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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#MOVIEGODS on IRC.ABJECTS.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Downloading files using the XDCC bots
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you watch that channel you will see these ads show - they look something like
this:<[mg]-BotName> ** 5 packs ** 4 of 10 slots open, Record: 11588.1kB/s
<[mg]-BotName> ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 10869.7KB/s, Record: 11690.8KB/s
<[mg]-BotName> ** To request a file, type "/msg [mg]-BotName xdcc send #x" **
<[mg]-BotName> #1 220x [7.9G] Assassins.Creed.Revelations-SKIDROW.tar
<[mg]-BotName> #2 140x [ 14G] L.A.Noire-SKIDROW.tar
<[mg]-BotName> #3 352x [7.7G] Saints.Row.The.Third-SKIDROW.tar
<[mg]-BotName> #4 286x [6.7G] Cowboys.And.Aliens.2011.EXTENDED.720p.BluRay.x264
<[mg]-BotName> #5 502x [1.5G] UFC.139.Shogun.vs.Henderson.19th.Nov.2011.HDTV.x2
You can queue a file on the xdccbots by typing a special command in the #Moviego
ds channel.
Let's say you wanted "Cowboys.And.Aliens.2011.EXTENDED.720p.BluRay.x264-CROSSBOW
.tar" from this xdcc bot.
The #4 after [mg]-BotName is the pack number of that file.
To request this file you would type this: /msg [mg]-BotName xdcc send #4
You will then be placed in queue on that xdccbot for that file. Your download wi
ll start automatically when
there is an open slot. Make sure you turn on auto get in your mIRC options.
You must be in #Moviegods and #MG-Chat to download from the bots.
You must stay in #Moviegods and #MG-Chat until your download completes.
If you leave #Moviegods or #MG-Chat your download will be terminated and you wil
l have to rejoin and re-request your file.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Search and other commands

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------These commands only work in #mg-chat

If you are looking for a specific file, you can search our channel by typing:
'!search' or '!s'
If you use '.search' or '.s'
Then the bot will reply with your search results in a private message rather tha
n a notice.
The more you specify in the file name the better results you will get but if you
don't find what you
are looking for try being less specific we may have a release by a different nam
-!latest/!lYou can see a list of the latest releases added to the channel by typing '!lates
t' or '!l'
You can also use these commands to see a list of the latest files added in each
!tv !hdtv !xvid !bluray !apps !music !xxx !games !ebooks !x264
There is a command for every section. There are a lot more commands these are ju
st a few.
-!topdlYou can see a list of the most downloaded files in the last 7 days in our channe
l by typing '!topdl'
If you add a section name to it then it will show you the most downloaded files
for that section in the last 7 days.
eg... '!topdl xvid' or '!topdl x264' or '!topdl mp3' It works for every section.
-!hotYou can see a list of the most popular files being downloaded in our channel rig
ht now by typing '!hot'
If you add a section name to it then it will show you the most popular files bei
ng downloaded right now in that section
eg... '!hot tv' or '!hot xvid' it works for every section
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Levels and Special Commands
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LevelsWe have created a levels and credit system in our channel to reward our regular

users. The way you gain levels

and credits is by downloading files and idling in #mg-lounge. You must register
your nick with nickserv to join #mg-lounge
It is recommended that you register your nick even if you don't plan on joining
#mg-lounge, that way another user
can't take your nick and your levels and credits along with it. You can check yo
ur current level by typing '!dl'
For more info on how to register your nick type '/ns help'
-!botThis command allows you to see the packs listed on a specific xdccbot. To use it
you would do '!bot xdccbot'
At level 2 you will get 50 results, At level 4 you will get 100 results, At leve
l 6 you will get 200 results.
-!request- Level 3
As you download and advance levels you are given credits and once you reach leve
l 3 you can use the credits to make
requests for files you want that we don't have. To make a request you would type
'!request' in #mg-chat
IF your request is filled and you are online the file will be automatically sent
to you. If you are not online and you
have registered your nick then a message will be left for you with memoserv with
the info about which xdccbot has your file.
If your request is not filled then you will be notified the reason if you are on
line, If you are not online and you
have registered your nick then a message will be left for you with memoserv with
the reason the request was not filled.
For more info on memoserv and how to receive the messages type '/ms help'
To make a request for a 1080p BluRay movie you must reach level 6
-!nfo- Level 4
This comamnd allows you to view the .nfo file of a release. To use it you would
type '!nfo'
-!send- Level 4
This command allows you to bypass the queue on a bot with no open slots instead
of being placed in queue and having to wait
To use this command you would type '!send [mg]-Botname packnumber' (do not use t

