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ILLEGAL and FORCED ADOPTIONS amongst citizens of United States

Thursday, March 13, 2008
Norman Frese Involved in Unethical Forced Adoption

Only the True Facts will be noted here. William F Draper

This story began sometime probably late 1986 or early 1987. The divorce from wife
Carolyn was in 1986.

Why do I say that it was an illegal adoption, for the reason that certain laws
that govern over a parents rights in such a matter were grossly 1. dismissed
without cause. Many laws are created for this very purpose to prevent such
dismissal of rights which we know happens no matter, certain prejudices override
the oath of adherence that Judges and Lawyers take.
Is it possible that Norman Frese used his associative relationships towards having
a certain influence in the case- him as I believe, both being an active member of
the Church of Christ and at that time Commander in the Airforce now a Colonel of
the Airforce.....or dept of defense.

With as many things that took place out of the ordinary this is not a far fetched

Within a year of our divorce my ex wife was remarried to an Earnest Stalnaker in
Lafayette, IN; just who is Earnest Stalnaker... and was it this person that
introduced my ex to the CHURCH OF CHRIST I believe that it was.

This is where I believe that my ex-wife met Norman and Phyllis Frese. Phyllis
Frese as mentioned in court was doing a-lot of Babysitting for my ex-wife, not
because she was in any need of any money though. In late 1991 I came across a
book, that of the Church of Christ, listing some of their sources for Adopting
children with helpful suggestions on how to go about adopting other people's
children. One of the obvious observations I could see in this, is how opportunist
the Church followers are to adopting other children.

My ex wife Carolyn, married this Earnest Stalnaker about 6 months after our
divorce, about 10 months of us being separated. She left our place of residence in
Orlando,Florida about 10 months prior to getting remarried. She left one day while
I was at work, on the most important day of the year ( a day that our church holds
sacred, this was also her church before we ever met and later married ). Not to
long after her remarriage, both of the children
were severely beaten either by her or her new husband, I believe most likely it
was this Earnest Stalnaker that beat the children so horrifically. This might have
been also the person who introduced her to the Church of Christ or Mr and Mrs
Frese; I do not know but can only wonder. This horrific beating was documented
with several photographs and there is no argumentation as to who was responsible;
that is that I had absolutely no part in this, Orlando is more than a thousand
miles away (yet I am the one who suffered the penalty), I do not believe that he
even spent a single day in jail for what was done, I was living in Orlando, FL and
did not even know where my ex wife and children were actually and exactly living,
not that I didn't care, but the final settlement left me with nothing which
anything good could come.. My plans were to hire a Private Investigator after
about a year of the divorce, in order to make a determination of what all was
possible for me to do. It turned out to be about 13 months that I found an
investigator to look into what all was going on with my ex wife and the children.
I discovered that both of my daughters had been living in the Frese home for more
than a couple of months as foster children and the 2. Frese folks had every
intention and desire to adopt my children, and that my children were already
referring to them as Mom and Dad, I was 3.reprimanded for trying to change this, I
was reprimanded for trying to tell them their 4. last name. Children's services
made absolutely no earnest endeavor to contact me before this, it was only by the
means of the private investigator that I found out where my children were; I was
still living in Orlando, Fl., and they could have very easily contacted me or
relatives of mine also in Orlando, as I understand they sent out only 5. one
letter to a fraudulently supplied address given by my ex wife.

At the time of our divorce, Carolyn created alot of extra expense for me to
overcome, also tried to deceitfully push through a non contested Full custody
divorce proceeding forcing me to leave my job in Orlando to attend to this in Fort
Wayne, Indiana; I stayed up there a couple of weeks working for Richards
Restaurant- sleeping in the park, then rented a garage/bedroom. I didn't think
that my set up was going anywhere for me and, I had expended my time allowance for
the bus return home trip so I ended up hitchiking a ride all the way back to
Florida, met up with a friend in Jacksonville, who bought my bus ticket the rest
of the way back home. In Orlando I had two part time jobs, one with Sue Ann Ramsey
Interior Design and the other with Majestic Cultured Marble or Carpet Depot.
The final divorce settlement was that I would have visitation at the discretion of
my ex wife's parents in Fort Wayne, IN.

Now that I had found out about all that was going on, I started making trips up to
Lafayette, IN. Initially I was making trips every 2 or 3weeks, and sometimes
within less than a week, of course this really took a toll on my resources,
additionally I lost part of a contract due to always being out of town, this made
it more difficult to continue visits with such frequency. Sometimes I flew and
other times I drove depending upon ticket prices, job schedules, and visitation
allowed. On one trip I contracted food poisoning and was sick for two days but
made the trip up, got checked by a doctor to get confirmation of my being sick, I
arrived up a couple hours late for the appointment therefore 6. no visitation was
allowed (1100 mile drive), I asked whether I could stay a couple of extra days so
that visitation could be worked in;7. UNREASONABLY DENIED..... ON TOP OF THIS 8.

It was made known to me that it might not be in my best interest to leave the
children in a home in which the people wanted to adopt, but maybe placement into
another home was possible, and I agreed, and that home should be mine, I was told
though that that option wasn't available, I thought about this for a moment but
just couldn't put my children into another unknown territory.

