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Description of Aries Zodiac

According to astrology, Aries Zodiac people are those born in the
dates from between 21st March to 20th April. Aries or Mehsa is the
second sign of the zodiac, birth The sign is ruled by mars. This
zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of 'The Ram. Aries zodiac
natives are known to be the ambitious, adventurous and full of
Aries zodiac people are known to be the explorers as they are the
people who would poke the mounts and would discover a new road
as leaving a well paved path for the followers behind. This gives
Aries or mesha natives a adventurous vision and makes them
ambitious in their attitude towards life.
When it comes to a Aries zodiac individual, the person would give
you a very vivid indication to predict his or her presence through his
childish firmness as the native would possess a very strong believe
upon self and would lack the fear from the threats like an
experienced person do, besides this Aries zodiac or mesha natives
would stick to their thoughts and desires as a child and again you
have to use the tactics meant for the children to deviate them or
either have to agree with them as you do to kids.
On the other hand, the most visible attribute of Aries zodiac
individuals is their aggressiveness which dominates their persona as
they are easily given to anger but this gives a relief when their
furious face turns into a calmed appearance with your slight efforts,
in few minutes as leaving no marks of wounds behind on account of
their strong forgiving nature and easily forgetful attitude towards
others mistake.
Aries zodiac People are well known for their valor and courage which
takes them to lead at most of the places and makes them confident
in doing so while this also have the possibilities of turning it into the
over confidence as leading them towards bringing problems to their
own place by their own. Besides this, it becomes a strong positive
point at certain places when there are requisites for taking quick
decisions and needed to take the first step. On the other hand, Aries

people possess a strong caliber to fight so its better to do not rebel

to them as the probability of winning is towards them.
The Aries zodiac natives are straight to their words and carry a frank
attitude as they would not fear from telling you what they think
neither they would hide their feeling either good or bad. In general,
they would not ponder before articulating. Besides this, Mesha
natives are open minded people and posses a vast enclosure of
mind. On the other hand, it could also be taken as they wont agree
or submit to something they do not feel to do so as they would only
agree to something they themselves feel to be.
The most demanding need of Aries zodiac natives is freedom as they
are free living souls who wants to pursue everything with freedom
while trying to bind them could create problems for the one doing so
with Aries person as this would lead them turning annoyed. Their
demand for liberty appear visible in every aspect whether its about
profession or personal side of the person. Aries people are sharp
minded and intellectuals who could emerge out to be a strong and
dominating member of an industry if given freedom or could prove
to be the best in any aspect if surrounded by suitable environment.
One of the most prominent aspect of the attitude of Aries natives
which few sees like a positive shade while the others could feel it to
be a negative one as they are reluctant to follow others while on the
other hand it makes them best leaders who would take those they
rule towards the path of growth besides being unbiased and still
would stay concern for their personal growth as well as they lurk the
self centered eye inside them which could also lead them towards
being selfish at times for their variant desires.
In the end, the Aries zodiac individuals are those who are quiet
malleable as they could turn harsh and callous if got treated the
same way while they could become the most loving and kind if kept
in the gentle and warm enclosure.
The prescribed lucky colors for Aries are White, Crimson or deep red
and the lucky numbers are 9, 26 and 8.

First decan of Aries or Mesha

Aries people are known to be childlike stubborn and are believed to
possess much of valor and self belief, for which they are known to
be the leaders of the land and this segment possess a high blend of
these. For all this, this one is known as the week of child, ruled by
the planet Mars itself.
The First decan of Aries that is, the first ten days of Aries
period(21st March to 20th April) represents the most dominating
Aries with its root shades at the power. As in the simple words,
Aries of first decan are the people with unbreakable Valor which
could even turn towards over confidence leading towards bringing
problems to their own places. On the other hand, they are most
impatient and restless people who could not sit to analyze which
part is right and which one is wrong as they will jump on the one
appearing appealing to them at the first sight.

