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Jonathan Wallin

4003 Homerton St.

Lafayette, IN 47909
(801) 497 1706

PhD, English, Rhetoric and Composition focus, May 2015 (expected)
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Secondary Areas: Public Rhetorics, Writing Program Administration, Digital Rhetorics
Dissertation: A Literacy of Place in Composition: Rhetoric, Geography, and Ecocomposition
Committee: Patricia Sullivan (chair), Jennifer Bay, Richard Johnson-Sheehan, Thomas Rickert
MA, English, Rhetoric and Composition focus, August 2010
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
Thesis: Civic Participation in the Writing Classroom: New Media and Public Writing
Committee: Brian Jackson (chair), Greg Clark, Danette Paul
BA, English, University of Utah, August 2007

A Literacy of Place in Composition: Rhetoric, Geography, and Ecocomposition
My project works to revitalize ecological writing studies by infusing the ideas of Coe, Cooper, and
the ecocompositionists with the prominent theories of place found in philosophy, human
geography, and the work of early (ancient) rhetoricians. In my dissertation, I look to establish a
literacy of place that reflects and reinforces principles of rhetorical writing curricula through
attention to ontology, impact, and sustainability. This is the basis of my project: explore the ways in
which concepts of place can enhance current rhetorical practice in the composition classroom. My
dissertation will work to develop a literacy of place for the composition classroom by fostering a
social and ecological awareness of writing, and examining how writing works to frame, interpret,
and address the ecological and environmental reality with which our college students are faced.

Awards and Honors

Ross Fellow, Purdue University, September 2010
The Ross Fellowship is awarded each year to one incoming PhD student in Purdues Rhetoric
and Composition program to a student who demonstrates superior academic achievement
and scholarly abilities.
Finalist, Ed M. & Minnie Berry Rowe Award for Teaching and Service Excellence, Brigham Young
University, April 2010
Best Original Project Award (HD radio ad), 8 Annual Writing Program Showcase, 2011
Quintilian Award, Top 10% of Teaching Evaluations in Freshman Composition, Purdue University,
2012, 2010
ICaP Award for Continuing Teacher Development, Purdue University, 2011
Most Needed Research award, Empirical Studies in Rhetoric and Composition Poster Session, 2012

Rediscovering the 'Back and Forthness' of Rhetoric in the Age of YouTube. College Composition and
Communication 61:2, 2009. Web. 01 January 2010 Co-authored with Brian Jackson.
Recovering Pedagogy: Lessons from the Berlin Project. (forthcoming). Co-authored with Patricia
Sullivan, Don Unger, and Kyle Vealey.
Pedagogy-In-Progress: Continuing James Berlins Cultural Studies Approach to Writing
Instruction. (under review). 38 pp. Co-authored with Amelia Chesley, Sherri Craig, Jeff Gerding,
Daniel Liddle, Nicholas Marino, Kyle Vealey, and Don Unger.

Revisiting James Berlins Cultural Studies Approach to Writing Instruction: Reacting to Culture:
Codes and Beyond. Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference. Normal, IL. May 2014.
Behind, In Front, and the Certainty of Video. Computers and Writing 2013. Frostburg, MD. May
Digital Assessment for the Masses, or What Should Be Done About Online Writing Evaluation?
Conference on College Composition and Communication. St. Louis, MO. March, 2012.
Starting and Maintaining a Rhetoric Society of America Student Chapter. Rhetoric Society of
America Conference. Minneapolis, MN. May 2010.
Nationalism and Rhetoric. Rhetoric Society of America Summer Workshop. State College, PA. June
Rediscovering the 'Back and Forthness' of Rhetoric in the Digital Age. Joint Conference of the
National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations. San Francisco, CA. March 2008.

Teaching First-year Composition ENG 505 (Purdue, 1 section): Designed and taught the
graduate seminar/ 1 -year practicum for nine incoming instructors, including a
week-long pre-semester orientation program; Developed the curriculum for their
1 -year writing course; performed teacher observations and evaluations; helped
instructors developed a classroom culture that valued diversity, critical thinking,
digital writing, and rhetorical awareness.
Engaging in Public Discourse ENG 108 (Purdue, 1 section): Taught Created a proposal for a
disability-accessible nature trail in conjunction with the Lilly Nature Center of West
Lafayette, IN.
First-Year Composition ENG 106 (7): Taught a multimodal approach to composition
centered on digital literacies and rhetorical awareness. Students composed across
multiple genres, including essays, reviews, digital advertisements, podcasts, and
researched argumentation.

