Building a Thriving Practice with EFT

By Gary Craig

Copyright Gary Craig

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Building a Thriving Practice--Part I: Do you have Bad Breath? Building a Thriving Practice--Part II: Why would I choose you? Building a Thriving Practice--Part III: Golf anyone? Building a Thriving Practice--Part IV: When nothing else works. Building a Thriving Practice--Part V: Snoring. Building a Thriving Practice--Part VI: Self Image-itis. Building a Thriving Practice--Part VII: Corporations are looking for you. Building a Thriving Practice--Part VIII: Advertising--Do you know my name? Building a Thriving Practice--Part IX: Advertising -- Building a newsletter. Building a Thriving Practice--Part X: Advertising -- Become an AUTHORity. Building a Thriving Practice--PartXI: The Lazy Man's Way to Riches. Building a Thriving Practice--Part XII: Advertising on our web site referral pages. Building a Thriving Practice--Part XIII: Taking apart an actual ad. How to generate referrals for EFT Growing Betty's Business

Building a Thriving Practice--Part I

Do you have bad breath? There are no secrets to building a thriving practice. I know because I have had both feet in the business world (very extensive experience) for over 30 years. To succeed, you don't need an MBA from a prestigious university nor do you need to spend mega-money for someone's mail order magic answer to the supposed "mysteries" of the business world. Business success is based on attitude, common sense and experience. There are no other ingredients. Luck has little or nothing to do with it although some may "stub their toes" a bit more than others as they gain experience. I have seen people build impressive enterprises from scratch using nothing but the above ingredients and, by contrast, I have seen others handed a thriving business which collapsed on them because they ignored the obvious. Your practice is a business--pure and simple--and that realization is essential if you are going to bring your skills to the public in a way that benefits everyone concerned (including you). A healing practice has a product (in this case, a service) and it has customers (clients). It must have sales (fees) to prosper or it will die on the vine. It must be promoted through advertising (including word of mouth) and, to be ultimately successful, it must develop a Premiere Presence in the market place. Ways to produce that Premiere Presence will unfold during this series. Properly done, your referral sources will multiply to the point where your biggest problem will be how to tactfully say "no" to new prospective clients. Your professional status will increase within your community and, if you wish, you can have a national or international reputation. Think about it. You are a provider in one of the largest markets in the world--the need for growth and healing. It is HUGE and literally dwarfs the assistance available. Stated in economic terms the demand exceeds the supply by a wide margin. How many people, for example, can you name that don't have some form of fear, self-image problem, trauma, guilt and/or physical malady that they would love to have relief from? Virtually every person on the planet could use what you can do with EFT. Even if you didn't have EFT, you could still provide far better healing with the other "empower tools" than was possible only a decade ago. You have the tools. Your market place is massive. There is far more business out there than you can possibly handle and there are financially rewarding ways to service rich and poor alike (we will explore many of these). If you are not flourishing, something is wrong. Please pardon this way of putting it but if paying clients aren't lined up outside your door it is only because in the business world... you have bad breath!! Forgive me again. I'm not being rude with that statement. I'm just using it to shift this discussion into one of the most fundamental principles in business, namely, that the market place is your best friend. Only your best friend will tell you if you have bad breath. If your business is below your expectations and if referrals are less than you would like, then there is something wrong with how you are promoting/presenting yourself. In the business sense you have bad breath and are being told that in obvious terms by the market place. We may not want to hear this. We may even want to blame others for not referring clients to us or for being ungrateful for all our good work. We can also blame managed care or our state regulatory environments, if we wish. There is no end to the excuses and aggravations we can create for ourselves to avoid dealing with the only person responsible for our success--ourselves. However, when we do this, we take up residence in Stagnation City. The market place is our best friend and when things aren't going as well as we would like, it drives a truck through our living rooms with a big sign on the side that says.... "CHANGE YOUR WAYS --WHAT YOU ARE DOING ISN'T WORKING." How obvious could the message be? The market place isn't mincing words or being tactful. It is blowing trumpets and pounding drums in an effort to tell us we have bad breath. If we don't pay attention, we will surely pay the price. Binaca anyone? Enough said for now. I hope the point is made because the rest of this series will display ways to sweeten your business breath. Some methods may seem more important to you than others. Some ideas may even violate your

beliefs. That's OK. Stay with me. There will be much to choose from. In the end we will discover ways to serve more people with more love and do so with an ever expanding financial base. More next time. Cheers, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part II
Why would I choose you? I just looked under Psychotherapy in the San Francisco Yellow Pages. Interesting. I asked myself, "Who in these Yellow Pages could help me if I had the number one fear in America--The Fear of Public Speaking?" As it turns out, not one therapist in all of San Francisco advertises in the Yellow Pages that they can help this very prevalent fear. In fact, very few specialize in anything at all. The vast majority of these ads are very general in nature and sound a lot like this actual example: "Early Abuse Issues, Addictions, Trauma, Relationships, Conflicts, Divorce, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias." One might think the above represents a list of specializations. However, the list is too long to be convincing. To me, whose problem is the Fear of Public Speaking, these ads say.... "We take a shot at everything, but specialize in nothing." That may not be what they intend to say but that is how I interpret them. And remember, I am the customer here. It is my interpretation that counts--not that of the advertiser. My problem is very important to me and I would feel much more confident if I went to someone who specializes in my problem. Why would I choose you if you deal with abuse, depression, divorce and many, many other things that, to me, are irrelevant? My impression is that I'm going to receive a watered down version of what I really came for. If there was a specialist in my problem, s/he would get my call--not you. Fortunately, you can garner the benefits of being both a specialist and a generalist in this field. More on this as this article unfolds. We don't have to look far for evidence of the hold specialization has in our society. It is all around us and is part of our built in belief systems about how we shop. You go to K-Mart for one type of shopping and Nordstrom's for quite another. You would much rather buy a Mercedes-Benz from a Mercedes dealer rather than from a dealer that sold Mercedes, Oldsmobiles, Motorcycles and Skate Boards. The same idea is true with medicine. You wouldn't dream of having back surgery done by a podiatrist or having an eye exam by a proctologist. But, for some reason, the field of psychology tends to ignore this obvious leaning by our society. It makes a mega marketing mistake by training generalists and then sending them out into a market place which has been conditioned to expect specialization. While there are a few specializations within the field of therapy, most practitioners seem to adopt a generalist attitude and think they will get more business if they cast a wider net. This may be helpful in very small communities but, for medium to large cities, this is something like the medical doctor who thinks s/he will get more business if s/he claims to take care of everything from flu shots to brain surgery. Not so. The pregnant woman will not go to this jack-of-all-trades. She will go to her ob-gyn. Plain and simple. To me, the only reason people tend not to go to specialists in the field of psychotherapy is simply because very few specialties exist. In most cases, clients are forced to go to what appears to be a generalist because there's not much in the way of specialized treatment available. From a marketing point of view that is strange, very strange. I am quite aware that EFT does a fine job on a wide variety of issues and provides a priceless tool for those who prefer to be a generalist. Indeed, you can often get rapid relief for someone's Trauma just as easily as you can dissipate the Fear of Public Speaking. You can also take care of almost everything in between. You know this and I know this. However, most clients still have beliefs to the contrary and it is those beliefs with which you must deal. In time, perhaps those beliefs will change but, for now, to ignore where the client is coming from (specialization) is to have bad breath in the market place. The client will be inclined to ignore you and go to a specialist (if they can find one) for their issue. This may seem like a dilemma because, although you have the tools to be a superb generalist, you are advertising to a prospective clientele who is conditioned to respect specialists. Properly addressed, this is a major opportunity in disguise. You do not need advanced degrees in business to recognize that you can ethically and properly promote yourself as a specialist and still deliver a wide variety of healing to your client. You can advertise yourself as a specialist in Sexual Abuse or War Memories or Self Image or anything else and attract those looking for a specialist in "their problem." Once you have given relief in this area you have gained their confidence and you can quite easily move into other areas with the same client (and there are usually many such areas). You gain their confidence at the outset by specializing in their problem and then, to the client's delight, show abilities to enhance many other aspects of their lives. Your specialization serves to bring new interest in the door. Your skills as a generalist keeps them as a client.

Specialization helps get your name out there. It helps give you a Premiere Presence in the market place. You are far more likely to get featured in the local media if you have a specialty. For example, someone effectively helping war veterans or improving golf scores is far more newsworthy than even the most talented generalist. If you were a journalist, which category would you choose to cover? Further, if you live in a medium or large city, there is probably more business than you can possibly handle for most specialties. Within a 1 hour drive of you, for example, how many students are there that would like help with learning blocks? How many people would like relief from the anger that is ruling their lives? How many victims of childhood sexual abuse are right in your back yard? Could you even begin to handle them if they all came to you? Try this. Pick a specialty--any specialty--and then look in your local telephone directory and see how much competition you have for it in your community. Look hard. How many are there? One, Two, Three, None? Try a specialty like Rape or Fear of Flying or Women's Issues (a bit broad but far better than no specialty at all) and you will see that you have been given a great big business gift. The vast majority of your competitiors are putting themselves out there as some kind of generalist (including those who list only their names) leaving you with just about any specialty you want to put your name on. How obvious could something be? It is like having your own 5 lane freeway with no one on it but a few bicycles and your Greyhound Bus. However, despite the clarity of this opportunity, I'm not suggesting here that anyone immediately drop their existing widely based practice and go off and specialize in some narrower area. On the contrary, if you already have a satisfying practice you would be well advised to keep and nurture that important client base. In fact, what you can do quite well is be both a specialist and a generalist. You don't need to upset what you are doing. No uprooting is necessary. Keep servicing your existing clientele but gain new ones by promoting yourself as a specialist in some area. As a start you could let it be known that you have special skills in a particular area (which you do) and see what happens. In fact, it is perfectly ok to have several specialties. Just don't put them all in the same ad. As a trial to see how your ads pull, promote 2 or 3 specialties by running simple ads in some of your local community newspapers/magazines (the inexpensive small ones that reach a few hundred or a few thousand people). It is best to run different ads in different publications. They might look something like this: John Johnson, MA Specializing in the Fear of Public Speaking 555-1234 John Johnson, MA Effective Relief for War Memories 555-1234 John Johnson, MA Sports Performance Specialist 555-1234 It is perfectly ethical to run ads like this so long as you can deliver on your promise (which you can with EFT). They are short, to the point, and cost next to nothing to run. They also give you a low cost look at which specialties might prove most worthwhile. Give it a shot and don't be surprised if your phone doesn't ring a bit more often. There are also some advertising principles which we will discuss in a later installment but, for now, these straightforward ads should provide you a reasonable beginning. There is much more to say on this. Part III will carry this idea further. Cheers, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part III
Golf anyone? Note: For several cases and testimonials regarding EFT and Golf see EFT enhances golf Here's a common sense way to use the idea of specialization to develop endless referrals, a fulfilling practice, a Premiere Presence and (perish the thought) wads of money. I hope this doesn't sound too grandiose. I am quite serious about it. Further, it can be launched without having to compromise your existing practice. Here's what you do. Seek out the golf pro at a local country club. Tell him you have discovered a way to knock several strokes off someone's golf score (EFT will do this). Tell him the process deals with the mental side of the game. Tell him it serves to relax the golfer whenever self doubt or tension appears. Every golf pro on the planet recognizes this problem and knows its solution is crucial to success. Tell him you want to run a study and you will do it for free for 10 golfers. You do it for free to get your foot in the door without resistance. You want 10 golfers because you don't want to pin your star on what happens with just one golfer. With 10 golfers you are almost certain to have some impressive successes. With the help of the golf pro you will get volunteers and it doesn't matter what age or sex you are. Golfers are in constant pursuit of lower scores and some of them will give you their Ferrari if you can knock 5 strokes off their game. Spend a little time on the weekends doing this. This is time when you are not usually in session with paying clients. Just before each shot have the golfers tap the EFT Shortcut Sequence (EB through UA). This takes 7 seconds to do and doesn't hold up or impede the play of other golfers on the course. This will usually serve to remove subtle tension in the body. Some golfers may find it more effective to do the tapping only when they feel self doubt about their next shot. Forget about the Psychological Reversal correction, the Reminder Phrase and the 9 Gamut procedure for now. They take too much time and are too "strange" at this stage. Use them later to further improve results. Your only goal at this stage is to relax any tension that may be in the body and that may interfere with an otherwise smooth shot. Thumping on these points (without saying a thing) each time will likely do this. Just tell them it is an "emotional relaxation technique." 5 to 8 out of 10 golfers should get noticeable, if not dramatic, improvements. However, I would propose giving a much lower figure to the golf pro. Perhaps 2 or 3 out of 10. That way when you more than double the golf pro's expectations, he will be most pleased. Whatever your result, however, the golfers you have helped will become your instant and enthusiastic supporters. To golfers, golf is a big deal. They spend a lot of time and a LOT of money in pursuit of improving their game. With these successes under your belt you can run "clinics" or charge for individual help. You can go out with a foursome and charge each of them $100 with a money back guarantee if their score doesn't improve. When you become better known you can charge $200, $300, $500 etc. The more affluent the country club, the better. Golfers are people and they have other concerns besides golf. This is a natural and obvious place in which to expand your services. Maybe they get headaches or have asthma. Perhaps a spouse suffers from depression. Maybe a child has a learning disability. Many of them own their own businesses and have employees with PTSD, grief and other problems. Maybe they are influential in a large corporation and readily recognize how your non-golf services could help the executives and other employees in their company. Maybe they want you to work with their sales personnel to reduce their fear of rejection and thus boost sales. This list of possibilities can go on endlessly. All this is possible (and likely) by displaying your techniques on the golf course. Golf tends to be an affluent sport and, in some country clubs, the affluence is extreme. With golf your results will be irrefutable because it all comes out in the score. The numbers don't lie. They are undeniable. When someone's handicap goes from 15 to 11 because of your efforts, you are a hero/heroine. No one can debate your effectiveness, especially when you do it with 5 to 8 out of 10. Don't limit yourself to just one golf course, however. Go to 3 or 4 and make the same pitch. This puts the odds of having successes more in your favor. As you gain experience, you will find ways to further improve your results. This leads to repeat business. You can charge for beginner, intermediate and advance levels. This is the kind of thing that gets written up in the country club newsletter. Journalists and local TV/radio will likely find it newsworthy. As your name evolves as someone to see in this field, your Premiere Presence begins to take hold. Develop a first class reputation like this and professional golfers will seek you out. Believe me, if you can demonstrate doing the job, they are looking for you. One or two strokes per round can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars to them each year. You can go from there to other professional sports such as football,