he #) eg.. !send [mg]-botname 4

-!get/!geteu/!getus- Level 7
This allows you to get a file from a bot without having to search for it. To use
this command you would
type '!get' and if we have that file in our channel a random bot will
be selected and your file will be sent.
If you would like the file sent from an US xdccbot then use '!getus
If you would like the file sent from an EU xdccbot then use '!geteu
-!subscribe/!sub- Level 8
Once you reach level 8 you will be able to use our subscription system. This all
ows you to set up subscriptions
to your favorite TV shows every week. When a show that you have subscribed to is
added to our channel if you are
online the TV show will be automatically sent to you from a random xdccbot.
For more information on the subscription system type '!sub' in #mg-chat or #mg-l
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Passive Bots
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are trying to download from a bot with a |P| or -P| in its name this mean
s the bot is using passive dcc.
You will need to change some settings in your router, either port forward or DMZ
First you will need to select a port range to use. The default port range mIRC u
ses is 1024-5000. There is no
need to open so many ports. You need 1 port for every dcc send/get/chat. A range
of 10 ports should be more than
enough for the average user. So for this example we will use 5001-5010.
Log in to your router and go to Port Forwarding and forward 5001-5010 to your ne
twork ip address
Now you will need to tell mIRC what ports you selected. You can set your ports i
n mIRC by typing Alt+O
then going to Connect > Options > Advanced or Ports(depending on your mIRC versi

on) and input your range.

---OR---You can log in to your router and go to DMZ and point it to your network ip addr
It is strongly recommended that you forward a small port range. Setting your sel
f DMZ is less secure and should only
be used as a last resort option.

You will also have to allow the same ports in your firewall software.
(Before you say you don't have one... windows firewall?)

If you are a behind a router you will need to force mIRC to use your ip/hostname
instead of 192.168.x.x/PCName
You can input your ip/hostname by typing Alt+O then going to Connect > Local
Then manually enter your ip and hostname
---OR--check both boxes and select "Server Lookup Method"

If you are using any kind of proxy/vpn/bnc, YOU MUST

Uncheck both boxes and Manually enter your ip/hostname
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#MOVIEGODS on IRC.ABJECTS.NET
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have questions this text did not cover then ask in #MG-Lounge or #MG-Chat
and wait for a response.
#MG-Chat has a lot of announces and search queries that make it hard to chat, qu
estions tend to get overlooked.
#MG-Lounge is an announce free chat channel where your question is more likely t
o get answered.
Please do not private message ops ( ! / @ ) without permission. This can result
in you being banned.
Happy Downloading!!

