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Chapter Three Jean shorts, black top, black shoes, done.

My outfit was complete, simple but I still looked sexy. My hair and make-up was done aswell, he wouldn’t be able to resist me. I picked up my phone and called Jessica. ‘Yea Hello?’ ‘Yea you alright?’ I asked trying to find a jacket to match my outfit at the same time. ‘Yea I’m OK; I just don’t know what colour underwear to wear with my outfit, white or red?’ ‘Well what colour is your outfit?’ I laughed to myself, she was ridiculous sometimes. ‘I’m wearing a white top and a red skirt with white shoes.’ ‘Well then wear red underwear, it doesn’t really matter anyway Jessie.’ By now I had given up on searching for a jacket and slumped myself on my bed. ‘Yea it does matter though Ramal’s gonna be there, I wanna do something nice for him.’ ‘OK to much information, I’ll knock for you in 20 minutes then. Bye.’ ‘Alright then. Bye.’ As I put the phone down I heard a knock at the door, I jumped off my bed and went downstairs to answer the door. ‘Wow your actually here on time.’ I said opening the door to Rayanne. ‘I’m always on time you know that, you’re the one that’s late.’ ‘Oh sorry my mistake, we might aswell walk over to Jessie’s block now, let me just go and get my things quick.’ I ran upstairs and picked up my phone and took £5 from the table and put it in my pocket. I took one last look in the mirror, perfect I was all set. ‘Bye dad I’m going to my friend’s house. I’ll text you before I come home!’ I yelled as I ran down the stairs. ‘What time will that be Chantel?!’ He shouted back. ‘12 or something. Love you!’ I said leading Rayanne out of the house. ‘Love you to darling.’ I shut the door. It was a hot day and the cool breeze felt good on my smooth skin. As me and Rayanne made our way towards Jessica’s house the music booming out of her window gradually grew louder.

‘Oi Jessie!’ Rayanne shouted up to her window from outside. Jessica’s head appeared from her bedroom window. ‘Oh cool you lot, come up my front doors open!’ Me and Rayanne stepped into Jessica’s house, took off our shoes and made our way upstairs to her room. ‘I’m nearly done you lot, bare with me.’ She said applying her make-up. ‘Look at you though with the short skirt, rahtid!’ I examined her. ‘Yea I got it from Wembley that time I went with you Ray Ray, remember?’ ‘Yea I remember. Who you looking nice for?’ ‘Thingy… Ramal.’ ‘Chantel’s Cousin!?’ ‘Yep, them to got a thing going on boii.’ I said looking in the mirror. ‘What like a hubby and wifey ‘ting??’ ‘Naaah more like a…’ ‘Like a linking ‘ting! Jessica was fast to cut me off. ‘Oh OK.’ ‘Well if your taking this long Jessie you wont be seeing no Ramal today.’ I teased. ‘OK I’m done, let’s go then.’ She said turning off her stereo; she was bang on Ramal. Rayanne and I made our way downstairs and put on our shoes. Just as we left the house my phone began to vibrate, it was Deanna. ‘Where are you lot?’ ‘We’re walking to the bus stop now.’ ‘Alright I’m here now, hurry up please.’ ‘OK bye.’ I slid down my phone and carried on walking with Jessica and Rayanne. Today was Dion’s birthday and I was really looking forward to it. I had picked 3 of my closest friends to accompany me to go and celebrate with him and his friends. I had promised to call him and let him know whether I was coming or not, I hadn’t seen him for 3 whole days but I had spent those 3 days on the phone to him day and night. ‘Rayanne let me use your phone to call Dion Please.’ ‘You two are in love man, on the phone 24/7.’ She handed me the phone and I called him. ‘Yea hello?’ ‘Yea it’s Chantel.’ ‘Oh what you saying baby?’ ‘Not much, happy birthday honey.’

