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"Early Christian Suspicion Toward the Old Testament"





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Early Christians
Suspicious Toward the
Old Testament Because
Ezra Falsified It
When the Babylonian exile ended, some Jews went back to
their homeland In Palestine. These became Judean Jews,
and they followed Ezras interpretations. Ezra compiled the
Old Testament into its present form. However, there were
two other Jewish groups who did not live under Ezras
jurisdiction. They were free to continue ancient traditions
which Ezras interpretations would not allow.
One group consisted of the Jews of the Diaspora, that is,
those who lived abroad. After Alexander the Great
conquered the known world, the Hebrew Diaspora adopted
many aspects of Greek thought and philosophy.
The other group consisted of a Hebrew-gentile mixture
living in Samaria, which was the old northern kingdom of the
Elohists. The Samaritans continued Israelite traditions,
which they claimed originated from very ancient times, and
on the whole, they were friendlier toward Greek culture than
were Ezra's Judean Jews to the south.
Both groups preserved traditions that stood outside the
culture of Ezra's second temple and its Priestly religion.
Over time, these traditions faded into apocryphal legends,
and they mixed these traditions with Greek philosophy and
myth, thus forming the foundation of what would later
become known as Gnosticism. Some very unorthodox
THIS SECTION: interpretations resulted. Among these was Apelles, who is
said to have

Ancient lore says the Jerusalem temple

(above) was built with the help of demons.
The Genesis Creation Story was written by
heretic priests of that temple.

Uttered slanders against the first five books of the Bible

and against the prophets, alleging that the things which
are written are of human origin and false.[1]
Ancient Christians believed that some parts of
the Bible were written by God and other parts
of the Bible were written by Satan the Devil.

Valentinus added that the prophets and the first five

books of the Bible, and indeed the bulk of the Old Testament,
was inspired by a stupid god who created the world the
demiurge. And for this reason, Jesus declared in John 10:8,
"All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers."[2]


"Early Christian Suspicion Toward the Old Testament"

Above: Marduk, the hero

of Enuma Elish, the
pagan myth from which
Genesis 1 is derived.
Below: Map of Israel and
where different parts of
the Bible came from.

Another voice of antiquity, Justinus, taught that there

exists a distinction between the God Elohim and another God
called "The Good One." This hearkens back to a time in
Israels extreme antiquity, when a distinction existed between
the Father-God El or Elyon, and his son the storm God, Baal
or Yahweh. Scholars understand this from textual criticism
and from the archaeology excavations at Ugarit. Justinus
also taught that the prophets were sent by these Gods;
however, the prophets were deceived by an evil angelic
serpent named Naas. Naas is a derivative of the Hebrew
word nachash, meaning serpent. The same word nachash
occurs in Genesis 3, and refers to the serpent who deceived
Adam and Eve. According to Justinus, after the evil angel
Naas had deceived the prophets, Jesus was selected to set the
record straight. Jesus was told, "All the prophets before you
were led astray." The prophets had been deceived because
the serpent interfaced with the fallible human psychology of
the prophets, thus causing them to misinterpret the Father's

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In other words, Satan the Devil wrote a great deal of the

Old Testament! Thats the gist of it. Irenaeus and
Hippolytus put it quite bluntly, describing even more Gnostic
The followers of Saturninus hold that some
prophecies were uttered by the angels who made the
cosmos, and some by Satan.[4]

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Cerdon proposed that the god spoken of by Moses and

the prophets was not the same as the Father of Jesus


Irenaeus also recorded that when the Gnostics were

confronted with passages from the New Testament which
refuted their ideas that they dismissed the problem saying
that "the Apostles intermingled the things of the Torah with
the words of the Savior," because "the Apostles were still
under the influence of Judean opinions," and that therefore
on this point the New Testament falls short of the truth.[6]
One has to wonder where the Gnostics got these
opinions. The history of the Samaritans and the Diaspora
Jews must be considered here. When Ezra finalized the
Torah, certain factions among the Samaritans and Diaspora
Jews must have had grave reservations. Why should they
accept this new redaction of the Bible? What made it
superior to the earlier traditions? Unfortunately, Judaism
worldwide entered a cultural dark age about this time, so we
know very little about the arguments which must have
transpired. What we do know is that when the dark age
ended about 200 BCE, there were deep divisions within
Judaism for they had already separated into Pharisees,
Sadducees, Essenes, Samaritans, and proto-Gnostics. Over
the centuries, these conflicts were remembered first as


"Early Christian Suspicion Toward the Old Testament"

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history, then as legend, and finally as a faint memory that

Ezra's Bible was not legitimate. In the end, they attributed
the textual corruption of the Old Testament to evil forces
that allegedly deceived the prophets. This is evidence that
Ezra's Bible was distrusted, and that many ethnic Hebrews
who honored traditions outside of Judean Judaism believed
parts of the Old Testament had been falsified by Ezra and his
Judean Jews.
Click to read more about how we know Genesis 1 is a
The creationist narrative in Genesis 1 is contradicted by
many ancient Christian texts. Instead of an Almighty
Creator God, ancient Christian texts espouse that the
universe is born from blind arrogance and stupidity. The
angels caused evolution to occur from species to species.
There are many gods, (or aliens?), and the Christian God is
just one among them. Satan the Devil writes scripture, and
thus the Bible was polluted with Genesis 1. Archaeology and
modern scholarship demonstrate that Genesis is indeed
corrupted. Cavemen walk with Adam and Eve. Esoteric
prophecies reveal the coming of Christ, and also reveal the
dark forces that govern the cosmos. Such are the ancient
Christian writings.
Science vindicates the truth of these ideas. Evolution often
happens too fast for Darwins theory. Gaps in the fossil
record indicate that some kind of unnatural force acts
together with natural selection. Astrobiology reveals that
intelligent life probably evolved long before us. The fossil
record reveals strange clues that aliens abducted species and
transported them across oceans, and that DNA from diverse
lineages was combined to spawn hybrid species. Evidently,
aliens influence evolution, and they are the gods of the
worlds religions.
This is not fiction. All these facts are thoroughly documented
in the links above.

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"Early Christian Suspicion Toward the Old Testament"

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"Early Christian Suspicion Toward the Old Testament"

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"Early Christian Suspicion Toward the Old Testament"

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