The Moviegods Crew

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#MOVIEGODS on IRC.ABJECTS.NET
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o_oAvailable Search/Latest-Bot Triggers [Last Modified:24/02/2013]
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________
-o_o- |01| search for online packs - wildcards * and ? supported - will display
current gets/avg. user speed/filesizes
-o_o- |01| use !sa instead to browse through offline packs. Use .s instead of !
s to show results in a query instead of as
-o_o- |02| !latest[number_of_results]-[starting_point] [opt STRING/-STRING(inver
sed filtering,e.g. remove section -TV)]
-o_o- |02| listing latest botpacks unfiltered or when specified filtered, it's
also possible to filter out stuff via !l -STRING,STRING2,STRING3 e.g. !l -MP3,TV
,XXX would remove MP3,TV and XXX from latest :)
-o_o- |02| its is possible to limit the amount of returned results and also to
choose the starting point of the latest list, like in skipping the first 50 entr
-o_o- |02| e.g.: !latest50 or !latest50-250 -> the last one would show u the la
test releases between number 250 and 300
-o_o- |02| use .latest to retrieve results in a query instead as This also appl
ies to all .section triggers like .movies .games .german etc.
-o_o- |03| !sectionname[number_of_results]-[starting_point] [opt MOVIENAME/RLSNA
ME/STRING/-STRING,STRING2(to hide stuff from the list)]
-o_o- |03| listing latest botpacks unfiltered or filtered for a certain section
, also filterable -> for instance: !movies german or !x264 720p or !movies20 -ge
-o_o- |03| supported sections: android/apps/bluray/classic/console/ebook/games/
-o_o- |04| !bot botname
-o_o- |04| listing the latest packs for a specific bot
-o_o- |05| !send botname packetnumber
-o_o- |05| when bot supported, jumping the queue on a bot and sending you a pac
ket right away [level 5 required]
-o_o- |06| !top[rank] [opt TIME/LETTERS/LINES/CMDS]
-o_o- |06| listing top 10 chatters for a specific parameter from a certain rank
downwards e.g. !top10 -> will list rank 10-20
-o_o- |07| !stat [opt nick]
-o_o- |07| listing chatstats for a specific nick or yourself when no nick speci
-o_o- |08| !stats
-o_o- |08| listing global xdcc channel stats
-o_o- |09| !hot [opt SECTION]
-o_o- |09| listing the hottest packs within the last ~hour, either globally or
for a specific SECTION
-o_o- |0A| listing the top gets of the last xy days[default one week], either f
or all sections or just for a specific SECTION or WILDCARD
-o_o- |0B| listing current average pretimes, either globally or for a specific
-o_o- |0C| !i moviename [opt (YEAR)]
-o_o- |0C| query IMDB for movie details, year must be named in brackets e.g. !i

real steel (2011), use !i -m to flip the match from exact to popular matches.
-o_o- |0D| Will display you the desired nfo (w/o ascii art)
-o_o- |0E| !il moviename [opt (YEAR)]
-o_o- |0E| listing imdb links for up to 6 results, specify the year to only dis
play results of that particular year.
-o_o- |0F| !rt moviename [opt (YEAR)]
-o_o- |0F| query for movie details.
-o_o- |10| !genre action/adventure/comedy/crime/drama/mystery/romance/sci-fi/spo
-o_o- |10| listing movies only of a particular genre
-o_o- |11| !mp3genre bass/pop/metal/indie/rap/punk/funk/reggae/jazz/rock/hip-hop
-o_o- |11| listing mp3s only of a particular genre
-o_o- |12| !dl [opt nick]
-o_o- |12| view your own or someone elses downloadstats [level 3 required]
-o_o- |13| !req/reqclose/reqchange [filename or number]
-o_o- |13| Request a release(if possible try to use a particular p2p or scene r
-o_o- |13| Close Your Request or change your current request via !reqchange num
ber newfilename [level 3 required]
-o_o- |14| !reqfilled/reqclosed [opt nick]
-o_o- |14| Will list the latest 50 reqfilled/reqclosed requests, optionally jus
t fur a specific nick.
-o_o- |15| !setsearch [opt NEWLAYOUT]
-o_o- |15| Changes the default search design to create your own personal one (r
eset your design via !resetsearch), like:
-o_o- |15| e.g. !setsearch (%ID) |%COLOR,01%CHAN| |%GETSx| |%SIZE| %RLS ,01
| %color,01 /msg %NICK xdcc send #%PNUM | %OFFLINE
-o_o- |16| !24
-o_o- |16| listing channel downloadstats from the last 24 hours
-o_o- |17| !users
-o_o- |17| listing xdcc/chat users stats
-o_o- |18| !4
-o_o- |18| Starting a round of connect4 - Two players needed.
-o_o- |19| !tic
-o_o- |19| Starting a round of tic tac toe - Two players needed.
-o_o- |1A| !next [number between -9 to 9]
-o_o- |1A| Will Show You The MOVIE Openings Of The Current Week Or Any Other We
-o_o- |1A| e.g. !next 2 (would show you the opening in 2 weeks, while -2 would
show you the openins from 2 weeks ago)
-o_o- |1B| !ep schedule [day of the week] or !ep TV-SHOW
-o_o- |1B| Will Show You The Schedule For The Entitled Day Of The Week Or Detai
ls On A Certain Show
-o_o- |1B| e.g. !ep schedule Sun (would show you what airs on sunday) or !ep de
xter (would show you details for the tv-show dexter)
-o_o- |1C| !subscribe TV SHOWNAME.S06
-o_o- |1C| Subscribing for TV Seeasons. New Episodes will be autosent to you wh
en available ! Up to 10 Subscriptions [level 8 required]
-o_o- |1C| .nfl / .nhl / .nba / .mlb
-o_o- |1C| listing stats for current games, filterable e.g.: .nfl dallas
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________
-o_o- |00| To Hide Bottalk In The XDCC Chan, Add This Line To Your REMOTE Script
s: on ^*:text:*:#moviegods: if ([mg]* iswm $nick) haltdef
-o_o- |01| To Hide Usage Of !commands In #Mg-Chat, Add This Line To Your REMOTE
Scripts: on ^*:text:*:#mg-chat: if (!* iswm $1) haltdef