basketball and baseball. These teams already spend a lot of money on sports psychologists and you, with EFT, can run circles around the results they are currently getting. This is real, very real. It is fertile ground. It is virgin territory. Someday you will see professional athletes tapping on themselves before they take a golf shot, shoot a free throw, kick a field goal, swing a bat, etc. This will happen (you can't possibly doubt this, can you?) and those who establish themselves now will have first crack at the big opportunities. Further, you can initiate all this while maintaining your current clientele. You don't have to give up a thing while the new pursuit is producing fruit. This is but one example of the power of putting yourself forward as a specialist in some field. More next time. Cheers, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part IV
When Nothing Else Works Here's a simple idea to add power to the idea of specialization. Just add the phrase "when nothing else works" in your advertisement. Examples of possible ads are as follows: The Fear of Public Speaking (when nothing else works) Anxiety Issues ( when nothing else works) Chronic Pain ( when nothing else works) Headaches and Migraines ( when nothing else works) Sexual Abuse Problems ( when nothing else works) War Memories ( when nothing else works) Nightmares ( when nothing else works) The list of possibilities here is, of course, endless. Two advantages to advertisements worded this way. First, they are inexpensive to run because they are simple, to the point and do not require elaboration. Second, they imply quite subtly (and therefore powerfully) that you should be the first person they see, not the last. They suggest a superior technique because, after all, you are saying that your technique is likely to work where others fail. This is true, by the way. More next time. Cheers, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part V Snoring Opportunities are all around us for gaining new clients. The following post by Jill Zimmerman on snoring provides an excellent example. JILL'S POST: "Well, as Gary tells us, try EFT on everything. I just had a client do it right before bed for snoring (Even though I snore,....) and had the wife report after three days that her husband has not snored. Now there's a marketable achievement to save marriages. Ha!" Jill Zimmerman, Ph.D. While there may be some humor in snoring it is a very serious subject for those who have to live with it. It leads to daily (nightly) aggravation and separate bedrooms. This screws up the "cuddle factor" in a marriage and, when that factor goes, all the other factors are on the line. World class snorers (and there are many competing for the title) may not have dissociative disorders, trauma or any of the other very serious problems which you face and are skilled to handle. However, their problem is quite real to them and they (particularly the spouse) have major motivation to correct it. It is a now problem. It happens every night. It thwarts romance and one of nature's most biological drives. I mean hugs turn to shrugs and abstinence makes the heart grow wronger. This can be a serious problem in any relationship. Yet...where do these people go for help? Who has relief for this problem...except you? All you need to do is let your community know you can do something about it and the motivated ones will find you. Accordingly, I'm wondering what would happen if you ran the following ad... Snore No More New technique has high success rate Sarah Sundstrom, MA 555-1234 Appointments only You may not take care of every snoring problem with one tapping session (as was Jill's experience). However, if you have them perform EFT several times a day for a week (including just before going to bed) you are likely to have many successes. Chances are the snoring client also has asthma, sinus problems or some other form of breathing difficulty which is also addressable by EFT. Those "side problems" may even clear up simultaneously with the snoring treatment. If this happens (likely) be sure not to take any credit for it. If you did, your new client might refer you to others and ask you to delve into their other problems. Now we wouldn't want that, would we? Opportunities are everywhere in this field. Just look at the posts on this email forum. Almost all of them point the way to more business. Even snoring. Hugs, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part VI
Self Image-itis Perhaps the world's most prevalent disease is Self Image-itis. Almost everyone has it, including some therapists (at least that's what I'm told). Self Image improvement is a BIG market because most of us recognize that limits to our Self Image are expensive. These limits show up in our business performance (wallet), relationships (love) and many of our other vital pursuits. Entire sections of most bookstores are dedicated to it. Self improvement books and seminars are consistently in demand and have been so for decades. People buy those books and attend those seminars with hope and gusto. It feels good to let go of some limits. People love it. For most people, however, Self Image improvement tends to be fleeting. They read a book or attend a seminar and enthusiastically go about purposely generating positive and joyous thoughts--at least for awhile. But alas, all too often the ent husiasm fades and the Self Image reverts back to its former self. This story has been told many times. What is needed, I think, is some kind of magical technique that would permanently kick limiting passengers off of one's emotional bus. I speak here of neutralizing the useless forms of guilt, fear, grief, trauma, anger and self doubts that weigh down our Self Images. To the extent we can remove this ballast, of course, better Self Images would quite naturally emerge. Of course I have no idea where one might find such an effective all-purpose technique (smug grin). However, if it was available one could Try It On Everything (sound familiar?). Fantasize with me a bit and ponder what the following improvements in one's well being might do to one's Self Image. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Neutralizing all instances of past guilt. Eliminating learning problems such as dyslexia. Curing the fear of public speaking or the fear of heights or any other irrational fear (phobia). Improving sports or music performance. Lifting depression. Relieving headaches or chronic pain. Replacing past anger with gentleness and peace of mind. Vanishing nightmares and the effects of all traumatic experiences.

If you were privileged to have such a technique wouldn't you advertise yourself as an expert in the field of Self Image enhancement? Could you not truly deliver the results that other techniques only promise? Might you not be tempted to run an ad something like this?: 5 Weeks to a More Joyous Self Image. Results guaranteed or your money back. Thelma Therapist 555-1234 When nothing else works. Once you established a reputation for this Self Image "specialty" (interesting specialty since it only seems like a specialty--in fact, it is another name for a generalist practice) how many parents would seek you out to handle their children's Self Image problems? How many corporations might engage your services in behalf of their executives? How many sports teams would request your services? How many everyday citizens yearn for a more self confident approach to life? And the list goes on. Would you be able to live with the money back guarantee? Sure. Keep a log of the many successes you achieve with the client. Write them short letters summarizing what happened (in case they go apex on you and forget). With this magical technique you ought to be able to create a long list of successes, all of which result in less emotional weight (and thus a better Self Image). Most clients simply can't deny this tangible evidence. The money back guarantee draws people to you. It sets you apart. It says you can deliver and you are willing to back up your claims. It points toward a Premiere Presence in your field. Who else is doing it? All you need now is the magical technique (pompous smile). I remember a few months ago we had a Self Image discussion on this email forum that was spearheaded by Stephanie Rothman and her client, Lori. Stephanie thought she had found such a technique and asked Lori to perform it several times a day for 5 weeks. I conclude this article with Stephanie's email post followed by that of her client. Don't give these posts too much weight, of course. They are probably just pointing the way toward someone else's success.

Hugs & Warmies, Gary Craig Note: Some practitioners on our email forum felt that some states/countries might frown on a money back guarantee. If so, a money back guarantee isn't necessary. It may, however, be quite useful where permitted.

From Stephanie Rothman "About five weeks ago, when I was first introduced to EFT, a sweet lady (39) called me up to ask me if I could help her with her low self-esteem. She told me that she was very pretty (which she is) and that because of that, people had certain expectations of her that she would "have it all together," be very dynamic, and sure of herself among other attributes she did not feel that she had. She had no life outside of work. She did not have any friends or boyfriends. She was extremely mistrustful of people. She did not go out very often, and when she did she felt insecure and self-conscious. She was truly despondent. And although I know nothing about Voice Technology, I would have had to say, by listening to her, that she was at the end of her rope. She told me she had been through a lot of therapists who had given her cognitive cures (told her to fake it 'til she made it) and certain ways to think so as to modify her outlook. But she never did any of it, nor did she ever get any relief. Her background is that she comes from a family of Jehovah's Witnesses and her family would not let her be friends with anybody outside the faith. So she had no friends as a child. She was mommy's little buddy growing up, and felt a responsibility for keeping her mom happy (and not displeasing her). She had a couple of rough experiences with men disappointing her and cheating on her. When I initially spoke to her, I told her about EFT. I was a newbie (although I had taken Level 1 TFT). I did not hide the fact that EFT was new to me. She was still open. Well, her willingness to "chop down her trees of disappointment, negativity, and sadness from her past" was great. Why she was willing to do EFT (and nothing else her traditional therapists told her) is interesting to me. Maybe it was the fact that when we were in our first session, she had an "aha!" plus I challenged her and asked her pointblank whether she was going to commit to working at it or not! and I told her she had to "do it!" religiously in order to make the changes that she wanted to make - and was she willing to do that? (I can be very forceful). Apparently she was. She wrote down her list, and daily (several times a day) she did EFT to "chop down her trees." This girl has done a One-Eighty! She is dating a few guys (and has a very healthy attitude about it). Plus people are wanting to set her up with all of their male friends. She has even asked her next door neighbor out for a beer (a guy!). She has never done that. She is now open to making friends. She said that there are a couple of gals in her office that want to be her friend. She has noticed that when you change, and begin to feel better about yourself, people are drawn to you (this is something she said to me). She went out with some friends the other night, and danced with abandon. She is volunteering to do marketing for a group that builds homes for the underprivileged. And boy oh boy, this girl is happy!!!! The girl is truly happy. She feels lovable and carefree, and joyous about life. And there is no Apex Effect here, either. She says openly that if it weren't for me and EFT she would never come as far as she has. And boy, has she come far! Interestingly enough, she also is not just numb to her sadness. When I hug her, tears come to her eyes. She is very emotional and grateful about the changes she has made. All in only FIVE WEEKS!!!!" Stephanie Rothman