Second decan of Aries or Mesha

The second segment of Aries month that is the next ten days which
is the middle partition, is dominated with the qualities of planet Sun
for being ruled by the same which further makes them a bit similar
to Leos, apart from Mars. This second decan of Aries is called as the
week of the star.
Natives of this decan are endowed with the brilliance of Sun as they
are noble and generous people which besides leading them towards
growth also makes their path stronger and prove them as true
leaders of the land. These people also possess much valor and
courage but are not impatient like of the first segment and for this
they are perceived to take right and productive decisions besides
proving to be equally exploring, innovative and energetic. On the
other hand, they also possess the charm, manners and magnetic
personality as intensifying their potent presence. Besides this, these
attributes could also develop the snobbish shade in the natives.
Altogether, they approach everything with the eye of precision and
expect appreciation for the same.

Third decans of Aries or Mesha

The last segment of Aries Zodiac that is the last ten days of its
period comprise natives of highly exploring and fantastical vision as
ruled by planet Jupiter along with Mars which further makes them
similar to Sagittarius people. For the same reasons, this decan is
known as the Week of the pioneer.
The Aries natives of this decan emerge out with their inner self
ruling over their persona as they would give preference to emotional
matters. These individuals are also sincere and generous but
possess a high pleasure seeking desire which mainly comes from the
sides of traveling as they could be found exploring a lot and for this
its quiet difficult for these people to settle down with any

Attitude of Aries for career or business

The natives of Aries or mesha are the carriers of a lot of energy and
valor for which they stay active for long and are always ready to
take challenges. This attitude of Aries makes them very competent
in case of career or profession. They are first step takers as
exploring enterprises in new directions and leading the path in their
career or profession. Besides this, Aries natives lack patience and
could not sit with quiet and calm body and mind. This attitude make
them the front runner in their job. On the other side, they are very
creative and would not like repetitive jobs or the boring jobs. So the
choice of suitable career for them in lot dependent on the type of it.
Arians or mesha rasi natives are inclined towards drama and life of
excitement besides which they are the people of authority and
domination in their soul. They carry a lot of self confidence in their
attitude towards the world. They are very good organizers and
would be well fitted in the role of supervisors or leaders. In case of
business, Aries native are having good level of enterprising skills.
Having a business in suitable for them as it makes them the master
of their own life and it gives them the opportunity for exercising
their leadership qualities. The problem in case of a mesha native
running a business is their lack of patience and their quest for action
sometimes without having a plan and without thinking the pros an
cons of an action.

Vision of Aries for career or business

The mesha individuals for being highly energetic and dominant in
manners are inclined towards the active and challenging directions
in case of profession like defense and sports besides which they
have a leadership attitude for which they are perceived to be at the
place of authority of whatever amount instead of being suppressed.
It would be quite advisable to their employers to provide their Aries
employers the challenging assignments.
The active Arians or mesha natives are the people of drama and
entertainment and possess high inclination towards creativity so
that they could utilize the energy of their mind and are believed to
be straight forward, frank, communicable and seeker of fame. On
account of these factors, They could be involved in the sectors of
entertainment, advertising, fashion, TV, journalism and architecture.
When it comes to Aries women in case of career, they are perceived
to be in the male dominating professions for being equally
courageous and active. Besides this, these women are more
inclined towards the creative and literary writings as writers and
poets. Both men and women of this rashi are always capable of
handling much work load and they look for the perfect workings.
They stay away from those sectors which requires a lot of
concentration and determination towards the work.

Suitable streams of profession for Aries

The professional directions which are most suitable to the Aries in
case or career, business or self-profession are creative writing,
designing, architecture, entertainment, advertising, journalism, TV,
army, related goods, defense, athletes, salesperson, marketing,
firefighter, stock broker, movies, PR, Entrepreneur, Dentistry,
surgery, Engineering and Electronics.