-o_o- |02| To Hide All Bot-Announces In #Mg-Chat, Add This Line To Your REMOTE S
cripts: on ^*:text:*:#mg-chat: if (($nick == o_o) || ($nick == x_x)) haltdef
-o_o- |03| To Hide JOIN/PART/QUIT Messages In A Certain Channel, Right Click The
Channel Tab, Select Event And Change "Default" To Hide
-o_o- |04| To Hide A Channel From The Channel List Write (Will Remain Selectable
Via Window Menubar): /window -h #channelname
-o_o- |05| To Maintain A 5MB DCC Rollback, Add This Line To Your REMOTE: on *:ge
tfail:*: /btrunc $filename $iif($calc($file($filename).size - 5120000 ) > 0, $if
match, 0)
-o_o- |05| Using A DCC Rollback Greatly Decreases the Probability Of Data Corrup
tion When Aborting/Resuming Transfers *RECOMMEND*
-o_o- |06| To Place Your Downloads Automatically In Different Folders Each, Go I
nto Your Options: DCC/Folders
-o_o- |06| Add An Entry For Each Desired "Category" e.g.: *XXX* ->c:\xxx\ OR *HD
TV*x264* -> C:\tvx264 OR *Bluray*,*Blu?Ray* -> C:\Blurays
-o_o- |06| Or For Games e.g.: *SKIDROW*,*RELOADED*,*-FLT*,*-HI2U*,*-GENESIS* ->
-o_o- |06| Always Be Creative, Those Are Just Short Samples ;)
-o_o- |07| To Add an Extended DCC Send Allowance Check , add this to your remote
, it will only allow sends from bots in moviegods that are voiced:
-o_o- |07| ctcp *:DCC SEND *:?: if (($nick !isvoice #moviegods) || ([mg]* !iswm
$nick) ) { echo -a BLOCKED SEND FROM $nick | haltdef }
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________
-o_o- |00| First Of All It's Important To Sort Out What Kind Of Problem You Have
With Your File, Before You Can Take Measures.
-o_o- |01| If Your .TAR File Unpacks Fine Without Any Error Messages Generated,
It Means Your Target File Was Already Corrupted Or Incomplete Before It Was Pack
-o_o- |02| Downloading It Once Again Wont Help You. Join #Incomplete And Request
The Missing/Corrupted Files.
-o_o- |03| BUT If Your .TAR File Already Fails Unpacking Throwing Error Messages
like UNEXPECTED END OF ARCHIVE - Then Try Those Steps:
-o_o- |04| 1. Try Resuming The File From The Same Bot 1-2 More Times, And Check
Whether It Really Got Resumed. If So Try Unpacking It One More Time.
-o_o- |05| 2. If This Didn't Work, You Will Have To Try Resuming The File From D
ifferent Bots Until One Of Them Succeeds In Resuming It. Retry Unpacking it.
-o_o- |06| 3. If None Of The Bots Was Able To Resume Your File You Won't Be Able
to Recover Your Tar File, Means You Will Have To Get The Missing/Corrupted File
s separately via #Incomplete
-o_o- |06| You Can Report Corrupted/Incomplete Files in #MG-Lounge - Name The Bo
t And Filename.
-o_o- |06| GENERAL ADVISE: Make Sure You Have The Newest Winrar, This Is Importa
nt Cuz Older Versions Fail Sometimes Unpacking Bigger Archives.
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________
-o_o- |00| To Start A Download Via SSL, You Will Need KVIrc (4.1.3 or higher) An
d Our SSL-Cert/Keyfile(kvirc) - Testbots: /MSG [mgs]-botnick XDCC SSEND #1
-o_o- |00| If Your Using Mirc, You Can Try My Own Mirc SSL DCC Script, Get It Fr
om Here:
-o_o- |00| <-- Get the newest kvir
c snapshot or get the newest stable version from here:
-o_o- |01| A Nice Windows-App To Unpack Multiple Rar-Archives At Once -> http:// - Screenshot: http://www.high-society.a