‘Aww you know you made my day now. You still coming?’ ‘Yea course, I’m bringing 3 girls yea.’ ‘Yea that’s good.’ Where are you now?’ ‘I’m at the bus stop now, I know what bus to get and where to get off but after that I’m lost.’ I said hugging Deanna to greet her at the same time, everyone looked so nice. ‘Don’t watch that, I’m gonna go to the bus stop now with a few man, we’ll meet you lot there init.’ ‘Yea thank you, see you there.’ ‘Ite bye sexy.’ I slid down my phone and put it in my pocket. ‘Oi you lot Ramal’s gonna meet us at the bus stop.’ ‘Well we he better hurry up because the bus is coming now honey.’ Deanna said pointing at the bus. The bus journey lasted about 20 minutes, everyone was so excited. The stop Dion had told me to get off came sooner than I thought and in no time Me, Rayanne, Jessica and Deanna were standing at the bus stop with Dion and his boys. ‘Wagwarn Choongting, you look sexy boii.’ Dion said looking me up and down. ‘I could say the same thing about you birthday boy.’ I said giving him a hug. He looked so nice in his green Roca Wear hoody and green Air forces. ‘You know your cousins at my house already.’ He told me looking at Jessica, her face lit up. ‘Alright then take us to your drum then.’ I said pushing Dion softly. We walked down a long road which seemed like it would never end. I was tired of walking and it was so hot. After about 5 minutes of walking I asked… ‘How far is your damn house?’ I had an impatient look on my face. ‘Don’t worry lazy, it’s right here.’ He said pointing to a big house. The house was white and covered with flowers, it almost looked like heaven. Dion opened his front door and invited everyone inside. I was the last to walk in apart from Dion, as he shut the door he lowered himself and kissed me on my neck. I giggle and pushed him away. ‘Get off.’ I laughed. ‘So you like my house?’ ‘Yes, I really like your auntie’s house.’ Dion laughed and pushed me gently. ‘Give me a kiss then.’ He said lifting my chin.

‘No! My cousin’s over there you know.’ I looked over at my cousin who was playing Pro on the PS2 with 4 other boys, Jessica was sitting on his lap eating a packet of crisps. A few people were jamming on the stairs messing around whilst Rayanne and Deanna were outside in the huge garden talking to some of Dion’s friend’s, the house was crowded and the atmosphere was live. ‘Alright sexy, I’m gonna go help my aunty serve the food and then I’ll come deal with you after.’ ‘Aww OK then.’ He gave me a quick peck on the lips before walking off into the kitchen. I found my way into the garden and went to stand with Rayanne and Deanna; Solomon spotted me and walked over in my direction. ‘Wagwarn sexy?’ He said hugging me. ‘Nothing much just waiting for the food.’ ‘I see. You look nice though, if you was my wifey you would be getting a beating tonight boii.’ He said looking at my body. ‘Well I’m not so stop dreaming Solomon.’ ‘Oh yea your Dion’s ‘ting now init.’ He started laughing. ‘I’m not his ‘ting you idiot, fuck off man your so annoying.’ ‘Alright man I’m going, wait who’s your bredrin?’ ‘Which one?’ I asked puzzled. ‘That one.’ He said pointing at Rayanne. ‘Oh Rayanne?’ ‘What, has she got a man?’ ‘Nah not that I know of.’ ‘I’m moving to that.’ He said walking over to Rayanne, he pulled her aside and they started talking. Dion walked over to me with a plate of food, the plate was filled with Chicken, Rice, Plantain and Salad; my mouth watered. ‘Here you go baby, I’ll get you a drink in a second.’ He said handing me the plate of food. ‘Aww thank you.’ I followed him inside to sit down; as I walked past Jessica she got up from Ramal’s lap and followed me with her eyes fixed on my plate. ‘Do you want some?’ I asked. ‘Yea I do you know.’ She said eyeing up my chicken. ‘Go ask Dion to give you some then, he’s in the kitchen.’ I pulled my plate towards me. ‘That’s long though and I only want a little bit anyway.’