A New Life For Lori Hi Everyone, In both the EFT course and in my email posts I often pound the table for being persistent with these techniques. With proper persistence, it is possible to completely re-engineer one's emotional profile and, indeed, create

freedom where there was previously self-imprisonment. I have seen this many times. Lori, a client of Stephanie Rothman, CHT, is the latest recipient. I had the privilege of meeting Lori at the workshop I conducted recently in San Diego. She had already made major headway with EFT but learned of more new levels to work on as a result of the workshop. She was most gracious...and grateful. A pleasure to be around. A bouquet to Stephanie for her work in this regard. Here is how Lori was moved to tell the story in a letter. LORI'S LETTER: "My experience with EFT has been so life-changing, and so life-affirming, that on occasion it is difficult to believe that the person I was 8 weeks ago has blossomed into the happy, resourceful, content woman I am now. When people began to respond positively to me, I knew that what I THOUGHT had happened, had ACTUALLY happened, that is, that I had removed the many, many blocks that had held me back for so long and had really begun to live a great life. All my life I had felt a certain melancholy, depression, and anxiety. One therapist that I went to for four years put a name on "my condition"- she called it dysthymia. So at least I understood what was wrong with me. And - I learned that I was not alone in the world. That helped a little bit. She and another therapist that I saw for talk-therapy repeatedly told me that I had to "fake it till I made it," or to "act as if," but I never felt any relief from doing these things and in short order, gave up on doing them. All the self-help books in the world (at least 100) did me no good, either. I was at the end of my rope. In late-June, 1997, I arranged an appointment with Stephanie Rothman to explore treatment for depression and feelings of hopelessness. When I first spoke to Stephanie on the phone, I remember quite clearly telling her I could not go on the way I was feeling - that I had to do something. Stephanie told me she had a technique to help remove the negative thoughts that were causing me such pain. At my appointment, she taught me the [EFT] Basic Recipe and we tapped together for one particularly negative emotion. I went from a ten to about a three or a four, and felt great relief, and not a little amazement, at the ease of the technique and its effectiveness. Starting with a list of seven negative emotions, I tapped at every opportunity, but at least three times a day: morning, noon and night. I could not remember a time when I did NOT feel socially and interpersonally inept, on the outside looking in, unattractive, or feeling just plain boring. Any slight, for whatever reason, was proof-positive that I was unlovable. For years I had been told I was attractive - something I personally could not see. I suffered from generalized anxiety over almost any social situation. I tapped away at these negative emotions on schedule, and also whenever I actually experienced them. At times, when I tapped away a particularly large "tree," another one would pop up. So, as Gary Craig says: "persistence, persistence." I tapped away at the new "trees" also, and just as faithfully. I will be 40 years old this year and am having the time of my life. I have several new friends, and am dating two wonderful men. My relationships within my family have improved greatly. I am very thankful to no longer be plagued by anxiety, worry, fear of social situations and just plain feeling lousy. EFT has brought out my best by removing my worst negative emotions. There is nothing in my life that has worked for me like EFT. I will use it and rely on it for the rest of my (wonderful!) life." Lori Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part VII
Corporations are looking for you. Corporations are looking for you. Most of them don't know you exist and, even if they did, they may not believe that you can support your claims. At least not at first. Nonetheless, they are looking for you. They need what you can provide, badly. And they have no problem paying for it. Why? Because you can substantially increase the productivity of their employees. You can relieve traumatic memories and PTSD and thus eliminate or reduce intrusive memories that inhibit productivity. You can relieve headaches (including migraines) as well as numerous other physical maladies that keep employees from performing well. You can provide relief for dyslexia, asthma, depression, phobias and a long list of other ailments. This leads to a reduced use of the company medical plan. You can also (and this is big, really big) relieve the fear of rejection and sales call reluctance from the corporation's sales force. That translates to more revenue in the door--very important to every business, including yours. All of this is critical to the corporation's profitability. Every sizeable business on the planet is acutely aware that their bottom line is directly dependent on employee output. The larger corporations have whole departments dedicated to the betterment of the workforce quality. Many have Human Resource Departments (HRD). Others have Employee Assistance Professionals (EAP). Some have both. Less than 1% of all the healing professionals in the world are even aware of EFT or any of the other energy based healing modalities. You are among that 1%. If you attended our advanced seminars, you are among the elite 1/10 of 1% that are on the cutting edge of what is really possible here. Many corporations are out there paying big money to the other 99+% for results that are nowhere close to what you can provide. In time, this will change, of course. But, for now, you have a HUGE OPPORTUNITY knocking at your door. The possibilities here are endless. For example, you could be a consultant to several corporations and go from company to company as an independent contractor. Or you could be a full time employee of one corporation and receive retirement benefits, medical plan, sizeable salary, etc. In either case, your concerns about getting new clients would vanish. You would have a captive audience. Another possibility is to act as a trainer for the EAP departments of various companies. You could also establish a newsletter that would go to hundreds or thousands of corporations. I know. I know. This all sounds good. But how do you do it? How do you break out of an existing paradigm and go out into the (gasp!) business world where, perhaps, you have little experience and are out of your comfort zone? How do you get these people to recognize your talents? What is the magic formula for doing all this? Sorry, there is no magic formula. If there was, others would have overused it by now and made it ineffective. To be successful in any business venture you must be willing to stub your toe. You must try something and keep that part of it that seems to work while discarding the rest. Then add new ideas to what works until you get better and better at what you are doing. The business world offers great rewards for those who have a first class product and are willing to persist. You have the first class product. Are you willing to persist? Borrowing on the experiences of those who have had some business success is a good place to start. I happen to be one of those "business success" people so I'm going to share an idea with you that should get you started. It has several parts: ?? Make a list of at least 30 of the larger corporations in your area. ?? Call up the corporation and find out who the decision maker is (usually the president). You don't necessarily need to ask for an appointment but you do need to get the name of the decision maker. I would be pleasantly persistent and pursue the president of the company even if s/he tries to push you downstairs to the EAP department. The president is ultimately the decision maker. Typically, that's who you need to see. ?? Send each decision maker one letter a week discussing a success you have had in your own practice. That's 30 letters a week. That's the same as 30 sales calls. This should be easy to do with the modern mail merge facilities that are included within most word processors. Compose one letter and it is automatically customized for 30 people. An example of a letter is given shortly. ?? Send the first letter by certified mail. This gives it an air of importance. They need to sign for it and are thus more likely to remember your name. This is important. Future letters will be more easily recognized and accepted. ?? Follow up by phone as you deem appropriate. Even if you don't follow up, however, sooner or later some of them are likely to call you. If your letters truly portray what you are doing in a professional manner, they will

have interest. Be informative. Be helpful. Be factual. Be low key. Also, be aware that the ones who will contact you are most likely to be those for whom your letters have a personal meaning. If the recipient of your letter has a given problem which needs relief (or if a family member has such a problem) this is likely to prompt their call. It will be your opportunity to prove your claim. Expect this. ?? Don't stop sending your letters until they ask you to stop. Keep them coming. Each time you send a letter they see your name again. That helps with rapport and familiarity. After awhile you become a friend. A sort of pen pal. That means when you eventually call them, you are not a stranger. It is not a cold call. It is a warm call. Very important. Don't stop sending the letters. Each one builds your credibility and helps establish rapport. Here's a sample first letter. Adjust it however you deem appropriate. Good morning Mr. Jones....... I've been looking for you and, perhaps, you've been looking for me. Much has been happening in the field of performance psychology in recent times and several "empowerment therapies" have been developed which dramatically cut the time necessary for effective emotional relief. In countless cases I have witnessed lasting changes within one session. Using these new techniques, I often give relief to the debilitating effects of traumatic memories, PTSD, grief, fears (including fear of rejection and fear of public speaking) as well as some common physical ailments such as headaches (including migraines) and asthma. I don't expect you to believe me (yet) but I'm hoping you will stay open. If I can deliver on my claims (which I can) then I suspect you are looking for me. I'm looking for you because I know you have many employees whose various issues inhibit their productivity. We can help each other. For your interest, here is a recent case I completed with Cindy. [Now discuss the details of the case using a before and after scenario. If Cindy agrees (usually she will), invite the recipient of your letter to call Cindy to discuss how she feels about the result. This connection between Cindy and the letter recipient is very powerful. The mere fact that you make it available sets you apart from the crowd.] Sincerely, Adam Johnson, MSW

Hope this helps, Gary Craig P.S. May you know the blessings on your shoulders.

Harry Corsover comments on the client being available for calls Gary Craig writes.... For your interest, here is a recent case I completed with Cindy. [Now discuss the details of the case using a before and after scenario. If Cindy agrees (usually she will), invite the recipient of your letter to call Cindy to discuss how she feels about the result. This connection between Cindy and the letter recipient is very powerful. The mere fact that you make it available sets you apart from the crowd.] Hi, Gary. Thanks for the info, pep talk, and suggestions. Personally, I need that, along with a specific structure. I probably (still) have some tapping to do on my reluctance to enter into the business world. As for the above paragraph, I feel a need to point out some ethical guidelines and restrictions that apply to asking a psychotherapy client or even former client to be available for such calls. As far as I know, in all the professions, doing so would be considered unethical. The power differential, and thus the potential for exercising undue

influence even makes it difficult for us to gently suggest that clients refer others to us. To do anything that is designed for the benefit of the therapist and not the client is stepping onto the proverbial slippery slope. Now, to do the above with a consulting/corporate/coaching client is a different story. The distinction (from what I've gathered in consulting with attorneys, grievance board and attorney general's office personnel) is that there must be no expectation of or experience of a psychotherapy relationship in order to do some of the things that have been discussed here. So, it may appear to be a Catch-22: you've got to have some non-psychotherapy clients in order to be able to point to specific people/results as a way to gain non-psychotherapy clients. Perhaps one way to develop that would be to do some free introductory work, and offer that in the letters? Regards, Harry Corsover, PhD

