencies for all
a. Schools First Initiatives*
b. Alternative Learning System

c. Education for All

d. School Improvement Plan

_____123. When was Every-Child-a-Reader-Program (ECARP) launched?

a. 2001*
b. 2002

c. 2003
d. 2004

_____124. How many days do a receipt of request by the school to the issuance of official
school documents?
a. 15 days from receipt of request*
b. 20 days from receipt of request

c. not exceeding 20 days

d. not exceeding 30 days

_____125. It is a document focused in learning composed of Professional development Plan of

school head, professional development plan of teachers and student development

National Competency Based Teaching Standards

Progress Monitoring Program
Human Resource Development
Learning Management Plan*

_____126. What is the purpose of the CB-PAST?

a. To evaluate teachers.
b. To assess the teachers.

c. To appraise the teachers.*

d. To praise the teachers.

_____127. Mathematics Department wants to hold a Math Fair on December 18, 2013. What
issuance should be prepared?
a. DepEd Memorandum
b. DepEd Order

c. Bulletin
d. Unnumbered Memorandum*

_____128. In what issuances you can read the Performance-Based Bonus details?
a. DepEd Order*
b. DepEd Memorandum

c. Bulletin
d. DepEd Gazette

_____129. This refers to the process of searching for and identifying job candidates in sufficient
quality and quantity?
a. Evaluation
b. Appointment

c. Recruitment*
d. Selection

_____130. Teacher X met all the qualifications except that of eligibility. What should be issued
to Teacher X?
a. Original
b. Regular Permanent

c. Provisional*
d. Substitute

a. Barangay Officials
b. Principal




_____131. Which of the following is a group of internal members of the school in the
c. Teachers
d. Parents*

_____132. In what level in the SBM scale of practice when the school intensifies mobilization
a. Level 1
b. Level 2*

c. Level III
d. Level IV

_____133. Permanent laborers, whether skilled, semi-skilled or under skilled are grouped under
what category?
a. Clerical Service
b. Non-career Service*

c. Custodial Service
d. Career Service

_____134. The career service is characterized by the following EXCEPT what?


Security of tenure.
Opportunity for advancement to higher positions.*
Entrance based on qualifications alone.
Entrance based on merit and fitness or on highly technical qualification.

_____135. A Public School Teacher is classified under what level of position?

a. 4th level position
b. 3rd level position

c. 2nd level position*

d. 1st level position

_____136. The passing grade for all CSC written examinations except for examinations covered
by special laws is at least?
a. 75%
b. 80%*

c. 85%
d. 90%

_____137. Johanne graduated as Magna cum Laude in one of the prestigious university in the
country. Under what law allows him to teach in the public school?
a. PD 907*
b. PD 997

c. RA 6850
d. PD 1408

_____138. In the Brightest for the Bureaucracy Program (BBP) of the CSC, who are NOT
qualified join the program?

Topnotchers of CSC and Board/Bar Examinations

PD 907 Eligibility Holder
Individuals of exceptional qualifications
Civil Service Eligibles who come from the Top 15% of the graduating class.*

_____139. Regular publications of existing vacant positions in government offices are required
for how many days?
a. 5 days
b. 10 days*

c. 15 days
d. 20 days

_____140. Publication of vacant position is required under what law?

a. RA 6850
b. PD 807

c. RA 6713
d. RA 7041*

_____141. The tool considered most objective for measuring merit and fitness for employment.
a. Screening employees

c. Examination of employees

d. Placement of employees


b. Recruitment of employees*
employment in the public service.


_____142. A program wherein its primary objective is to assist qualified eligible for possible
a. Job Placement Program*
b. Examination/Recruitment Program

c. Human Resource Program

d. Labor Education program

_____143. Presidential decree No. 907 grants eligibility appropriate for what level positions?
a. 1st
b. 2nd *

c. 3rd
d. 4th

_____144. It is when the appointment is co-existent with the duration of a particular projects
for which purpose employment was made or subject to the availability of funds for
the same.



the project*
the appointing authority
the incumbent
a specific period

_____145. Who is exempted from the rule on nepotism?

a. Teachers and physicians
b. Members of the AFP

c. Persons employed in a special capacity

d. All of the choices.*

_____146. A process whereby a third party brings the parties together, encourages them to
discuss their differences and assists them in developing their own proposed
a. Conciliation*
b. Mediation

c. Arbitration
d. All of the choices

_____147. Mr. O assumes a more active attitude assisting the parties to reach acceptable
solutions and/or helps the disputing parties develop or come out with an acceptable
solution. What mode of settling dispute is being shown?
a. Arbitration
b. Mediation*

c. Conciliation
d. All of the choices.

