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2015 Medical Guide

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Aquatic Therapy at CMH

Family Health Centers

Antwerp: Todd Wiley, MD
Kori Strubing, CNP
Edgerton: Michael Kooistra, MD
Jessica Slattery, CNP

Scott Waters, MD

Hicksville: Duane Johnson, DO

Laverne Miller, MD

Aquatic Therapy can make a remarkable difference after an illness, injury, or

surgery, when a patient's sensitivity to pain may be increased or the ability to bear
weight on the injured area limited. Water supports the body, reduces joint stress,
and provides both resistance and assistance to movement.

Orthopedic Surgery at CMH

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons perform total knee and hip replacements
utilizing the latest technology - including custom-fit implants designed to fit your
body. Our surgeons also treat rotator cuff impingement and tears, frozen or stiff
shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other orthopedic conditions.

Vasavi Reddy, MD

High-Field Open MRI

Daniel Underwood, MD
Tara Garza, CNP

Specialist Clinics
General Surgery
Physical Medicine

At Community Memorial Hospital, our high-field open MRI scanner enables us to

obtain high-resolution MR images for virtually any patient, including children,
individuals with limited mobility, and those who are claustrophobic or obese. When
your physician recommends an MRI, insist on Community Memorial Hospital.

General Surgery
The 2012 and 2013 Fort Wayne Monthly survey named Jeffrey Justice, MD a Top Doc
as rated by his peers. A professional survey of 2,500 licenced physicians asked them
to name the doctors who they would trust to care for a member of their own family.
You deserve the surgeon doctors choose!

Sleep Center
You deserve a better nights sleep. Using state of the art technology, your sleep is
monitored and interpreted by the sleep specialists at Fort Wayne Neurological

Sports Medicine

Center. Your physician will have a comprehensive report in just a matter of days.


Musculoskeletal Institute

Surgical Services


Monitored Bed/ICU

Swing Bed Transitional

Care Unit

Emergency Services

Physical, Occupational,
& Speech Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Cardiac & Pulmonary


Aquatic Therapy Pool

Fitness Center

Laboratory Services

Radiology Services
& Imaging

Sleep Center

Delivering Your Little Miracle

Our family physicians specialize in attentive, compassionate care for you and your
baby during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. Our physicians take call for
their own patients which means you highly likely to have the physician you trust at
that special time. Our Certified Lactation consultant is also available to help
provide a positive breast feeding experience.

Alleviating Your Pain

You dont have to live with the pain. Our physicians in the Musculoskeletal Institute
use a variety of nonsurgical methods to reduce pain and improve your quality of life.
If surgery is needed, we will work to make the transition to a surgeon a smooth one.

Digital Mammography
Fully digital mammography, and a partnership with the Breast Diagnostic Center,
gives patients the piece of mind that exceptional screening and diagnostic
procedures are as close as your own back yard.

Nutrition, Diabetes, &

Lactation Education


Occupational Health

Is your New Years resolution to become healthier? Michelle Price, RD is now

providing our outpatient counselling services including nutrition and diabetes
counselling. Her education will assist in making good food choices. Our fitness
center and Silver Sneakers program will get you active. John Haggerty DC provides
our chiropractic services to relieve discomfort and pain to get you moving again.

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& Well-Being


Cholesterol & Its Relation To Heart Disease

High cholesterol levels have long been directly linked

to heart disease. But as more research into cholesterol
and its relation to heart disease is conducted, some doctors are shifting their views on the relationship between
the two.
Statistics from the American Heart Association indicate that 75 million Americans currently suffer from heart
disease. And even though one-quarter of the population
takes cholesterol-lowering medication and have reduced
the fat content of their diets, the AHA estimates that more
Americans will die of heart disease than ever before.
More revelations are coming to the forefront regarding
cholesterol and heart disease. New research has shown
that statin drugs are ineffective at reducing mortality
rates in most populations. Furthermore, according to the
Framingham Heart Study, which is the longest-running
and most comprehensive study on heart disease to date, it
was demonstrated that cholesterol intake in the diet had