Gary Craig responds to Harry Corsover To Harry Corsover and the list, Harry, your thoughts about there being some possible ethical difficulties with having a psychotherapy client answer calls, give testimonials or referrals, etc. are well taken. Everything written on this forum is meant strictly for the use and perusal of the readers but only to the extent they choose to use the ideas presented. If one's state, country or licensing boards would frown on a given suggestion then one must act accordingly. However, even if it is not possible to have a live testimonial (such as I suggested), you could always offer to play any of the sessions on the EFT videotapes or audiotapes. They are loaded with live testimonials and actual sessions. Further, you could still write up one case history per week without disclosing any identifying information. That is very compelling, especially when it shows up in your prospects' mailboxes week after week after week after week after week after week.... You could also refer them to the Case Histories section of our web site. That should help open their eyes. The bottom line here is that everyone using EFT or any of the energy therapies can do things that are, to date, unheard of in the corporate world. Corporations need these services for their employees (and executives) and sooner or later will be using them. That is inevitable. Whether or not you are on board when the train is speeding will depend on what you do now. It is a HUGE (and obvious) business opportunity. We are all on the ground floor of a healing high rise. If you want to get on the elevator, start calling on corporations. Hugs to all, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part VIII
Advertising: Do you know my name? Advertising is common sense. It doesn't take a genius to do it and, while experience is certainly useful, it doesn't take decades to become effective. A few weeks or few months of practice and trial & error with the right principles should make good advertisers out of anyone. Advertising takes many forms. There are, of course, those ever present TV ads with their frogs, lizards, clowns and 30 second mini-dramas. There are also billboards, blimps, neon signs and a long list of other efforts designed to write jingles, slogans and logos on our mental walls. Are they effective? Of course! The advertising industry collects $billions per year from the corporate world and they do so for one reason and one reason works! Most of the advertising we see is designed to install "name recognition." This is important because name recognition fosters confidence and trust in a product--even if it is mediocre in quality. Consumers would much rather buy products they have heard of than "take a chance" on the unknown. Even though the amount of money spent for advertising has nothing to do with the quality of the product, we still prefer Budweiser, Tide, Goodyear and IBM to competing products that are not advertised. If we haven't "heard of it," we tend to be suspicious. Familiarity breeds confidence and comfort. “You’re in good hands with Allstate.” I’m telling you the obvious here and I doubt seriously if I’ve gone over anyone’s head. It's like I said, advertising is common sense. For any business (including a healing practice) name recognition is imperative for true success. It opens doors and gives the public a perception of competence. Practitioners with name recognition don’t have to keep selling themselves. Nor do they have to explain their methods or hunt for new business. People come to them--they seek them out--because they are recognized “names” in the field. Examples are Joyce Brothers, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. You may be more effective at what you do than these folks--but that doesn’t matter. Given the choice, most clients want to deal with the big names. So, do you have a few $million to spend on name recognition advertising? If you do, just hire some Madison Avenue firm to make up some cutesy little ditty about Harry/Helen the Healer (you) and splash it all over your local radio and TV stations. No need to read any further. Just throw big money at the problem. Your advertising worries will be over. Your budget and marriage may be over too but, what the heck, at least people will know your name. Fortunately, there are many ways to create name recognition that require little or no cost. You can develop an enviable and recognizable presence in your community/state/country without raiding your piggy bank or refinancing your home. We’ll explore some possibilities along these lines, but first, let me ask you a question….. Do you know my name? Unless you are a real newbie to this list, you know my name quite well. You could even say I have name recognition in this field. Some might say I have a major presence. Doesn’t that seem a little odd? I mean, how does an unknown person without any formal credentials or conventional training become a brand name in a field filled with highly educated people that place MA, PhD, MD, etc. behind their names? Here’s the answer. It’s insultingly simple. I write you letters frequently. I give you case histories and how-to-do-it suggestions. I make announcements. I feature the ideas of other people. I give you inspirational stories, humor and personal experiences. I write about my Mom and my high school football coach and tie all this into our new Healing High Rise. And every time I do this my name passes before your eyes— name recognition. “You’re in good hands with Gary (smile).” Interestingly, none of this was planned. Less than 2.5 years ago I retired and chose to spend part time launching EFT into Therapy Land. My goal was simply to make it available to the healing professions on an easy-to-learn and affordable basis. That was all. But my message turned out to be a compelling one and an email list was a natural outgrowth of that. To day this email list is almost 100 times what we started with and thousands of practitioners around the world are using EFT regularly. Without conscious effort (or formal advertising), the EFT name (and mine) have developed substantial name recognition within the field. And there is more to come.

And what did all this cost? Peanuts. Anyone can start an email list for little or no cost. No stamps. No letterhead. No stuffing envelopes. Just write your message, press the send key and multitudes receive it. In many ways this is more effective than paid advertising. Why? Because a newsletter can be written in a noncommercial way. It is a letter from a friend. People read it with interest. They study it and share it with their friends. It contains helpful information. It can be trusted. By contrast, paid advertising doesn’t enjoy anywhere near this level of acceptance. Why? Because the advertiser has paid to sell you something. Even if the message is a valid one, it must still get by a degree of suspicion if it is to be effective. Believability is a challenge with paid advertising but it is no challenge whatsoever with your friendly email newsletter. The corporate world would love to have this advantage. Now I hope you have a glimpse of just how common sense, and practical, advertising can be. The informative funto-read email newsletter is but one example of effective, low cost ways to generate name recognition and get your point across. There are others, many others. But that’s enough for now. Next time we’ll discuss how to start and grow a newsletter of your own. Hugs, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part IX
Advertising: Building a newsletter Hi Everyone, More common sense. Business is really quite simple. Remember the essence of our last installment. The more someone hears your name in a favorable light the more you become an "old and trusted friend." This is true even for those who have never met you. It is the core idea behind all of advertising and is essential for success in the healing professions (or any profession, for that matter). Until your name becomes favorably recognized, you will be forever wondering why it is so hard to have a steady stream of clients. After your name becomes favorably recognized, you will be wondering how to handle your waiting list. I'm serious! The question is, how do you do this? How do you get your name recognized without spending b'zillions for advertising? For starters, let’s try a newsletter. A newsletter puts your name in front of many people and does so as often as you send it. How simple. This is the essence of advertising in a single sentence. I’ll say it again… "A newsletter puts your name in front of many people and does so as often as you send it." So long as your message is a compelling one, you will develop name recognition after just 3 or 4 issues. By the time you get to the 20th or 50th issue, your name will be a household word to each and every person who receives it. Your name and newsletter articles will be passed around and discussed with others. Now let me pause a moment and emphasize that your message must be a compelling one. It must be well written, informative and fun to read. Otherwise, you will bore people. You will turn them off and create a negative form of name recognition that will work against you. Tell stories (people love stories) with a message. Have a humor column. Include inspirational sayings. Spend time writing and rewriting your messages (I rewrite some of mine 3 or 4 times). Start with a small list of friends and ask for feedback. Write and rewrite. Keep asking the marketplace how you are doing. Remember one of our previous lessons --namely--the marketplace is your best friend. Here’s another interesting insight. Many people who use newsletters screw them up by pushing their goods or services too hard. This is OK to a point but it is often overdone and becomes a MAJOR turnoff. When this happens, newsletters lose their subscribers and dwindle off into non-existence. Please remember that the primary purpose of a newsletter is NOT to sell your goods and services. It is for favorable name recognition. That’s all. Discuss your professional successes, of course. But do so without pounding the table for yourself or your services. Deliver your message as you might to a dear friend over dinner. Discuss your disappointments and limitations as well. What readers get from this is a sense of your genuineness. You become easy to talk to. Believable. Easy to know. This is what you want --favorable name recognition. Be human. When appropriate, write from your tear ducts and let your tears fall onto your keyboard. I’ve done that many times--especially when writing about our Vietnam veterans and our prisoners. At other times, spill your joy into the hearts and souls of your readers. You radiate your thoughts and they come through your words. Everyone benefits, particularly you. Sometimes just relate an inspirational story or a humorous event that has nothing to do with your profession. Your purpose here is favorable name recognition. Inspiration and tasteful humor will do it every time. Your purpose is also to connect, to love, to spread healing. Properly done, you have an opportunity to connect in a way that the advertising profession can only wish for. The opportunities involved go well beyond financial abundance. You are certain to stub your toe as you start. This is common. It happens with just about every human endeavor. It happens with marriages, parenting, new employment, therapy sessions and so on. This is how we learn. This is how we improve. This is how we approach perfection. God bless toe stubbing. It’s purpose is to guide us in the right direction and, if we are paying attention, it does a superb job. Let’s also dip into our common sense sack and not call it a newsletter. That borders on boring. Make up a more inviting name. Perhaps something like, Carol’s Comments....Robert’s Reports….The Healing High Rise….The Next

Level….The Inspiration Equation…The Personal Performance Place….Peace in Your Time…..Touching One Another….Touching Others….Fun Ways to Feel Free…..Making a MasterPeace of Ourselves….. So develop an inviting name for your newsletter and send it to your friends. Do some trial and error on it for awhile until you get it the way you want it. Actually, that’s wrong. It should not be the way YOU want it. It should be the way your READERS want it. Most advertisers fail to understand this fundamental lesson. They put together an ad that is pleasing to them and think that’s good enough for the marketplace. When the marketplace shuns it, the advertiser blames the silly public out there who doesn’t know a good ad when they see it. Absurd thinking. Expensive. Useless. There’s a great ad writer in Florida by the name of Gary Halbert. After Gary writes an ad, he takes it down to his local bar and hands it out to his beer drinking buddies for their comments. Often they will say.... “Gary, that’s a great ad. Very clever. I love the headline. Real catchy. Great humor. Good points. You’ll sell a million of them.” When he hears that, Gary tears up the ad and starts over. Why? Because the world is full of clever, catchy ads that don’t sell a thing. Gary Halbert is not satisfied with his ad until his beer drinking buddies ask…. “Where can I get one of those?” Totally different response, eh? And much more useful. Then, and only then, does he consider his advertisement worthy of print. Otherwise, it is just expensive entertainment. The same principle holds true for your newsletter. When your friends and family compliment you on it, just say thank you and keep revising your style, your messages, etc. UNTIL YOUR READERSHIP ASKS YOU TO SEND YOUR NEWSLETTER TO THEIR FRIENDS. When you have reached that place, you are ready to expand. Then, and only then, is your “advertisement” truly effective. If your newsletter doesn’t have the power to grow on its own by word of mouth, then you need to keep revising it until it does. Here are some other ways to expand your newsletter (assuming it is compelling)….. ?? Give talks at your local service clubs (Rotary, Soroptimists, etc.) and hand out free copies with an invitation to subscribe. ?? Find other people who do newsletters and agree to include their newsletter in with one of yours (assuming you approve of their content). Then ask them to include a copy of your newsletter within their mailing. This is good promotion for both of you. ?? Include others in the healing professions on your newsletters. This can be a first class source of referrals for those “difficult” clients that other professionals can’t seem to handle. ?? If you are using an email newsletter (by far the most cost effective), nose around some of the newsgroups in your field (they are endless) and enter into helpful discussions with some of the members. Often, there are thousands of onlookers. After awhile, include a copy of your email newsletter and invite people to subscribe. If your messages are compelling, you will have no trouble developing a following. ?? Join other email discussion lists and become a prominent contributor on them. Very easy to do. Just write your messages and press the send button. Suddenly, your name becomes known and, in time, you build respect (assuming your messages are helpful and compelling). Later, you can announce your newsletter and invite interested people to subscribe. This is just a start. If you want to do a local newsletter then you will get clients from your home town. If you want to do a statewide, national or international email list, then you can draw clients from wider areas. Remember, EFT can be done VERY effectively over the phone. No need to be limited to your own back yard. So, is there a drawback? Sure, it will take time to write and rewrite your newsletter. If you already have a lengthy client waiting list then, presumably, you don’t have the time to do it. So don’t. If, on the other hand, your waiting room is a little light on people, then get out your keyboard and start typing. Apparently, you have some time on your hands and could use a little favorable name recognition. More next time.Hugs, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part X
Advertising: Become an AUTHORity Hi Everyone, This article is about one of our silliest psychological quirks. The advertising industry has been using it prolifically for decades and you can use it too--in very ethical ways--to become an authority in the eyes of your clientele and community. The whole idea behind our previous discussion on writing a newsletter was to generate favorable name recognition. People with favorable name recognition are given special status in society, including being trusted "authorities" on just about anything. Why else would a golfer like Arnold Palmer be hired to sell you motor oil and Michael Jordan, a basketball player, be hired to sell you shoes, telephone services, hot dogs, men's underwear and batteries? This "authority thing" is a real kick and has to be among the silliest phenomena in our psychological makeup. It is the real world version of the Pied Piper wherein we blindly follow others who appear to have the "truth." We do this not only for celebrities but for presumed experts as well. For example, one of the prevalent ads during my youth said.... "Three out of four doctors smoke Camels." How's that for a truly stupid statement! Nonetheless, it was a highly successful ad. You see, if all those doctors smoke that nauseous stuff, I'd better do it too. After all, doctors know what's right. They are authorities. There are some very ethical ways to promote our worthwhile healing efforts using this "follow the leader" propensity of ours. But first, let me explore the propensity itself and some of the logic behind it. The core reason is that we are so inundated with choices in industrialized society that we welcome short cuts to our decision making. Ideally, if we were going to build a new home, we would study architecture, civil engineering, building materials, plumbing, etc. to make an informed decision on each and every feature of our new abode. However, there's not enough time to do all that AND.... meticulously study all there is to know about nutrition so we can eat properly AND.... read up on all the latest thoughts about relationships and parenting so we can do that important part of our life well AND.... study every word processor and spreadsheet program out there so that we can choose the right one for our needs....AND, AND, AND..... The fact of the matter is that we rarely do any of these detailed investigations. We almost always rely on "experts" or "trusted" sources for our decisions. We would much rather have the 23 year old store clerk tell us which word processor to buy than study all the alternatives. Further, we are perfectly willing to accept the opinion of a celebrity as to which brand of beer to drink or which style of bra to buy. In fact, we MUST do this or go nuts with all the decisions before us. It's a human thing. It's a form of emotional survival. So, all this being said, what is the message here? It's simple. If you want people to treat you as an authority and thus follow your lead, refer business to you and give you extra space when you walk down the sidewalk, you must (drum roll) BECOME AN AUTHORITY. Ok. Ok. I know you're not a famous athlete or celebrity (yet) so how are you going to get the respect you deserve? Where do you start? Well, you don't need to be an athlete or celebrity to become an authority in the perception of others. What you need to do is.... WRITE SOMETHING!! Put your professional procedures on paper and then circulate them in the form of a report, book, manual, newsletter, etc. There is something magic about the written word. If something is written, it is given extra weight and whoever wrote it (you) becomes an authority. It's that short cut decision thing again. Look at the word "authority" for a minute. Take it apart and notice that the word AUTHOR occupies center stage in it. See...the word is spelled AUTHORity.

