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2.Need of project
3.Scope of the Project
4.Objective of Project
5Project Methodology
6.Feasibility Study
7.Hardware and Software
- Waterfall model

9. Analysis and Design Model

- Entity Relationship Diagram
- Data Flow Diagram

10.Employee Master

In todays world Computer System is
one of the integral part of out life.
Computers have made the life and
lifestyle of corporate world to a
common man ease to a great extend.
The use of software in corporate world
has made the functioning of the
organization smooth and efficient.
Due to this the industry is able to keep
the track of its progress and maintain
the records.
These records can be easily accessed
and thus help the organization to know
its functioning & track the success &
failures of the processes.
This helps the organization to grow.

2.Need of project
This system which we have developed it
will be used by the any user instead of
Excel sheet and Word documents.
Many of the shopkeepers uses word
documents to generate bills and

reports. Bills are used as a proof of

sales and the delivery to the product.
The Word and Excel documents worked
fine, in initial phases but as the time
passed by, the data of the showroom
goes on increasing and it started
taking more time to insert ,update
,retrieve ,delete and maintain data.
At this point of time any showroom that
has many customers and they have to
maintain the data of such a high
number of customers through Word
doucuments and Excel sheets becomes
very time consuming and can also lead
to errors in some cases. These errors
can be fatal in todays competitional
Hence there is a need of an easy to use
software which has a very simple and
user friendly Graphical User
Interface(GUI), and also at the same
time can insert , update, retrieve data
from the software easily.

3.Scope of the Project

The proposed system for the

Automobile showroom will be
developed in Visual Studio 2008 and
SQL Server 2005 will be used in
This new system will allow the users to
quickly insert, delete, update and
retrieve data from the system.
This new system will allow security to
the data, by mean of authorizing users.
Only those users who have a valid userid and password can access the system.
Thus those people who do not have the
access rights cannot use the system
and thus the data can be secured by
means of unauthorized access.
Also the proposed system will have an
MDI form, which will provide a single
page control. By mean of the MDI form
the user of the system can go to
different options of the system from the
single page itself.
This will provide an easy to use
software in term of GUI and also the
time of the user will be saved.

4.Objective of Project
Information storage of customer,
vehicle supplying company, employees
details, workshop etc.
Date storage of customer payments,
discounts offered and rates applicable
with effective from the predefined
date / period.
Department or user wise relevant
screens for type of job / profile
User access control and rights
Configurable tracking system for
internal tracking as well as during the
Uploading facility for the information
received in soft copy to the system.
Payment details of the employees as
per the work done.

5.Project Methodology
Some programs are written around
what is happening and others are
written around who is being affected.
The first way is called Structure or
Procedure oriented model.

This approach characteristics a program

as a series of linear steps (that is
code).Here code acts on data.
To manage the increasing complexity,
the second way i.e. the Object-Oriented
approach was conceived.
Object Orientation is an approach to
software development that organizes
both the problem and its solution as a
collection of discrete objects; both data
structure and behavior are included in
the representation.
Object oriented representation is
recognized by its seven characteristics:
Identity, Abstraction, Classification,
Encapsulation, Inheritance,
Polymorphism And Persistence

6.Feasibility Study
The following points analyze how
feasible is the system for the

organization. In other words, these

points elaborate on the benefits of the
proposed system
Operational Feasibility:
The proposed system is operationally
feasible as it would increase the
throughput and reduce the response
time to some extent. The efficiency in
providing the required information to
the end user as well as the
management is a feature of the
proposed system that makes it
acceptable by all.
Technical Feasibility:
The system has been proposed on a
.Net platform. This is an upcoming
technology and have favored in the
market for a long time now. The
backend used is Microsoft SQL Server
2005, which is also one of the favored
database management systems.
Economical Feasibility:
.The system will be economically
feasible considering the following
->The system will save time.

->At the same time the system will

require less manual power as compared
to the current system.
->There is no training cost.

7.Hardware and Software

Processor Type

Intel Pentium III 733 MHz

or Higher.

System RAM

256MB Minimum

Input Device

Basic Keyboard and Scroll


Output Device

Standard Color Monitor

Storage Device

40 GB HDD Minimum

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP

Front End

Visual studio 2008

Back End


Waterfall model has specific goals
for each phase of development in the
above application each goals are
determined and divided into stages ,
Schedule is set for the each stage as a
deadline to achieve the goals for
example first goal was to build a
administrator interface and database
The waterfall model for the
development of this project goes
through five stages: Requirement,
Analysis, Design, Coding, and Testing
all these are describe below.

9.Analysis and Design Model

Entity Relationship Diagram

Data Flow Diagram


Sells product

Automobile Shop Management




If verified

proceeds till

Employee Master

If not

Transaction fails

Employee Id
Personal Details
C/o Person Details
Customer Master
Contact details
Supplying Company Master
Contact Details
Item Master
Model No.
Engine No.
Engine Capacity (CC)

Sales Master

Engine Capacity (CC)

Rate / Cost
Discounts Offered
Report Generation
Stock register
Day to Day stock details

The software testing is used for
validation and verification, which

ensures that software, conforms to its

specification and meets the need of the
Unit testing:
In this type of testing the individual
modules are tested and verify whether
the accurate output is available or not.
It can be done in two ways bottom-up
or top- down
Integration Testing:
When the unit testing is over, all the
modules are integrated and tested as a
whole. It might be possible that all
modules may work individually, but
they may not work when we put them
together. Validation Testing:
After the integration testing software
is completely assembled as a package,
interfacing error have been uncovered
and corrected, and then validation
testing may begin
System testing:
System testing is actually a series of
different test whose primary purpose is
to fully exercise the computer based