_____148. Which of the following is least attributed to discipline?

a. Effective and efficient performance.
b. Attainment of goals and objectives*
c. Development of self-control.
d. Absolute exercise.
_____149. A teacher is accused of sexual harassment. How many days will he be suspended?
a. Not exceeding 70 days.
b. Note exceeding 80 days.

c. Not exceeding 90 days*

d. Not exceeding 100 days

_____150. The minimum penalty for disgraceful and immoral conduct is __________.
a. Reprimand



months to 1 year
b. Suspension not exceeding 30 days.*d. Dismissal
_____151. Preventive suspension covers how many days?
a. 30 days
b. 60 days

c. 90 days*
d. 120 days



a. Light offense*
b. Less grave offense




_____152. An offense punishable by the penalty of reprimand for its first offense is classified as
c. grave offense
d. very grave offense

_____153. Final resolutions of the Civil Service Commission shall be appealable to the ________.
a. Court of Appeals*
b. Merit System Board

c. Office of the Ombudsman

d. Supreme Court

_____154. Decision of the head of agency is final, if the penalty imposed is suspension for _____.
a. 40 days*
b. 60 days

c. not more than 30 days

d. fine of 2 months salary

_____155. Known as the absence of integrity, a disposition to betray, cheat, deceive or defraud
bad faith.
a. Gross neglect of duty
b. Moral turpitude

c. oppression
d. dishonesty*

_____156. Will a certain teacher be disqualified to be promoted due to pendency of his/her

administrative case?
a. Yes
b. No*

c. Maybe
d. None of the choices

_____157. Refusal to perform official duty is penalized with what in the 1st offense?
a. Reprimand
c. Dismissal
b. Suspension for 6 months and 1 day to 1 year* d.



_____158. What DepEd Order underscores the guidelines on the preparation of daily lesson
a. DepEd Order No. 70, s. 2012*
b. DepEd Order No. 80, s. 2012

c. DepEd Order No. 90, s. 2012

d. DepEd Order No. 100, s. 2012

_____159. Which of the following actions could be a ground for an administrative complaint?
Inefficiency and incompetence in the performance of official duties.
Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude.
Borrowing money by superior officers from subordinates.
Lending by subordinates to superior officers.
a. I and II only
c. I II and III only
b. II and IV only
d. I, II, III and IV*
_____160. What law paved the way for a teacher to join his/her spouse in the same school?
a. RA 9155
b. RA 1082

c. RA 4670*
d. RA 8190

_____161. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

a. DOST-SEI teacher applicants are not given priority in the hiring.
b. Identification cards should be given to all students at no cost.*
c. Teachers teaching multi-grade class should be given service credits as

every 1 500 enrolment.


d. One (1) position of a Guidance Counselor is allowed to secondary schools for


_____162. Pre-school education funded by PTA and other organization is now called

a. Pre-school Contracting Scheme c. DepEd Subsidized Program*

b. DepEd Special Program
d. Locally Funded Program
_____163. Who can cancel the recognition of a school PTA?
a. School Head/Principal
c. Municipal school Board
b. Schools Division Superintendent d. Division PTA Affairs Committee*
_____164. What position in the school PTA can be held by a teacher-member?
a. President
b. Vice-President

c. Secretary*
d. Treasurer

_____165. Married male employees are entitle paternity leave for the first ___ deliveries of his
legal spouse.
a. 1
b. 2

c. 3
d. 4*

_____166. Which of the following is NOT a part of the computer system?

a. CPU
b. Softwares

c. graphics*
d. peopleware

_____167. Which of the following is known as an output process?

a. A document being encoded.
b. A document being printed.*

c. A Microsoft excel program


_____168. What law is otherwise known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines?
a. RA 8491*
b. RA 8525

c. RA 10157
d. RA 4760

_____169. What is the start of the term of office of the Board of Directors and its officers?
a. Date of election.*
b. First day of the school year.

c. Starts on the 1st day of July.

d. Every July 15

_____170. Which is/are the following ground/s is an impeachable offense of the officers of the

Culpable violation of the Constitutions and By-laws.

