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Cadillac Area

A Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Publication

January/February 2015 • Volume 21-NO. 1

Business Magazine


Cadillac Area YP group forms
See pages 6 & 7

Mission Statement

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is
a visible business leader that advocates and
drives business opportunities. Through business
alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership
and provide a persuasive regional voice
benefiting our communities.

2014/2015 Board of Directors
Kelly Cater, Chair
Rec Boat Holdings
Kelly Smith, Vice Chair
Baker College of Cadillac
Scott Hunter, Treasurer
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC.
Jon Catlin, Past Executive Director
Chemical Bank
David Cox
Wexford Missaukee ISD
Bill Kring
9 & 10 News
Doug DeYoung
Consumers Energy
Tim Knaggs
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance
Dr. Kyle Hogg
Dental Health Professionals
Melody Hurley
Walmart Supercenter Store
Dan Minor
Cadillac Casting Inc.
Pete Stalker
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Don Schepers
Schepers Agency, Inc.
Brian Williams
Blue Heron Café
Bill Tencza, President

Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant

Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations
Mike Acosta, Great Start Consultant
Printer: Pleasant Graphics
Publisher: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The
Chamber reserves the right to edit or refuse articles
and advertisements submitted to the Cadillac Area
Business Magazine and reserves the right in its sole
discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other materials to be distributed through the publication.


Attracting and
keeping young talent


ur cover story messages on the
importance and emergence of
young professionals in the greater
Cadillac area. The Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce fundamentally
recognizes the priority to attract and
retain talent. Without pure definition or
labels, young professionals can be in the
form of accountants, designers, engineers, nurses, or skilled trades. All are
needed in the Cadillac area, and more.
The good news is that the Cadillac area
can attract talent as evidenced by the
messaging in our over story. The diversity of our economic base is a positive.
The tougher news is we need to get better at attracting and keeping talent. What
is requisite in the short-term is to develop a framework to connect Millennial
Generation employees beyond their work
As outlined in our cover story, career,
community, and social elements matter to young professionals choosing
Cadillac. YP’s can be portable, so if any
of those components are not realized
the next pathway is locating somewhere
else and, regrettably, sometimes outside of Michigan. Michigan Governor
Rick Snyder often cites there are
around 80,000 unfilled jobs in the State
of Michigan. The Cadillac area is not
immune to that employment scenario.
Talent can move and we have to understand when young talent chooses our
region that does not automatically mean
an employee is invested long-term. That is
largely incongruent to my generation, but
the sooner we embrace and assist making a sense of belonging, the better served
we will be moving forward. Furthermore,
we need to develop future leaders as part

January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

of this strategy. In addition, we need to
encourage entrepreneurism as part of the
formula. Engagement and involvement
by young professionals is a critical next
step, but we need to bridge that option.
The Cadillac Area Chamber is committed, but we need a collective approach
and outreach by community stakeholders and our members.
As we sell the Cadillac area as a desirable place to live, work and play, we will
need some big picture elements in place.
We have to work toward better rental
housing options for YP’s as a tangible
advantage. Currently, a challenge exists
for those selecting Cadillac, but not finding abundant rental housing, specifically
young professionals who are not ready to
enter the housing market. Add to that, the
unknown will young professionals stay
long-term. What is very doable is working
toward creating volunteer opportunities
for young professionals and mentoring
We encourage our members to contact
the Chamber, if we can play a role whether with an existing YP or a future recruitment target or simply connect with some
of the young professionals outlined in our
cover story and elsewhere in the community. We will continue to build momentum in 2015.
Lastly, on behalf of our staff and board
of directions we wish you a prosperous

Bill Tencza,
Chamber President

Attention Chamber Members

Visionary Partners:

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promoting your business, saving money and
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The partnership of the Northern Michigan
Regional Chamber Alliance was established
based on the premise that many legislative
issues impact Northern Michigan’s Upper
Penninsula and lower northern region
in similar ways. These issues should be
addressed regionally to maximize the
political influence of our 6,500 members. The Northern Michigan Business Blog
will keep you current on important business issues impacting our membership.

A Zhongding Sealing Parts (USA) Inc. Company

These benefits are part of your chamber membership and are
found on the home page at Please contact Doreen at the Chamber with any questions or assistance.

Leadership Partners:

Business Directory

Edward Dracht

• Build • Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.

