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KS3 History – What level am I working at?

Key Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8

Chronologi I can put some of the I can place most of I understand how I can explain how I have detailed
cal events, people and the events, people different periods of different periods of knowledge of British and
understand periods I have studied and periods I have British and British and international history and
ing onto a timeline studied on a timeline international history international history can link events that took
link together link together place in different
countries and in
different periods of
Cultural, I can describe the I can describe I can explain I can analyse the I can analyse in detail
ethnic and main people and several of the main examples of how experiences of people how peoples’
religious events in the periods people and events of peoples’ experience in the past and show experiences of past
diversity that I have studied the periods that I’ve of past events and that not all events events and periods were
studied and know periods varied and periods affected not always the same
that people’ had everyone in the same
different way
Change I can give examples of I can explain the I understand that I can explain the I can explain in detail
and things that stayed the things that stayed similarities and similarities and that the extent of
Continuity same and things that the same and things changes vary from changes that happen change and continuity
changed during the that changed during one period to from one period to varies from period to
periods I have studied the periods I have another, and from another, and from period and from country
studied country to country country to country to country
Cause and I can list some causes I can give reasons I can explain that I can explain in detail I can give detailed
Consequen of the main events in for the causes of there are different the different causes explanations for the
ce the periods I’ve certain events and causes for an event for an event and can causes of events and
studied and can name can explain some of and can state the make links between can make links between
some of the the consequences short and long-term them. I can explain them. I can explain in
consequences consequences the short and long- detail the short and
term consequences long-term consequences
Significanc I know that some I can give reasons I can explain in detail I can analyse a range I can analyse in depth
e events in the past why some events, why some events, of reasons why some why some events,
have had an impact people and periods people and periods events, people and people and periods in
on our lives today in the past have had in the past have had periods in the past the past have had more
an impact on our more of an impact on have had more of an of an impact on us
lives today our lives today impact on us today today than other events
than other events
Interpretati I can describe I can suggest some I can describe and I can explain how I can analyse a range of
on different views on the reasons why the begin to explain why different events, historical interpretations

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past past has been different people have people and periods of past events and
viewed differently by different views of vary according to people and come up
some people events and people in different points of with my own opinion on
the past view them

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