I gave in and shared my food with Jessica. Not to long after I had eaten Dion brought me a drink and his aunty came and collected the rubbish. ‘There’s some Roti’s in the kitchen if anyone wants some!’ She announced, Ramal and a few other boys rushed into the kitchen. Dion waited for me to finish my drink and then returned my glass to the kitchen. We had arrived at his house at 3pm and it was now 7:15pm. Everything was going well, Me, Jessica, Dion and another boy called Jordan were jamming on the stairs and Dion’s aunty had given us a whole bottle of Malibu along with four glasses. Dion handed me a glass and then passed the rest to the others. ‘Your auntie’s banging.’ Jessica said taking the bottle of Malibu and helping herself to some. After I drank my share Dion Passed me his. ‘Here you can have mine Chantel.’ ‘You can’t get me drunk that easily Dion.’ I said taking the glass from Dion’s hands and gulping it down. ‘I don’t need to get you drunk though you still want me either way.’ He said biting his lip. Rayanne and a group of boys walked into the corridor bringing a bundle of noise with along with them. ‘Chantel let me talk to you.’ Rayanne said pulling me to the side. ‘Yea what’s up?’ ‘You’ve been drinking init, anyway I’m ducking now, I need to get home before 11.’ ‘You’re going on your own?’ ‘Nah I’m going with these lot init and Solomon’s gonna take me home.’ ‘I don’t trust him Rayanne.’ I whispered. ‘Don’t worry he’s cool, he asked me for my number you know.’ ‘Yea he told me he was gonna move to you. I’ll walk you to the bus stop though I don’t care if he’s taking you home.’ ‘Nah seriously you can stay here with Dion, have fun babes.’ She said kissing me on the cheek and walking out the door with Solomon. A few other boys followed behind. ‘Call me when you get home Ray!’ I shouted out to her. Soon after that another bundle of brehs left the house, now it was only me, Deanna, Jessica, Dion, Ramal, Jordan and 2 other boys named Jerome and Antony left.

‘Oi Dion can we go jam in your room?’ Jordan asked looking up at Dion who was sitting on the stairs. ‘Yea go up then, I’ll meet you lot up there in a second.’ He said moving out the way as everyone ran up to his room. ‘I’m gonna use your bathroom.’ I said handing Dion the glass as he took the things into the kitchen. ‘Alright then, it’s over there yea, I’ll meet you upstairs init.’ ‘Yea OK.’ I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I washed my hands and exited the bathroom; no one was downstairs except Dion’s aunty who was cleaning up the front room. ‘They’ve all gone upstairs honey.’ She informed me. ‘Yea I know, thank you.’ I smiled politely and ran up the stairs. I didn’t even know which room was Dion’s but it didn’t take very long for to figure out which one it was as I could hear everyone shouting and yelling. I opened the door. When I entered the room the first thing I noticed was Ramal and Jessica on the corner of the bed kissing. I shut the door and went and stood next to Deanna who was leaning against the windowsill. All the boys apart from Ramal were play fighting, jumping all over the bed and knocking things over. ‘Nah ‘llow it don’t fucking kick me in the head Jordan!’ Antony yelled storming out the room. Everyone started laughing and carried on with their game. ‘Aww that’s deep, I’m gonna go see if he’s alright.’ Deanna whispered to me walking out the room. She was either a really kind girl or she liked him. I remained in my corner of the room watching the boys having their fun, then Ramal got up. ‘Oi you lot shut the fuck up!’ He said dashing a pillow at Dion and the rest. ‘Shut up Ramal! Go in the other room then init.’ ‘Which one?’ ‘The guest one next door.’ Ramal jumped onto his feet and pulled Jessica up with him, together they walked into the room next door. Now it was just me, Dion, Jordan, Jerome and Antony left in the room; Dion got up and opened his bedroom door.