no correlation with heart disease. The study found that

men and women with above average cholesterol levels had
nearly identical rates of heart disease compared to those
with below average cholesterol rates.
Another potential eye opener is that, in addition to cholesterol not affecting heart disease risk, eating high-cholesterol foods does not elevate blood-cholesterol levels as
doctors once thought. Ancel Keys, who is considered the
father of the theory that cholesterol contributes to heart
disease, now says that theres no connection between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in the blood.
If not cholesterol levels and the foods one eats, what,
then is responsible for heart disease? Many medical professionals and researchers now believe the primary causes
of heart disease are inflammation and oxidative stress.
According to Dr. Dwight Lundell, a heart surgeon and
author of the book, The Great Cholesterol Lie, foods like
refined sugars and vegetable oils used to preserve processed foods may lead to the inflammation that ultimately
causes heart disease. Inflammation is the bodys immune
response to a foreign invader. Foods high in sugar and
saturated fat can exacerbate inflammation. Bacteria and
other unwanted substances in the body also contribute to
To combat inflammation, people can adopt a healthy
eating style. Fatty fish, whole grains, leafy greens, fiber,
and nuts can help reduce inflammation.
Exercise also can reduce inflammation. Research from
Mark Hamer, PhD, an epidemiologist at University College
London, found that, regardless of BMI or weight, study
participants who completed 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week - about 20 minutes a day - lowered their
markers of inflammation by at least 12 percent.
When a person exercises, muscle tissue releases a pro-

Home Renovation

HEART DISEASE ... Cholesterol levels may not have the

same relationship to heart disease as once believed.
tein molecule called cytokine, which likely prompts an
inflammation drop. Just about any type of workout that
raises heart rate is effective in helping with inflammation.
The public may have been misinformed about just how
vital it is to reduce cholesterol levels. Contrary to popular
belief, high cholesterol may not have the same connection
to heart disease as doctors once thought. In fact, inflammation may be the bigger component in heart disease risk.

Immunizations Important For Adults, Too


Did You Know

That during teen years, half of all bone

is formed and about 15% of adult
height is added.
Drinking milk may lower your risk
for colon, and other types of cancer.
Your local retailers have been providing
ARPS Dairy products since 1936.

Your Local Hometown Dairy, Since 1936

220 N. Clinton Street Defiance, OH 43512


New parents can easily become overwhelmed by

the number of pediatrician
visits their children need.
By the time a child celebrates his or her fifth birthday, he or she has seemingly been administered
dozens of immunizations.
But even though people get
the majority of their vaccinations while they are very
young, that does not necessarily mean they cant still
benefit from immunizations
later in life.
The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention
notes that humans never
outgrow their need for vaccinations. Although certain
vaccinations may no longer
be necessary, others may
be necessary into adulthood.
which can safeguard individuals from long-term illness, hospitalization and
even death, are now recommended for all adults. The
following are some of the
immunizations you may
need as you age.

Pneumococcal disease
is an illness caused by bacteria that can spread from
the nose and throat to the
ears or sinuses. If the bacteria spreads to other areas
of the body, like the lungs,
it can cause pneumonia.
Pneumococcal disease also
can cause meningitis if it
affects the spinal column.
Adults 65 and older need
one dose of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine followed by the pneumococcal
polysaccharide vaccine.

Shingles is caused by
the varicella zoster virus,
the same virus that causes
who have had chickenpox
are at risk for developing
shingles later in life. The
virus can cause a painful skin rash and blisters.
Other symptoms include
chills, pain, fever, and even
loss of vision. Because
shingles most often occurs
in people age 50 and older,
the shingles vaccine is recINFLUENZA
ommended for those in this
According to the CDC, age bracket. People who
roughly 226,000 people have medical conditions
are hospitalized in the that weaken the immune
United States due to in- system or those who take
fluenza, while thousands immunosuppressive drugs
more die from the flu and also may benefit from the
its complications. Flu vac- shingles vaccine.
cines protect against various strains of the flu virus,
and the vaccine is recom(WHOOPING COUGH)
mended for just about evThe CDC estimates that
eryone between the ages there are between one and
of six months and older, three million pertussis casincluding
middle-aged es in the United States each
adults. People age two and year. All adults between the
older are now advised to get ages of 19 and 64 need a
the nasal mist version of one-time whooping cough
the vaccination. However, booster vaccine, particuadults age 50 and older larly if they will be in close
should not get the mist. In- contact with infants youngdividuals who are severely er than 12 months. Adults
immunocompromised, not are the most common
feeling well or those who source of pertussis infechave an allergy to eggs tion in infants. Whooping
should speak to their doc- cough for adults can last
tors before getting a flu vac- for several weeks or even
months, causing unnecessary discomfort and leav-

future starts

...Chiropractic today
a better
a better

VACCINES ... Many immunizations are now recommended for all adults.
ing sufferers gasping for cancers of the penis, anus
and throat. The HPV vaccine is recommended for
both males and females
Human papillomavirus, between the ages of 17
or HPV, is a common virus and 50.
spread mostly through sexVaccinations are not
ual contact. Few may know just for kids. Adults should
they have the disease, as it discuss their immunization
rarely produces symptoms. records with their physiHowever, certain types of cians to determine which
HPV can cause cervical vaccinations they need to
cancer, genital warts and maintain optimal health.

