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College of Nursing

Simulated Interview Evaluation Form


Name of Student (Applicant):_______________________________Date:

______________ Interviewer:________________________________________________________
4 = Very Satisfactory
3 = Satisfactory
2= Fair
1= Poor

Have resume available and other documents as needed
Arrives on the scheduled interview time on time
Greets the interviewer with a smile and enthusiasm
Dresses appropriately for the interview
Maintain proper body posture while seated
Maintains eye contact
Communicates well with correct use of grammar
Exhibits eagerness, enthusiasm in answering the questions
Answers questions with respect and in modulated voice
Never use static words such as Ah, Uhm, Eh and the
Answers questions using same language used by the
Shows confidence and sincere when answering questions.
Shows calm and relax behavior throughout the interview
Avoids untoward gestures during the interview
Willing to demonstrate special skills or talents as needed
Handles self with great confidence
Content of the answers are relevant to the question
Able to give thanks to the interviewer for the time spent
before leaving
Exhibit positive behaviors after the interview
Accept criticisms constructively and positively


Total Score
Resume: _________________________________________________________________________
Attire: ___________________________________________________________________________
Other Comments:
Minimum Score : 48
Maximum Score: 80
1.0 80

2.0 64-60

3.0 49-47

1.25 79-75
1.5 74-70
1.75- 69-65

2.25 59-55
2.5- 54-53
2.75- 52-50

BSN 4(NCM 107)
Sample Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Describe a situation where you persuaded team members to do things your
way. What was the effect?
3. What are your strengths? Give an example when you used your strenths to
solve a problem?
4. What are your weaknesses? Give an example and how you overcame it?
5. Do you prefer to work independently or in a team?
6. What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?
7. With the limited work experience you have, how do you see yourself
contributing positively to the organization?
8. What is one skill that you have acquired that would make a difference in your
9. What do you value/find important in your life?
10.If you were given the choice to choose an ideal job, what would you be doing?
11.What do you know about your company?
12.Why do you want to be applying for ? Why us?
13.What is your salary expectation? Why do you think you should be paid that
much? What is the minimum it will take for you to join us?
14.What do you think of our new product or service?
15.What are you most passionate about?
16.What would you do differently about your life?
17.Who do you admire and why?
18.What type of people do you find difficult to get along with?
19.Why should we hire you?
20.How do you work as a team player?