‘You lot get out my room I need to clean it up, go downstairs and I’ll call you up init.’ Everyone got up slowly and walked out the room one by one. I was the last to leave, as I got to the door Dion slammed it shut. ‘Nah you’re staying with me.’ He said licking his lips. As he bent down to kiss me Jerome burst through the door. ‘If she gets to stay here then I’m staying to bruv.’ He said sitting down on the bed. ‘Nah get out I’m talking to her init.’ ‘Come let’s have a threesome, you on it Chantel?’ He looked over at me. ‘Dickhead.’ I said ‘Shut up Jerome! There’s a chick downstairs, go move to her init.’ ‘Yea I’m gone.’ He said standing up. ‘Ay make sure no one comes in here yea.’ ‘Yea yea, you gotta return this favour one day though.’ He exited the room. Dion sat down on his bed and looked over at me. ‘Why you standing up, come sit next to me.’ He said pointing at the space next to him on the bed. I walked over to the bed and sat down next to him; he put his arm around me and pulled me closer towards him and started caressing my thighs as he lowered his lips onto mine and I opened to his embrace, which started slowly but grew steadily more passionate, I could feel the passion of the moment. I put my arms around his shoulders and explored the domain of his mouth; Dion pulled away slowly and looked me in the eye. ‘So you’re a virgin yea?’ He whispered into my ear. ‘Yea I am.’ I replied. ‘So have you been fingered before?’ ‘…Yea I have.’ I lied. ‘Can I finger you?’ He started undoing my button and kissing my neck. ‘No.’ I mumbled, moving his hand away from my crotch. ‘I won’t hurt you.’ He said staring deep into my eyes. ‘But… my cousin’s next door.’ I moaned quietly. ‘He’s with Jessica though; he ain’t looking to come out for a couple of hours still.’ I sat in silence looking out the window; I didn’t know what to do. ‘So you gonna let me do it then?’

By now he had already undid the buttons on my shorts and was squeezing his way into my knickers. I squeezed my legs together to stop him but I did not say a word. ‘Open your legs baby, let me just put my hand down there; I won’t do nothing.’ ‘But…’ before I could finish my sentence he pushed his hands deep into my knickers and started caressing me in between my legs. ‘See you like that don’t you.’ Dion said. I simply nodded my head as he lay me down on his bed and slowly removed my shorts. I didn’t know what to expect; I’d never been fingered before and I certainly hadn’t had sex before. ‘Hold on let me do something.’ He said jumping off the bed, he walked over to the light switch and turned of the light. ‘Is that better yea?’ he asked me. ‘Yea It is.’ I smiled nervously. Dion separated my legs and pulled my black French knickers down to my thighs. ‘Nooo...’ I said quietly pulling my knickers back up. ‘Nah I’m just gonna finger you don’t worry.’ He told me and then slowly he pulled my knickers back down to my thighs. I put my head back and rested it on the pillows; I shut my eyes. Dion took one finger and pushed his way inside me, my back arched as he did this and I let out a moan. ‘You’re tight Chantel.’ He said looking into my eyes. I giggled holding back the pain. Dion slowly worked his finger into a more vigorous rhythm pushing his finger in deeper every time. My nails dug deep into his neck and back and I let out a gasp. ‘Do you want me to stop baby?’ He asked; his finger still inside me. ‘No.’ I said breathing heavily. Dion kissed my forehead and entered his finger again. ‘Wait… can I put two fingers in?’ I thought in silence for a few seconds. ‘Uh huh.’ I said holding him tight. Dion opened my legs wider and took his two fingers and eased his way into the tight confines of my vagina. He pushed a little to allow his fingers to disappear inside me, I screamed in almost in shock of the pain and bit Dion’s arm hard. He withdrew slowly. ‘What am I hurting you?’ ‘Y-yea.’ I stammered.