Commercial • Industrial • Institutional • Agriculture • Churches
Offices • Rubber Roofs • Concrete Flatwork • Complete Turnkey Projects
23350 100th Ave. • Marion, MI 49665

office: (231) 825-0035
fax: (231) 825-0038
cell: (231) 357-8718



(231) 775-1773 (231) 775-0703 FAX

9051 E. 48 1/2 Road • Cadillac Shop Junction of M-115 & US-131
Craig Johnson, CEO 231-878-3550 • Bonded & Insured

AAR Mobility Systems
Belle Oakes Living Center Inc.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Consumers Energy
DTE Energy
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance Agency
FIAMM Technologies LLC
Fifth Third Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Rexair LLC
Walmart Supercenter Store
Wexford-Missaukee ISD

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 3

Cadillac Leadership Class
orientation and retreat

Cadillac Leadership 2014-2015
announces project selection
The 2014-2015 Cadillac Leadership Class is pleased to announce the
selection of our community service project. Through many hours of
sharing ideas and group discussion, our team has selected to support
the needs of the Stehouwer Free Clinic. The clinic was founded by
Dr. Edward J. Stehouwer in 2001 to serve any qualified, uninsured
individual needing access to healthcare in Wexford, Missaukee,
Osceola, and Lake Counties. They provide limited diagnostic and
treatment services to individuals underinsured or without health
insurance. Their services have supported many in our community so
we feel it is time to support them.
The Stehouwer Free Clinic is in need of upgrades such as medical
equipment, supplies, improvements to their space and layout, along
with increased public awareness of their services. It is our goal,
as a group, to help the clinic support those in need including the
individuals who are working but do not receive healthcare benefits.
Having this clinic in our community, helps to lessen hospital
emergency room visits.
This is the first step toward completing our project. The annual
community service project is part of the curriculum assigned to
each leadership class. We are responsible for reaching concensus
on choosing the project, fundraising for the goal, and completion.
Project activities provide class participants the opportunity to practice


Proudly Sponsored by:

and enhance their leadership skills. The experience strengthens our
understanding of community needs and each person shares a sense
of accomplishment for a job well done. Most importantly, the class
project is a benefit to the Cadillac area.
For more information, please contact Leadership members, Kendra
Dolorfino at (231) 876-7998 or Michelle Norton at (231) 942-7025. If
you wish to support our efforts, please visit the Cadillac Area Chamber
of Commerce website at to make an online donation
to this project.

January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Cadillac Leadership Class of 2014-2015
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director

Proudly Sponsored by:

2014-2015 Program Dates:
Education: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Economy: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Media: Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Government: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Cultural: Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Health: Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Justice: Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Retreat Friday, May 15, 2015

Jojo Allen, Fekete, Knaggs & Burr Agency
Bob Badner, Rexair LLC
Matt Boersema, Wolverine Power Cooperative
LeAnne Bush, WMISD/MI Works/CAHRA Scholarship
Kendra Dolorfino, Mercy Hospital
Cassandra Drys, Wolverine Power Cooperative
Eric Gildner, Cadillac Casting Inc.
Karie Hankins, Piranha Hose Products
Kerry Hudson, Club Cadillac
Darin Kearns, WMISD/Baker College
Carl Kielbasa, Fifth Third Bank
Stefanie LaRoque, Avon Protection Systems
BobbiJo McNeilly, 9 and 10 News/Heritage Broadcasting Co.
Jamie Mielke-Mitchell, Kettunen Center/RJ Blanchard
Memorial Scholarship (B&P Mfg. & Mercantile Bank)
Michelle Norton, Evergreen Resort
Joshua Patrick, BorgWarner
Craig Peters, Cadillac Casting , Inc.
Bill Rickard, Piranha Hose Products
Jason Roderick, BorgWarner
Jerry Roth, Rexair LLC
Jenifer Smith, Avon Automotive
Becky Voelker, Baker College

After 150 years of operating locally, we understand the needs of individuals, families, and
businesses in our communities. We not only meet their financial needs, we go beyond what
most people expect of a bank.
We’ve changed companies, but our commitment
to helping you find the right loan is still the same.
Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, refinancing,
or purchasing your dream home, call:
KATY HUCKLE | 231.942.7158
CINDY SIELAND | 231.942.7157

Equal housing lender. Member FDIC.