You Mean My Hearing Affects

My Overall Wellness?
Untreated hearing loss may cause:
Cognitive Decline High Blood Pressure
Depression Social Isolation

Even though our hearing health is vital to our overall

wellness it is often the most overlooked. Please schedule
your no charge hearing screening today!

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Flu Shot

No appointments.
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No hassles. No excuses.

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Did You Know?

The Role Of Bone Marrow In The Body?

Though laughter is often referred to as

the best medicine, no definitive study
has been conducted to determine the effects of laughter on overall human health,
leaving open the possibility that maintaining a good sense of humor and a positive
attitude are just as important, if not more
important, than finding time to laugh each
day. But even if laughter is not medicinal,
its benefits can mimic those of exercise.
When a person laughs, his or her pulse and
blood pressure increase, and people tend

The skeletal system is a fascinating

component of human anatomy. While the
hard, outer structure of the system that
comprises the bones and keeps the body
upright and protects organs may get plenty
of attention, some people are less informed
about the other role bones play in health.
Bone marrow is nestled inside of the
collagen, calcium, and other minerals that
give bones strength and flexibility. Unlike
the hardness associated with bones, marrow is actually a soft, spongy tissue. Bone
marrow is active in newborn babies and
children, meaning it is always producing
new marrow cells. This is what helps children to grow. By the time a person reaches young adulthood, much of the marrow
inside of the bones stops producing new
cells. However, in adults, active marrow
still can be found inside of the spine, hips,
shoulder bones, ribs, breastbone, and
The University of California San Francisco Benioff Childrens Hospital says bone
marrow manufactures bone marrow stem
cells, which produce the various blood cells
that help the body to thrive. Bone marrow
produces red blood cells that carry oxygen
to tissues in the body. Platelets help blood
clot in order to stop bleeding and promote
healing of injuries. White blood cells are
essential to fighting infections and are a
main component of the immune system.
Among white blood cells, neutrophils and
macrophages fight bacterial and fungal infections by essentially eating germs. BLymphocytes make proteins that attach to
the surfaces of infection-causing microbes.
T-Lymphocytes engulf and destroy pathogens directly.
Blood cells do not live very long inside
of the body, which is why marrow continually produces all three types of blood cells.
Bone marrow produces approximately 500
billion blood cells per day.
Diseases such as myeloma, aplastic
anemia, lymphoma, and leukemia occur
when bone marrow is compromised and
cannot work properly. People diagnosed
with such conditions will be in need of a
bone marrow donation as a best chance of
A matching donor must be found before
a bone marrow donation, known as an allogeneic transplantation, or ALLO, can be
made. Because bone marrow produces
unique markers on the proteins of white
blood cells called human leukocyte antigens, not all bone marrow can be donated
to everyone, much in the way not all people
can receive every type of blood. Therefore,
the American Society of Clinical Oncology

to breathe faster when they laugh. Faster

breathing sends more oxygen to the tissues, which can help the heart and lungs
work more efficiently. In addition, a Vanderbilt University study found that between
10 and 15 minutes of laughter can burn as
many as 50 calories. Finding time to laugh
may also indirectly improve the bodys immune system response, as studies have
suggested that infection-fighting antibodies might be more abundant in people who
can use humor to combat stress.

