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Table of Contents
Introduction............................................................................ 4

Step 1: Clear your mind, Bro!.................................................... 5

Step 2: Target your goal: Just keep the flow .............................. 6

Step 3: Build a repertoire………................................................... 7

Step 4: Paper & Pen will scrape you fans….................................. 8

Step 5: Build your routines…..................................................... 9

Step 6: Open your eyes…........................................................ 10

Additional Tips & Hints………..................................................... 11

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Freestyle rap is the mark of every great rapper. It's a spontaneous & improvisational rap, which is performed in the moment and involves no pre-written verses. Freestyling is often used for battles, but you can also have a lot of fun just doing this in a non-competitive manner while hanging around with your homies. It's known as a form of art in the streets and only a good rapper will do well. But the good news is that with some practice you'll be able to become an expert. Anybody with a set goal in their mind will be able to do this. Just stick with it, practice with the 6 - Step Freestyle code and you will learn it. If you follow the given steps, I promise your homies will flip out of their shoes when you start to freestyle. The Freestyle – Code concentrates mainly on the basics of freestyle rap, and I let all those battle things out so you can concentrate on the real essential things that are now fundamental for you at this point. This technique is very powerful if you practice step by step. Don’t be impatient and if you have a lack of confidence, grab it by it’s neck and throw it away. Not having confidence will harm your success. Your freestyles will probably sound really shitty at the beginning (you may not even notice at the beginning), but every great rapper started out the same way you will.

Be confident. Be targeted. Be a burning freestyler.


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Step 1: Clear your mind, bro!
The first thing we have to mention is to clear out your thoughts. If you think and think about your rhymes, your flow, your appearance, and all that stuff, because you’re goal is a cool & easy freestyle and with a head full of things you’ll definitely mess it up. Start it easy and don’t try to do double or triple rhymes at the beginning. Just let it flow. It’s whack – yes of course it is! You’re starting to learn a new thing, and every time we do this, we are whack at it first. So cool down, you don’t have to be a Jay Z for now. Flip down your claims at first and do it the easy way. Rhyme mouse on house and other lousy things, just get it to flow. Buddy, even if it’s weak – You’re freestyling! (Perhaps you should do this step alone, without your homies, to avoid any embarrassment. They'll only knock you down. Look online for freestyle videos, they are spread all over the internet. You’ll get a realistic view of what freestyle is and what it isn't. Some people even think their freestyling is going to sound like it does on the radio. Forget about it. Freestyle is imperfectness in perfection. Of course you have to find some good beats for your practice. Our beats at are predestined for freestyling, as they have been created after a special music-theoretical formula, which makes it easy to get a good flow.

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Step 2: Target the goal: Just keep the flow!
Now you may sound stupid with all the poor verses and the lack of ideas, from time to time. Take it as it is. Bring the rope back into the cellar and put the chair back to the table – this will change soon. Now in this phase only one thing matters: Flow further, don’t stop, flow further, don’t stop. Run out of ideas? Doesn’t matter - you’re alone, no one hears you, just keep it going on. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Soon you’ll reach a level where you’ll forget all your thoughts and the words will come out of your mouth without even having to think. You are really flowing now. Keep it going, knock out your head. For some people it is difficult to clear their thoughts. What do they do? They practice it more and more and more. Eventually you will reach that level. You’re walking home late at night, alone on the street? Listen to our beats on your mp3-player and spit some flow, sitting on the toilet? Spit some more flow. See it as your persistent mental workout! Grow your rhyme muscle. By practising this, you'll be able to think way ahead of time. These are the lines you’ll automatically drop, they may repeat very often at the beginning and this is okay. Everyone has them, but the more advanced freestyler will rarely use them. But if it’s now - at this point - every third or fourth line you flow, it's ok to do. For example my filling line “ You know what I mean?” My very special secret hint (mark it, and copy and paste it into notepad or something similar) Okay, now I tell you a super-easy hint to improve your creativity while you style: If you ran into a lack of ideas do the following. Look up to sky, the ceiling, whatever – just move your eyes to their upper end. Okay, now you think I am totally freaked out and just want to let you look like a jackass, but just try it. Doing this will activate creative part of your brain, this is scientific proved. Try it and don’t forget to close the mouthes of your astonished listeners. Don’t be a douchebag and tell this tiny trick to your friends. Otherwise you’ll lose your unfair advantage!
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Step 3: Build a repertoire
Step 3 & 4 are now very equally and do not differ to much, but keep both in mind as both are very important to become a successful freestyler. Build your own repertoire of rhymes. This is the technically aspect, which is just a think of practice and learning. There is another aspect, too which is harder to influence – the creativity - , but I’ve given my special secret hint to you for that above. For now, just keep the rhyming words in mind, everywhere you met some words that rhyme together put them into your very own rhyme library in your mind. If you listen to rap songs, put the rhymes into your memory, focus on them, forget about the sense of the lyrics and focus just on the rhymes for a time. You’ll get a feeling for that. Keep your inner ears on rhyming words, all the day. If you girlfriend calls you and says “ Boy, could you get me a cup of tea?” Rhyme something in your head on that like “Yeah, I’m doing, cause your butt is so sweet” or something like that. I think you know what I mean (Oups, my filler line). This step is so important, please recognize it and do it extreme! The more you do this, the better you’ll become. All of your consciousness has to focus on the rhymes. Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes – that’s all you have to think off now (And of course sometimes onto the butt of your girlfriend).

