First of all at completion of my project I articulate my deep appreciation to Prof. N. J. Kothari (H.O.D of E.C Department) sir whose diligence lead to such an implausible result. I would also like to show gratitude Mr. Kalpesh Nakum, Technical Head of ADA Cellworks, Gujarat Circle who has given me an opportunity to do a project of ADA Cellworks. I would also like to be grateful Mr.Hiren Parmar, Head of I.B.S department, Gujarat, for devoting his expensive time in teaching me all technical and management stuff of the company. I would not forget the contribution of Mr. Mitul Shah, Mr. Sanket Shah for giving me technical knowledge in several fields of RF and Transmission engineering. I would like to thank all ADA Cellworks staff members for giving me training and improve my technical knowledge .It was memorable occurrence . I also be grateful to Prof. Shital.V.Sayani (Internal Guide) for her support and advice. It was a great delight to work with her for my final project in Dharmsinh Desai University Faculty of Technology. It was not piece of cake but her guidance and suggestions proved to be precious not only for this project but will be of great value for my entire career. I am great appreciative to her. I am not forgetting the contribution of Mr.Vinay.M.Thummer sir who helped me indirectly in my training .I am very appreciative to him. Last but not least I would like to deep thank to all my friends who helped me in my training .I would like to thanks God who inspire me to do great effort in training.

Jinesh Patel