How To Identify Depression

BONE MARROW... Inside bones is a
spongy material known as bone marrow,
which produces all of the blood cells the
body needs to operate effectively.
says a successful bone marrow transplant
requires the donation of near-perfect, human leukocyte antigens (HLA) bone marrow. This prevents rejection of the marrow
and further illness. HLA typing involves
a special blood test to look for matching
Siblings typically offer the highest
chance of a match for donors. Parents and
children are less likely to match. Many
donations come from a pool of volunteer
donors through programs such as the National Marrow Donor Program.
Although bone marrow donation used
to be thought of as a painful process, many
donors today donate through peripheral
blood stem cell, or PBSC, collection. According to ASCO, in the five days leading
up to the PBSC procedure, a donor receives injections, lasting five minutes per
day, of a white blood cell growth hormone
called G-CSF. On the fifth day, a needle
is placed in each of the donors arms, and
blood is circulated through a machine,
which collects the stem cells and returns
the unused portion of the blood back to the
If a bone marrow harvest is needed, the
donor will have bone marrow taken from
the hip bone under anesthesia. Many donors experience minimal side effects, and
their bone marrow is replenished within a
Bone marrow is hidden from view but
plays an integral role in the health and vitality of a person. Bone marrow donations
present the best chance of survival for a
person with a bone marrow disease.



Nearly everyone feels

down at one point or another. But when feelings
of sadness stretch on and
are accompanied by other
symptoms, normal sadness
might have given way to depression.
The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention estimate depression affects
one in 10 American adults
at different levels, while Statistics Canada says around
5 percent of Canadians have
reported symptoms that
meet the criteria for a mood
disorder, including depression.
Many sufferers of depression believe it is a personal weakness and something they should be able
to control, but mood disorders are recognized mental
illnesses that say nothing
about a persons strength
of character. Often brought
on unexpectedly, mood disorders like depression cannot be traced to a single
root cause. Many within the
medical community believe
depression is genetic.
According to the CDC,
certain groups are more
likely to meet criteria for depression than others. These
include women, people ages
45-64, African-Americans,
Hispanics, and people with
less than a high school education.
There are unique symptoms associated with depression. Not every person
with this mood disorder
will exhibit each and every
symptom, but the following
symptoms appearing to-

gether is often an indicator

of depression:
feelings of sadness
and loss
feelings of irritability
loss of pleasure in
usually enjoyed
changes in sleeping
patterns, such as
insomnia or sleeping
too much
difficulty concentrating
frequent headaches
noticeable lack of
anxiety and panic
withdrawal from
friends and family
inability to make
recurring thoughts
of suicide or self-harm
People exhibiting symptoms of depression should
first reach out to their primary
who can begin a preliminary diagnosis and look
for symptoms indicative of
depression. A doctor also
can perform blood work to
rule out other conditions
that may be contributing to
problems with mood, such
as hormonal changes or illnesses.
Some doctors may refer
patients to a mental health
professional who is much
more qualified to treat mood
disorders. A mental health
professional will likely conduct an interview with the
patient and pay considerable attention to the patients
Gaining a stronger grasp of
a patients symptoms en-

& Well-Being

FEELING BLUE... Everyone

has moments of sadness,
but depression should be
understood and treated.
ables doctors to prescribe
the most effective courses of
Treatments range from
medication to talk therapy to
cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Those who do not respond
to more conventional treatments can discuss further
options with their doctors.
Patients who are prescribed an antidepressant
medication should expect
several weeks to pass before the medication is fully
are not universally effective,
and people being treated for
depression or another mood
disorder should not grow
discouraged if one course
of treatment is ineffective.
Many treatment options
are available to people with
mood disorders.
Those who think they
may be suffering from depression should first remember that they are not alone.
Visiting a doctor promptly
can help sufferers of mood
disorders address their conditions more quickly.


E-Cigarettes And Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking and losing
weight consistently top New Years
resolutions lists. In an effort to stop
smoking, a growing number of smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to help them
quit once and for all. Although e-cigarettes are not currently regulated, the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
is weighing regulations in a market
that estimates suggest could be as
big $5 billion in 2015. But are these
devices safe? Or even effective?
There is mixed information regarding the efficacy of e-cigarettes
to help a person quit smoking. Some
studies point to e-cigarettes as a good
method of smoking cessation, while
others say theres limited evidence to
support those claims.
E-cigarettes typically contain liquid nicotine, which is inhaled as vapor. The vapor resembles smoke and
can mimic the look and feel of smoking traditional cigarettes. But e-cigarettes typically do not contain any of
the additional chemicals, such as tar
and other potentially toxic ingredients, found in traditional cigarettes.
Nicotine cartridges for e-cigarettes
also come in various concentrations
and flavors, and smokers can even
purchase nicotine-free replacement
cartridges. Much like users of nicotine patches or chewers of nicotine
gum, e-cigarette smokers can gradu-