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 5

Chamber and local businesses help
facilitate Young Professional Group
The Cadillac Leadership program attracts talented participants varying in age and gender each year. Diverse dynamics support the program’s success.
In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift where we see more
single, younger people taking the class. The generations of Millennial
and Generation Ys are relocating here right out of college to take
advantage of the good paying jobs available. They are a group that has
a sense of community. They are aware relationships matter in both
their personal and professional lives.
Working beside them has opened a mindset to realize these young
professionals (YPs) like to hang out together, whether it’s at a brew
pub, bowling alley, foodie restaurant, or even an opportunity for them
to volunteer their time. These YPs have shared their feelings with
me, stating these items are important to them to stay long term. It
is important also to the employers who have hired these talents. Of
course, they want to sustain their investment as well.
The Cadillac Area Young Professionals group is an opportunity to
obtain all that is essential to make this region the place to stay and live.
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director

Why is it important to you to be involved
in a young professional group early on in
your career? 
Laura Hoisington, Environmental Specialist, Wolverine Power
It is important to be involved in a young professional (YP) group
early in your career because networking is how people get jobs, find
clients, get promotions, and get involved in the community. Even if
your focus is purely social, you are still making connections to determine who you go to when you have questions about your profession,
where to find housing, and how to connect to the community. As an
older young professional I know you cannot just wake up one day
and have this type of network and skill set, you have to work for it
over time. I wanted to have a voice in the community and at work
but did not know how to on my own. The Cadillac Area YP group
provides a connection to the community and to Wolverine and also
gave me the confidence I need to feel as if I belong.

community in which the individual works/lives; the young professional group allows for just that. Also, realistically, the young professionals
in the area are the future of this community-if good, sound relationships are established early on in our careers, it will make future community endeavors together that much easier. I am a very firm believer
that, although an individual may be really good at doing one thing, no
individual is great at doing everything-it is key in having a successful
community to have individuals with sound relationships that are able
to know, and use, what human resources are available to them from
others in the community.

Carl Kielbasa, Investment Executive, Fifth Third Securities:
A group like the young professionals is vital to any person that truly
wants to be involved in their community. It allows young people to
spring board into our own communities and really fast track our
involvement. The young professionals provides a network to meet new
people in a professional and social setting. While moving to a new area
can be difficult, having a network of people to spend time with and
share ideas makes the process a whole lot easier. Employers reap the
benefits of the young professionals group as well; by getting quality
referrals for future employees. There have been many instances when
I have referred another young professional or friend of a young professional to a particular employer; strictly because we had the chance
to meet and tell each other what we do and what our companies are
looking for.

Brandon Gilyard, Engineer, AAR Mobility Systems:

Moving 600 miles away from my roots on the east coast surely came
with its fair share of challenges, but I realized getting settled in a new
area would allow for growth and rewarding opportunities. When I was
introduced to the Cadillac Area Young Professionals group, I immediately recognized the importance of being connected to the community in more ways than one. The involvement with this group at
a point where my career has just begun, signaled a few reasons why
making the aforementioned connection both possible and long-standing would be worthwhile: the benefits in being able to network with
like-minded individuals, leverage relationships, gain knowledge of
the business community and local government, and offer a skill set
beyond the bounds of my work desk. Moreover, I have recognized that
working with the YP’s has allowed for me to give back and retain a
Cassandra Drys, Market Settlement Accountant, Wolverine sense of belonging to the community, especially with the recent Toys
for Tots two-bag challenge.
Power Cooperative:
I feel it is important to be involved in a young professional group
early on in a career for a number of reasons. Taking a look at the big
Eric Gildner, Process Engineer, Cadillac Casting, Inc:
picture, it is important for networking. I, along with most people that
It is important for me to be a member of the young professionals
I have talked to within the group, moved to the Cadillac area for a because I see it as an opportunity to better myself in both the workjob. Although Cadillac is a wonderful area with many great things to place and in my personal life. I believe that the life lessons I learn now
offer, it is very hard to be successful at what one does without having will be instrumental in preparing myself for where I would eventually
relationships with others in the community. In order to take pride in like to end up in my career. The young professionals group gives me
what one does and where one lives, it is essential to feel like part of the this opportunity to learn and foster these skills.


