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Grove Park. The River Wandle. The leaves rustle on the
trees. The water flows gently downstream. The grass flows
gently in the wind. A tripod stands stationary upon a
concrete panel surrounded by grass. Atop the tripod is a
camera. The camera is filming the stream. A MANs eye stares
through the lens of the camera. He rotates the camera in a
fluid motion, recording the gentle ripples in the water. The
MAN smiles.
The MANs thumb goes to press the record button on the back
of the camera to stop the recording. A WOMANs face comes
into his camera shot. The MAN moves his head back slightly.
He leans his head forwards, and peers closely through the
lens. The WOMAN is seated remotely still on the grass, on
the opposite side of the stream. She has her hands tucked
tightly in her coat pockets. She is wearing wellington boots
on her feet. She has her arms and knees crossed securely.
She is staring down at the stream. She begins to rock
backwards and forwards slowly.
The MAN peers out from behind his camera, cautiously. He
sidesteps, and a twig snaps underneath his wellington boot.
The WOMAN lifts her head slightly and quickly turns her head
from side to side. The MAN stands still, frozen. The WOMAN
turns her head back to the stream. She heaves a heavy sigh.
The MAN turns his head back to face the camera. He peers at
the record button. His thumb is still positioned next to it.
He bites his teeth.
The MANs thumb precariously shivers. He looks back through
the camera lens. The WOMAN now has a half-full bottle of
beer in her left hand. The MANs eyes widen, and he looks at
his thumb. He grimaces, and takes his thumb away from the
record button, and places the hand on the zoom button. He
presses the button in a slow motion, and the camera zooms
nearer in on the WOMAN. The WOMAN fumbles around in her coat
pocket, and takes out one tablet. She gazes at it, whilst
slowly lob-siding her head. She shrugs carelessly, and
deposits the pill in her mouth quickly. She places the
bottle to her mouth, gulps, and swallows. A drop of beer
falls from her bottom lip.




The WOMAN wipes her mouth with her arm. She closes her eyes,
and breathes heavily. The MAN places his hand over his
mouth. He slowly shakes his head. He looks at the record
button. He begins to laugh quietly. He looks back through
the camera lens, laughing, and raises his eyebrows.
The WOMAN places her hand on the ground, and rises to a
standing position. She sways slightly. She peers up at the
sky, and opens her mouth marginally. She stares back down at
the stream.
The WOMAN walks forwards. The MAN stops smiling. His eyes
widen immensely. The WOMAN places her boots into the stream.
She walks forwards slowly, keeping her boot soles within the
stream. She stops walking, and stares down into the stream.
Oh my god.
The MAN steps away from the camera lens. He whips his head
from side to side. He fumbles in his trouser pocket, and
pulls out a phone. The screen is black. He touches the
bottom button. He repetitively presses the button.
The MAN pushes the phone back into his trouser pocket.
The MAN looks around, and ruffles his hair vigorously. He
looks back at the WOMAN. She is still staring down into the
stream. She closes her eyes slowly, and raises her head to
face the sky. She raises her hands out by her side.
The WOMAN sways forwards.
The WOMAN stops swaying, stumbles slightly, and opens her
eyes. She faces forwards and stares at the MAN. The MAN
stares at her, breathing intensely. After a few moments, he
turns around and speedily crouches down behind the tripod.
He bites his forefinger, and stares forwards.



A few moments pass. The MAN slowly rises to a standing

position. He gradually turns his body around, and faces the
WOMAN. The WOMAN has a phone in her hand, which she is
holding in front of her. She is filming the MAN. She shakes
her head, and smirks. She extends her arm, and wags her
finger at him, towards herself. The MAN scratches his head.
The WOMANs eyes narrow dangerously. She wags her finger
forcefully. The MAN slowly walks towards the stream edge. He
stops, and stares at her. The WOMAN shakes her head, and
points downwards into the stream. The MAN stares down at the
stream, and heaves a heavy sigh. He places his boots into
the stream, precariously shivering. His camera is still
recording. He walks towards the WOMAN, and stands before
her. The WOMAN rotates her head slowly, admiring the
What do you think of the view?
The MAN looks into her face.
Its beautiful.
The WOMAN turns to look at him. She smiles, and laughs
quietly. She touches the record button on her phone, which
stops the recording, and she places the phone back into her
pocket. She extends both her hands, and takes his in hers.
She stares into the MANs eyes. The MAN looks into her eyes.
The WOMAN leans her head forwards, closes his eyes and
kisses him. The MAN closes his eyes. The WOMAN opens her
eyes, and peers at the MANs camera. She slyly winks at it,
whilst the corners of her mouth show a smile.
The WOMAN breaks her lips away from the MANs, who keeps his
lips in motion for a moment. He opens his eyes, and smiles
adoringly at the WOMAN.
Enjoy your film.
The WOMAN releases her hands from his, and turns away. She
walks towards the bank, and leaves the stream. The MAN
stares after her. The WOMAN stops walking, and turns her
head. She raises her eyebrows at him. She turns back to face
forwards, and walks down the pathway.
The MANs upper lip trembles for a moment, and he inhales
and exhales heavily once. His expression turns to a look of
bemusement, and he turns his head to look at his camera. He
stares, perplexed, before biting his lip in shock. He turns
his head back to stare after where the WOMAN left. His
expression changes to a smile.