ally lower their nicotine doses over

The American Lung Association
currently has not approved any e-cigarette as a safe or effective method to
help smokers quit. They cite a study
that estimates there are nearly 500
different e-cigarette brands today
with varying levels of nicotine and the
possible presence of other chemicals.
These e-cigarettes are unregulated.
The ALA says there is a great deal
more to learn about these products
before they can be recommended as a
safe and effective way for smokers to
wean themselves off of smoking.
E-cigarettes may contain additional chemicals besides nicotine.
Studies have found detectable levels
of chemicals used in antifreeze in two
leading brands of e-cigarettes. Formaldehyde and benzene have been
detected in some e-cigarette emissions. Other studies have found secondhand emissions from e-cigarettes
can prove harmful to nonsmokers.
While some organizations do not
endorse e-cigarettes, others state
that they shouldnt be ruled out
just yet. A 2014 study by British researchers and published in the journal Addiction found people were 60
percent more likely to succeed in
quitting smoking using e-cigarettes
compared to would-be quitters who
tried a nicotine patch or gum. Back-

ground information in the report

suggests that, since the e-cigarette
vapor only contains nicotine and
not tobacco smoke, e-cigarettes may
help reduce cravings and withdrawal
Although some e-cigarettes may
contain harmful byproducts, toxicity
tests indicate they are safer than regular cigarettes. Some health experts
believe the benefits of quitting traditional cigarettes outweigh the risks
posed by e-cigarettes.
The American Heart Association
agrees. In a policy statement released
in August 2014, the American Heart
Association said physicians shouldnt
discourage e-cigarette use as a last
resort to stop smoking.
If people cannot quit at all and
have tried everything in the field, we
would not discourage them, said
Aruni Bhatnager, the statements
lead writer. Its not something we
would suggest.
The AHA recommends e-cigarettes
only if smokers refuse or are intolerant of other options.
People who desire to quit smoking
may look to e-cigarettes to help their
fight. Although the safety and efficacy of e-cigarettes remains open to
debate, cannot be proven, many former smokers feel e-cigarettes played
a significant role in helping them to
quit smoking once and for all.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Diabetes

Millions of people across
the globe suffer from diabetes, a term used to describe a group of metabolic
diseases in which a person
has high blood sugar resulting from the bodys cells
not responding properly to
insulin and/or inadequate
insulin production. Though
some cases of diabetes cannot be prevented, a healthy
lifestyle can prevent or
delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes is the
most common form of diabetes, occurring because
the body does not use insulin properly. Initially, the
pancreas will make extra
insulin to account for the
bodys resistance to insulin,
but over time the pancreas
cannot produce enough insulin to maintain normal
blood glucose levels. The
risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases as people
age, and while there is no
way to halt the aging process, there are many other
ways for men, women and
children to reduce their
risks of developing type 2
pounds. Being overweight
increases your risk for a
host of ailments, including
type 2 diabetes, heart dis-

ease and stroke. According

to the American Diabetes
Association, losing as little
as 10 to 15 pounds can
make a significant difference for people looking to
reduce their risks of developing type 2 diabetes. Successful weight loss typically
involves a combination
of physical activity and a
healthy diet. Include physical activity as part of your
daily routine several days
per week, taking it slow
at first if you have not exercised regularly in quite
some time.
diet is another way to lose
weight and maintain that
weight loss. A diet low in
calories and fat is a good
Focus on fiber. Adding more fiber to your diet
is another way to prevent
or delay the onset of type
2 diabetes. Foods that are
high in fiber tend to make
people feel fuller, reducing
the likelihood that you will
overeat. Fiber also helps
the body control its blood
sugar levels, and fiber can
lower a persons risk of
heart disease.
Avoid refined carbohydrates. Studies have shown
that diets rich in refined
carbohydrates increase a


108 W. High
St. Family 22251
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Bryan, Oh
OH 43
Mental, Emotional and
Behavioral Health Issues
Family Business Divorce

We accept most forms of insurance.

REDUCE DIABETES Though aging increases a persons
risk for type 2 diabetes, a healthy lifestyle that includes
routine exercise and a healthy diet can help men and
women reduce that risk significantly.
persons risk of developing
diabetes, while additional
studies have shown

108 W. High St.

108 W. High St.
Bryan, Oh

22251 St. Rt. 2

22251 St. Rt. 2
Archbold, OH

diets rich in whole grains

protect the body against

Depression is treatable.

Dr. Roger L. Saneholtz - Dr. Jason R. Kunsman

306 W. Main St. Montpelier


we offer solutions!


