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Greg Norman-designed Golf Resorts in Galapagos

Islands, Mar de Indias, and more unveiled at the
#CrowdFundRealty event in NYC

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Stock & Fund Managers, one of the sponsors of the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference II, highlighted today at
the event their stellar projects in Ecuador and Colombia: Campbell Gray Hotels Villas and Resort in Darwin Bay and
Paradiso in Galapagos valued at US $90 million; and, Morgans Hotel Groups Delano Cartagena in Mar de Indias valued at
$40 million.

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Alexander Francois Oppenheimer, VP Marketing and Sales of

Stock & Fund Managers, revealed today April 24 their prestigious

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hotels and new golf resort development projects at this years


foremost real estate investing conference in NYC hosted by The

Soho Loft and FundingPost.


Oppenheimer says, The unveiling highlights the tangible and

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intangible characteristics of this type of real estate investments

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that produce capital. This type of investment creates an attractive

and profit-oriented investor option, giving new investors a way to invest in something meaningful, impact their world and,
the best part of all, get high returns for their money.

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David Drake, chairman and founder of The Soho Loft says, The lifting of the ban in general solicitation poses huge
opportunities for projects such as these as both accredited and unaccredited investors can now invest directly in a project
that they believe in. This will greatly impact the community and the environment. People care about the places they build

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through public ownership.

Nestled on a secluded mountaintop is Paradiso, while the exquisite Villas and Resort in Darwin Bay is situated on the
pristine sandy shores fronting the bay. The world-renowned Campbell Gray Hotels will operate these private, massive,
awe-inspiring residential villas. The Galapagos Islands project features

a holistic Spa facility with state-of-the-art

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amenities, an 18-hole championship golf course to be designed by the golf legend and PGA Champion Greg Norman, a
stem-cell therapy center and a rejuvenation clinic. All these amenities will be right smack at the heart of the charming
islands, off the coast of South America. This amazing archipelago of volcanic origin amidst the turquoise blue waters of
the Pacific Ocean is best known for its exuberant bio-diverse animal life, lush vegetation, stunning landscape and
beautiful isolated beaches. S&F has consulted with the UNESCO World Heritage and the Charles Darwin Foundation for
the ecological integrity of the project from its inception.
The Delano Cartagena, to be operated by the prestigious Morgans Hotel Group, will be situated on a distinctive landscape
with two types of ecosystems. One is found near mangroves, creeks and a dream beach and the other one on the upper
area of tropical jungle 30 meters above sea level. The Mar de Indias is another complex and visionary project as it is the
first ecological golf and beach community in Colombia.




first ecological golf and beach community in Colombia.

The success behind the realization of these developments comes from a synergy of active involvement of determined
entrepreneurs, experienced operators and reliable organizations, Oppenheimer says.
The multi-million project in Galapagos will be managed by no less than Sir Gordon Campbell Gray owner of some of the
worlds most lauded hotels, One Aldwych and The Duke in London, Carlisle Bay in Antigua, Le Gray in Beirut and other
leading hotel partnerships in Scotland, Morocco and the Falklands. Morgans Hotel Group Company, a fully-integrated
hotel company, operating primarily in gateway cities and select resort markets in the US, Europe and in major cities across
the globe, will manage the Cartagena project.
In the financial scene, several financial institutions like BBVA, ItauBBA and Unibanco are very much involved in this
project. Greg Normans professional and personal involvement in the design of the signature golf courses in the
Galapagos and Cartagena adds prestige and certainly creates an amazing worldwide recognition for both projects.
These innovative real estate developments, trends and other exciting investment opportunities made possible through
the newest trend in crowdfunding for real estate were discussed at the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference
today Thursday, 24 April 2014.
For more details, visit:
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in your city.
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Note: This press release originally appeared on Equities with this link on April 25, 2014.
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