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Subramanian Venkataraman,
Port Blair
Editor: Yenbeeyes
Sri Venkataraman while in Chennai during his
studies in Pre-University had occasion to meet Prof.
K.S.Krishnamurti and got attracted to the subject of
astrology and learnt basics of KP Astrology. Prof. KSK
used to tell him to go through literatures of Varaha
Mihira, Kalyana Varma, Shri Vaidyanathan (Jataka
Parijatham) and Parasara before studying his books.
He was also advised by KSK not to practice KP
Astrology when it was time for Sri Venkataraman to
move out of Chennai. He obeyed his orders and did
not practice it nearly for two decades. During this
period he was still associated with KSK whenever he
was in Chennai. From 1972 to 1990 he was practicing
only Vedic Astrology. The turnaround to came in 1991
when for a question on child birth was posed to him
and the horoscope could not be produced by the
persons who came for consultation he resorted to
Horary Astrology using principles enunciated by Prof.
KSK. The predictions were correct to the last point. At
this point of time Sri Venkataraman heard about Shri
Vaidyanathan and started learning Jama Graha
Aruda somewhere in 1992 or 1993. Since then he is
following the same when ever consultations are done
to persons who meet him in person and follows KP
Astrology for email queries.

he Pepsi IPL 7 T20 Cricket is going

on and the final is slated on 1st June
2014. From Last April 2014 the
cricket was going on and the total teams
were 8. Out of the eight teams, the four
teams have been qualified. They are:

Kings XI Punjab
Kolkatta Knight Riders
Chennai Super Kings
Mumbai Indians

In the first qualifier match Kings XI

Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders played.
Their match was fixed on 27th May 2014.
But due to rains at Kolkata, the match was
rescheduled on 28th May 2014 at 16:00 hrs.
Suddenly the scribe felt an urge to find the
winner through Samakkol Arudam
principles to find out whether Kings XI
Punjab will win the match (qualifier 1).

Accordingly, a chart was drawn at 16:05:05 hrs on 28th May 2014.

Date: 28th May 2014 or Vaikasi 14 Wednesday.
Udayam fell in Pisces (water element) Arudam fell in Taurus. At the outset the placement of
Arudam and Udayam lagna 3 and 11 in between them one should jump at conclusion that the
winner would be Kings XI Punjab. However one should note down the following points:

The bhadakasthana for Pisces is Virgo.

Mercury is the bhadaka Planet.
Generally 7th lord /10th lord / 11th lord provide the answer to the question.
5th house falls in Cancer (again watery element)
7th lord Mercury is placed in 4th. Mercury is the bhadaka planet.
10th lord Jupiter is placed along with Mercury (both in and out) in 4 th. As 10th lord is
with the bhadaka planet, it is not possible for Kings XI Punjab to win the match.
7. Arudam is Taurus. The bhadaka from this sign is in Pisces (outer) Saturn here is
10th lord and placed in 11th sign.
8. Though the planets are placed in right places for Kings XI Punjab, they could not
win the match as the referred planets are bhadaka planets.
What happened at the end of the match? Kings XI Punjab could not win the match and
Kolkata Knight Riders, by winning the match, straightaway qualified to play the final on 1 st
June 2014. The relevant chart for the same is given below with the guidance to find out the
Rasi Number and Dhruva number.

The other match which eliminates one team from reckoning was played at Mumbai at 20:00
hrs on 28th May 2014. The match was between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.
The question came up to the mind was Whether Chennai Super Kings will be eliminated at
this round? Now the time is 16:23 hrs and Arudam will be moving to Leo and Kavippu will
also be moving accordingly while the remaining planets are in the same position as the one
analyzed just now.

The following points emerge:

1. Udayam falls in Pisces. The 7th house is virgo and bhadakasthana. 10th lord Jupiter is
in Gemini with Mercury bhadaka planet.
2. Arudam falls in Leo. Aries is the bhadakasthana. 10th lord Venus (both inner and
outer) is placed in bhadakasthana.
3. Mars (both inner and outer) is placed in 7th from Udayam. Mars is bhadaka planet
while reckoning from Arudam.
4. Here again the planets are placed in a nice place to give an answer in positive tone to
the question. But the bhadaka planetary status has answered the question in negative.
i.e. Chennai Super Kings will not be eliminated.
Actual Result: Chennai Super Kings won the match. Mumbai Indians were eliminated.
On 30th May 2014 Chennai Super Kings will play with Kings XI Punjab and the second team
which is eliminated will be known. The winner of the match will meet Kolkata Knight
Riders on 1st June 2014 in the final.

On 30th May 2014 at around 20:00 hrs cricket match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings
XI Punjab is being played at Mumbai to eliminate one of the teams so that the winner of the
match will meet Kolkata Knight Riders on 1 st June 2014 to decide the winner of the Pepsi IPL
7 T20 cricket match.
The question raised in this connection is as follows:
In the early morning hours of 30th May 2014 the following question flashed in the mind:

Will King XI Punjab be eliminated in the match to be played by to-night at 20:00 hrs at
Date of Judgment: 30th May 2014 Vaikasi 16th. Friday
Time of judgment: 07:04:05 hrs
Place of Judgment: Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India
The chart of the same is appended herein below:
Udaya Lagna falls in Gemini. Arudam falls in Taurus. Kavippu falls in Taurus. The
placement of Udaya and Aruda suggests that the question has to be answered in the negative.
We shall analyze further the chart as follows:
The 10th lord from Udaya is also bhadaka lord (Jupiter) The 10th lord Jupiter is in
2. 7th lord Jupiter is also 10th lord. 7th is bhadaka for this Udaya lagna
3. From Aruda, the 10th lord Saturn is also 9th lord (bhadaka) and stationed in
9th(outside). The exalted Saturn in Libra (inner) with Rahu (both inner and outer)
too suggests a negative answer to the question.

Hence, we can definitely say that Kings XI Punjab will not be eliminated in the match.
Actual Result: Kings XI Punjab won the match and will play the final on 1st June 2014 with
Kolkata Knight Riders at Bangalore.

The final match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab is being played on 1 st
June 2014 at Bangalore at 20:00 hrs. The following question came to the mind at 12:04:55 hrs
at 1st June 2014:
Will Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings XI Punjab in the final T20 Cricket match in IPL 7?
The Chart is appended hereunder:
The main points in the chart are

1. Udhayam: Scorpio 7th lord Venus in Aries (6) 10th lord Sun in 7(inner) Outer Sun (10th lord) in
2. Arudam in Aries. 7th lord Venus in Aries. 3rd and 6th lord Mercury in Aries (outer)
3. Inner Mercury in Gemini 8th from Udayam and 3 from Arudam.

4. Mars and Mercury Parivartana. Mars in Virgo Mercury (outer) in Aries.