Now it would be nice if you wrote a 300 page book and publishers from all over the world begged you to make it available to the masses. If this happened you would, of course, become an instant authority (and celebrity) and would have to hire employees just to help schedule your appearances. Nice thought. However, none of this is necessary to establish yourself as an authority. You need only write up a 20 or 30 page book about your procedures (EFT or its cousins, for example) and distribute it in easy-to-do ways that I will describe in a moment. It doesn't have to be a long book. Short, to the point, books are well received and appreciated. However, you will need to spend the time to write it well. Include actual case histories (you can disguise identities, of course) and develop your ideas in a compelling manner. Give your book an engaging title like.... ?? ?? ?? ?? Emotional Freedom Techniques (ahem!) The Path to Personal Peace Why Most Psychotherapy Doesn't Work The Emotional Version of Acupuncture (Except we don't use needles) ?? How to Banish Nightmares or Bad Memories or The Fear of Public Speaking or...or...or... (Works Impressively at Least 50% of the Time) Your book should cost less than $1 to attractively produce at your local copy shop (you can get it done more professionally after you've had feedback and rewritten parts of it). Then, when you have it ready, START GIVING IT AWAY. Give it to your clients. Flip through it with them. Point out important sections. Assuming your book is engagingly written, you will take an instant step up the authority ladder in the eyes of your client. Then schedule talks at your local Rotary and other service clubs to talk about your book. Hand out free copies. People are more likely to read your book when received this way. After all, they personally met the author--an authority on the subject. Go to your local bookstores and tell them they can sell the book for $3 and keep all the profits for themselves. All you ask is that a supply of your books be maintained near the cash register for customers to see. Do a similar thing with restaurants. Include a copy of the book with your newsletter (you ARE writing a newsletter, aren't you? It's another way to be an AUTHORity). Contact other newsletter writers and offer to give them a supply of your books for free so they can send them out as a free gift to their subscribers. Assuming your book is a good one, this becomes an offer the other newsletter writers can't refuse. Go on the internet to various discussion lists and newsgroups and offer to send people a free book. Send it electronically. That way it costs nothing. Spend time writing about the book and its important features on these various e-sites. That's even more writing and thus more AUTHORity. Do your own web site and include a complete copy of your book on that site. Let anyone download it for free. Again, this costs nothing to do. No printing. No binding. No postage. Ask for their email address. Add them to your newsletter or start another newsletter. And what about the costs for those books you print and then give away? How much will that amount to? You may spend a few hundred dollars getting this project going and maybe some more money after that. If your book is well accepted, you may want to write a sequel or a series of concise books which will further your status as an AUTHORity. That will cost money, too. But what's the alternative? Would you rather continue doing business as a non-AUTHORity? That's expensive--very expensive. It is far more expensive than the cost for some starter books. Maybe you've noticed that. So, why aren't you typing already?Hugs, Gary P.S. And, just in case you are one of those marvelous people blessed with a mission, what better way to move the world than to be an AUTHORity with a favorably recognized name? Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part XI
The Lazy Man's Way to Riches Hi Everyone, In 1973 I was flipping through a magazine and came across what was arguably the most effective ad ever written. It was for a $10 paperback book which, at the time, was an ENORMOUS price to ask. Paperback books were then selling for $1 or $2. After reading the ad I enthusiastically bought the book and was thrilled with what I received. It was, and is, a classic in business literature. It sold 3,000,000 copies and never once was in a book store. It all came from this ad and word of mouth. The headline of the ad started off with the title of the book in bold print… The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches And below that was a subtitle that said…. (Most people are too busy earning a living to earn any money) At the time, that headline (and subtitle) hit my bull’s eye. This ad was aimed at me and I was eager to read more. Incidentally, that ad may not have appealed at all to a priest or to a 12 year old. It may have even turned off someone who believes that one must work very, very hard for their money. To them, earning money “the lazy way” would be unethical and so they would pass the ad by, scoffing as they did so. But that doesn’t matter. Good ads are aimed right at those who recognize a need for your product or service. Those people will read it with great interest. People, for example, who need emotional healing and are tired of all the painful methods out there are likely to respond to an ad headline that says…. ?? ?? ?? ?? “The Painless Way to Emotional Freedom” “Rapid Relief for War Memories” “50% Relief for even the Toughest Migraines” “Gentle Method Stops Nightmares…or Your Money Back”

Again, some may belittle such an ad and criticize it. So be it. Accept this as part of the ground rules. In truth, there is no such thing as an ad that appeals to everyone. That which is welcomed by some, is rejected by others. Your goal as an ad writer is to speak to those who are ready to listen. Aim your ad at them. Speak honestly and from the heart and you will gain the trust and business of those who need your services. In fact, these prospective clients have been looking for you for a long time and are thrilled to finally meet you. Now let’s get back to headlines. They are the most important part of any ad because their purpose is to entice the reader to read further. In effect they are the ad for the ad. If the headline doesn’t do its job then the reader will just pass on by and will never learn of your proposal, products, services, etc. Headlines are so critical to the success of an ad that they should be tested to discover which headline “pulls” the best. Often, one headline will double or triple the responses of another. I remember one ad for a bed and breakfast lodge that tripled its response by using “A Cabin in the Redwoods” as its headline instead of the former “A Cottage in the Redwoods.” One word (Cabin vs. Cottage) in the headline made a dramatic difference in the responses and turned the business from a break even venture to a handsomely profitable one. Remember how I started this business series by emphasizing the need to ALWAYS ASK THE MARKET PLACE for its responses to your promotions, services, etc? Well, that little bit of advice is extraordinarily important with your headlines. Ask the market place how your headlines are doing by running the same ad at different times in the same publication while changing only the headline. Keep a record of your responses. Discover which headline did best. Then try another headline. Sooner or later you will find a headline which outpulls your first one by a wide margin. It’s like panning for gold except in this case, the gold is really there. You can test the wording of the rest of your ad in the same way. After establishing your best headline, try rewording your offer and/or your descriptive phrases. Test only one rewording at a time, however. That way you are able to discern which phraseology changes are generating the improvement. Eventually, you will sculpt an advertising masterpiece that will set you apart from the rest of your field. It’s a trial and error process, of course, and those who do it will find great rewards in the process. Those who don’t (which is

almost every advertiser) will complain that people just aren’t taking the time to read their ad OR the publication isn’t any good OR the world is not ready for their services, etc. This is garbage, of course, the world is filled with people who want your services. If you are not getting good responses to your ads then the market place is forthrightly telling you that you have advertising bad breath. So…don’t blame the consumers. That is folly. Instead…CHANGE YOUR ADS!!! Another thing about ads. This stuff about having proper visual balance, adequate white space, catchy phrases, etc. is silly. I’m not saying it is totally ineffective, mind you. But I really have to wonder about the economies of a full page ad that has a picture of an automobile and maybe 20 or 30 other words. Now maybe a picture of a brand new red sports car with a shapely model next to it has some appeal. Indeed, it might get your attention and maybe you will even admire it. But it is not likely to get you out of your chair and go down to the show room or even make a telephone call. Let’s use common sense for a moment. If you were in the market for a new car wouldn’t you like to see an ad with a photo of the car and have the rest of the page filled with information regarding gas mileage, reliability, comfort, guarantees, descriptions of the sound system, financing plans, etc. This is much more appealing to you as a buyer than is a lot of white space. You see, if you are REALLY in the market for that car, you won’t give a twit about visual balance or white space. You will devour every word on that page (hopefully several hundred words) and are much more likely to call your dealership with questions. This initiates the sales process. You WANT this material and are much more inclined to take action if it is available. If you are not in the market for that car, you will just pass on by. This is also true for clients in pursuit of healing. They are much more enticed by an honest and informative description of your services than they are by a 2 or 3 line ad with catchy phrases. There’s a perfect example of this from “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches.” Although the example is an ad for a car, the principles apply to all ads. Listen....

“….as you can see, you don’t have to be a literary genius to write a good ad…. Let me give you another example. Let’s say you found the following note from a friend in your mailbox: ‘ I have a new Caddilac that I got to sell because I’m leaving for the Service next week. It cost me $34,000 and only has 732 miles on it. Rather than sell it to some thief of a car dealer or going to the trouble of advertising, I’ll let you have it for $24,000. If you don’t have the cash, don’t worry about it because I only owe the $24,000 and you can take over my payments which are $397 a month. You know I drive careful, but I’d feel better if you’d have your mechanic check it out before you buy. In fact, if you’d like to drive it for a couple of days, I’d be glad to deliver it to you with a full tank of gas. And if you don’t like the car, I’ll take it back and you’ve had a free ride. No obligation. One thing – it’s an awful green color (but you could have it painted). If you’re interested, call me at (714) 555-1212 between 7 and 9 tonight. Your friend, Roger Atbury’ Now, that’s a good ad! It doesn’t matter that your friend doesn’t know how to spell “Cadillac” or that his grammar is atrocious. He’s told you what he’s selling, why it’s cheap, how you can easily afford it, revealed its one shortcoming (correctable), offered a free trial and told you just what you want to do if you want to buy….

Advertising, to be truly effective must be honest and informative. Otherwise, it must compete with the built in skepticism consumers have when they are reading an ad. Let me close with another example. This the announcement that I made on our email list for our advanced seminars—the ones that were filmed and became our video series known as “Steps toward becoming The Ultimate

Therapist.” It was such an effective ad (although I called it an announcement) that I had to expand the room facilities to accommodate twice as many attendees as I originally intended. I include this announcement because it contains many features of good advertising. See how many you can find. Also, for those who would like to know more about the video set, this announcement (ad) is a thorough explanation of what these seminars are about. Hugs, Gary P.S. The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches was written by Joe Karbo and is for sale at To me, it is an advertising and business Bible and a “must have” book for every serious advertiser. It also contains Joe Karbo’s version of The Palace of Possibilities (called Dyna/Psych). If interested, go to and put the word Karbo in the search box.

