machine gun, toy

Machine gun "fires" water bursts

• BIG SQUIRT will delight your son enough to boost your water bills, but it should guarantee a green lawn. As the gun is fired it clacks loudly and squirts a short pencil-stream of water, supplied by a hose connected to a pistol-grip nozzle. The nozzle is triggered by a cam pinned to a crank which depresses the handle.

The hole locations and the dimensions of the housing may have to be varied slightly to suit the nozzle. The end of the nozzle requires a bit of modification; the flared portion must be cut off and the end of the nozzle tapered with a file so the conduit barrel can be forced over it. The same cut will also remove the valve's cone shaped tip. A key part of the gun is the 3/32-in. tubing, the end of which is tapered and forced into the nozzle. The tubing's small inside diameter narrows the wide spray into forceful bursts of "fire" that travel a surprisingly long distance.


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