There are dark secrets that nobody knows about me.

I seem and look like a normal girl on the outside, but on the inside I am in a world of supernatural. My name is Abrielle, I have straight brown hair to my elbows, green eyes, and an occasional craving for blood. I go to college and stay at Western University of California (WUA). I have no dorm mate. I live separate from my kind, so instead I live with helpless humans. Over the years I have come to master my cravings, but I still have to go to the blood bank a couple times a week. I am only 18, I can grow older and stop whenever I want, but I like being Lamia, which means 'born vampire'. I like to think sometimes that I am human, but deep inside I know the truth. I am not human and never will be. It's the 3rd day of college and so far it's been horrible. On Monday I did not feed so I was starving all day, Tuesday I couldn't stop thinking about how tasty this guys neck would be and I am now failing history. I guess I lied when I said I mastered my cravings. I am not even close. I have trouble controlling it everyday, but today I have a feeling that something is going to happen. My feelings are never wrong. I guess its a vampire thing.

I woke up around 5a.m., grabbed a water bottle full of blood, and jumped into the shower. My blood bottle looks like juice to humans, so it doesn't matter if they see it. After I got out of the shower, I put on a solid black t-shirt and my faded blue jeans, brushed my long straight hair, grabbed an extra bottle, my books, and walked out of my dorm. I do not burn out in the sun, I have a necklace that was specially made by my parents when I was a baby. It is a solid black stone and has the vampire crest inside it. The crest is a rose. Most of the vampire roses are black, but I made mine red so that it would not blend in with the stone. If there is a such thing, I am one of the 'good' vampires. I major in drama and acting classes, even though I can never be an actress because I cannot be noticed. I walk toward the drama room. All the humans stare at me because I am the outcast, the girl in black, the one everyone picks on. I know what your thinking and I know I could rip them apart with the flex of my hand, but remember I am trying to blend in. I made it to the drama room without any trouble, maybe my feeling might be wrong this one time. "Ah, Abrielle, there you are." Mrs. Bianca says as I enter the room. I am the last one to step onto the stage. "Freak" I hear Stacie Fine whisper to Courtney Fisher.

Both popular; both evil. "We are going to be doing the play-" Mrs. Bianca starts but is cut off when the drama door opens. A guy about 5'6, which is 3 inches taller than me, he had brown hair that flipped to the side, and brown eyes. "Hey, I'm Steven." He tells Mrs. Bianca. She thinks about it for a second then realization crosses her face. "Ah, your our new student, am I right?" Mrs. Bianca asks. Steven smiles "That's me" Mrs. Bianca looks back up at the stage "Well, I guess you are just in time. Get up on the stage with the others." Steven nodded then he jumps up onto the stage, right beside me. "Hey" he says to me. I nod, not looking at him. "Okay, we are going to be doing the play 'Romeo and Juliet'" Mrs. Bianca tells us. Whispers from everyone. "I bet I will get Juliet" Stacie tells everyone. They all agree, except Steven. "I think you, Steven, will be Romeo, and I will be Juliet." Stacie tells him. "We will just have to see" Steven says, looking at me. All class we talked about the love of Romeo and Juliet, and all the while Steven studies me. "We will practice for parts tomorrow. You are dismissed." Mrs. Bianca tells us. I jump off the stage, grab my book bag and blood bottle then head out the door, but not quick enough. "Hey I'm Steven" he says when he reaches me outside the drama room. I just smile. This kid does not need to know who I am. He needs to

just walk away. "what? not even a name?" he continues. I look up into his brown eyes "No, not even a name. Sorry" I say to him. "Fine" he replies, smiling. I glance over at him; he shrugs. "I don't know what to call you." he says. I sigh "How about you do not call me anything" I start walking toward my dorm. "Na! That's no fun!" He yells as he walks the other way. Why are humans so clueless? They do not understand danger when they see it. Why should Steven know my name anyway? The only time he will see me is in drama class. At least I hope that's the only place he will see me. I open the room to my dorm and shut it back just as quickly. I fall face first onto my comfortable bed. "Why?" I whisper into my pillow. My stomach has been tingling ever since Steven walked into the drama room. A tingling feeling I have failed to hide. This is the big thing that was going to happen today, I just know it, but what is it exactly? I'm just going to have to find out. After all of my classes ended, it was almost sunset. I grab my laptop and my drink, then head toward the old Maple tree. I sit under the limbs of the old tree, thinking about death, if it shall ever come for me. I open up my sleek black laptop and start to type, not knowing what is being written. A diary maybe, who knows? I was typing away when the last person I wanted to see walked up.