-o_o- |02| You Want To Crypt Your Harddrives?:

-o_o- |03| You Like Us? Write !like ;)
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________
VID Are All Getting Automatically Filled.
-o_o- |02| We Do Also Fill XVID-DE and TV-XVID-DE. We Try To Not Fill German P2P
Releases When There Is Already A German Scene Release Out To Avoid Duping.
-o_o- |03| We Do Not Automatically Fill Stuff That Is From <= 2009,WEB-DL,PS3 or
0DAY-APPs/XXX, It Does Not Matter Whether It Just Got Pred Or Not.
-o_o- |04| MP3s Are Filtered To Only Get What Matters To The Mass.
-o_o- |05| All TV-Shows That Get Pred Will Be Filled Automatically Except Retail
-o_o- |06| TV-X264-SD/HD-720P, XXX-X264/XVID, and X264-Blurays Will Always Be Au
tomatically Offered Unpacked As .MPA/MKV (If Possible)
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________
-o_o- |01| WEBRIP - captured digital webstream e.g. from Hulu, if properly done
it will have good quality similiar to DVDRips or BluRays when streamed in HD.
-o_o- |02|
However, it can have sporadic glitches or windows notification
sounds embedded, if not done properly.
-o_o- |03| HD/HDTVRIP - captured tv stream, if properly done it will have good q
uality similiar to DVDRips or BluRays when streamed and saved in HD.
-o_o- |04|
It can have artefacts/glitches due transmission errors during
streaming. Often it comes with surround sound.
-o_o- |04|
Quality can vary a lot however. Without checking it is barely
possible to tell how good or bad it is.
-o_o- |05| WEB-DL - downloaded digital copy e.g. from itunes, usually good quali
ty, with none of the downsides of webrips but all their benefits
-o_o- |06|
web-dl usually "air" way before retails, making them a very at
tractive alternative to retail rips,
-o_o- |07|
they often feature dd5.1 sound, some even subtitles and are o
fte available up to 1080p.
-o_o- |08| estimated order of quality: bluray hd > hd web-dl > hd webrip > hd(tv
)rip > hd-to-sd web-dl > hd-to-sd webrip ~> dvdrip ~ sd webdl > sd webrip ~ sdtv
-o_o- __________________________________________________________________________