Composition (contd)
First-Year Composition ENG 106LC (Purdue, 2 sections): Taught in two learning
communities, Purdue Promise (1 -generation and at-risk students) and EPICS
(Engineering Projects in Community Service). Worked with instructors from other
disciplines to engage students in the 1 -year experience; held out-of-class events
including service projects and social gatherings.
Writing and Rhetoric ENG 150 (BYU, 2 sections): The first-year composition course, taught
students a highly rhetorical curriculum that focused on production and analysis of
argument, research and documentation skills, and multimedia composition.
Writing and Rhetoric ENG 150CI ( BYU, 2 sections): Computer intensive sections of firstyear composition that focused on new media and online writing.
Writing and Rhetoric ENG 150FA ( BYU, 2 sections): Taught in BYUs learning community,
Freshman Academy, for two semesters. This involved organizing class socials and
meeting with students for meals at various times throughout the semester.

Professional Writing
Technical Writing ENG 421 (Purdue, 1 section): We partnered with Purdues writing program
(ICaP) to create over fifty pages of technical documentation for ICaPs technology
check-out service (technical instructions). We also designed a web portal for the
tech desk and created both a textual and a graphical site map for ICaPs website.
Business Writing ENG 420 (Purdue, 2 sections): Taught a course based primarily in
multimodal composing in business settings. We focused on traditional genres like
email, memos, letters, reports, with special emphasis placed on professional ethos
and multi-tiered workplace audiences.
Persuasive Writing ENG 312 ( BYU, 3 sections): After a one-semester internship, I designed
and taught a course on advanced argumentation. Students worked closely with
enthymemes, style, and research and documentation to produce long-form
arguments on three topics (all students addressed the same topic which varied from
unit to unit).

Animal Breeding WAC Coordinator ANSC 311 (Purdue, 1 section): As the WAC coordinator
for Animal Sciences 311: Animal Breeding, I taught writing genres specific to animal
sciences students. I led lectures on letters and memos, reports, and portfolio
revision. I also directed workshops associated with each assignment, and graded the
work connected to ANSC 311s WAC component (including final portfolios).

Administration and Service

Community Service and Engagement Projects
Lilly Nature Center ADA-accessible nature trail (Fall 2014): As instructor of ENG 108:
Engaging in Public Discourse, I directed a proposal for a nature trail designed to
accommodate people whose disabilities would normally prohibit them from
experiencing nature-centered exhibits.
TCHA Railroad Relocation Commemoration (Summer 2014): I recorded, produced, and
edited the Tippecanoe County Historical Associations event commemorating the
20 anniversary of Lafayettes railroad relocation.
ICaP Technology Check-out Documentation and Web Redesign (Summer 2013): As
instructor of ENG 421: Technical Writing, I oversaw the creation of over 50 pages of
technical instructions for ICaPs technology check-out desk. Students also created
an online check-out portal for the program, as well as two extensive site maps of the
programs websiteone textual map and one graphical map.

Community Service and Engagement Projects (contd)

Web Consulting and Recycling Promo Spot for Lafayette Streets and Sanitation (Spring
2013): I was the director and producer of a 30-second promotional video aimed at
increasing the volume of recycled waste for residents of Lafayette, IN. We worked in
tandem with the Streets and Sanitation Department and the Office of the Mayor to
Celery Bog Webcam (Summer 2012): Working closely with Lilly Nature Center director Dan
Dunten, We created operation instructions for the nature centers new webaccessible webcam, focusing on instructions that were useful to people across a
wide range of technical proficiencies.

Administration and Department Service

Introductory Writing Committee (IWC) (2013-2014): Served as a representative on IWC,
ICaPs voting body. Approved syllabus approach renewals, piloted and approved new
textbooks, developed formal program policies (e.g., media use policy), and help guide
informal policies (e.g. instructor absence and problematic student behavior).
Pedagogical Initiatives Committee (PIC) (2012-2014): I spent two years serving on PIC. We
met monthly to discuss how program needs were evolving throughout the semester:
what issues were coming into play and how to best handle them.
UR@ Syllabus Approach Leader (2012-2014): Served as the leader for the UR@ syllabus
approach, Purdues cultural studies and new media approach to 1 -year writing. I
performed the initial review of instructor syllabi to ensure compliance with the
approach goals; conducted approach meetings each semester; observed approach
instructors each semester.
GradSEA Job Placement Committee Representative (2013): I spent a year organizing and
contributing to monthly professional development meetings for graduate students
entering the job market. We conducted workshops on job search organization,
composing job documents, and building an instructor identity.
English 490: Summer Writing Internship (Summer 2012): Interviewed past participants of
ENG 490, Purdues Summer Writing Internship course. Developed interview
questions to assess student course experience, directed video interviews, and
produced promotional videos used to explain and promote the course.
Hutton Lecture Series Videographer (Fall 2012): I produced, recorded, and edited the sixspeaker Hutton Lecture Series on topics in Rhetoric and Composition.

