Prepared by:_Diana P. Gonzalez

What issue and/or study question of the Honors Study Topic will this project address? How do the fine arts shape and reflect the paradox of affluence? (Issue No. 2 in Honors Program Guide).

Describe the specific Leadership roles and actions the project requires. Involvement of all V.P.’s, the formation of a committee, involvement of other clubs and UCC students. Does the project address the International Service Program? If so, explain its connection. Yes, by requiring that all art pieces are made with recycled or recyclable materials.

What academic publications and experts will you consult? Various online sources, interviews to faculty members, and knowledge acquired in previous courses.

Estimated Chapter funds required for the completion of this project: _______________________________________________ Itemized Budget:

What is the title of the project?_Honors in Art. Where will the project take Place?_Union County. When will the project be held?_Fall 2009/Spring 2010. Who will participate?_UCC students, Phi Theta Kappa Chapters in NJ, faculty members, and local children. How will appropriate permissions be attained?_Through our Chapter advisor, contacting the art society’s and art club’s advisors, and contacting our local Majors. What resources are needed? How will they be acquired? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Will you form committees? Describe them. Scholarship  Research, mission statement and brochure.

Leadership  Publicity and involvement of other clubs. Service  Contacting local schools. Fellowship  Inviting other chapters to participate. Fundraising  Manage Budget and expenses.

Chapter: Involvement of all active and non-active members. Participation of other NJ Chapters.

List the specific project goals. To promote art as a functional form of expression. To raise awareness of the importance/ impact of art in our society and culture. To help unprivileged communities to experience art. To foment an understanding of the paradox of affluence in the art world. These goals are to achieved through three projects: a student-composed Art Exhibition inspired by the Honors Study Topic, a panel-discussion on how fine arts shape and reflect the paradox of affluence, and a service project in which students from the Elizabeth High School help UCC students create a mural also based on the Honors Study Topic. List Chapter goals which the project is intended to meet and describe how the project fulfills each goal. Scholarship  To raise awareness of the paradox of affluence and how it affects different aspects of our local community. Leadership  To open the opportunity for students to put in action their skills and knowledge. Service  To help unprivileged communities. Fellowship  To facilitate the opportunity to interact with other Phi Theta Kappa Chapters, college students, and faculty members. _

College: Involvement of other clubs, faculty members, and general college students. Community: Helping local schools without art departments to experience art. Region: Inviting other Chapters to participate and mentor them in ways of how to apply the project to their local communities.

Which Five Star Chapter Development Program requirements does this project satisfy? It is an Honors in Action project that incorporates all of our Hallmarks. What will you do to develop the leadership skills and capacity of chapter members and others? Delegate tasks, form committees, and open the project to the participation of all students.

Will you reward your members for participating in this project? If so, how? Yes, by offering them an opportunity to get involved in their communities and interact with driven students.
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How will the chapter publicize the project? Email, bulletin board, ALC…