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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, thank you for your time and attention throughout

this trial. After hearing all of the facts, you are know faced with an important job of
deciding whether the defendant, Lefu Harrison, rightfully obtained an informed
consent form from the patient, Simone Langston. As stated previously, an informed
consent means that the patient has the capacity or the cognitive ability to consent.
Now the prosecution has had to prove to you, by a preponderance of evidence, that
Dr. Lefu Harrison exploited Simone Langston by having her sign a consent form
while she did not have the mental capacity to consent. This means that when you
review all of the facts, and say you put all the facts on a scale, those for Simone and
those for Lefu Harrison, and the evidence tips in the prosecutions favor, then you
must give a verdict of guilty. So by this burden of proof, we must prove the answer
is no to the following questions:
1. The day Simone Langston allegedly signed the consent form, did she have
sufficient mental capacity to do so?
2. Concluding that Simone was incompetent, did Avery Langston, acting as
Simones guardian, permit Lefu to take the cells for $200,000?
At the beginning of this trial, my co-counsel, Sara Otoole, presented three
significant points:
1) First, the competency test performed upon Simone Langston before she
signed the contract was inaccurate and incomplete. This was displayed by
the unprofessional behavior and procedure of the competency expert, Dr.
Quincy Ebardiar, who delivered the competency test on Simone Langston
prior to her signing the agreement documents.
2) Second, Avery and other witnesses close to Simone Langston have shared
their observations and knowledge of her attitudes and actions throughout
her entire time in the hospital, showing that she while she was competent
she had no intention of agreeing to Dr. Harrisons request. Also, Dr.
Harrisons himself admitted to his desperation to retrieve the cells from
3) Third, we have shown you medical evidence that Simone Langston could
not have been competent at the time she signed the agreement, for she
was on the maximum dosage of morphine, and that the Naloxone given
was not in full effect when the competency test by Quincy Ebardiar was
The Defense has tried to confuse the basic facts of this case, BUT, if you think of all
the facts, you will see these facts are far from the truth:
1. They have said Simone was competent to sign the consent form. However,
we have clearly shown that Simone was heavily dosed on morphine, and the
naloxone that was given would not have a full effect in the time the test was

given. Also, the MoCA test that Dr. Quincy Ebardiar gave actually scored a 24,
which signifies that Simone does not have the legal capacity to consent.
2. They also have claimed that Simone suddenly just disregarded her religion
that she stood steadfast by the whole time when she consented? Clearly, we
have proven that due to her incompetence, she forgot her religion because
before that, she never allowed anything to be removed from her body, and
she stayed steadfast by the religion.
3. They have tried to reason that Dr. Harrisons work was for the greater good.
We have shown you that he never went about this morally, and did not care
for Simone as long as he got the cells. He tried to bribe Avery, and even sent
her money as if she did accept to consenting.

Members of the Jury, the facts are indisputable. We the prosecution, have proven,
by a preponderance of evidence, that Simone Langston was incompetent when she
signed the consent for. She was heavily medicated, and could never have passed a
competency test. Also, we have shown you that Avery never gave away Simones
cells for $200,000. Consider how Lefu went about his work, sneaking into Simones
room, and getting into arguments with Avery and Dr. Caget.
It all leads back to Profits over People. Lefu Harrison is clearly guilty of exploiting
Simone for his own needs, having her sign a consent form when she was
incompetent. He now runs a multi-million dollar business while Avery is barely
making ends meets. He constantly pestered Simone for cells. He never bothered to
care about Simones condition. He just wanted to get the cells before she passed
away. He was always about profits over people. Therefore, I now ask that you find
Lefu Harrison guilty. Thank you.