Advanced Seminar Announcement Hi Everyone, Our seminar is now scheduled. It is a reality and will be offered on a first come, first served basis (more on this later). It will be professionally captured on video and break new ground in the healing field. I have great enthusiasm for it and wish February would hurry up and get here. I have much to tell you about it in this message and suggest you print it out for easier reading. Please know up front, however, that this seminar is not for everyone. It is not for the merely curious or for tire kickers. It is for seekers. It is for those who know that our "limits" in therapy are largely self-imposed and wish to go beyond them. It is for those whose motors run on the "juice" of new possibilities. There will be two seminars from which you can choose and both will be filmed. Each seminar will be held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. One will be February 13, 14, & 15 and the other will be February 27, 28, & March 1. Only EFT proficient people will be admitted as we are going to build on what has already been taught. The requested donation will be $590 per person regardless of whether or not you are business partners, spouses, etc. This is the amount estimated to "break even" by covering the costs of the meeting room, filming, editing, duplicating and all the other expenses that go into a major production such as this. My time is being donated. Each attendee will receive a complete set of the videos. The location will be the Clarion Hotel, 401 East Millbrae Avenue, Millbrae, CA 94030. It is located 1 mile south of the San Francisco airport and the phone number is (415) 692-6363. They are reserving the Embarcadero Room for us on the 4th floor. It is the only meeting room on that floor and ideal for us because it is spacious and away from the normal hotel noise. I looked at over 20 hotels before negotiating this arrangement. Diagnostics and The Ultimate Therapist The seminar has been billed as a diagnostics seminar and will, for sure, have diagnostics as its centerpiece. It will be much more than that, however. The rapid nature of EFT and the diagnostics involved will allow us to launch into a whole new area of therapeutic excellence. Two or three months ago we discussed on this list the idea of The Ultimate Therapist wherein we recognized the precious value of developing our "sixth sense" as a way of "knowing" what to do in behalf of a given client. If we could consistently get our egos and self doubts "out of the way," we could develop a greater trust in our powerful (and correct) intuition. At some level we already know that our intuition (higher self) has much to offer in the area of healing. Our goal is to find a way to use it more proficiently. I expect to give you a way to do this in our seminar. That's why I'm NOT calling it EFT-Dx or anything else that emphasizes diagnostics per se. Instead our seminar will be called.... Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist One of the beauties of EFT is the rapid way in which healing manifests. Compared to conventional techniques, it is like speeding up a movie. Things happen so quickly that our intuitive senses can get a much bigger picture of what is going on. Once EFT is mastered, we can often move from issue to issue and from aspect to aspect with great ease. With enough experience, we start to develop a "knowing" about what to do next and our skills move to a higher level as we integrate the mechanical nature of the EFT process with the intuitive art of its delivery. Our seminar will take us through three steps of diagnosis each of which, with practice, will help us develop that all important "sixth sense."

The Three Steps Step 1 is an advanced form of the Shortcuts developed in the EFT course and is not, officially, a form of diagnosis. Mastering this level will enhance your existing abilities with EFT and will allow you to speed up your EFT sessions. In many instances you will be able to shorten your EFT rounds to a few seconds each. This will add elegance to what you are already doing and this alone is worthy of your attendance. More importantly, it will form a foundation on which the ensuing levels of diagnosis are built. Step 2 surpasses what most of you know as one-on-one muscle testing. This latter form of diagnosis is taught in TFT(tm)Dx and a number of other disciplines and consists of the practitioner (you) pushing down on the outstretched arm of the client while the client makes certain statements. The strength and weakness of the arm response provides evidence of PR, 9 Gamut, where to tap for the sequence, etc. Many of you are quite expert at this procedure and have used it to make great strides with your clients. Step 2 provides a faster (2 or 3 times as fast) way to do the same thing that has many other advantages, including not having to touch the client (for those of you with licensing restraints in this regard). It involves a unique procedure to self test yourself in behalf of your client which will be demonstrated repeatedly at the seminar. Once mastered, you will find that it does everything one-on-one muscle testing does, only much faster, AND you can do it in person OR over the phone. There is no need to tire a client's arm or to inject the inaccuracies a client might bring to the process via testing reversal, dehydration, etc. The only thing I retain one-on-one muscle testing for is to demonstrate to the client, in kinesthetic terms, the existence of their own Psychological Reversal. Step 2 is of great importance in "steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist" because of the sense of connection (one-mindedness) with your client that you generate by being able to rapidly determine effective tapping procedures in this surrogate manner. When you realize that you can "be" your client in this regard, it opens up whole new vistas in your belief system. It's a marvelous launching pad into the realm of that very important intuitive "sixth sense" toward which we strive. I've been doing this for over a year now and the results are impressive. Everyone has this ability although some have beliefs to the contrary. Enough practice and experience with this technique will convince anyone of its merits and provide the necessary "belief relief" to those who need it. I use it instead of Voice Technology(tm) and it is every bit as effective. This may seem strange to you because it seems at odds with the mysterious black box that is portrayed as spitting out precise and irrefutable tapping points and routines. While I have found VT(tm) very useful, I disagree with many of the claims made about it. As many of you are aware, I have signed secrecy agreements regarding VT(tm) and so am not bringing out any details here. Enough said. Step 3 evolves from Step 2. It is the next logical "step toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist" because it allows you to rely more heavily on your "sixth sense." Step 3 brings about the realization that you don't even have to selftest. YOU CAN INTUIT THE WHOLE THING. For some of you this is no jump at all because you have been relying heavily on intuition for years and welcome tools to go to yet another level. For others, this is straight out of woowoo land. To assist your mastery of this area, I will be providing some mental metaphors that are quite helpful. They are like the spikes in a telephone pole that allow the climber something to grab onto as s/he ascends the pole. They allow you to "see," "hear," or "feel," what needs to be done and provide a bridge between the tangible and intangible worlds. Ultimately, Step 3 is where we all want to be as it can also be used in areas outside of EFT. However, it is far too big a stretch for most people and that is precisely why this seminar is divided into three steps. Step 3 requires confidence, of course. It requires experience. It takes some successes before you can really have faith in it and it is unlikely that you will have those right off the bat. I certainly didn't. Step 2 is also too much of a leap for many. Fortunately, the three steps involved provide effective "fall back" positions so that you can still be effective with your clients as you progress in your mastery of the new diagnostic skills. Important Fall Back Positions Here's what I mean. You are already proficient in the basic EFT procedures or you wouldn't be coming to this seminar. You have confidence with the Basic Recipe and some of the shortcuts as a result of numerous rapid successes with yourselves and/or clients. So when you learn some new procedures in Step 1 you can give them a try and if you don't make progress at first, you can instantly fall back to the basic EFT procedures and not suffer in the results with your clients. It is easy to do. Very comfortable. You simply revert back to the familiar. With repeated tries, however, Step 1 will produce faster and more elegant benefits and you will gradually (and comfortably) shift into the newer procedures. No strain, no pain. Always a familiar fall back place. The same thing happens with Step 2. You can try the self testing and, until you become confident with it, you can fall back to Step 1. The client does not suffer in their results as you gather more experience with the new level.

Eventually, of course, you gain more confidence in Step 2 and find yourself reverting back to Step 1 less and less. But, because of the ability to fall back to familiar territory, the transition is relatively painless. Of course, Step 3 is achieved with fall backs to Step 2 or even Step 1, if you choose. Again, comfortable, easy steps. Importance of Filming Now you can see why it is so important to film this seminar. I will be demonstrating each of these levels on a wide variety of issues. You will see the art of delivery from every conceivable angle and it will all be captured on film for your repeated reviews. There will be two seminars because I want to take the best teaching sessions from each of them and edit them into one set of teaching videos. When you see the videos, it will be like attending two seminars instead of one. You won't have to rely on your notes. You won't have to worry about missing something. The whole thing will be permanently captured for you and will forever be at your fingertips. These videos, and your practice, will insure you mastery of these "steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist." Some Other Points 1. There is a long list of legal, regulatory, licensing, political, financial and other issues that must be considered after the filming is done. This will impact on whether or not these films will be made available outside of the seminars. The films will be definitely be yours (as a seminar attendee) to do with as you please. This includes using them to hold seminars of your own and teaching others. If you are coming as husband and wife or as business partners, you may sell your extra copy to someone else. It is unknown at this time if, or on what basis, they may be made available to non-seminar attendees. 2. All attendees will be required to sign an agreement regarding the filming. You must give permission for your image and voice to be recorded as you voluntarily participate in the seminar by asking questions, being part of a healing session, etc. However, in the unlikely event that anything should occur involving you during the seminar that you do NOT want made public or as part of the films, you will have the right to deny its usage so long as you inform me in writing on or before the closing of the seminar. There has only been one such denial in all the years I have been filming seminars and I don't expect it to be much of an issue here. Everything is very professionally done and the intent here is to develop a first class set of training videos without causing anyone embarrassment. 3. Also, you will be required to sign an agreement which exempts me from legal liability. This is standard stuff. You have seen it before. I have never had any physical or emotional difficulty with anyone as a result of my seminars but there could always be a first. You will, at all times, be responsible for your own physical and emotional health. 4. This is a major undertaking on my part. It is like creating a movie where one extremely dedicated, multi-talented, semi-gorgeous person agrees to fill the roles of producer, director, choreographer, negotiator, bookkeeper, lawyer, ticket salesman, film editor, lead actor and host. Further, that one very generous person does all this WITHOUT PAY. I tell you this for two reasons. First, I want to instill in you a major amount of GUILT and a huge sense of OBLIGATION toward me so that, second, the following tiny request from me will seem like nothing (which it is). What I want you to do is sign up for the seminar and make your entire $590 per person donation NOW--in advance and up front --so I can go about the business of creating this seminar without having to deal with sales, endless phone calls, people's indecision, partial payments and all the other time sucking details that go with filling the seats in a seminar. I have created this opportunity as a screaming bargain so that filling it up should not be difficult. Accordingly, reserving your place in advance isn't much of a concession. Anyone not recognizing this shouldn't attend anyway. So, I am going to reserve the seats on a first come, first serve basis. Right now there are 30 seats available for each seminar. If you wish to attend, please make your donations payable to Gary Craig and send them to me with your request for which of the two seminars you would like to attend. I will send you a confirmation as soon as your reservation is complete. If one seminar fills up before the other, I will make an announcement in that regard. 5. Hotel room rates in the San Francisco airport area start at around $120 and go up to $250 per night. The Clarion is a very nice hotel and is giving us group rates at $89 per night. This is a bargain and I suggest you reserve your rooms early (like now). Those flying in will probably need to arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday. Accordingly, you should book your room for Thursday night through Sunday night. The hotel phone number is (415) 692-6363. Tell them you are with the EFT group. 6. I do not expect to do any more seminars like this. As many of you know, I sold my business last January and intended to retire. Last June I chose to distribute EFT as an interesting thing to do during my retirement and, almost instantly, found myself with a full time job. I started with an email list of 20 or 30 people and that list (growing daily)