"Hey" Steven says. He walked over and sat beside me. The tingling in my stomach went crazy. "Um..hey?" I say. He smiles "I'm Steven; you are?" Gah, he needs to get over that! I'm not telling him my name no matter how many times he tells me his. "I don't have a name" I tell him. He rolls his eyes "yes you do and I will give you one more chance, or I will make you tell me." Rule number 1: Never threaten a vampire. "Excuse me?" I say, barely keeping my fangs from extending. "That was your last chance." He grabs my laptop and jumps up. "Did you know I run track? I can outrun you easy" he continues, stepping back with every word. I laugh. He doesn't even know what he is saying. "Tell me your name, by the end of drama class tomorrow, and you'll get your laptop back. As for now, I'm going to go to my dorm and find out for myself. Better tell the truth." He says. Then starts to walk toward his dorm room. "What! You better not read it!" I yell at him. He glances back "Ha! To bad!" I growl under my breath "To bad? Your asking for it, Steven!" He smiles but just keeps walking. He isn't serious, is he? Not good; Not good at all. I sigh, pick up the rest of my things, then start to walk. I stop by my dorm and throw my stuff onto the bed. Then head toward the woods. The thought of blood couldn't keep me from thinking about Steven. What was that

boy's problem? He is gonna get himself hurt....bad. I feel my fangs come out and sigh. I will never be normal. I let my senses take over, to lead me in the correct direction of the double waterfall. It is getting dark, but that is okay, I have night vision. I find my way threw the woods pretty easily. I breath in the cold, wet air of the falls. I will never truly understand life, or how humans can live it. I can feel my eyes go black and blank, lost in memory. I stay that way for a couple of minutes, until I hear a footstep behind me. I blink, breath in, and turn around. I probably looked like a demon-like human with fangs. "Who's there?" I whisper in a deathly voice. I smell someone or something in the air. "Abrielle...." It whispers. The voice is not outside, but in my head. Vampire. Only vampires can talk inside your head. Not even the witches could figure out how we do it. This voice is far away, not here with me, it could be half way across the world. Which means, someone else is here with me. The footsteps are getting closer. I growl. The voice in my head gives me an idea. I start to go into their head when I hear a scream, right beside me. My head turns to the left, faster than any human could, and see a girl. I look closer and gasp. It's Stacie Fine. My fangs, eyes, and face go back to normal in an instant. "Your...Your...a vampire!" Stacie

says. I take a step toward her, but she starts to run yelling: "Get away from me! Don't touch me!" I stand there and watch her go. "Abrielle, where are you?" The voice in my head asks. I ignore it. Stacie just saw me in vampire form. I could try brain washing her, or I can just scare her into not telling. I like the second one. I let my fangs out, then run after Stacie. I reach her in under a minute. I grab the front of her shirt, slam her up against a tree, and put my hand over her mouth. "You better listen to me, Stacie Fine", I start. "Or bad things will happen to you." I can feel her shaking. I smile, showing her my fangs. "You cannot tell anyone about me. You are lucky I am letting you live. I will let you go now,but keep this to yourself." I disappear into the darkness. She will not be telling anybody. I walk out of the woods and onto campus grounds. Everything is quiet. Time to get my laptop back. I search threw the heads of the boys until I find Steven's. He is awake and he is reading on my laptop. I walk, at human speed, to his dorm, sneak past the night guard, and end up at his room door. I knock on the door. After what feels like forever, someone opens the door. Justin Clark. He must be Steven's dorm mate. He is wearing a light gray tank top and black pj pants. "Hey, how did you get up here?" He asks, with a huge smile on his face. We were

friends in high school, but haven't talked in forever. "Justin, hey. It was actually pretty easy. You guys have a sucky night guard." I say. Justin smiles and pulls me in for a hug. "who is it?" I hear Steven say from inside the room. "'s-" Justin begins, but I put my hand over his mouth, pull him out in the hall, and close the door. I use just a tad of mind control when I say "You will not tell him my name, is that clear?" Justin nods so I continue "Go get you, me, and Steven a couple of snacks from downstairs. Do not come back until I call you." Justin nods again then walks down the hall. I wait till he is out of sight then knock on the door again. I hear Steven sigh, then the door opens. "Dude, I thought I told you not to lock yourself-" He stops short when he sees it's me. Steven is only wearing dark green pj pants and on his bare chest lay a piece of string with a dark red jewel hanging from it. I couldn't help noticing that he had abs. "It's you" he says, forcing me to look up from his bare chest. "May I come in?" I ask him. He waits a second then moves out of the doorway. I step into Steven's room. His room is dark, the walls are black, one bed has a dark blue bedspread, the bed with my laptop sitting on top has a solid black bedspread. There was a computer at each side of the room and both sides had a mini fridge. Steven shuts the door

"Do you want anything to drink?" I shake my head no. He walks over and sits on the bed with my laptop. That must be his bed. I try to get into his head but i cannot make since of it. All his head is thinking about is me. I know he read stuff on my laptop but I cannot figure out what all he read. "You just gonna stand there?" He asks, moving my laptop of the bed and onto the table beside his bed. I sigh "No, I'm not" I sit on the bed next to him. "What are you doing here?" He says looking over at me. His hand and mine is the only thing laying between us. "I want my laptop" I tell him. He laughs "Gotta tell me your name, or you don't get it." I sigh. He will find out everything if he reads enough. "Abrielle. That's my name." I say then look away. It feels so wrong, yet so right. He touches my hand "Hey, what's wrong?" My whole body was already tingling from being so close to him but now his touch was like an electric shock. I gasp and pull my hand away. "Sorry. Abrielle, what's wrong?" He says my name with such emotion, you wouldn't think that was the first time he said it. He is so close. I can hear his blood in his veins. I forgot to drink blood and that is a very bad thing. My bloodlust is burning. "I'm thirsty" I whisper to Steven. He gets of the bed and grabs 2 Dr. Peppers out of his mini fridge. Then sits back down and hands me one. I chug it all. The

pain is just to much. "I think I should go" I whisper. Steven sighs "well, um, okay. If you have to. I wish you could stay longer." I glance over at him "What time is it?" He opens his phone "11:30" I get up, grab my laptop, then look back at Steven. "I can come back if you would like?" I couldn't help but ask. He gets up, smiles, then opens his door. "Hurry back" He whispers. " I smile as I walk out of the boys dorm. Oh, I almost forgot about Justin. "Justin, where ever you are, you may go back to your room. I will not be coming back." I say out loud. I start to walk back to my room, laptop in hand. Steven shouldn't have been that close. I should not of let that happen, but what really happened? All he did was touch me and ask if I was okay. I should of waited to get my laptop, because now a stupid human knows my name. I'm pretty sure most humans have double-digit IQ. I sigh when I open the door to my lonely room. I chug a bottle of blood. I look around the room "I need a dog or something" Its to quiet, a dog would be perfect, but campus rules say NO ANIMALS. I hear a knock, but not from the door. Something is outside my window. I put down my bottle. "Hurry up!" Someone says. I run to the window and throw back the curtains. "Eliot!" I scream with joy when I see him. I open my window to let him in. He pulls me in for a hug, that I

happily returned. Eliot was my best friend, before my parents were murdered, but that was when I was 16. "What are you doing here?" I ask as I shut the window back. "I was around. What are you doing in a college? Eh, never mind I probably do not wanna know. Dude, by the way, you have really hot chicks at this school." Eliot replies. He has dark red hair, very white skin, green eyes, and blue circles under his eyes. He is wearing a white t-shirt, a sky blue necklace like mine, and black pants. I laugh "Sorry, I haven't really paid attention.-" Eliot cuts me off "Yea, Yea, I know. What I don't know is: Who this Steven guy is?" I gasp "You know your not supposed to be in my head, Eliot!" I walk over to my black mini-fridge and pull out 2 bottles of blood. I throw one at Eliot. "Ah! Thanks! I'm starving!" Eliot says. I smile and throw him my bottle as well. "So, anyway, who is this Steven character?" Eliot says as he finishes the second bottle. I sigh. Eliot knows everything, except people. "Why do you always eavesdrop?" I ask him. "Uh, cause I'm a guy and thats what guys do." He tells me. I roll my eyes "Well it's kinda annoying. Steven is just a guy." Eliot jumps onto my bed and lays there as he says: "ha I might of believed you if your head wasn't screaming lie! C'mon I'm like your best friend. Trust me." I do trust Eliot, but nobody needs to

know about Steven. He is more than just a human. He is....Steven. There is no way to explain him. "Wow, you sound like you love him." Eliot says. He was listening to my thoughts! "Well....I most certainly do not love him. Are you staying the night here or something?" Eliot sighs "I guess you want me to ask? Okay. Can I stay for awhile? I kinda got into trouble with the Serpientes back home." Serpientes means Snakes in Spanish. Snakes is the group that runs the vampire world. "Eliot, what did you do?" I ask curiously. Eliot laughed "Serpientes came to my house, mom and dad wasn't there, it was just me. They asked me all sorts of questions about you. Said that since I was your best friend, I would know where you were, but don't worry. I would never rat you out like that. After that they tried to kill me! I had nowhere else to go! I decided to find you and maybe we could figure this out. Like old times." I smiled "Okay you can be my room mate, but I'm not sleeping in here with you. Have a nice night, I will see you in the morning." I pick up my backpack, stuff it with blood bottles, put in my laptop, then head out the door. I sit the double waterfall in silence, until my laptop makes a noise. I pull it out of my bag and open it. The Internet popped up automatically, I had a new IM. It said: "Hey.." It's from someone with the code

