Brian Flinn - Villanova No-Huddle Offense Package & Operation

“No-Huddle Offensive Football, presentation from Brian Flinn of Villanova. Coach Flinn talks rationale for running the No-Huddle Offense, and how to use tempo to control your opponent and the football game.”

Questions: WHY NOT USE A NO HUDDLE OFFENSE? 1. Expensive (Time) 2. Lack toughness 3. Conditioning/Numbers needs to be high 4. No time to ID the defense or Audible 5. Not enough talent or talent not capable of doing it. ALL OF THESE ARE MYTHS!!

WHY SHOULD YOU USE THE NO HUDDLE OFFENSE? 1. "Spot the Ball" = ready to go when the football is spotted by the official 2. Dictates the tempo of a football game & puts pressure on the Defense 3. Run the football 4. Less thinking and decisions for the Quarterback 5. Get more out of practice (conditioning naturally occurs) 6. Reduce looks and amount coaching the defense can do between series 7. Simplify the Offense

WHEN TO USE NO HUDDLE OFFENSE? (if situational) 1. After a Big Play 2. When nothing is working 3. When they are better

4. When they are worse 5. Always!! Best way to use it is to marry it, not to date it! Want to have the play in and ready to go in 7 seconds or less.

"Spot the Ball" 1. Beat the opponent to the punch 2. Play so well & fast the Defense caves early 3. Set standard everyday

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Scheme, calls, signals (Nova only has 4 runs) "We do what we do" Call won't be perfect, emphasis is on playing fast Don't sacrifice speed...

Things that slow down a no-huddle offense 1. Officials 2. Signals 3. Set get set 4. Conditioning 5. Quarterback surveying the defense (NO QB CHECKS) 6. Motions

Wide Receivers set the tempo!

Types of No-Huddle Offense Tempo 1. Fastball-Regular A. Automatic B. No speed is too fast C. Run a play w/ 18 seconds left on the play clock D. Procedure: Signals come from the sideline, nothing from the QB. The QB echoes the play to the OL. The QB will say "Set," give a heel flip and shoot his hands. The Center snaps the ball and says "Go." 2. Nascar/Indy - Fastest A. Operate from the wristbands (Nascar is one formation while Indy is another ) B. QB gives the number (which indicates the play off the wristbands) C. QB operates the cadence. Want to snap the ball ASAP D. As soon as the play is executed and the whistle blows, "reload." Assume you will stay in this tempo unless otherwise told. E. Wristbands only have 10 plays (5 for Nascar & 5 for Indy, the direction is indicated by the QB) 3. Look Tempo - "Check w/ Me" A. Slow the tempo down slightly B. Change up from fastball C. Allows us to stay out of a bad play, induce a penalty D. Formation is given to all, normal QB operation, center gives "Go" call. QB looks to sideline for decision 4. Slow - 4 Minute Offense A. OL walk to the LOS after a play B. Skill still in no-huddle procedure C. Snap the ball with 2 seconds or less left on the play clock