Possible improvements for Aries or Mesha in


Aries people are advised to stay clam and to hold a control over
their aggressiveness. They are sometimes become quite dominating
which is not good for their Growth prospects. They should think and
ponder before acting something in real and should carry some
endurance so that they wont take their selves to some wrong
direction and would not bring losses to their place and reputation.
More patience is the key for them in case of job or business. They
should understand that each and every time they would not have
the command over the tasks and every time the tasks would not be
new or interesting. They should also consider that risk taking and
adventurous approach is good in case of profession but not always.
Sometimes, taking time in planning in better than than the
immediate actions
They should look over their expenses and should be concern about
the same.

As a Father
The Aries father would be a dominant presence in the family arena
who would rule over his children and could be a strict parent but he
wont confine his children with studies as he would like them to get
involved in sports and other activities too as seeing him at the
heights in future. He could be a open minded and frank father who
would become his childs friend but wont let them forget that he is a
father first. In the whole process, they could unknowingly compel
their choice and vision over children.

As a Mother
The Aries mother would try her best to fulfill all the needs of her
children to take them at the top and for the same she would
dominantly lead them in the way. This whole would make her appear
more like a father than a mother as she could also behave strict and
aggressive like a father like a father image. They wont complaint
about children having fun but would strictly ask for sincerity and

As a Son/Daughter
The Aries children would be good at the core for being attached to
their parents and respecting them but the are stubborn from the
birth and born aggressive personals who could make their parents
irritate at times but will bring pride to them.

As a Teacher/Senior
The Aries personalities would be quiet stern teachers who would
give their best and try to help out their students at their best and so
on would firmly ask for good results but they wont live with
primitive norms of learning as they will pay significance to other
activities too and would bring out easier ways for children to study.
They would give freedom and let their younger ones or juniors to
grow in their own way and to explore but will definitely show them
the right path.

As a friend / in Friendship
The Aries person would be a devoted friend in his or her friendship
and would strictly ask for the equal loyalty and trueness in the
relationship as they would give their best to make it for a life long
walk but they shouldnt be perceived as sufferers or pain takers as
they wont bear the burden of relation alone.

Positive characteristics or personality traits of

Aries or Mesha
Brave outlook
Courageous steps
Vivacious persona
Childlike innocence
Born leaders

Explorers of land
Adventurous in life
Free souls
Firmness in thoughts
Easily forgiving
Humanitarian preference
Ignorant towards others mistake
Frank approach
Straight to words
Childish heart
Go with what looks right
Quiet malleable
Ambitious in life
Hard working and determined

Negative characteristics, or personality traits

of Aries or Mesha
Over confidence
Lack of persistence
Hasty approach
Stubborn attitude
Do not ponder
Could not follow
Could become self centered

Facts for Aries (Mesha):


symbol - The Ram

ruling Planet- Mars
quality- Cardinal
element- Fire
basic Trait- I am
vibration - Enthusiastic
harmonious signs - Sagittarius, Leo
Secret Desire - To lead the way for others

Akira kurosawa
Al gore
Alec Baldwin
Alec Guinness
Alicia Silverstone
Alyson Hannigan
Anne McCaffrey
Ashley Judd
Bette Davis
Billie Holiday
Booker Washington
Carmen Electra
Celine Dion
Charlie Chaplin
Christian Slater
Clarence Darrow
Colin Powell
Cynthia Nixon
David Frost
Dora Russell
Eddie Murphy
Elle MacPherson

Famous Film director

US politician
British Actor
Popular fiction writer
Famous actress
Famous actress
Famous novelist
Famous Comedian
Famous Lawyer
American Politician
Famous TV host
English TV anchor
Famous Model

Elton John
Eric Clapton
Gordie Howe
Hugh Hefner
Jackie Chan
Jennifer Capriati
John Major
J.P. Morgan
Kate Hudson
Kofi Annan
Larry Page
Leonardo Da Vinci
Lord Rama
Maria Sharapova
Maria Carey
Marlon Brando
Nikita Khrushchev
Otto Von Bismarck
Paul Erdos
Rene Descartes
Russell Crowe
Sam Walton
Sarah Jessica Parker
Steve Ballmer
Steven Seagal
Thomas Jefferson
Timothy Dalton
Victoria Beckham