‘Alright then I’ll stop.’ I pulled my knickers up and put my shorts back on while Dion went and switched on the light. ‘Your wild man, you scratched up my neck and shit.’ He laughed rubbing the back of his neck. ‘Well you hurt me as well so were even.’ I said sitting up on his bed. Dion came and sat beside me on the bed and kissed me on the lips. ‘Your pussy’s deep though, I can’t wait to fuck you boii.’ I kissed my teeth and pushed his head playfully. He brought his head closer to mine and licked my neck, as he did this I felt something vibrate; my phone was ringing. ‘You home now Ray Ray?’ ‘Yea I am, just got in now.’ ‘What? But you left here like 2 hours ago.’ I could feel the tip of Dion’s tongue caressing and sucking on my neck. ‘Yea, I went to Solomon’s drum for a while. He’s so cute.’ Rayanne had gone into dream mode. ‘Solomon’s house? What did you to do?’ I asked. By now Dion had removed my top and was undoing the strap on my bra, I giggled as I tried to get him to stop and concentrate on what Rayanne was saying. ‘Well nothing really, we just listened to music, lipsed and… yeaaaa.’ ‘Oh come on, you must have done something else, Solomon’s a horny breh.’ I laughed waiting for the rest of her story, a tingling sensation shot straight up to my head; I almost dropped the phone. I looked down to see Dion sucking and biting my breast. ‘Mmm well we were jamming in his room init cause he said he would lend me some DVDs yea and then, aww he’s so sweet, he must have asked me if I wanted a massage so I said yea obviously and then he started kissing my neck and… are you listening?’ ‘Mmmmm… yeaaaaa… I’m listening.’ I said holding the phone with one hand and Dion’s head with the other. ‘Oooook…so anyway where was I? Oh yea he was kissing my neck and then I turned around and started lipsing him init. So we’re lipsing for about 10 minutes now and then he takes off my top and my bra and starts sucking on my breast and I was just thinking OH it felt so banging.’ ‘Uhhhh…believe me honey, I know w-what you’re talking about.’ I gasped; Dion was sucking my breasts wildly sending intensive waves of pleasure through me.

‘Anyway I’ll tell you the rest when I see you ‘cause it’s to long. Are you still at Dion’s?’ She asked. ‘Yeaaaaaaa, what time is it.’ ‘Umm it’s 1am. Are you sleeping there or something?’ ‘Uhh-huh.’ ‘Wow, I bet you’re gonna loose your virginity to him because…’ ‘Mmmm…Rayanne I-I-I gotta go, call me tomorrow.’ I said as I slid down my phone. Dion brought his face up to mine and kissed me, he then lifted my legs and removed my shorts, he slowly pulled at my underwear indicating to me that he wanted me to take them off. ‘No I’m keeping them on Dion.’ I said holding on to my knickers. ‘Alright then.’ He stood up and removed his green hoody and the t-shirt underneath and placed it on the chair the slowly undid the buttons on his jeans. He now stood in front of me wearing only his boxers and his socks. ‘You wanna see my dick?’ He asked me as he lowered his hands into his boxers. I giggled and put my head back onto the pillows as he brought out his penis; it was HUGE, my mouth dropped. ‘It’s big init.’ He said big headedly as he grinned over at me. ‘Yeaaa it is boii.’ I replied, still in shock of how big he was. ‘I just wanna put it in you Chantel.’ He climbed on top of me and kissed my lips. He used his hand to move my knickers to the side as he put the head of his dick against my clit. I jumped. ‘What are you doing Dion!?’ ‘Nah I’m not gonna put it in I just wanna see something.’ He reassured me that he wasn’t going to put it in. ‘No seriously don’t take the piss because I….’ ‘Trust me Chantel.’ He kissed me and continued rubbing his penis against my vagina, and then I felt him trying to insert his dick inside me. ‘Dion!’ ‘Don’t worry; I just wanted to see if my dick would fit in your pussy if we had sex init, my dicks to big.’ He laughed. ‘Who said we’re gonna have sex though?’ ‘We will, not today but soon init trust me. I feel sorry for you though ‘cause it’s gonna hurt you.’ ‘Shut up man!’ Dion pulled me closer towards him and held me tight.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll try not to hurt you when we fuck baby.’ He said. I kissed my teeth and snuggled up to him as he held me in his big strong arms. A few hours later I opened up my eyes and studied my surroundings. The Morning sun flooded into the room, Dion lay beside me fast asleep. I pulled my phone from my pocket to check the time; 10:30am it read. I looked at Dion; he looked so cute when he was asleep, his sexy juicy lips, his nice eyes and smooth skin. I picked up my bra and my top from the floor and dressed myself, I wanted to go downstairs and check on the others, I tried waking Dion several times but he just went back to sleep so I whispered in his ear… ‘Dion let’s have sex now.’ Before I knew it Dion shot up and grabbed hold of me. ‘Alright, come then.’ He said removing my knickers. ‘No I was joking Dion!’ I laughed watching Dion’s face expression change. ‘Why you gonna joke like that?’ He said in a frustrated tone. ‘I wanted you to wake up init.’ ‘Well I’m awake now so let’s have sex.’ I got up from the bed and put on my shorts. ‘What time is it?’ He asked rubbing his eyes. ‘It’s coming up to 11am. Put your clothes on, I’m going down stairs.’ I threw Dion his Jeans and his white T-shirt and he slowly sat himself on the edge of his bed and dressed himself. Dion opened the bedroom door and led me downstairs into the front room. We entered the room. Jerome and Jordan were wide awake, they hadn’t slept all night. Deanna was asleep in Antony’s arms on the sofa, Antony was deep in his sleep. ‘You lot were up there for time, what happened to calling us back up?’ Jordan asked. ‘I forgot.’ Dion yawned and sat down with them to watch TV. I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then went and sat down on Dion’s lap. The front room door opened as Dion’s aunty walked in. ‘Dion you need to clean up in here. I’m going out quickly so I can drop some of your friend’s home. Do you want a lift darling?’ She said pointing at me. ‘Yes Please.’ I smiled.