Gross misconduct, violence to person in authority, negligence and

disloyalty to the cause of all the SSG and the school.

Non-attendance in regular meetings for six (6) consecutive times.
Abuse and misuse of power and authority.
a. I and III only
c. I and IV only
b. II and IV only
d. I, II, III and IV only*
_____171. The election of the officers of the Municipal and City Federation of PTAs should be
held within how many days from the start of the school year?
a. 15 days
b. 30 days

c. 45 days*
d. 60 days

_____172. The 6-man team members of the Election Committee for the Homeroom and school

Two (2) teachers and four (4) parent-members.*

Four (4) teachers and two (2) parent-members.
One (1) teacher and five (5) parent-members.
Three (3) teachers and three (3) parent-members.




PTA shall be composed of __________.

______173. In the Revised Color Coding Scheme for the Deployment of Teachers in the Public
Secondary Schools (DO No. 88, s. 2009), what color is given the 3rd priority?
a. Black
b. Red

c. orange*
d. gold

_____174. It is a funding facility extended to public elementary and secondary schools by


c. SBM Grant*
d. MDG

_____175. A program support loan secured by the government from the World Bank to finance
in part the various key reform thrusts outlined in the BESRA.
a. SBM Grant

d. MDG

_____176. An educational development plan that shows the intent and design that the schools
will undertake to introduce learning outcomes within the context of SBM in a
prescribed period at a given cost.
a. School Improvement Plan*
b. Annual Improvement Plan

c. School Governing Council


_____177. It is known as the face to face learning with the facilitator and the learner.
a. Home Schooling
b. Blended Learning*

c. School-based Guided Learning

d. Peer-tutorial Learning

_____178. It remains as the principal and comprehensive law for the protection of children
against abuse and exploitation.
a. RA 7610*
b. RA 9231

c. RA 9262
d. RA 9255

_____179. What law allows illegitimate children to use their fathers surname?
a. RA 9775
b. RA 9262

c. RA 9255*
d. RA 9344

_____180. Which of the following is NOT a core principle in School Improvement process?
a. It is dogmatic.*
b. It is systematic.

c. It is participatory.
d. It is based on hard data.

_____181. What core principle is involve when the school improvement gives the school
community an opportunity to reflect on their school in the past school years?
a. It is inclusive and integrative.
b. It is logical and iterative.*

c. It is continuous.
d. It is participatory.

_____182. A core principle wherein the process includes the entire school system to institute a
change of school culture.
a. It is based on standards.
b. It is based on hard data.

c. It is systematic.
d. It is systemic.*


_____183. It is a process by which members of the school-community conduct a thorough

evaluation of their schools educational programming the previous school year and


develop a written school plan or road map.

a. School Improvement Process
b. School Improvement Planning*

c. School Improvement Evaluation

d. School Improvement Assessment

_____184. This serves as the major basis of the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP).
a. SIP*
b. AIP

c. SGC

_____185. What is the last step in the SIP Planning Cycle?


Collecting, organizing and analyzing school data.

Determining the schools goals and objectives.
Communicating the plan.
Implementation strat-up.*

_____186. How many working days is given to any male employee who avails for a paternity
leave on his 5th born child?
a. 3 days
b. 5 days

c. 7 days
d. None*

_____187. How many days of special leave privileges given to any official or employee except
that of teachers is given under the different conditions stipulated in the DECS Manual
a. 3 days*
b. 5 days

c. 7 days
d. None

_____188. Application for sick leave in excess of _____ successive days shall be accompanied by
a proper medical certificate.
a. 5 days*
b. 10 days

c. 15 days
d. 20 days

_____189. Which of the following is a valid reason wherein a study will not be granted?
a. Must be a permanent employee.
b. Must rendered at least two (2) years experience with at least satisfactory
performance rating for the last two (2) rating periods.*
c. Must have no pending administrative and criminal charges.
d. Must have fulfilled the service obligation of any previous scholarship and
training contract.
_____190. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?
a. Leave of absence without pay for any reasons other than illness shall be
counted as part of the actual service rendered.*
b. A fraction of one-fourth or more but not less than three-fourths shall be
considered as one-half day.
c. Computation of vacation and sick leave shall be made on the basis of one
day vacation leave.
d. None of the choices.
_____191. How many days equivalent salary is given to teacher assigned to places declared by
the President as calamity areas?
a. 5 days*