Famous Musician
Famous Musician
Famous ice-hockey Player
Of playboy fame
Famous Actor
Tennis Player
Famous businessman
Famous actress
UN Secretary General
Google Co-founder
Famous Italian Painter
Hindu God
Russian Tennis Player
Famous singer
Russian Politician
Founder of German
Founder of WalMart
Microsoft CEO

Aries Strength Keywords:

- Independent
- Generous

- Optimistic
- Enthusiastic
- Courageous
Aries Weakness Keywords:
- Moody
- Short tempered
- Self-involved
- Impulsive
- Impatient
Aries and Independence:
Aries personalities are independent. Being the first of the zodiac
signs, they venture out and are go-getters, often leading the
way. Their upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others
to follow their lead because Aries personalities bring excitement
into others lives.
Aries and Friendship:
Aries are good friends, they always look out for their friends
with caring and generosity and will protect them should the
need arise and encourage them with their natural optimism. If
confronted, Aries can turn to be quite childish, they will fight
back with their agressive nature and are known to have temper
tantrums should they not get their way.
Aries and Business:

Aries are activists. If a business idea comes their way, they tend
to plunge right in. Aries are more then willing to take a gamble
and follow their dreams and goals. However, if success is not
immediate, they tend to lose interest and give up easily. Aries
are notorious for not finishing what they have begun. This is
due to the low tolerance for boredom and lack of patience. If the
excitement is gone from their business idea, they go off and
search for it elsewhere.
Aries Temperament:
Independence is key to Aries astrology, they do not like to take
orders from others and enjoy getting their way. They can get
childish or moody should they be given orders that they do not
like. Aries easily take offense to comments made. Aries are selfinvolved and can be self-centered, if they do not pay attention
to the feelings of others, Aries can easily become spoiled and
resented by others. In order to get their way, Aries will tell a lie
if it seems advantageous to do so. They are however, not very
good liars and other people can usually see through them.
Aries Deep Inside:
Underneath the strong, independent surface may lie insecurity.
This is due to the intense drive to succeed and Aries put too
much pressure on themselves, thus resulting in self-doubt
however, the natural optimism and enthusiasm overtakes this
and the underlying insecurity may never be known to others.
Aries in a Nutshell:
Aries is the first of the zodiac signs. Aries is the sign of the self,
people born under this sign strongly project their personalities
onto others and can be very self-oriented. Aries tend to venture

out into the world and leave impressions on others that they are
exciting, vibrant and talkative. Aries tend to live adventurous
lives and like to be the center of attention, but rightly so since
they are natural, confident leaders. Aries are enthusiastic about
their goals and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, "wanting is always
better then getting" is a good way to sum it up. Aries are very
impulsive and usually do not think before they act - or speak.
Too often Aries will say whatever pops into their head and
usually end up regretting it later!

Aries Love, Sex and Relationships

What it's like to date an Aries Woman:
Dating an Aries never lacks excitement. She is hot-blooded, and
forceful, so you had better be able to handle the heat! The Aries
woman is for the person who likes an independent self-driven
woman who can fend for herself and is not clingy and needy.
An Aries woman requires freedom. For the Aries woman, the
best part of the relationship is the beginning, then the spark is
there and she is trying to catch you to be hers. She will find
happiness in a long-term relationship because she enjoys
sharing everything with her partner. She will not only have a
romantic partner but a best friend too. She has a great need for
love and passion but she will never let a man become the
master, she considers her partner to be equal. Aries women are
not for domineering men. She will be faithful but she expects
the same in return. She can be jealous because she wants a man
to give her all of his attention, "all or nothing", so her jealously
is rooted in her possessiveness, she has to be number one in his
eyes. She will always encourage and give strength to her partner
so an Aries woman is great to have in times of despair or need,