January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Why should other young professionals get On a business view, what is your perspecinvolved? 
tive of the Young Professional group?
Laura Hoisington: In the Cadillac Area it is easy to feel slightly
alienated if you are from out of town and have no family because the
community is so family oriented. The young professional group provides a monthly way to connect not only with YPs who are in your
same situation, but also businesses throughout the community. Also,
the more you are invested in the community, the more the community invests in you. There is a lot of talk in the business community
and state about recruiting and retaining YPs, but not much of this is
coming from YPs. This is a way for YPs to give input and gain a voice
in the community.
Cassandra Drys: It’s a pride thing-being involved in a group such
as the young professional group leads to one feeling proud of the community in which they live/work. Feeling prideful encourages one to
strive to make the community all that they can. When you mix pride
with relationships, you get one powerful group of community members that are able to make a difference!
Carl Kielbasa: I am new to the Cadillac area and being involved
with young professionals in Cadillac as well as other communities; I
can say that this group has helped me to accomplish several goals I
have set for myself in the community. With the support of the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce and our local employers I foresee this
group becoming a staple in our community.
Eric Gildner: Other young professionals should get involved
because it is a great opportunity to meet some new people. In addition
it gives an opportunity to meet some of the more integral members of
the community.
Brandon Gilyard: Cadillac is an awesome place to both live
and work, but I feel as though all newly minted professionals in their
“beginning stages” should not hesitate in getting involved with the
group. It’s not just about who you know, but who knows you; it’s about
having influence and the power to affect change and build the future
community; it’s about being a member of a young team motivated to
advance in their careers, which are all good traits to have in common
with others.

At Autumnwood of McBain...

Get Well. Go Home.

Bill Kring, Vice President and General Manager, Heritage
We all have had that feeling.
We may have encountered it first when we moved to a new school.
We had that same feeling again when we attended the first day of college. The feeling came back again when we moved to a new city with a
new job. The feeling is that we are an outsider.
The young professional who relocates to a new job in a new city is
usually welcomed with open arms and friendship during the workday.
However, after the workday is done that feeling of being an outsider
can set in. They have no history with this new community and their
interaction with the residents may be limited to coworkers or those
they give a causal nod to in their apartment complex. Although everything might be great at work, without the connection to the community and a feeling of belonging, a new employee is very likely to leave.
We encourage our new employees to join the young professional
group sponsored by the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. We
believe interacting with fellow YP’s can bridge the gap and provide a
sense of belonging by fostering friendships though community service. As an added bonus, the community service projects help develop YP’s to be the philanthropists and civic leaders of the future. We
encourage all members of the Chamber to support the young professionals program.

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Sandra Bottorff,

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220 Hughston St., McBain •

Cell: 231-510-4993


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 7

Ambassador Club
Ribbon Cuttings
Reliable Solar

805 North Mitchell Street

Chamber Calendar


Brite White Dental
113 East 7th Street, Manton

Lecture Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM
Personal Property Tax Reform
Presented by: Tyler Rossmaessler
Senior Planning & Project Manager,
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Location: Baker College of Cadillac Student Center

Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM
Hosted by: Baker College of Cadillac
Leadership Learning Series Noon - 3:00PM
Location: Baker College of Cadillac Student Center




Women in Business Noon - 1:15PM
Domestic Violence – is everybody’s business
Presented by: Sally Repeck of Oasis FRC
Location: Baker College of Cadillac Student Center

Rise Up! Cadillac 7AM
Hosted by: Mercy Hospital of Cadillac

Lecture Luncheon Noon - 1:15PM
A Message to the Business Community from Area YP’s.
Presented by: Young Professional Panel
Location: Baker College of Cadillac Student Center
Young professionals are vital to the future of our
community. Hear what is significant to them on both
personal and professional levels.

Deadline for the March/April 2015
Cadillac Area Business Magazine is
February 6, 2015. Share your
business/organization news!

Legislative informat
ion as well
as Northern Michiga
n Regional
Chamber Alliance up
dates can be
found at: www.cad under
Legislative Advocac
y, click on
Northern Michigan



Cadillac Variety Show - 7PM
Location: Cadillac Community Schools Auditorium

Rise Up! Cadillac - 7AM
Hosted by: Wexford/Missaukee CTC
Leadership and Friends Dinner
Location: Eldorado/Cadillac Grill



L.E.A.D. (9th-12th Grades)
Location: Wexford/Missaukee CTC
L.E.A.D. Jr. (7th & 8th Grades)
Location: Wexford/Missaukee CTC

Program details can be found at


January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

November 2014

Rise Up! Cadillac

Welcome New Members
Great Northern Lawn Services
Eric Soderman
307 North Kent Street
Leroy, MI 49655
Real Estate One, Inc.
Michelle Maidens
1027 North Mitchell Street, Ste. 3
Cadillac, MI 49601

January/February Health Tip:
Hosted by:

Cherry Grove Event Center

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:

ToyTown of Cadillac

Dynamic Physical Therapy

Brick Award

Cherry Grove Event Center

Receives Ambassador Brick Award

Trend Alert: Workplace Wellness
Incentives that Actually Work
Increasingly, companies are using real money
to incentivize workers to get in better shape.
Research shows a well-designed onsite wellness
program, like a personalized weight-loss program
for employees or a rewards program based on
progress, is very effective in keeping employees
engaged and interested in improving their health.
The trick is finding one that works best for your
culture and employees.
Participation-based incentives: In order to earn
rewards, employees complete a health assessment
and are then required to complete certain actions
to improve their health, like joining gym or getting
a cancer screening.
Why it works: It’s a motivator. Employees take
ownership in knowing they are making the right
health decisions and love that they get rewarded for it.
Outcomes-based incentives: 41 percent of
employers use outcome-based incentive programs
where they tie rewards with health metrics.
Why it works: This type of program is effective
in making employees objectively improve their
health. In fact, a recent study by Mayo Clinic found
participants lost nine pounds on average when they
received a $20 monthly reward for meeting goals.
Progress-based incentives: Employers reward
employees based on steps taken to hit a certain
health milestone. The milestones are usually tied
to a statistic, like cholesterol, blood pressure or
Why it works: The financial benefit drives
employees to take necessary steps for better
Source: A Healthier Michigan

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 9

Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C
welcome new partner

Autumnwood of McBain
welcomes Stacie Lawson

Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C. is pleased
to announce that Trent A. Mulder has
become a partner of the firm. Trent is a
CPA who does business and individual
consulting for clients, income tax preparation and auditing. Trent has been with
Baird, Cotter and Bishop for 8 years. He
is a northern Michigan native, attended
Northwood University and now lives in
Cadillac with his wife and three sons.

Autumnwood of McBain is pleased to announce Stacie
Lawson has accepted the position of Director of Marketing
and Admissions. Stacie brings 26 years of experience as a
nurse. She has worked in home health long term care, a
wound center, and the last 11 years working in sales and
marketing with Home Infusion.

Jeanne Schultz recognized by the
Chamber Ambassadors and staff
Jeanne Schultz was surprised with a Certificate of Appreciation at the
Chamber by the Ambassadors Club and chamber staff in December. Jeanne
was recognized for contributions as a member of the Cadillac Area Chamber
of Commerce Ambassador Club and as an energetic and dedicated volunteer
for the Chamber. The Chamber is forever grateful to Jeanne for her many
years of encouragement, participation, and support.
Jeanne Schultz




MICHIGAN. Scott Leesch is one of Chemical Bank’s many experienced




business banking professionals. For the individualized attention you
deserve from a Michigan based financial institution, contact Scott
today at 231.942.8089 or


South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac •

January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

(231) 775-1222 • 1-800-828-9852

Baird, Cotter and
Bishop, P.C. welcomes
two new employees
Scott Johnson
Johnson is a staff accountant who will be responsible for
income tax preparation, bookkeeping and auditing and will be
working with business and individual clients, as well as governmental units.  Johnson recently moved to the Cadillac area with
his wife, Serena, and two daughters Paige and Kyra. 

Toy Trot 5k
raises $6,000 for
Toys for Tots
Over 130 participants lined up for
the Toy Trot 5k hosted by ToyTown
of Cadillac in November. Ages 3 to
80 enjoyed the brisk morning 5k
race to raise money for Toys for
Tots. All total, $6,000 was raised
for Toys for Tots in Wexford and
Missaukee counties, including
a $2,000 match by ToyTown of

Kristal Chellis, C.P.A.
Chellis is a CPA who will be doing business and tax consulting
and planning for individuals, businesses and trusts and estates. 
Kristal grew up in Petoskey, and spent many free weekends in
the surrounding areas outside Traverse City. Chellis obtained
her bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University and obtained
her CPA license in March of 2013.

Save the Date!

Cadillac Area Chamber of

22nd An nual Briefcase
Open Golf Ou ting
Friday, May 29, 2014
Team and hole sponsorship
e soon.
information will be availabl

A Healthy Work
Starts Here
Helping your business prevent work
injuries is our first priority. Work
injury prevention and education
promote safe work habits and can
significantly reduce lost work time.
No matter what your needs, you
can consider us your partner in
occupational health and medicine.

Work injury treatment
Drug screenings
DOT physicals
Wellness programs
On-site health screenings
FAA physicals
Breath alcohol testing
Assistance with OSHA/
MIOSHA compliance
• Pulmonary function testing

Same Day Appointments | 400 Hobart Street | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 876-6180

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 11

December Lecture Luncheon

Kent Wood, Director of Government

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
members need to stay vigilant on pressing
state lawmakers to improve the economy.
Kent Wood, Government Relations
Director for the Northern Michigan
Chamber Alliance, spoke at the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce’s Lecture Luncheon
in Decemember. He told a packed room that
chamber members need to stay active in
promoting a better economic future for the
state. He said members can help by pressuring state legislators to continue to focus
on developing a solid economic plan for the
He started his presentation by explaining
the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance’s
role in passing Proposal 1 as well as making
changes in the state’s personal property tax
Key political issues for 2015, such as statewide infrastructure, future energy shortages, immigration reform and improving the
state’s future workforce, were also discussed.
Among the issues, Wood said creating a suf-


ficient energy plan will be the No. 1 topic for
the new year.
“We are looking at a very severe shortage
coming in the next three or four years, so the
first six months of 2015 I think are going to
be critical in the energy discussion,” Wood
Audience members voiced their own concerns about issues the state currently faces.
Questions were raised concerning possible
revenue that the Main Street Fairness Act
could generate for the state’s economy. The
Main Street Fairness Act requires onlineonly retailers to collect the state’s sales tax.
State Senator Darwin Booher, R-Evart, said
the impact of potential revenue is unknown
but agreed the act establishes equal business
among local and online retailers.
Wood said that community members and
chambers within the Northern Michigan
Chamber Alliance must continue to be proactive toward Michigan’s future growth.
“We really need to keep the pedal to the
metal,” Wood said.

24/7 Emergency Service.
We make it our responsibility
to keep you dry!

Home of the Springfield SmartRoof™
Phone 231.263.5300 • Toll Free 888.469.0059
Fax 231.263.5723 • 6509 M-37 • Kingsley, MI 49649


January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

“An Authorized Duro-Last Contractor´

Cadillac News wins several awards
The Cadillac News won eight awards in the 2014 Michigan Press
Association Better Newspaper Contest.
Cadillac News staff writers Rick Charmoli, Chris Lamphere and
Antonio Coleman won a second place award for spot news for
their story, “Child survives bear attack.”
Judge’s comment: This story was thorough. I couldn’t think of
any other angle to cover, except maybe to talk to the bear’s family. 
Sports Editor Marc Vieau also won a second place award for
sports writing for his story, “Something special.”
Judge’s comment: Wonderful job of capturing a special moment.
The piece flowed nicely and the writer made judicious use of terrific quotes. Made the reader feel part of the event. 
Staff writer/photographer Chris Lamphere won a third place
award in Feature Photography for his photo: “Mother Nature
offers trick, no treat.”
The advertising department took home five awards in four
separate categories within the advertising competition including two first place wins for Best Special Section and Best Online
Promotion. Other wins include second place in the Best Color Ad
category, third place in the Best Promotion Ad category and third
place in Best Online Promotion.
Our Community — A magazine dedicated to highlighting all of
the great things about the community we live and work in was
given the top prize in the Best Special Section category for the

“Great color schemes, nice bold headlines, and wonderful pictures
and ads,” according to one judge.
In the Best Online Promotion category, the Cadillac News had
a first place win for their subscription special, 11.12.13, as well
as a third place win for their Polar Vortex subscription special.
One Judge said, “Fun promo using 11.12.13, from the synopsis it
looks like it was successful” and “The polar vortex certainly was on
everyone’s mind. Good timely theme.”