now exceeds 300, most of which are EFT'ers. I DO want to launch EFT into the healing community. That's why I am doing this. It is my contribution to the field. But I don't see myself as having my shoulder to the wheel like this after the seminars. Note: This WAS my thought at the time—obviously, things have changed—GC 7. There are no restrictions on your use of what you will learn at this seminar. You have complete freedom to use, discuss, teach, write about, improve upon or charge others for your new skills. You may give your own seminars using this material and call your seminars anything you like. You are welcome, even encouraged, to show the videos in any teachings or seminars you might choose to do. In summary, I will be teaching diagnosis that, in my opinion, is unique in this field and surpasses just about everything out there. I do not consider it the ultimate ending place for all diagnosis, however. I consider it a beginning and expect that most of you will accelerate beyond these techniques and exceed my skills with them. I am opening a door here. Those who walk through it will find themselves in a Palace of Possibilities. Peace, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part XII
Advertising on our web site referral pages This facility isn't just a bulletin board where people put up their quickie ads in hopes that someone will buy something. That rarely works, as many of you who put up such ads on our previous referral pages can attest. Instead, this facility will be more like a meeting place where friendship and healing coalesce. The ads will be friendly welcome mats rather than various forms of classified ads. Thousands of prospective clients perused our previous referral pages in search of someone who could help them with their issues. Unfortunately, most of what they read had no personality, was written in the third person and was loaded with alphabetic acronyms and a rundown of the practitioner's accomplishments. In a word, they were boring. They didn't reach out to the client in a human way and extend a helping hand. They were static, plastic and had no life in them. In addition, they didn't make it easy and attractive for the client to make contact. To paraphrase, most of them said, "Here is wonderful me. Please call." They didn't say, "You might be interested in my new book/brochure entitled 'Real Relief using EFT'. Email me and I'll send you a free copy" or "Let's chat for awhile on the phone without charge to see how well we might work together." Most people think of advertising as either (1) attention getting graphics with clever phrases that suck people into buying things or (2) or the tombstone type of ad that says, "I have XXX for sale, please call." Ads like these exist, of course, but they are nowhere near as effective as they could be. They miss the bullseye by a wide margin. Truly effective advertising is easy and you don't need to invade the library to learn how to do it. In fact, you don't need to learn anything. You already know how. To write an effective ad you merely write.... a welcome letter. That's it! An effective ad is simply a warm, personal message from you to someone else that reaches out and welcomes them. It is a message that might say.... "Let me suggest a free chat to see if we might work well together. Wednesday mornings are usually good for me. 555-8794" instead of.... "Here are all my achievements. Be sure to notice all the letters behind my name. Please call." Do you see the difference? Which message (ad) would YOU be more likely to respond to. The first one says, "Come on in and sit down. I would like to get to know you." while the second one is more standoffish and tends to be static, lifeless and displays "yawnable" qualities. With this in mind, let me list several advertising principles that should help you write an effective ad. 1. YOUR AD SHOULD BE A WELCOME LETTER: We covered this above. I place it first because it should be your underlying principle. Always write it in the first person as though you were writing it to a good friend. It is much more congenial that way. 2. MEET YOUR PROSPECTIVE CLIENT WHERE S/HE IS COMING FROM: This one is obvious, but often overlooked (especially in this field). Suppose, for example, you have an interest in buying some running shoes. Consequently, you walk into a shoe store and tell the salesperson what you want. The salesperson, however, seems to think it necessary to acquaint you with their inventory of high fashion shoes. So s/he takes you down those aisles, pausing to sing the praises of the latest styles and high fashions of those unwanted shoes. Since the salesperson isn't speaking to your interest, you excuse yourself and walk out. No connection. No rapport. No sale. While the prospective clients that read your ad may not be looking for running shoes, they ARE coming with a very specific focus --namely, EFT. That's where you should meet them. I know it is tempting to display all your professional credentials instead and hope that a prospective client will be wowed with the magnitude of your

magnificence. After all, you spent time and money getting these credentials and one of your motivations was to use them as a means to impress others. There's a time and place for that, of course, but it is an inefficient use of ad space to put it in your EFT web site ad. Think about it! These prospective clients are reading your ad on the EFT web site. Many have read through our impressive case histories section. Some may have downloaded the EFT manual or bought our video sets. They want to know what you can do for them with EFT. That's where they are coming from so that's where you should meet them. How obvious can this be? Don't dilly-dally down the high fashion shoe aisles by telling them about your other skills and accomplishments. You can do that later. Instead, TELL THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH EFT. Lay it out for them in clear terms with statements like.... ?? "My greatest successes with EFT have been with traumatic memories, fears, grief and self image. I must admit I was skeptical at first but became a believer after witnessing, over and over again, dramatic client improvement. " ?? "I've seen headaches disappear, nightmares vanish and I've even taken care of several cases of dyslexia in less than 3 sessions." ?? "I'm proud to have aided Vietnam war veterans who now lead normal lives without their flashbacks and nightmares. If we can do THAT with EFT, we can handle almost any other emotional issue." Let me MUST meet the client at their point of interest. 3. BUILD A BRIDGE INTO YOUR OFFICE THAT IS EASY FOR THE CLIENT TO WALK ACROSS: Here are some sample bridge building statements you may want to adjust or include within your ad... ?? "Healing is a personal experience and so we probably need to chat awhile before making any decisions. Tuesday afternoons are usually pretty good for me. You can call me then. No charge." ?? "I have a 20 page brochure entitled, 'EFT Success Stories'. It's free. You can either call my office or email me and I'll send one right out." ?? "If you would like referrals, I have a list of EFT clients that have volunteered to speak with you first hand. Chances are, some of them have had successful resolution of the same problem you are facing now. Just ask for our EFT client list and I'll send you the names and phone numbers right away." ?? "Every Thursday evening I have group EFT sessions for 2 or 3 hours. EFT works very well in groups and we usually make impressive progress for everyone. The first session is free so you can come and see how you like it. After that, the cost is only $50 per session. I usually have 20 or 30 people so it is easy to blend in. Private sessions are available too, of course." ?? "If you want, we can arrange a "guaranteed results" payment arrangement. That means we can agree on a specific result and, if you achieve it, you pay the agreed amount. Otherwise, no charge." ?? "I've had great success doing EFT over the phone and so you might want to do it that way--saves you some driving time and it's really convenient. Give me a call and we can spend 15 minutes or so on a specific issue of yours. No charge." 4. THE FIRST SENTENCE OF YOUR NARRATIVE ACTS LIKE A HEADLINE. If it doesn't speak to them, they are less likely to read further. Get to the point right away. Put the punchline up front. Examples: ?? ?? ?? ?? "Call me for a free sample phone session." "Anxiety, trauma and fears are my EFT specialties." "Let me suggest 3 ways to use EFT painlessly." "Have you tried the EFT Tearless Trauma Technique?"

5. KEEP REVISING YOUR AD UNTIL YOU GET THE RESPONSE YOU WANT: I don't know anyone who consistently gets an ad "right" the first time--including me. The reason, as I have said many times before, is that only the marketplace can tell you whether or not your ad is "right." So write your ad and wait for the marketplace to respond. Then change one thing about the ad (like the first sentence) and wait for the marketplace to respond again. Then change another thing and notice your response. Keep records. Sooner or later you will discover the "right" ad through trial and error. This is one of the main advantages of our new referral pages. You can modify you ads as much as you want AND you can do so for free. Further, your response (or lack thereof) shows up right away. You don't have to pay for an

ad and then wait days or weeks for it to be published. This quick turn around allows you to frequently test your ad and keep revising it. So, if at first you don't succeed.... Hugs, Gary

Addendum message to the EFT email support list Hi Everyone, Our do-it-yourself facility that allows EFT'ers to put their listings/ads directly onto our web site is working nicely. Many of you have used it successfully. The few that have had problems either didn't read the directions carefully OR have older computer systems that need upgrading. I realize that most healing practitioners spend their time diligently improving their skills and thus have not had much experience in the business world. This is grounds for improvement, of course, because the finest healing practitioner in the world is useless if no one knows of their existence. There must be some form of effective advertisement or promotion if clients and practitioners are going to come together. That may seem "crassly commercial" to some and, if that's you, I invite you to get out your tapping finger tips and repeat after me..."Even though I'm still in the 19th century......" Our website is fertile ground for such advertising. Tens of thousands of prospective clients peruse our referral pages each month in search of someone who might help them. If you aren't getting many responses it is NOT because no one sees your ad. It is because they are ignoring it. The principle advantages of using our website for advertising are (1) it's free and (2) you can test and change your ad all you want. It's also advantageous to clients because they can freely browse through the listings of many practitioners and easily contact (via phone or email) those whose listing interests them. They can also click right over to a practitioner's web site (if available) to find out more. I wish to emphasize the importance of being able to modify your listing whenever you choose. This allows you to test several versions (one at a time) and thus assess the "pulling power" of each one. If you are having little or no success, you can make changes in a few minutes and without cost. Then sit back for 3 or 4 weeks to see what happens. Keep records as to which versions do best. Keep refining it until you get one that works well. I have a few suggestions for improvement that came from my briefly "eyeballing" some of the recent listings. 1. While most of them exuded enthusiasm (that's good), some came across as "trying too hard." As a result they weren't believable. They were overdone and came across as hype or oversell and weren't really "welcome messages." You might, for example, wish to replace words like "amazing" with "substantial" or "high quality." Along these lines, which of these statements sounds more believable...? a. "Wow!! This EFT stuff is better than an orgasm." OR b. "I have been continually impressed with the quality of my clients' progress with EFT. So far, it has surpassed any other technique I've come across in the past 20 years of my professional career." The second one is more down to earth, more believable. It contains enthusiasm but it's not so "in your face" as to be a turnoff. As a result, it is more likely to generate a positive response from the reader. Go back and read your listing again with these thoughts in mind. Read it objectively and assess how it might sound to someone who doesn't know you. Read the listings of other practitioners and assess your gut reactions to them. Model from those that come across well.

2. Some of you did really well with the first line (effectively, the headline) of your narrative. As you may recall, the headline is a critical element in an ad. It is, in effect, the ad for the ad. A good headline invites people to read further. A poor one is often snubbed. For example, which of the following headlines is more likely to get your attention... a. "My training includes NLP and Touch for Health." OR b. "Let's chat first, no charge. 555-1234" The first one doesn't build a bridge into your office EXCEPT for those very few people who know (and care) what NLP and Touch for Health is. Otherwise, it's a candidate for the "Snore of the Month" award. The second one builds a bridge. It offers an open hand, a no-cost opportunity to explore further. This is the type of headline that invites the reader to keep reading. 3. Another item that goes along with the headline is "putting the punch line up front." I mentioned this in a previous message. Essentially, one should take the most enticing part of the narrative and use it as the first line (headline). This is the big interest getter and is most likely to draw attention to the body of your listing. Some of you left your punch line at the end where it is less likely to be read. 4. Also, despite my previous suggestions to the contrary, some of you insist on dedicating several lines to the prominent display of your various credentials and trainings. This may have great meaning to you and you may think it impresses prospective clients. However, please remember that the people seeing your ad on our web site are CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH EFT. If you list everything else you do, you run the risk of confusing the client. More importantly, you are sending a message that says, "I'm not really as proficient with EFT as others. I do a lot of other things." If that's what you want to say, fine. But don't expect a maximum response. 5. Finally, some of you did not read the directions carefully regarding paragraphs. It was clearly stated that the coding between paragraphs should be <BR><BR>. Many of you only put in one <BR> while others put in <Break><Break>. Neither of these latter efforts produced satisfactory results. I know some of this stuff can be a bit technical but the directions are quite clear. Please read the directions carefully. Failure to do so is the number one cause behind those having problems with this do-it-yourself facility. Hugs, Gary Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part XIII
Taking apart an actual ad Hi Everyone, This article should help you do business with EFT. I am about to launch a major advertising campaign which should be of value to not only EFT'ers but also to those using/promoting other energy related techniques. With appropriate advertising the word will spread much more quickly and this will hasten the day when the "tapping techniques" will become a household word. Everyone benefits when this happens because it creates a larger base of users that share a common conviction. The first ad will appear in the next issue of the Psychotherapy Networker. For your perusal and study, I am including the text at the end of this article. If you prefer, you can click here to see an exact copy of the ad (including the layout, photo, etc.). You are welcome to print it out and give copies to friends and clients. It may prove to be a worthwhile interest getter. You are also encouraged to borrow any of the phraseology for use in your own advertising. Please note that the above is a pdf file and thus you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view it. If you don't already have this reader, you can download it for free at Let me walk you through the lead-in to this ad so we can "take it apart" and thus view some of the business logic behind it. First, please note that my biggest challenge here is to make this strange process believable to an audience of skeptics (to date, over 95% of the therapists reading this magazine have little or no exposure to EFT). Since the headline is the all-important doorway to any ad, I simply must use it to set the stage AND provide believability. Here's the headline... STA NFORD ENGINEER BRINGS EINSTEIN'S DISCOVERIES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY. Let's take it apart. First, I used the term STANFORD ENGINEER because (1) the Stanford name exudes authority, (2) the term plays upon the widely accepted notion that many scientific advances come from outsiders to the field and (3) it portrays me as engineer....who can properly comment on Einstein's discoveries. Next, I borrowed Einstein's name because there is no more believable authority in the world than Albert Einstein. His discoveries represent the foundation of all modern physics and, to my knowledge, no-one disagrees with him. In the public perception...if Einstein says something, it is true. So...since Einstein's most famous discovery is that all things (including our bodies) is made of energy, this provides a natural lead-in to our energy related procedures. Now, look at the first 3 paragraphs. They build a bridge from the headline to the our topic. They are designed to move the reader from our headline to: "a major oversight in the field of emotional healing" "everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy" "energy related procedures have now been clinically demonstrated thousands of times to dramatically reduce the sting of traumatic memories, grief, anger, phobias and almost any emotional ailment you can name" The rest of the ad points to the many advantages of EFT and, most importantly, the necessity to visit our web site. This is the ultimate goal of the ad. If readers don't visit our web site, then the ad fails. Two items of importance about ads are...