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Step 4: Paper & Pen will scrape you fans
Write daily minimum 16 bars. Write it early in the morning, because the most people are more creative in the early hours. Additionally you started your day beeing productive. This gives you a good feeling, you can ritualize it so and this daily practice will improve your confidence about writing. Writing raps will improve your freestyles. By daily writing and thinking about rhymes & lines, they will get hammered into you long-term memory and sub consciousness. This will grant you access to them, when you need them in your freestyles. Practicing is the key to succeed. Writing lyrics will make freestyle easier and this is (logically abstracted) scientific proven by evaluated learning theories. Look: You think about the rhymes, your write the rhymes down, you read the rhymes with your eyes and making them visual by that, you hear the rhymes by practicing your lyrics, you suck the rhymes into your mind with nearly every possible method. Do this daily and rhymes and the feeling for them will burn themselves deep into your brain. This is why you have to become a great freestyler with this technique (if you can knockout things like fear and too many thoughts). GOLDEN RULE: THE MORE YOU WRITE, THE BETTER YOUR FREESTYLES WILL BECOME!

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Step 5: Build your routines
Now the basic things are covered. But what if you stuck while a real big freestyle battle? Getting hits from your opponent and can’t rhyme anything against it is – let me think about it – yes, it is a damn fucking helpless feeling. Other scene: You’re in between a circle of really hot chicks, telling them how skyrocket high you’re your awesome freestyle-skills are. You drop a line and get stuck. How humiliating is that? So let’s have a look how we can avoid this: Build some routines and hammer them into your brain! Always have some cool lines ready in your head, which you can recycle in thus emergency situations. Don’t take your biggest killer lines for that, because that is unrealistic dropping such burner in a freestyle situation. Have some good & solid funny lines that will entertain and bring them naturally. Everybody has them, even when they will prefer to day instead of telling this anybody, but that is the truth. So build your routines, which can be combined with the most contexts and learn to spit them spontaneous. Let your girlfriend wake you up in the middle of the night (yeah, just while you steer to your slippery mind movies in your nightly dreams) and at the moment where your eyes are open: shoot your routines! If you can do it: Congratulations! You are now a stealth freestyler which can avoid the most distressing situations.

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Step 6: Open your Eyes
So now we can say we have some rhymes ready, we have our emergency-lines, what’s up? I don’t need any more! MEEEEB! NOT! You have to open up your eyes, look around you and fill your lines with the things you see. Believe me when I say: This is getting the crowd completely freaking out! By rapping about the things, people, buildings, animals, trees, birds & whatever that surrounds you prove that you freestyle for real. That is the one point; the other is that you things from your actual setting are things from the setting of your listeners, too. They see it all, too and will laugh about if you mention that, even your joke is lame (okay, not at all – no one likes lame jokes - create a good one is better). This is a thing you can practice with ease – just as any other things. While practicing freestyle rhyming, take things from your ambiance am embed these into your lines. If you want to punch your opponent in a battle real hard, take something about him, one specific thing which makes him look like a naked school boy in front of the class. I don’t want to slip in the battle thing to much, as this is not the topic of this e-book but here are a few things to screw up your opponent: Rhyme them into the ground by create laughers about their dress,
their speak & spit, their way to act and talk and walk, how they live, how pussy their lifestyle is, or anything you expect that it hurts hard and demoralizes them.

Additionally it is really cool, if you can embed some actual events, everybody is talking about at the moment. If you watch the news or other TV crap, always think about what you can rhyme in your next freestyle off. Prepare some lines for such events in advance. You’ll get really hyped for that – the guys want to stick with you and the girls want to get stuffed by you.

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Additional Tips and freakin’ hints:

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Never ever freak out! When you think your lost, relax – If you’re in luck something comes up if not – not. But don’t loos your proud, buddy. Rappers that mess it up and getting angry seeming like a child, which doesn’t get its candy. So cool down and relax. What comes around comes, what not, comes not. The more humorous your raps are, the more you’ll attract your visitors. If you aren’t a funny guy, don’t try it funny. It has seem naturally Always, in every situation: Stay cool and confident. Never: Look to the ground. Do you know what a dog does, when he gets dominated. Exactly that. Prefer your rhymes with facts and actualities. Don’t think too much ahead. Stay directly in the moment and let it flow. You don’t have to prepare the next eight lines, while rapping the first. Thinking outside the box, will give you the best metaphors. There are not much ways being a fucking douche bag. Only one: By giving up if your success doesn’t come immediately. Stick with it, and your style will come up. Never stop because of a mistake. Most people won’t even recognize them. Learn basic literary devices, such as rhyming, metaphors, similes and allusions. Sometimes it is good to split syllables to help fill in a word in pieces, especially when your line becomes to short to fit in the tact Keep your lines simple! Don’t try to be freestyle Shakespeare. And at least: While learning DO NOT CARE ABOUT • • • Rhymes Rhythm Sense


Z p.s.: Don’t forget where you get the beats to succeed!

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