Save the Date

Annual Leadership
and Friends Dinner
Friday, March 20th, 2015
Eldorado/Cadillac Grill

Local Investment.
Local Faces.

At Mercantile Bank we’ve assembled a team who’s invested in the growth of
the Northern Michigan communities and the vibrant businesses that thrive
here. The people you see here every day understand your banking
and business needs because they live and work here too.
Local decisions, local investment, local faces, that’s how Mercantile
Bank is here to get you there.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 13

Do you know someone deserving?



Outstanding Citizen
Spirit of Community Awards

The Outstanding Citizen Award recognizes and
honors individuals who strive toward the highest
level of professional accomplishments. Men and
women, who excel in their chosen profession, have
devoted significant time and energy to improve the
community’s quality of life and have provided leadership to assist others in becoming involved in the

The Spirit of Community Award recognizes and
honors individuals who have devoted significant
time and energy to improve the community’s quality
of life and have provided leadership in development
and/or expansion of volunteer projects, which have
benefited members of the community.


Submit your Nominations for
2015 Outstanding Citizen and
Spirit of Community Awards
Forms can be found at
due Friday, May 22, 2015 by 4p.m.
Awards will be announced at the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Annual Awards Dinner,
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
at Fox Hill Event Center.






The service is free—the result is just the person you’re looking for.


January/February 2015 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce




Ready. Trained. Hire.

Baker College of Cadillac students excel in
global business strategy competition 
Two student teams from Baker College of Cadillac ranked in the top
10 percent of the annual online Global Business (GLO-BUS) strategy
simulation competition where students run fictitious digital camera
companies with operations mirroring actual businesses. The two
teams, each comprising of four students, competed against more than
500 similar businesses managed by students representing 46 colleges
and universities.
Throughout the eight-week, online competition, Baker team members made approximately 150 business decisions weekly that affected

company wholesale, Internet and private-label marketing channels in
designated continents. At the end of every week, teams were ranked
based on four categories: overall score, earnings per share, return on
equity and stock price. 
“Both teams performed exceptionally, finishing in the top 10 percent
against thousands of students from across the globe, confirming the
high quality of students and instructors we have at Baker College,”
said Kelly Smith, Baker College of Cadillac president.

Data track 2013-2014
Wexford County Jan. 14 Feb. 14 Mar. 14 April 14 May 14 June 14 July 14 Aug. 14 Sept. 14 Oct. 14 Nov. 14 Dec. 13
Labor Force
13,014 13,290 13,287 13,298 13,597 13,754 13,968 13,533 13,317 13,255 13,193 12,882
11,621 11,801 11,865 12,053 12,347 12,429 12,417 12,504 12,224 12,258 12,242 11,352

Unemployment 1,393 1,489 1,422 1,245 1,250 1,325 1,551 1,029 1,093 997 951 1,530
10.7% 11.2% 10.7% 9.4% 9.2% 9.6% 11.1% 7.6% 8.2% 7.5% 7.2% 11.9%
Missaukee County Jan. 14 Feb. 14 Mar. 14 April 14 May 14 June 14 July 14 Aug. 14 Sept. 14 Oct. 14 Nov. 14 Dec. 13

Labor Force
5,864 5,959 5,966 5,929 5,966 6,043 6,106 5,938 5,769 5,742 5,713 5,611

5,094 5,172 5,201 5,283 5,411 5,448 5,442 5,480 5,358 5,373 5,366 4,919

Unemployment 770 787 765 646 555 595 664 458 411 369 347 692
13.1% 13.2% 12.8% 10.9% 9.3% 9.8% 10.9% 7.7% 7.1% 6.4% 6.1% 12.3%
For more information go online to

Cadillac Plant


“Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.”

Cool Logic

Thermal Shutter

Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride!

2015 Jeep &SittCoophuetc!k
Latitude 4x4


The Lakeview hires new Administrator, Terry Baer
Terry Baer joins the Lakeview team with
more than 15 years of experience
serving older adults in the healthcare
industry. She recently received her BS in
Health Care Administration from
Lourdes University in Ohio.
“I would like to thank all of the
residents and staff for giving
me such a warm, gracious
welcome into their home.”

The Lakeview welcomes
Terry to the team!


Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business! | (231) 775-0101
460 Pearl Street | Cadillac, MI 49601

1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI • 775-2413
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2015 15

Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce
222 N. Lake St.
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874