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Aramaic Annotations: Pt.

© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb |
1. The Noun Patterns: As you probably could tell from the last set of
“Annotations”, learning the noun patterns is no easy task. One of the things that
confuses me is using the “placeholder” words (e.g. “mlk”). So, I took a bit of
time to create a more “pattern viewer friendly” table. This table contains the
patterns that need to be memorized in the noun “state” paradigm. To help force
the memorization along, I have opted out of adding the column & row identifiers
(e.g. singular, masculine, absolute, etc.). However, I have color-coded the chart
so that you can take not of some basic patterns. I will note some of these in the
“tips” section, just below the table.

Color-Coded Table of Aramaic Noun Patterns

© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb

*Tips: 1) Nearly all of the patterns begin with patah; 2) Nearly all of the patterns have shewa as their second vowel point; 3) Nearly all
of the patterns have a qamets preceding the final consonant; 4) Yodh & final nun only appear in plurals; 5) All of the emphatic patterns
end with aleph; 6) Only the masculine forms of the absolute and construct have segol in them and the singulars are identical.