Karehana Park

Playground pathway and landscape plan
DRAFT - Dec 18 2014

General comments:
Maintain fun and relaxed family friendly feel currently
enjoyed by the community.
Provide sheltered and natural setting with generous area’s
of grass that considers ease of maintenance.

Picnic/gathering area
Provides central gathering area for multiple families to
watch children play while relaxing in a sheltered natural
Approximate size: 5 x6m.
Surface to be confirmed. Potentially paving or other hard
• Shelter from wind.
• Link to stream.
• Good visual span of playground for watching children
• Space for parked baby buggies, bikes, scooters and for
wheelchair movement.
• Space for more than one family.
• Space for gatherings.

Landscape plan outlines general planting areas and
indication to larger trees.

Mounds to create natural feel and added fun for children
on and off the path.

Final planting plan TBC upon consultation with PCC and
any other plant specialists.

• South end mound to be large enough to double as slope
for playground slide. Height TBC.
• Mounds to be mostly grassed.
• Mounds to be gentle enough to allow for lawn mowing.
• Dirt to be provided through excavation of playground
and path areas.

• Provide wind shelter.
• Provide some sun shade.
• Visibility for bike and pedestrian users as well as parents
watching children.
• Ease of maintenance.
• Height (consideration for neighhouring homes).
• Appropriateness to region.
• Tolerance to weather.
• Low planting of appropriate shrubs around storm-water
tops that allows for safety while maintaining access.’
Planting areas indicative. TBC.

• Final shape TBC upon playground details, sizing and
on-site markup.
• Continuation of existing path.
• Create continuous loops for people to maximise time on
• Dips and rises for added fun and natural appeal. Appropriate heights to allow for fun whilst moderating difficulty
• Extension of playground feature.
• Continues bays of purchasable paving.
• Option to consider road markings and signage (give-way,
children crossing etc).

Contoured mound

Mound peak

Long multiple family bench
table and bench seat


Gathering /picnic area

Mound peak
Contoured mound