FulCare Behavioral Health Adult and Geriatric Services

Licensed Message Therapists
Tina Booher, Lisa Romes, Amanda Matson & Trina Ross

Our speciality is your muscles!

Why live with pain or tightness, when we can help!
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111 E. Jackson Street West Unity, Ohio 43570 419-924-5340

Serving Williams County since 1991!

Depression leads to many different emotions.

Fear, anxiety, worry, loneliness, and
overwhelming sadness can occur. Physically, one may experience complete exhaustion or the
lack of energy to face the day, For some, they may even struggle with feelings of hopelessness
and thoughts of suicide. As family members watch their loved one sink deeper into depression,
they sometimes feel very powerless to help.
Depression however is one of the most treatable diseases. At FulCare Behavioral Health, we
offer comprehensive levels of care for both adult and geriatric patients in a safe and comfortable
setting. Our services include:
Geriatric Inpatient
Geriatric Intensive Outpatient
Medication Management

Adult Outpatient Counseling

Adult Partial Hospitalization
Adult Intensive Outpatient

We even offer a free initial consultation to discuss the many treatment options available to
you. Contact FulCare at 419-337-8661 and make that first step in putting the pieces of your life
back together and get your life back in balance.

Immunizations by
Appointment Only
Appointments Available
Every Friday 8:30 am - 12:00 Noon
1st & 3rd Thursday 2-6 pm

Behavioral Health


Main Number: 419-337-8661

Completing the circle of care

Formerly the Fulton Stress Unit

Geriatric Inpatient Behavioral Health Adult Outpatient

Geriatric Intensive Outpatient

725 S. Shoop Ave. l Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Adult Partial Hospitalization

& Well-Being




Bryan Is Home To Leader

In Rehabilitation Services

Did you know... Bryan is home to a leader in Rehabilitation Services? Genesis HealthCare Bryan Center has a
13 bed short-term rehab to home wing with specialized
services including 24-hour nursing and 7 day a week Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, & Speech Therapy.
Our Rehab team has a specialized certification for neurological conditions, such as Parkinsons disease. This
technique is called LSVT-BIG & LOUD. We are a triple
threat as all three disciplines, OT, PT, & ST, are certified
in this specialized treatment technique. BIG is a specialized Physical and Occupational Therapy exercise program
that targets large amplified whole body functional movements. Research has concluded that LSVT-LOUD is effective in treatment of Parkinsons symptoms that are related to voice, speech intelligibility, and facial movements
and expression.
Our Speech Language Pathologist is certified in VitalStim. VitalStim is a non-invasive, external electrical
stimulation therapy with electrodes placed on the outside of the neck for the treatment of dysphagia. This is
a safe and effective treatment for swallowing difficulties.
This technique, in adjunct with swallowing exercises, has
proven to help patients achieve sustained improvement
and long term results.
Our success with rehabilitating our patients to return
home is dependent upon using all of the resources available to us. At Genesis HealthCare Bryan Center, we have
a unique tool at our disposal. We utilize a Transition Suite
with our patients and patients caregivers to increase independence and confidence with their abilities before discharging home. Utilizing this Suite in this manner allows
the patient to trial independence in a controlled and safe
environment which increases their confidence for success
once they return home. It takes the anxiety of the unknown to returning home after a major debilitating event
out of the equation. We have had several of our patients
that return home requiring continued services, return to
Genesis HealthCare Bryan Center for outpatient services.
This allows for continuity of service as the patient and
therapist are already familiar with each other and can
continue seamlessly with treatment.
The longevity of the Rehab Team at Genesis HealthCare Bryan Center is to be celebrated. Collectively, the
Rehab Team has 73 years of services at Bryan Center.
This is a huge component to our success in serving our
Call (419) 636-5071 for more information or to schedule a tour of our facility.
Genesis HealthCare Bryan Center is your hometown
provider of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care!

Did You Know?

According to the American Red Cross, after a person

has donated blood, his or her red cells need about four to
six weeks before they are completely replaced. That is why
organizations require donors wait at least eight weeks between donations. That is not to be confused with apheresis, a process by which platelets and other blood components, such as red cells and plasma, are collected from a
donor. During apheresis, a cell separator is used to collect
platelets or other components from blood that is drawn
from the donor. The remaining components are then returned to the donor during the donation process. As many
as 24 apheresis donations can be made in a single year.