It was about this time that I was back hanging Wallpaper full-time, my main
clients Jones and Clayton Construction and Gallimore Homes both in Orlando. I was
grocery shopping one day and saw this young lady passing by that reminded me of an
old girlfriend I once had. It was a pretty good relationship and one thing that I
felt was for sure and that is that she was trustworthy. I made a couple of calls
to see about what was going on in her life. Just so happened that Rose was
divorced and no reconciliation with her ex seemed likely, she had one young 3 year
old boy.
Well we ended up getting married I think about 4 months later, I initially had met
her at a wedding and we went to same church. I had already before marrying her
moved into a 3 Bedroom house, before this I was in a 2 Bedroom apt. I always
wanted to make sure that I had room for my children whenever the possibility might
present itself. I had to forgo a couple of visitation with my children due to Rose
living in Texas, it was a difficult thing to do, in Texas one week the next back
at work in Orlando, and a couple days later in Indiana, I was sure though that
this was all going to work out for the best. To this day I am sure that what I did
was right, a person couldn't have asked for much better of a wife than Rose, we
had a very good rela- tionship I took her boy fishing and we all would go sailing,
and attend church together plus involved in the church ministry, and 9. we all
made the trips up to Indiana,a 1100 mile trip, never once though were we ever
allowed more than a four hour visit with my children. I believe that it was about
6 months after our marriage, while up in Indiana my wife and I were in the
Attorney's office and our ? attorney was telliing us that we were going to be 10.
losing all of our visitation unless we actually moved up there to Lafayette,
Indiana. I HAD NEVER LIVED IN INDIANA except for the two weeks in FortWayne about
the time of our divorce When we were back home in Florida my wife and I thought
about this for a couple of months; it just seemed so rediculous of a request. I
had a 3 bedroom house in a perfect family neighborhood, my work was good and they
wanted me to give all this up for what was caused by my ex wife and Earnest
Stalnaker we talked to just everybody we could imagine that give us some good
advice on this, also trying to transfer oversight of this affair down to Orlando,
Florida....we just didn't have a clue what the right thing would be to
guts told me that we should stay in Orlando, but the attorney was assuring us that
we would definatly loose our visitation and custody if we didn't move up there, so
we gave up the house sold what we could took another month to save up some more
money staying with a friend the last month and we made our move up there. will

I will fill in with more details; but for now I want to note at this time, that
for more than 3 years I tried earnestly to regain custody of my children not from
my ex wife but from the BABYSITTER. Never once being allowed more than a 4 hour
visit, in all of more than 3 years. At one point our attorney told us that a
weekend visit might be possible but we had to promise 11. not to take our children
to our Church, this was at the request of the BABYSITTER, their family being of
one religion and my family being of another. I was though 12. able to spend all
the time I desired with my second wife's son who being 3 years of age when we
married, we all attended church very regularly .

We lived in Lafayette about 8 months, but I was driving to Indianapolis almost
everyday for my jobs, still never permitted more than 4 hour visitations,
sometimes once a week or once every two weeks, by this time I had undergone 3 full
physcological evaluations and 2 parenting classes. Seeing that 90% of my jobs were
in Indianapolis and nothing was going anywhere with me being allowed to be the
Father that I am, we figured that the best way to set roots for ever how long it
would take would be to move to Indianapolis about 55 miles away from Lafayette, we
also were trying to make another attempt to move the jurisdiction out of
Tippecanoe County to the county that Indianapolis was in. 13. Immediately our
visitations were reduced even further, to only once a month and sometimes not

14.About 3 months later all of our visitations were done away with completely; no
more visitations were allowed.

I did not see any of my children anymore till about 10 years later. I once again
hired a private investigator to locate them They were now living in Atlanta,
Georgia with the Frese family who had adopted them.
I was able for a few moments talk to one of my children before the police came and
took me away, my other child I was only able to see at a distance looking out of
the police car window.

You would reasonably expect that I must have some sort of criminal record or such,
NOT AT ALL. I did though admit that I had spanked my oldest daughter, I did not at
all abuse either one of my children, there is absolutely no documentation of any
abuse because there never was any to document. Yes, their mother and I got into
quite a few arguments indeed, but never had I shown any thing but Love to my
children. Yes my wife did go to a shelter two times, both times taking the
children, and as I now know, accused me of beating one or both of the children she
could not though, give any evidence of this because there wasn't any. One case
worker as I understand did write down some things which she said and this was used
as EVIDENCE. I must note when I visited the Womens Shelter to Take my oldest out
to spend some time with her, as I was waiting, there was this other lady with two
children also there giving statements about her husband and saying that her
husband had hit her, one of the little children said NO HE DIDN 'T, and here comes
a slap upon the child 's face and a warning to hush up; I consider this abusive.

If I was this monster of a guy do you think that my ex wife would have remarried
another guy so soon after our divorce.... don't you think that she would have
gained a little intuition about this as in being a Mother; certainly some natural
instincts would have come to the surface if not, this would be an indication of a
person e x t r e m e l y unable to function in society; evidence though shows that
she is quite able to function and with much deliberateness and in conspiratory
ways, it's all in her record. Even to this day though you will find no such things
in my record, my worst conviction is not paying for a navigational anchor light
infraction, I'm not saying this is the worst thing I had ever done in life, I'm
just saying that I never abused either of my children, did I ever spank my oldest
daughter when maybe I shouldn't any parent perfect.

Some names of persons involved in this.

Norman Frese, Phyllis Frese

Judge O'Neil, Carolyn kamp (Camp) - agent of Children's services, My supposedly
Attorneys- Donald Daniels, Samuel Chavez, Patrick Harrington.

Guardian ad litem Jane Fritton

Samuel Chavez probably being the most involved of them whether he was actually
working for us I couldn't say, all the others I really do believe were just
pretenders, of course though my emotions being so involved and my lack of
experience, how could I really say.

I will note though that Don Daniels knew of facts he didn't want to share with the
court on my behalf, as I had him subpoenaed by Samuel Chavez, Sam though wanting
me to let Don go without the testimony and stating that possibly Don might not be

One other attorney was also involved very much in this in a pretense of being my

I am still working on this material.... more to be continued