‘Ok well I’m leaving in 10 minutes so whoever’s coming get ready now yea.’ She said leaving the room. I stood up and went to wake up Deanna. ‘Deanna… Dion’s aunties going to give us a lift home man get up.’ I said shaking her. ‘Yea Ok…can you get my top please… it should be somewhere on the floor.’ She said as she got up. ‘What! Why’s your top on the floor Deanna? Whatever… get ready, I’m going to wake up Jessica.’ ‘Thank you.’ She put on her top and made her way to the bathroom. ‘Dion I’m going to get Jessica yea.’ ‘Alright baby.’ I ran upstairs and knocked on the guest room door…no reply, so I walked in. Ramal and Jessica were huddled together on the bed; their clothes were trailed all over the floor along with the bed sheets. ‘Jessica…Dion’s aunties gonna drop us home.’ I whispered to Jessica trying not to wake Ramal. ‘Mm...What?’ She asked turning over. ‘…We’re going.’ ‘No… I-I’m gonna leave with Dion Later.’ ‘Ok whatever. Bye. Bye Ramal.’ I said leaving the room, I couldn’t be bothered. ‘Y-yea bye.’ Ramal mumbled from under the sheets. I walked into the front room. ‘Jessica’s staying with Ramal.’ I announced. ‘She’s whipped!’ Ramal laughed. ‘He don’t even like her, she’s a sket bruv!’ Jerome added. They all laughed, Dion’s aunty entered the front room. ‘Right I’m going now, whoever’s coming come.’ She said and left the front room to go and start up the car. Me and Deanna stood up and said our byes. ‘Bye People.’ I said as Jerome, Jordan and Antony, when I got to Dion he refused to let go. ‘I want a kiss.’ He demanded. ‘Ahh Dion…’ I moaned as I kissed him softly on his sexy, full lips. ‘I’ll call you baby.’ He said letting me go. ‘Ok bye.’ I said getting up and walking towards the door, I turned round to wait for Deanna who was kissing Antony! I knew something was going on between the two of them.

Me and Deanna walked out of the house and got into the car, we set off home.