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Step by Step Guide to access the NPTEL Video OnDemand Service @ Central Library

NPTEL is an acronym for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning which is an initiative by
seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and
Roorkee) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for creating course contents in engineering and science.
NPTEL as a project originated from many deliberations between IITs, Indian Institutes of Management
(IIMs) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) during the years 19992003. A proposal was jointly put
forward by five IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Madras) and IISc for creating contents for
100 courses as web based supplements and 100 complete video courses, for forty hours of duration per
course. Web supplements were expected to cover materials that could be delivered in approximately
forty hours. Five engineering branches (Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics and
Communication and Mechanical) and core science programmes that all engineering students are
required to take in their undergraduate engineering programme in India were chosen initially. Contents
for the above courses were based on the model curriculum suggested by All India Council for Technical
Education (AICTE) and the syllabi of major affiliating Universities in India.
The main objective of NPTEL program is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country
by developing curriculum based video and web courses. This is being carried out by seven IITs and IISc
Bangalore as a collaborative project. In the first phase of the project, supplementary content for 129
web courses in engineering/science and humanities have been developed. Each course contains
materials that can be covered in depth in 40 or more lecture hours. In addition, 110 courses have been
developed in video format, with each course comprising of approximately 40 or more one-hour lectures.
In the next phase other premier institutions are also likely to participate in content creation.
Important: The NPTEL Video OnDemand Service @ Central Library can only be accessed through the
workstations connected to the Central Library network.

STEP 1: Login into the guest account of the workstation.

STEP 2: Open Internet Explorer and enter the URL in the address

STEP 3: Choose the Department whose video courses you wish to access..
e.g. Basic Courses( Sem 1 & 2 )

STEP 4: Select the course you wish to watch.e.g. Engineering Chemistry 1

Step 5: It will show all the available Videos Lecture.

Step 6: Select/Copy the Video Link

Step7: Open your VLC Player

Step 8: Click on the File option and select the Open Network stream.

STEP 9: Paste your video link on the on the File box.

Step 10: The videos selected by you get stream.

Important Instructions

Users must not stop or rewind / fast forward the video lectures as the videos are being
streamed via the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) which is akin to a Live Lecture.
Any time shifting will result in the loss of the current stream and the entire video lecture
will have to be streamed from the beginning.