Drill Objective(s) Soccer finishing drills and small sided soccer games. 1.

Accurate Finishing from close range. 2. Composure when finishing. Drill No: Age: No Players: Difficulty: Area/Time: Diagram 1 SSG9 12-15yrs 8+ Medium (Good with skilled young players) 20x40yrds (20mins)


Mark out a pitch of 40x20yrds, with two 'No-enter Zone's' at each end of the playing area, marked in yellow cones in the diagram above (Approx. 5-8yrds deep). Arrange 5 traffic cones (pointed cones if traffic cones are not available), on the oppositions goal line. Have a supply of balls ready at each end for continuous play. INSTRUCTIONS: Split the players into 2 teams. 4vs4 is ideal for this size of area. No-one is allowed to enter the 'No Enter Zone' including defending players. Shots therefore must be taken from outside this area. In the diagram above:

A1 passes to A2 who continues to circulate the ball to A3. A3 strikes a placement (side foot) shot at the target.

SCORING: Teams score a goal by knocking over 1 of the 5 cones. Once a cone has been knocked over, it stays down from the remainder of the game. Play for a set time (5-8 minutes). The team with the most cones knocked over is the winner. KEY COACHING POINTS: 1. Accurate side foot (placement) finishing technique. 2. Make good runs into space to receive passes close to the targets. 3. Keep possession until good shooting opportunities arise.

PROGRESSIONS: 1. Play 3 touch. 2. Play 2 touch.

VARIATIONS: None. NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS: Encourage good accurate close range finishing technique. Players may score using other techniques which is fine. However take the opportunity for coaching points to be addressed when plays miss the targets due to incorrect technique (i.e. laces shots from close in).
The soccer graphics have been made with Easy Sports-Graphics (www.sports-graphics.com)

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