Student Organizations
DRC Mentor for new students (2012-2014): Served as mentor to incoming students with
disabilities. Met with every other week, and contacted them weekly via email. The
program is designed to give students with disabilities a familiar resource they can
use to overcome difficulties they face during their first year at the university.
Founding President, RSABYU: Organized a student chapter of the Rhetoric Society of
America. Recruited members, wrote bylaws and a constitution, organized events, and
worked closely with our faculty liaison (Greg Clark) and other members of the
rhetoric faculty at BYU. Goals included promoting grad student development,
increasing disciplinary understanding, and recruiting new members.
Member, RSAPurdue: I worked with other students to establish Purdues student chapter of
the Rhetoric Society of America. We organized faculty lectures, held
professionalization workshops, and served as a link for students studying rhetoric in
Purdues English and Communications departments.
English 150 syllabus workshop leader (Fall 2009): I ran a voluntary syllabus workshop for
second-year instructors at BYU focused on honing and sharing teaching documents
to be used throughout the semester.

Classical Rhetoric, Richard Johnson-Sheehan
Modern Rhetoric, Patricia Sullivan
Postmodern Rhetoric, Jennifer Bay
Empirical Research in Rhetoric and Composition, Patricia Sullivan
Research Methods, Beverly Zimmerman (BYU)
History of Rhetoric, Greg Clark (BYU)
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Brian Jackson (BYU)
Hutton Lectures in Rhetoric and Composition, Linda Bergmann (2010)
Hutton Lectures in Rhetoric and Composition, Thomas Rickert (2012)
Hutton Lectures in Rhetoric and Composition, Samantha Blackmon (2014)

Publics Theory, Jennifer Bay
Cultural Studies, Thomas Rickert
Environmental Rhetoric, Richard Johnson-Sheehan
Rhetoric, Race, and the Law, Matthew Jackson (BYU)
Community Engagement, Jennifer Bay
Rhetorical Methodology, Patricia Sullivan

Writing Program Administration

Writing Program Administration, Linda Bergmann
Assessment, Richard Johnson-Sheehan
Composition Theory, Patricia Sullivan
Teaching 1 -year Composition, Thomas Rickert
Community Engagement, Jennifer Bay

Digital Media
Computers in Language and Writing, Patricia Sullivan
Writing in Virtual Worlds, Samantha Blackmon
Teaching Professional Writing, Michael Salvo
Cinematic Rhetoric, Gideon Burton (BYU)

Technical Proficiencies
Editing: Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, DVD Architect (DVD and Blu-Ray authoring) Windows
Movie Maker,
Production: Timed NTSC video cameras for live sports production, graphics generation with
various Chyron systems, technical directing with smaller Grass Valley switchers,
directed various in-house shows (ECHL Hockey, PBR rodeos, high school

Sound Forge Pro, ACID, Audacity

Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Paint

InDesign, Quark Express, Dreamweaver, Google Drawings, LucidChart

Other Employment
Television production freelancer, 2003-2008
I worked in various roles helping produce live sports television broadcasts. I operated fixed
and handheld cameras at hockey, motor racing, speed skating, and winter Olympic sporting
events. I also worked in graphics production, and directed small shows for the in-house feed
of the Utah Grizzlies ECHL hockey team.

Interlibrary Loans Library Specialist, 2002-2007

As an undergraduate at the University of Utah, I worked full-time as a borrowing specialist in
the interlibrary loans department. I was responsible for base-level administration and
troubleshooting of our ILL information systems (ILLiad, Ariel), processing borrowing
requests for university students, faculty, and staff, and processing incoming loans and
articles for access by our patrons.

National Council of Teachers of English
College Composition and Communication
Council of Writing Program Administrators
Writing Program AdministratorsGraduate Organization
Rhetoric Society of America

Dr. Patricia Sullivan
Professor of English and Director of Rhetoric & Composition
Purdue University
(765) 4275978
Dr. Jennifer Bay
Associate Professor of English and Director of the Introductory Composition Program
Purdue University
(765) 5867211
Dr. Thomas Rickert
Professor of English
Purdue University
(765) 494-3719