c. 15 days


b. 10 days

d. 20 days

a. 3 square meters per person

b. 5 square meters per person*


_____192. What is the minimum requirement for an administrative space?

c. 7 square meters per person
d. 6 square meters per person

_____193. Window openings shall be at least how many percent of the floor area of the room?
a. 5 percent
b. 10 percent*

c. 15 percent
d. 7.5 percent

____194. The window openings shall be at least _____ high.

a. 1 meter
b. 1.25 meters

c. 1.5 meters*
d. 2.0 meters

_____195. Classroom roofs should be ________.

a. Flush type
b. Cathedral type*

c. swing type
d. curve type

_____196. What law prohibits naming the school after a living person?
a. RA 1059*
b. RA 7160

c. RA 9155
d. RA 1561

_____197. What law provides the Sangguniang Bayan to change the name of the school?
a. RA 1059
b. RA 7160*

c. RA 9155
d. RA 1561

_____198. The proper height of the chalkboard from the floor to its top-edge in determined by
multiplying the mean standard height of the class by the constant _______.
a. 1.00
b. 1.20*

c. 1.25
d. 130

_____199. What law established the creation of Adopt-a School Program?

a. RA 8525*
b. RA 7160

c. RA 9155
d. PD 907

_____200. What is the ideal pupil-teacher ratio for the gifted class?
a. 30:1 35:1*
b. 25:1 30:1

c. 35:1 40:1
d. 35:1 45:1

_____201. What do the students need in a learner-centered classroom?

a. Field trip
b. Competence*

c. punctuality
d. control

_____202. What learner centered principle is applied when a teacher ask the students to use a
Venn diagram to compare their new knowledge and existing knowledge?
a. Strategic thinking
b. Thinking about thinking

c. construction of knowledge*
d. context of learning

_____203. How will the teacher in a learner-centered model embrace and value the uniqueness
of each of the pupils?

Using unconditional teaching practices that accept every learner.*

Using uniform strategies.
Building a gap with the pupils.
Using consistent instructions for a month.


_____204. What learner-centered principle is applied when the teacher ask the pupils to apply
any graphic organizer to summarize the events in the story?
c. goals of the learning process
d. standards and assessments


a. Individual differences on learning*

b. Strategic thinking

_____205. What learner-centered principle is applied when the teacher gives feedback on pupils

Developmental influences on learning.

Goals of the learning process
Standards and assessment*
Context of learning

______206. The element presented support pupil engagement EXCEPT _____.

a. Relevance of school
b. Academic success

c. stereotyping of the pupils*

d. pupils positive experience of the school

______207. Which of these domains highly promotes both positive self-development?

a. Cognitive and metacognitive domain*
b. Affective domain

c. personal and social domain

d. individual differences domain

_____208. This domain explains how the mind works to create sensible and organized views of
the world.
a. Cognitive and metacognitive domain
b. Affective domain

c. personal and social domain

d. individual differences domain*

______209. What characteristic is present for those pupils who prefer challenging work?
a. The construction of knowledge
b. Higher order thinking skill*

c. motivational influence on learning

d. intrinsic motivation to learn

_____210. This principle states that the depth and breadth of information processed, and what
and on how much is learned and remembered are influenced by five motivational

Construction of knowledge
Motivational influences on learning
Intrinsic motivation to learn
Characteristics of motivation-enhancing learning tasks*

_____211. How does the learner-centered perspective view people in school?


Motivated to achieve institutional objectives.*

Respectful of higher administrators.
Supportive of getting more enrollees.
Changing the perspective of DepEd.

_____212. What should learner-centered teachers acknowledge among pupils?

a. Feeling of personal competence*
b. Feeling of disgust

c. feelings of pretentions
d. feelings of apathy

_____213. Which of the following is an example of personal change process planning guide?

Schedule periodic re-assessment.

Discuss with pupils only.
Find models of schools with successful team approach.*
Analyze results and decide how well team approach is working.


_____214. This principle points to the importance of learners beliefs, values, interest, goals,
expectations for success and emotional states of mind.
Motivational influences on learning.*
Intrinsic motivation to learn.
Characteristics of motivation-enhancing learning tasks.
Individual differences in learning.



_____215. This principle addresses the multiple areas and stages of development that apply to
all learners, staff and students alike.

Intrinsic motivation to learn.

