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2014.10 (Rev

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Firmware Update .10 (Rev 1. Performance Restoration will restore Samsung SSD 840 EVO SSD Performance. 840 EVO mSATA .Support Model : Samsung SSD 840 EVO. Performance Restoration DOS Version 1.SSD Performance Restoration 3 2014.0 Performance Restoration DOS version 1.Introduction The Performance Restoration software is designed to restore Samsung SSD 840 EVO SSD easily.0 features .0) . Samsung Performance Restoration software is developed and distributed exclusively for owners of Samsung Solid State Drives (SSDs).

It is imperative that the user backs up any important data before performing a firmware update with Performance Restoration application DOS software.System Requirements Component Requirements Hardware CD/DVD drive or USB port Supported Languages English SSD The following Samsung SSDs are supported*: Samsung SSD 840 EVO (2.> Select "Boot Options" -> Enable "Legacy USB Support" 4 2014.10 (Rev 1. 4) The SSD may be permanently damaged if it is unplugged while the firmware update process is in progress via the Performance Restoration DOS software.5”) Samsung SSD 840 EVO mSATA *Some features may not be supported for all models. CD or DVD storage device. Precautions 1) The SSD should not be removed or disconnected while SSD Restoration is in progress. 3) There is always the risk of data loss when updating SSD firmware.0) . please follow below steps to change the BIOS settings & try again: a) Turn "ON" PC -> Enter to BIOS set-up b) In BIOS Set-up -> Select "System Configuration" . 5) If the SAMSUNG SSD 840 EVO PERFORMANCE RESTORATION DOS Software is not launched. Doing so could result in data corruption. Software Requirements A DOS bootable disk is required with the Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software and necessary firmware. 2) Data corruption may result if the user terminates the Performance Restoration application abnormally while SSD Performance Restoration is in action. A DOS bootable disk can be a USB.

4) The RAID on mode in SATA configuration is not supported by the Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software.10 (Rev 1. please refer to USB boot utilities from a trusted internet site. If you use a USB device 1) Please set your USB drive into a “bootable” state before starting the Performance Restoration software. 3) Boot the target system from the CD/DVD created in the previous step. 2) The Samsung Performance RestorationDOS software does not work with SSDs connected via the SCSI controller interface and USB to SATA interface. 3) The Performance Restoration DOS software will not work on SSDs that are locked with a user password. 5) The Securitymode (Class 0. 4) Boot the target system from the bootable USB created in the previous step.c) Set "Boot Order" for the device being used for SAMSUNG SSD 840 EVO PERFORMANCE RESTORATION DOS Software (USB Device / USB Diskette / Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive) d) Save settings & proceed with SAMSUNG SSD 840 EVO PERFORMANCE RESTORATION DOS Software General Limitations 1) The Performance RestorationDOS software is designed specifically for Samsung SSD 840 EVO Series. Preparing the Performance Restoration software If you use a CD/DVD 1) Create a bootable CD/DVD solution containing the ISO image (a disk image). 3) Extract the provided zip file into the bootable USB drive you created (extract to the root directory). 2) For assistance on completing this step. 6) The Performance RestorationDOS software may not work consistently on PC's with some chipset. The Performance Restoration software will be launched automatically. The ISO image includes a bootable.exe. 2) You may use any disk burning utility to burn the ISO image. 5 2014.0) . free version of DOS and the Performance Restoration DOS software. TCG/Opal or Encrypted Drive) must be disabled (unlocked) before removing and installing onto another PC. The Performance Restoration functionis not supported for non-Samsung SSD 840 EVO Series SSD. Please run perf.

2. Press the[0] key along with [Enter] to select the corresponding device from the disk list to continue the execution Figure 1: Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software 6 2014.0) . The Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software is launched. Samsung Performance Restoration DOS Screen Follow the below steps to execute the Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software: 1.10 (Rev 1. Boot the Laptop/PC in DOS mode from CD/DVD or USB device. Follow the steps below: 1.Starting the Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software The Samsung Performance Restoration DOS software is launched from the DOS Command Prompt.

Press ‘y’ to continue Execution or ‘n’ to Exit the DOS software Figure 2: Warning message to continue Execution 3. Press ‘y’ to continue Firmware Update or ‘n’ to Exit the DOS software Figure 3: Warning message to continue Firmware Update 4.0) . Firmware Update is in progress Figure 4: Firmware Update is in progress 7 2014.10 (Rev 1.2.

Samsung Performance Restoration completed Figure 6:Performance Restoration completed 8 2014.10 (Rev 1. Samsung Performance Restoration is in progress Figure 5:Performance Restoration is in progress 6.0) .5.

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