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A Semi detailed Lesson Plan

of Performing Home Treatments

for Fourth Year
I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
a. apply the rules in doing the bandaging;
b. appreciate the importance and aims of different bandaging for injuries; and
c. perform the procedures in doing the act of bandaging.
II. Subject Matter
a. Topic
b. Reference: Book
Home Economics IV. Cruz, Duran,
c. Instructional Materials
Roller bandage
Triangular bandage
Elastic bandage
Bandage strip
Safety pins
Visual aids
d. Values Integration
III. Methodology
A. Preparation
Checking of attendance
B. Motivation
The teacher will try to act having an injury and coteachers will try to help.
Then, right after the acting happens, the teacher will ask about the topic for
Teacher: Base on that situation, what do you think is our lesson for today?
C. Introduction
The teacher will introduce the topic to be discussed.
D. Discussion
The teacher will demonstrate in front the different uses of bandages for
different kinds of injuries.
E. Application

The teacher will group them to present a mini role play.

1. The teacher will group them into four and let them have a representative
to pick a rolled paper for them to perform.
2. After picking, they will be given the desired bandages to be used.
3. Each group will be given 2 minutes to perform and 1 minute of
F. Generalization
The teacher will ask the different types of bandages and its uses for different
types of injuries as well as its importance.
G. Evaluation
The teacher will give a written examination for 30 points depending o their
1. Give the different types of bandages and its uses for different types of
V. Agreement/Assignment
The teacher will ask the student, Do you love your parents, friends and other
persons? So, how do you care for them? For the next lesson, students will be asked
be ask to research on the Caring of Patients.