Characteristics of motivation-enhancing learning tasks.
Developmental constraints and opportunities*
Social cultural and diversity

_____216. The person that administers selection and aids the superintendent in solving
personnel problems.
a. School head
b. Director of human resources*

c. executive officer
d. school administrator

_____217. What is the sector for technical-vocational and middle-level education called?
a. EdCom
b. DepEd


_____218. It is the technique used to communicate position vacancies.

a. Advertisement*
b. Media

c. communications
d. radio

______219. It is the use of internet by school districts to post job vacancies, provide
information about the district, given job and indicate how to apply for positions.
a. Flyers
b. Recruitment

c. online recruitment*
d. employment agency

______220. It is the material given by a person to the employer when he or she is applying for a
a. Resume*
b. Bank credit

c. brochure
d. flyer

______221. What is Placement?


Disarrangements of positions
Giving what is asked by the employee
Job assignments of the employee*
The state of being placed

_____222. What is the process designed to acquaint both newly employed and newly assigned
employees with their job positions, the community and their colleagues?
a. Introduction
b. Induction*

c. greeting
d. mentoring

_____223. Which of the following criteria should be the LEAST in priority in selecting/hiring a
a. Educational qualification
b. Pre and in-service training

c. performance rating
d. localization*

_____224. Which of the following is NOT included in the DepEd Rationalization Plan?


a. Regional offices
b. Schools Division offices

c. DepEd ARMM offices*

d. GAA Personnel Services

DepEd Order No. 53, s. 2013?


_____225. When will all the contracts of casual and contractual personnel end as stipulated in
a. December 15, 2013*
b. December 31, 2013

c. December 15, 2014

d. December 31, 2014

_____226. An executive order directing a strategic review of the operations and organizations in
the executive branch of the government.
a. Executive Order No. 333
b. Executive Order No. 344

c. Executive Order No. 355

d. Executive Order No. 366*

_____227. What is the incentive factor for those personnel affected by the RAT Plan who are
serving for more than 20 years up to 30 years?
a. 0.25
b. 0.75*

c. 0.50
d. 1.00

_____228. It is an accreditation process that looks into the operations of the public and private
elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines.

d. SBM

_____229. If the school has met all the standard requirements for accreditation, the FULL
ACCREDITATION, shall be granted for how many years?
a. 2 years
b. 3 years

c. 5 years*
d. 7 years

_____230. The Re-Accredited Status of a certain school is valid up to how many years?
a. 2 years
b. 3 years

c. 5 years*
d. 7 years

_____231. It is an eligibility criterion for conferment of Center of Excellence.

a. Accredited Status
b. Re-accredited Status*

c. Permanent Status
d. Registered Status

_____232. It is a benefit of a probationary accredited school.


Certificate of recognition for the school by the National Accreditation Board.*

Priority in scholarships.
Eligibility for SBM global fund.
Eligibility for Center for Excellence

_____233. It is otherwise known as the Adopt-a-School Program Act.

a. RA 8525*
b. RA 1060

c. RA 2835
d. RA 10260

_____234. Teachers to be redeployed shall be entitled to receive a one-time redeployment

allowance of _________.
a. Php 12 000.00
b. Php 15 000.00

c. Php 18 000.00*
d. Php 20 000.00

_____235. What is the total time allotment of Grade 1 during the 2nd quarter period?
a. 210 minutes

c. 270 minutes


b. 240 minutes*

d. 310 minutes

_____236. It is otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013.


a. RA 10533*
b. RA 8525

c. RA 10264
d. RA 35421

_____237. INSET activities for teachers should be held ________ before the opening of classes.
a. A week*
b. Two weeks

c. three weeks
d. four weeks

_____238. In what quarter is English first introduced in Grade I?

c. 3rd Quarter*
d. 4th Quarter

a. 1st Quarter
b. 2nd Quarter

_____239. The SBM assessment rubric is the tool used to ascertain a level of ________.
a. Practice*
b. Assessment

c. Evaluation
d. All of the choices.

_____240. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about DepEd Rationalization Plan?
a. It aims to focus government efforts and resources on its vital/core services.
b. Improves the quality and efficiency of government services by
eliminating/minimizing overlaps and duplication.
c. Covers all employees at the school level and DepEd ARMM offices.*
d. The basis of the placement of employees to comparable positions will be
merit and performance.
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