she will always be there for you. In order to have this happy
ending, she needs to feel appreciated and loved.
What it's like to date an Aries Man:
An Aries man has a lust for adventure so if you are thinking
about having a relationship with an Aries man, be prepared for
fast-paced adventure, novelty and excitement. He is always
eager to try new things - including relationships. That is not to
say that every Aries man will only provide an exciting and
short-lived relationship, but this is usually the case. He might
stick around if you are the type of woman that enjoys having
the man take the lead and basking in his glory. He enjoys
challenge so if you are the woman to offer challenges to him like playing hard to get - he might stick around longer.
Remember, this man is all about the thrill of the chase. Do not
however, act as if you don't care about him. He needs you to be
"swept off your feet" by him. Appear innocent- hard-to-get and
he will be wrapped around your little finger. Never take
advantage of the Aries man because his short temper will turn
into a fury of anger and he way leave and never look back.
How To Attract Aries:
Let Aries know that you admire them, they thrive of admiration
and followers. Let them know that you love their zest for life
and that you find them intriguing, they love compliments more
then most other astrology signs of the zodiac. Compliment them
physically and mentally, they like conversation about
intellectual topics and engage them in a lively discussion, or a
friendly debate. They love the challenge and the stimulation of
good, intelligent conversation. Ask them for advice, let them
know that you look up to them. Remember, Aries is the first
sign of the zodiac and the most forward and independent, they

love followers. Do not be a push over, do not keep your

opinions to yourself because Aries will quickly get bored if you
agree with everything they say. Do not attempt to control them
however, they do not like taking orders. Aries are very capable
people so if you go with their plans, you are sure to have a good
time! If they have a suggestion for something to do, go with the
flow, they like to be in control of what goes on.
Aries Erogenous Zone:
The head is Aries' most powerful erogenous zone. Stroking their
hair and rubbing their scalp will make them feel relaxed and
heighten their sensations. Nibble the ear, for especially the men,
they will not be able to resist this, he will get uncontrollable
urges and you will soon be all his!
Sex With Aries:
The Aries zodiac sign is straightforward, aggressive and
adventurous and this is reflected in their approach to sex.
Expect it to be physical, quick and rough, they like to dominate
and have the upper position.

Aries Zodiac Sun Sign - Astrology /

Aries Sign Element Properties, Symbol, Dates,





Birth Dates

March 21 - April 19


Aquamarine (March), Diamond (April)






Iron, Copper






Honeysuckle, Sweet pea

Lucky Numbers

1, 10 ,19, 28, 37, 46, 55

The sign is also called as ram and it is the first zodiac sign in
astrology / horoscope. Aries people always see themselves first.

Self-confidence, Straightforward, Independent, Initiative, Generous,
Leadership, Courage, Opinionated, Forceful, Enthusiasm

Impatience, Short tempered, Impulsivity, Irritable, Self-involved,

Action, Red roses, Coming in first, Being liked, Challenges,
Championing Causes, Spontaneity, New clothes

Waiting Around, Being Ignored, Admitting Failure, No opposition,
Feeling hungry, Tyranny, Other peoples advice

Aries are very good friends. The friendship with them will be warm.
They always look out for their friends with caring and generosity.
They are extremely affectionate and strong hand.

Energetic and adventurous, the romantic enthusiasm of these
individuals is contagious. Love of Aries is touching. Fulfillment is
very important in his/her physical intimacy. Aries is warm-hearted
but reasonable and calculating. After finding perfect relationship,
they become more loving, understanding and sensuous.

Arians are regularly associated with success and are natural leaders
in whatever field they choose. They are competitive and love both
the game of life and the game of business. Aries like being the
leader and are not as comfortable in a subordinate role.

Ideal Career Jobs

Fire-Fighter, Surgeon, Mechanic, Dentist, Professional Athlete,
Entrepreneur, Journalism, Accountancy, Sales

Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo