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How to Clean Polycarbonate Sheet

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Meta description: Here are essential factors you need to consider when youre planning to
clean polycarbonate sheet
To ensure that a polycarbonate sheet remains in good condition for a long period of time, you
must use the recommended cleaners and procedures. In fact, a regular cleaning procedure will
enhance all their desired functional properties.
Ideally, there are a number of factors which determine the frequency of the cleaning process and
these may include: the geographical location; the surrounding environment such as industrial,
marine or alkaline environment; prevailing winds; possibility of airborne debris and the
prevailing atmospheric pollution.
How should you clean polycarbonate sheets?
Cleaning a polycarbonate sheet is such a simple process which involves the following simple
Choosing the types of cleaners; you must use only the recommended cleaners. All cleaning
agents are tested in laboratories to ensure that they actually compatible with carbonate sheets.
Some products which are incompatible with sheets under laboratory conditions include: Lysol,
pinesol, butyl cellosolve, isopropanol and formula 409. They should not be used during the
cleaning process. On the other hand, there are those cleaning agents such as Freon T.F., joy,
Palmolive liquid, top job, VM & P grade naptha, windex with ammonia and brillianize which
have been tested and proved to be compatible with polycarbonate materials. Thus, they can be
used as cleaning agents.
You must not use either your hand or a dry cloth to clean polycarbonate sheets. This is for the
reason that; the two will only rub the dirt off the surface of the polycarbonate material as much
as it will be rubbing it off. Thus, it will only be a waste of time and energy.
You must blow the dirt off using water and a soft cloth. For larger areas, you can blow off the
dirt using a high-pressure water cleaner of about 100bar. As a rule, before you begin cleaning the
entire surface, start by cleaning a smaller section of the polycarbonate material. You can use a

lukewarm water alongside the recommended cleaning agents since it helps to take off stubborn
stains without damaging the material.
If there are stains which require scrubbing; you must use a soft cloth to rub the surface. There
quite a number of automobile polish which are used to minimize the chances of scratching the
surface of the sheets. Finally, you must rinse the polycarbonate material with clean water to
remove all residue of the cleaning agents. Furthermore, it is advisable to dry its surface by using
a soft cloth since this will prevent water spotting.
To clean polycarbonate sheets efficaciously, you need to pay attention to the following key
1. You must not use any abrasive material since this will only leave the surface of the
material with a lot of scratches. This is for the reason that; despite the fact that these
materials are known for their high impact-resistance, they are not scratch resistant.
2. Avoid the use of harsh solvents such as hydrochloric acids since they will degrade the
surface of the material.
3. When you are cleaning polycarbonate sheets; you should not clean them at high
temperatures or in direct sunlight. This is can lead to discoloration.
As you plan to clean polycarbonate sheets, you should consider all these factors since they form
an integral part of any care and maintenance program of polycarbonate materials.