name 'TrackingSteven16'. At least I know who it's from. "What do you want?" I type. I scoot over to where my back is against a tree and I'm sitting at the perfect spot to see the waterfall. "You never came back...where are you? I wanna talk." He wrote back. "Your talking ain't you" Ha! Like I'm going to tell some kid where I am. That's funny. I pull out more blood bottles to drink. This Steven guy makes me so thirsty. "I saw you walk into the woods. Where you goin?" I choke on blood when I read that. I need to be more careful about that. "That is none of your concern" I say a little angry. "Ha very funny. My concern is not your concern. Jus tell me where ya goin. C'mon I don't bite." Ha! He might not bite but I will. "How did you IM me anyway? I thought I had it locked?!" I reply. The forest is quiet. "Justin. He didn't know it was yours ha ha. He freaked out when he figured it out." Justin! Of course! He is like a wizard at computers! "Well, I don't want you to IM me anymore. Just leave me alone!" I write back then shut my computer and throw it in my backpack. "It's not very nice to get mad at me." I hear someone say. I look behind me. "I told you to leave me alone!" I yell at Steven. His brown hair was messed up, but he did change. He was wearing the same green pj pants, a solid black shirt, sneakers, and a chocolate brown jacket. I noticed that he was still wearing his necklace. I look down and

notice that I changed too. I was wearing black pj pants, white shirt, and my black sneakers. No jacket. I touch my vampire necklace and watch as Steven walks over and sits across from me. "I knew you wasn't going to write me back, so I followed you. The question is: What are you doing out in the middle of the woods at 1:45 in the morning?" He says. He took a drink from the Dr. Pepper he was holding. "Go away. I don't want you here." I say. The tingling feeling in my stomach was very hard to ignore. "Ha! your not a very good lier, Abrielle." Steven says. He looks me over and smiles. "You look very beautiful tonight." He continues. I couldn't help, but smile back. "Don't turn the charm on! Your not staying! Go away!" I try to yell and get mad, but I just couldn't. Not at Steven. He gets up and holds out his hand "C'mon, I wanna show you something." I pause for a minute then reluctantly stand up and take his hand. "Where are we going?" I ask as we walk threw the woods. I pull my hand away from his and walk beside him. "Why would I tell you? You might not wanna come if I do." He says. I stop cold when I hear someone else in the woods. "Stop." I whisper to Steven. He stops and looks back at me, but before he talks I put my hand over his mouth. I pull my finger up to my mouth in a 'Shh!' kinda way. I take my hand off of his mouth

then look around the woods. I heard it again, footsteps. Steven heard it to and moved closer to me. Not in a scared way but in a protective way. I could probably do alright by myself. I peek into the mind of the other person in the woods and relax. "Eliot!" I yell at him and turn around. Eliot is standing up against an old tree. He smiles "What? I didn't do anything wrong!" Steven looks confused. "Whose Eliot?" Steven asks me. Eliot walks over and stands in front of us. "Steven this is Eliot. Eliot this is Steven. Me and Eliot have been best friends for a very long time. He is just here to visit." I tell Steven. Eliot smiles. I can hear his thoughts screaming 'This guy is the mysterious Steven? Ha!' Steven glances between us. I bet he is thinking if we ever dating or is currently dating. "Na not like that. Just best friends! Nothing more. Ha I could get any girl I want! Why would I want Abrielle? She ain't special." Eliot says. I feel my face get red. "Hey! I'm right here!" I yell at Eliot. Steven just laughs. "Well anyway, I came to tell you that your outta drinks and I'm thirsty." Eliot says. He means blood. I had over 10 bottles in there! " You drunk it all?" I ask surprised. Eliot shrugs. I sigh "Fine. Steven I have to go. Bye." I say then grab Eliot by the arm and start to walk. Once out of sight from Steven, we run at full speed toward the blood bank. We stand behind the

old 1970s building. "So what now? Do we just walk in and ask for some O positive?" Eliot says. I start to climb up the wall toward the closed window on the second level. "I'm pretty sure humans call this 'Breaking and Entering'" Eliot says once we are inside. I laugh and start to put blood bags into a doctor carrying bag. "We aren't humans. They don't count for us." I say then jump out of the window. Eliot follows me all the way to my room. We pour the blood into empty water bottles. "It's 4A.M. now. We should go to bed." I say.