Serving Patients Is Local Doctors Passion

Nafziger Family Chiropractic is in
its 9th year of business. My life has
never been more fulfilling as it has
been in practice, says Dr. Randy
Nafziger. Chiropractic is a second career for Dr. Randy, and he is glad he
made the choice. Serving the patients
in our practice is my passion.
Many of Dr. Randys patients are
finding theres more to chiropractic
than relief of headaches and back
pain. The primary focus of chiropractic is the integrity of your nervous
system, which controls and regulates
every cell, tissue and organ in your
body. The moving bones of the spinal
column can impair this vital commu-

nication link between the brain and

body. Chiropractic helps improve the
function and structure of your spine,
reducing nervous system compromise. The result? Even non-spinal
related health problems can show improvement.
The best part of my job is all the
kids and families that come in, Dr.
Randy said. Dr. Randy is certified in
Pediatric Chiropractic. He explains,
Kids dont as often complain of neck
or back pain, but they have other issues that respond well to chiropractic,
such as infant colic, ear infections,
bedwetting, and attention disorders,
just to name a few. Quite simply, if the

nervous system doesnt work right,

then the body doesnt work right.
Dr. Randy also adjusts throughout
pregnancy. The goal of chiropractic
in pregnancy is to balance the pelvis
and reduce or remove torsion on the
uterus so the baby can be in the best
possible position for the birth. This
gives the mom, and the baby, the easiest birth possible.
Our patients choose our office because they want a natural approach
to better health, Dr. Randy says.
For more information on Dr. Randy
Nafziger or Nafziger Family Chiropractic, visit or
call 419-445-1600.

Learn To Recognize Potential Cancer Symptoms

A cancer diagnosis is a
life-altering event. Those
typically wonder how the
disease will impact their
futures, including their
ability to work and how the
disease may impact their
familys security.
Men and women diagnosed with cancer also often wonder if they missed
any warning signs that
might have alerted them to
their disease prior to their
diagnosis. Unfortunately,
many forms of cancer have
no symptoms in their earliest stages. When they do,
conditions may be so mild
that they are easily mistaken for something more
But that does not mean
men and women should
not familiarize themselves
with the warnings signs of
cancer. Early detection of
cancer factors heavily into
the efficacy of treatments,
and the Cancer Cure Foundation notes the following
signs and symptoms could
be warnings signs of certain cancers:
lumps or thickening in
tissues of the body
sores that do not heal
or noticeable changes in
warts, moles or beauty
unusual bleeding or discharge

aches or constant fatigue
unexplained weight loss
persistent cough or blood
in sputum
constant indigestion or
trouble swallowing
Additionally, the American Cancer Society uses
the word CAUTION to help
people recognize the most
common early signs of
C hange in bowel or bladder
A sore that does not heal.
U nusual bleeding or discharge.
T hickening or lump in the
breast, testicles or elsewhere.
I ndigestion or difficulty
O bvious change in the size,
color, shape, or thickness
of a wart, mole or mouth
N agging cough or hoarseness.
Keep in mind that cancers in particular areas of
the body may have their
own unique symptoms that
do not include any of the
ones already mentioned.
For example, bloating could
be a sign of ovarian cancer,
but some may look at it as
a symptom of indigestion.
Dizziness or drowsiness
may be indicative of brain

ALWAYS CHECK ... Certain physical abnormalities may

be more than just signs of aging. They could be early indicators of cancer.
The presence of cancer
symptoms does not mean
a person has the disease.
However, symptoms that
persist beyond two weeks
should be investigated by a
doctor. Cancer screening is
specific to age and risk factors. A doctor is best qualified to determine which
screening options are in
your best interest. Blood
tests and minimally invasive tests, such as biopsies
or CT scans, can help to determine if cancer is present.
The good news is that

recognizing cancer early

can make treatment more
effective. The ACS notes
that early diagnosis generally translates to a higher
rate of survival.
Routine screenings for
cancer in those who have a
family history or other risk
factors can be helpful. However, understanding your
body and being mindful of
even the slightest changes
can prove even more effective in recognizing symptoms that may be the early
stages of cancer.


The Future of Healthcare in our Community

The NEW Cameron Memorial Community Hospital is designed to put our
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All private patient rooms
Three large, fully-equipped operating rooms
Ground floor, convenient access to rehabilitation services, with a 3,000
square-foot gym and therapeutic pool
Three labor, delivery, and recovery rooms, in addition to five private,
family-friendly rooms for maternity patients
The latest in imaging services, including a dedicated womens center

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