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1) The term environment comes from the French word:

a) Environ

b) Envior

c) Envirn

d) None of them

2) Environment is:
a)Physical science

b) Mechanical science

c) Political science

d) Multidisciplinary

3) Environmental studies involve:

a) Biology and zoology

b)Physics and chemistry

c) anthropology and

d) all of the above

4) Minerals and oil are:

a) Renewable resources

b) Non-renewable resources

c) Water resources

d) Artificial resources

5) Water, air, soil, mineral, oil, the product we getfrom

forests, grasslands, etc. are all a part of:
a) life support system

b) welfare system

c) protective system

d) Destructive system

6) Impact of industrial development are:

a) Depletion of natural

b) Deforestation leading to

c) Decreases in nonrenewable resources

d) All of the above

7) The law of which Emperor proclaimed that All forms of

life id important for our well- being:
a) Emperor Humayun

b) Emperor Akbar

c) Emperor Ashoka

d) Emperor Maurya

8) Environmental pollution has made our life:

a) Modern

b) Easy

c) Difficult

d) Luxurious

9) Prevention of soil erosion falls at:

a) Global level

b) Regional level

c) Local level

d) None of the above

10)By burning fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural Gas), we

a) Carbon-dioxide

b) Oxygen

c) Hydrogen

d) All of the above

11) Chlorinated compounds such as Chlorofluorocarbons

(CFC) contribute to Global warming are used in:
Refrigerator and air

Cooking gas

c) water coolers

d) Iron

12) Earth Summit was held in:

a) Rio de Janerio 1992

b) Stockholm 1972

c) Vienna 1985

d) Montreal 1987

13) World summit on Sustainable Development was held

a) Rio de Janerio 1992

b) Stockholm 1972

c) Vienna 1985

d) Johannesburg in 2002

14) World Environment day falls on:

a) 5 June

b) 28 February

c) 4 October

d) 22 April

15) Earth day falls on:

a) 5 June

b) 28 February

c) 4 October

d) 22 April

16) The WCU was formerly called:

a) International union for
conservation of Nature and
Natural Resources

b)Trade Record Analysis of

Flora and Fauna in commerce

c) Bombay Natural History


d) World wide fund for Nature

17) It is an independent international agency:

a) WCU

b) WWF


d) CES

18) The giant panda is chosen as the symbol of:

a) WCU

b) WWF


d) CES

19) It has very successful in halting the transaction in skin,

body parts and hides of endangered animals and rhino horn:
a) International Union For
Conversion of Nature and
Natural resources

b)Trade Record Analysis of

Flora and Fauna in commerce

c) Bombay Natural History


d) Botanical Survey of India

20) Hornbill, Journal on Natural History, Handbook on birds

and book of Indian Reptiles are published by:
a)Trade Record Analysis of
Flora and

b)Bombay Natural History


Fauna in commerce
c) World wide fund for Nature

d) Botanical Survey of India

21) Botanical survey of India was established in 1890 at:

a) New Delhi

b) Mumbai

c) Calcutta

d) Chennai

22) Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education

and Research (BVIEER) is at:
a) Mumbai

b) Calcutta

c) Chennai

d) Pune

23) The State of Indias Environment, as a first Citizens

Report on the Environment was Published by:
a) CSE

b) CPR


d) CEE

24) CPR Environmental Education Centre (CPR-EEC), Chennai

was set up in:

b) 1988

c) 1898

d) 1999

25) The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is at:

a) Calcutta

b) Chennai

c) Ahmadabad

d) Pune

26) Who started the first crocodile Conservation-breeding

Centre and the first Sea turtle survey:


c) BSI


27) The only Government Research Institute on Environment

studies in India is:


c) BSI


28) NEERI is situated at:

a) Mumbai

b) Dehradun

c) Nagpur

d) Delhi

29) Which Institute is Salim Alis dream:

a) SDE


c) ZSI

d) WII

30) One of the largest collection of animal Specimens by ZSI

in Asia is collected at:
a) Calcutta

b) Chennai

c) Ahmadabad

d) Pune

31) The Origin of Species was written by:

a) Charles Darwin

b) Ralph Emerson

c) Henry Thoreau

d) John Muir

32) Who formed sierra Club to save ancient Sequoia trees in

Californias forests:
a)Aldo Leopold

b) John Muir

c) Rachel Carson

d) EO Wilson

33) Fall of sparrow is an autobiography of:

a) Madhav Gadgil

b) MC Mehta

c) Salim Ali

d) M S Swaminathan

34) Who is the Father of Green Revolution in India?

a) Madhav Gadgil

b) MC Mehta

c) Salim Ali

d) M S Swaminathan

35) The Editor for the series Lifescapes of Peninsular India

a) Madhav Gadgil

b) MC Mehta

c) Salim Ali

d) M S Swaminathan

36) Anil Agrawal was a:

a) Journalist

b) Ecologist

c) Economist

d) Biologist

37) M S Swaminathan is:

a) an ornithologists

b) an ecologist

c) an agriculture scientist

d) a Journalist

38) Who is the founder of Narmada Bachao Andolan?

a)M C Mehta

b) M S Swaminathan

c) Medha Patkar

d) Sundarlal Bahuguna

39) Who is famous for long drawn battles to Protect theTaj

Mahal and clean up the Ganga River?
a) Madhav Gadgil

b) M C Mehta

c) Salim Ali

d) M S Swaminathan

40) Who pioneered the Chipku Movement?

a) MC Mehta

b) M S Swaminathan

c) Medha Patkar

d) Sundarlal Bahuguna

41) Sundarlal Bahuguna is protesting the Building of:

a) Narmada Dam

b) Tehri Dam

c) Koyna Dam

d) Yamuna dam

42) Who started Tarun Bharat Sangh?

a) Madhav Gadgil

b) MC Mehta

c) Rajendra Singh

d) Indira Gandhi

43) Sundarlal Bahuguna is an:

a) Ecologist

b) Economist

c) Eco-activist

d) Social-activist

44)Who has gone under 20 days hunger Strike Protesting

against the increase in height of the Narmada Dam?
a) MC Mehta

b) MS Swaminathan

c) Medha Patkar

d) Sundarlal Bahuguna

45) Which river is a part of dark zone (no water)in

government records?
a) Narmada

b) Tehri

c) Koyna

d) Arvari

46) Match the Following:

1) World Water Day

a) 3 October

2) World Wetland Day

b) 16 September

3) World Population Day

c) 11 July

4) World Ozone day

d) 2 February

5) World Habitat Day

e) 22 March

47) Environmental Education emphasizes on:

a) Air

b) Water

c) Environmental issues

d) None of the above

48) Civilization is major cause of___ pollution:

a) Environmental

b) Physical

c) Chemical

d) None of the above

49) _______ is to be understood to protect environment:

a) Quality issues

b) Health requirement

c) Environmental

d) None of the above


50) EVS is Important in both ______ and ______ Countries:

a) USA and UK

b) China and India

c) Developing and Developed

d) None of the above

51) Study of EVS covers __________:

a) Pure and applied science

b) Only Environment

c) Only Chemistry

d) None of the above

52)Dealing with functioning of natural Environment is ______:

a) Environmental Education

b) EVS

c) Environmental chemistry

d) None of the above

53) ______ is one of objective of environmental education:

a) Private schools

b) Private company

c) Public awareness

d) None of the above

54) In India, Environmental education is included in________:

a) Curriculum

b) Habitat

c) Atmosphere

d) None of the above

55) ___ terms used to describes all efforts of Government and

NGOs to educated
a) EVS

b) EC

c) Environmental education

d) None of the above

56) _______ is important to save environment:

a) EVS

b) EC

c) Environmental education

d) None of the above

57) James lovelock put forth _______ theory / hypothesis:

a) Gaia

b) Teleology

c) Habitability

d) Nine of the above

58) USCB is short form of:

a) United States Census

b) United States Community


c) United Society for

Communist and

d) None of the above


59) Great Famine and Black Death Occurred in year:

a) 1850

b) 1350

c) 1947

d) None of the above

60) In 1350, during Grate Famine and Black death disaster

_____million approximately died:
a) 3000 million

b) 370 million

c) 40 million

d) None of the above

61) By year 2050, global population would be about:

a) 6-7 billion

b) 7.5 to 10.5 billion

c) same as now

d) None of the above

62) The law, population increased by geometrical way, but

natural resources increase by arithmetic way, is known as:
a) Arrhenius Law

b) Einstein Law

c) Malthus Law

d) None of the above

63) All the environmental crisis are solely does to ______ rise:
a) Population

b) water Quality

c) air Quality

d) None of the above

64) _____ and _______ states have severe issues on release of

a) Delhi and Haryana

b) Bihar and Rajasthan

c) Gujrat and Bihar

d) None of the above

65) _______, _______ and _______ crisis emerge due to high

a) Land, Water,sanitation

b) Crime, Health, children

c) social, health, women

d) None of the above

66) According to UNO, amongst present world population:

a) About 1 billion do
not get potable water
c) No One faces water crisis

b) About 50% people get

potable water
d) None of the above

67) According to WHO, up to _____population, suffers from

water borne diseases:
a) Half of total

b) One fourth of total

c) 10% of total

d) None of the above

68) Guinea worm to hook worm occurs due to poor:

a) Air Quality

b) Drinking water

c) Sanitation and drinking


d) None of the above

69) Diarrhea is a _______ borne disease:

a) Normal water

b) Air

c) Dirty water

d) None of the above

70) In dry Northern china, water table drops _____meter per

year due to _______:

a)One, over pumping

b) Ten, over using

c) Five, over pumping

d) None of the above

71) Chinese rivers are highly polluted with _____ :

a) Chemicals

b) Metals

c) Heavy metals

d) None of the above

72) Many water conserving technologies are Invented by:

a) Japan

b) Israel

c) China

d) None of the above

73) Safe water is essential for:

a) Hygiene

b) washing

c) Pumping

d) None of the above

74) Lack of safe sanitation leads to:

a) Disease

b) water crisis

c) Healthy environment

d) None of the above

75) It is human right to water and sanitation explicitly

recognized by:
a) Human rights commissions

b) UN General assembly

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of the above

76) The price of water and sanitation should be:

a) High

b) Low

c) different

d) None of the above

77) Public awareness aims at:

a) Protecting natural
c) Exploiting natural

b) Utilizing natural process


d) None of the above

78) Our natural environment has ______ and

______ values:

a) Qualitative and

b) preservation and

c) Utilization and reaction

d) None of the above

79) The species in world have numerous number of:

a) Complex chemicals

b) Toxic elements

c) Useless substance

d) None of the above

80) Some plants are useful as they produce:

a) Medicines

b) Fruits

c) Flowers

d) None of the above

81) Plants are valuable resources for many:

a) Vegetables and


c) Both (a) and (b)

b) Life saving medicines

d) None of the above

82) Aesthetic value of environment is enhance by:

a) Dry plants

b) Green plants

c) Both (a0 and (b)

d) None of the above

83) The growth of plants are:

a) Habitat specific

b) water specific

c) Air specific

d) None of the above

84) We have to _____ extinction of rare plants:

a) Encourage

b) Help

c) Protect

d) None of the above

85) Once a plant/insect species is lost, it is lost:

a)For time being

b) Forever

c) For a season

d) None of the above

86) Human do not have capacity _____ to lost

a) Destroy

b) reproduce

c) Grow

d) Generate

87) By law, no person is allowed to _____


or______ the wild

a) Care, protect

b) Kill, sell

c) Purchase, protect

d) Care, kill

88) Deforestation destroy natural _______:

a) Environment

b) Life

c) Cycle

d) Balance

89) To protect wild species, _____ parks helps:

a) Regional

b) National

c) Water

d) All of the above

90) Wild life sanctuaries are developed to protect wild

species of:
a) Birds

b) Animals

c) Tribals

d) All of the above

91) Bio reserves add to ______ value of natural environment:

a) Protective

b) Productive

c) Preservative

d) Preparative

92) Mother earth is a ____ and _____ planet:

a) Caring and living

b) Green and water

c) Growing and safe

d) None of the above

93) On bank of river Nile, _______ civilization developed:

a) Japanese

b) Egyptian

c) Chinese

d) African

94) Great Indian poet Kalidas has written:

a) Meghdut

b) Shakuntal

c) Mrutyunjay

d) None of the above

95) Natural environment serves as basis of four life:

a) Politics

b) Philosophy

c) Culture

d) Cycle

96) Reduce, recycle, Reuse and Refuse are popularly Known


a) 4R for sustainable

b) Rs to be followed

c) Essentials Rs for better


d) None of the above

97) In south India, near palghat _____ project is developed:

a) Sardar sarovar

b) silent valley

c) sagam dam

d) Ecofriendly

98) Using mineral and power resources at high speed would

be ______.
a) short Sightedness

b) Foresight

c) Futuristic

d) Long living

99) A system without life:

a) Abiotic

b) Biotic

c) Sustainable

d) organic

100) Acid rain occurs due to dissolution of _____ in rain water

a) Gases

b) Particles

c) Smoke

d) soot

101) Organism adjust with environmental conditions is

called as:
a) Adaptation

b) Reproduction

c) Development

d) None of the above

102) Establishment of forests by planting trees is:

a) Afforestation

b) Reforestation

c) Deforestation

d) None of the above

103) Asbestosis is disease of:

a) Heart

b) Lungs

c) Eyes

d) Kidney

104) Leakage of MIC took place from storage tanks of:

a) Union carbide

b) National company

c) State company

d) None of the above

105) Leakage of MIC happened in:

a) Midnight

b) Morning

c) Noon

d) Evening

106) Wide range of flora and fauna is:

a) Nature

b) Biodiversity

c) Environment

d) Ecosystem

107) Geographical ecological region with in vegetation and

climate is:
a) Abiotic

b) Biome

c) Biotic

d) All of the above

108) Technology that manipulates the genes in an organism

to modify characteristic:
a) Biology

b) Microbiology

c) Biotechnology

d) Genetology

109)Cyclic movement of carbon, to and for, between

environment and organism:
a) Carbon cycle

b) carbonization

c) coalition

d) Carboxylation

110) Maximum number of a species that can be

accommodated in given area (per square kilometer):
a) Carrying capacity

b) Accommodating power

c) Accommodating quantity

d) None of the above

111) A stove that uses wood or charcoal as fuel:

a) Chulha

b) Open store

c) Furnace

d) Sigri

112) Total economic and social returns against expenditure:

a) Cost Benefit analysis

b) Cost - profit analysis

C) Price profit Estimate

d) Total analysis

113) Number of live Births per 1000 people population in

a) Crude Birth rate

b) Total Birth Chart

c) Additional birth

d) None of the above

114) Number of deaths per 1000 people population in an

a) Depth %

b) Depth chart %

c) Crude depth rate

d) None of the above

115) Total socially transmitted behavior in a community:

a) Culture

b) Habits

c) Customs

d) Rituals

116) Wind circulates round an area of law pressure

a) Cyclone

b) Storm

c) Anticyclone

d) wind power

117) Wind speed reaches 100km per hour or more during:

a) storm

b) Tsunami

c) cyclone

d) Wind mill

118) Audibility of human ear is:

a) 1 to 130 decibel

b)> 100 decibel

c)< 100 decibel

d) 50-100 decibel

119) Land degradation due to human activities:

a) Desertification

b) Erosion

c) Land slide

d) Corrosion

120) A technique to distinguish between individuals of same

species using DNA:
a) DNA testing

b) DNA finger printing

c) DNA analysis

d)DNA tracing

121) A high level intergovernmental meeting on

environment of earth:
a) Earth summit

b) save earth

c) save plant

d) None of the above

122) United nation conference on environment and

development UNCED) is popularly known as:
a) Earth summit

b) Save environment

c) save earth movement

d) None of the above

123) Electronic waste generated_____:

a) E-waste

b) Solid waste

c)Biomedical waste

d)Electronic waste

124) Remains of organisms converted into fuels _______:

a)Fossil fuels

b)Carbon credits

c)carbon ppt.

d)None of above

125) Region suitable for grass to few trees to Grow ______:

a)Wet land

b)Grass land

c)Green park

d)None of above

126) An area where biological population Occurs:

a) Ecosystem


c) Divinity


127) Montreal protocol establish in ____:





128) Montreal protocol is on substances that_____:

a)Deplete ozone

b)Cause Acid Rain

b)Cause Global Warming

d) None of above

129) Montreal protocol was made under the Auspices of





130) A company or individual responsible for





131) Rain fall is measured in ________ units.

a)Centimeter or inches

b)Millimeter or kilometer

b)Inches or kilometer


132) A rain forest usually gets rains more than

______ cm.




133) Growing more trees in area of forest ___:


b)Forest depletion



134) ____ is used to clean waste gases.





135) Fly Ash from thermal power station causes


a)Air Pollution only

b)Soil pollution only

b)Air and soil pollution-both

d) None of above

136) _____ caused major disaster in Kerala in 2011:




d)Environment problem

137) Antarctic Treaty formalized in year _____.





138) Antarctic Treaty is outcome of ______.





139) UN organized biodiversity convention in






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