1. ALL ADS ARE EXPERIMENTS...including this one. I will never know how well it "pulls" until after it has run. After that I can assess its effectiveness and adjust it accordingly. 2. It doesn't matter whether or not you like the ad. THE ONLY MEASURE OF A GOOD AD IS HOW WELL THE PUBLIC RESPONDS TO IT. In the case of this ad, I will be monitoring the activity on our web site both before and after the ad has run. The extra traffic we receive will be my evidence of the ad's effectiveness. I hope this helps. As promised, the text of the ad follows. Hugs, Gary

TEXT OF THE AD Stanford engineer brings Einstein’s discoveries to psychotherapy New doors open as free and “almost free” materials provide quality training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). (It often works where nothing else will) Dear Professional, There has been a major oversight in the field of emotional healing. Over 70 years ago Einstein brought us his famous equation E=mc . Simply stated this means that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. This is so widely accepted that not one scientist on the planet disagrees with it. Until recently, however, it has gone unnoticed by the psychotherapy profession. This is true even though energy related procedures have now been clinically demonstrated thousands of times to dramatically reduce the sting of traumatic memories, grief, anger, phobias and almost any emotional ailment you can name (see Further, it is usually rapid, long lasting and relatively gentle. It often works where nothing else will. Success rates Let me hasten to add that these new procedures don’t do everything for everyone. Unless you truly master them, you will fail at least 20% of the time. However, newcomers that use only the “mechanics” of the process achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem about 50% of the time. Those who master the “art of delivery” enjoy this type of success over 80% of the time—even on such intense issues as PTSD, phobias, rape and grief. The underlying idea here is that your clients aren’t “mentally blocked”. Rather they are “energy blocked”. This refreshing way of viewing the human system suggests that an important cause of emotional problems can be found in the disruption of the subtle energies that are known to circulate throughout our bodies. We find repeatedly that properly stimulating these subtle energies (by tapping on them with our fingertips) results in new levels of emotional freedom. That’s why we call the procedure Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT for short). Interestingly, our results aren’t limited to emotional issues. As you can appreciate, bringing relief to someone’s anger, fear or trauma also brings relief to physical ailments Along these lines, I have personally used these techniques to relieve people’s headaches (even migraines), carpal tunnel, lactose intolerance, joint pain, stomach disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, asthma and over 100 other physical ailments. Visit our web site at and you will find an endless list of successes ranging from back pain to fibromyalgia. They are written mostly by your professional peers and their clients
2 .

We also have successes with anxiety, depression and abuse. In addition, the true masters of EFT report impressive results with addictions, overweight and even psychotic problems. EFT is affordable to learn Fortunately, it is both easy and low cost to add EFT to your “people helping toolbox.” Go to our web site and you will find a list of “free and almost free stuff”. This includes the completely free 79 page EFT Manual that you can download. It contains all the theory and the mechanics of EFT. You can also listen in on our free EFT email support list and receive recent case histories, tips, hints, how-to’s and other useful support. The above will get you started. After that, if you want complete professional training you can order our low-cost advanced training videos. Workshops are also available around the world. You can view listings for them on our web site and you can even list your own. No charge. Mission As should be clear by now, this ad is part of a mission to bring these procedures to your attention. That is why there is so much free info on our web site and it is also why learning EFT in a quality way is so affordable. It is satisfying beyond words to know that thousands are getting impressive relief every day by using these procedures. It’s what makes my motor run nowadays. With great respect for all that you do, Gary Craig, Founder, EFT P.S. If you choose to use EFT you can list yourself for free on the “Find an EFT Practitioner” section of our web site (it is visited over 6,000 times per month by prospective clients). Return to menu

Building a Thriving Practice--Part XIV
How to generate referrals for EFT Hi Everyone, When it comes to marketing your EFT services, your most valuable asset is NOT your fancy office or your personal good looks. Neither is it the frequency or quality of your advertising. Instead..... is your list of satisfied customers. This is common sense, of course, because (1) these folks already know you, (2) you have rapport with them ... AND ... (3) they have experienced EFT for themselves. They also know boatloads of people who could use your services and their hearty recommendation carries far more weight than the best advertisement you could possibly create. Unfortunately, most practitioners (including you?) sit back and assume that satisfied clients are going to enthusiastically beat your drum and shoo armies of people through your door. Not so ... as you've no doubt recognized. Some clients may do this, of course, but their efforts will likely fade in a short period of time. In practice, they have other things to do than be your overt, unpaid salesperson. That doesn't mean you can't develop a steady stream of referrals from your satisfied clients. To the contrary, you both can and should. John Russo from Chesapeake, VA generates these important referrals by the very simple and logical process of following up with clients. Through his techniques, he has developed 4 offices (known as the Feel Better Centers) and a personal client list of 500. Please note that there is nothing unusual or magic about John's method. He is just doing what everyone should do ... but hardly anyone does. Most practitioners allow this valuable resource to wither on the vine. John provides the details of this and other referral gathering methods in his letter below. I would add that another obvious thing to do is gather each client's email address and send them an informative email newsletter once or twice per month. Do follow-ups like those suggested here this take time? Of course. But they take less time than trying to scare up new clients from other sources. Hugs, Gary

By John Russo Dear Gary; Referrals are the backbone of the Feel Better Center. We go out into our community with free demonstrations in libraries, senior meetings, anywhere a group function needs a speaker we are there. We also have corporate programs designed to aid in worker morale and ability. We get many new clients from these functions, because they actually see EFT work. For each group we address, we get an average of four new clients. Our money back guarantee policy eliminates any fear of coming to us. Our policy instills trust and confidence that if we do not help them with their issue, they will not pay. This is an amazing statement to make about our ability to help them. “How does the Feel Better Center get referrals ?” has been a question asked by many colleagues. If I may, I’d very much enjoy passing along this simple, yet effective tip. Here is the basic follow up system we use for each client.

1. Contact each client within five days of his or her session. This simple telephone call sets us apart from the traditional health care community. It shows we care. 2. Select calling times. Our greatest success has been to call primarily between 7 and 8:30 p.m. for working people. This time frame, in most cases eliminates the possibility of interfering with mealtime or other activities. If your client is a retired person, a shift worker or you are calling on the weekend the best time to call is between 1:00-3:30 p.m. The conversation goes basically like this: (After the initial shock of a health practitioner/therapist calling them.) “Hello (clients name) this is John Russo from the Feel Better Center, I am calling to see how you’re doing.” If the challenge is resolved you are their hero. The most common response I get is “I don’t know what you did but the (challenge) is gone. Thank You!” (If the challenge persists, then I immediately ask on a scale of 0 to 10 where would you say the challenge is? We do EFT right there on the phone. The Feel Better Center policy is never to charge for working on an unresolved issue already addressed. If a new challenge arises, make an immediate appointment with your client and charge accordingly. The rewards are great. Everyone has a friend or family member that will benefit from EFT. You are not only their practitioner; you are a friend. You have gained their trust, respect and confidence. Why? Because you are not on an ego trip or caught up in a title, you are easy to relate to. Your client feels comfortable when you ask them if their friends or family have noticed a difference in them. At this point, inevitably I will be asked “Do you think you can help my ( ) ? They have (challenge) and can’t seem to get help." At this point I say, "EFT often works when nothing else will, I will be happy to try to help. What is ________'s phone number? Do you know the best time to call them?" However, Do not be surprised if within a few seconds you are talking with your referral. In most cases it is a family member or a friend that is close to them. At the very least, you will get their number or a phone call from the person referred to you. One out of every three clients has given me a new client simply through a follow up phone call. Why would they call you? You helped their friend. You cared enough to follow up. In the case of the Feel Better Center’s policy: there is no charge for the initial consultation and if they receive no relief, we honor our Money Back Guarantee. You are never too busy. No matter how large a client base you have; make the time to follow up on each client. Follow-ups make the difference. I sincerely hope this basic outline will help each therapist become more aware of just how important follow-up contact can be. I try to contact each of my clients regularly. Some of which are away defending our country against terrorism. I want to stress most emphatically, EFT works. And in most cases the effects are permanent. Blessings to all, John Russo Return to menu

Growing Betty's Business - Using our business principles in practice
In this well written article by Betty Moore-Hafter, we see many of the EFT principles in Building a Thriving Practice unfold as a true success story. Read it carefully and draw your own parallels to Betty's case. There is much to learn here. Read it carefully and draw your own parallels to Betty's case. There is much to learn here. Note how she uses these principles to go from "I have a small private practice in Burlington, VT." to "I have a thriving national and international practice based in Burlington, VT." Also, I make some augmenting comments within her article. Hugs, Gary

By Betty Moore-Hafter Dear Gary, It's been almost exactly three years since I attended the EFT Specialty Series 1 training you did in Flagstaff, AZ. It's amazing how much my life has changed and how the issue I began facing then has truly been transformed. I'd like to share my story with you. A very strange thing happened to me in Flagstaff. We were working as a group on blocks to our business success with EFT. You had microphones set up around the room and people who wanted to share had to step up to a mic. Well, I had something to share, but I couldn't seem to get you to call on me. I waited in line at one, then at another, even at a third, but always just before it was my turn, you'd call on people standing at a different mic. What was so ironic was that this was precisely the issue I wanted to share, namely, that "I couldn't put myself forward" !! I later found out that, due to the light in your eyes, the mike at which I was standing was entirely invisible to you on stage. My childhood issue is invisibility and there was always shame for calling attention to oneself or putting oneself before others. GC COMMENT: Note the important principle in effect here that we radiate our inner thoughts. Our consistent thoughts become our reality. If we have inner thoughts of shame and invisibility, for example, those thoughts radiate from us and show up in our words, gestures, choices, etc. Others pick up on this subtle radiation and magically act in according with our "unstated wishes." Fortunately, this radiation occurs with positive inner thoughts as well. BETTY CONTINUES: I finally called your attention to my plight but said, "don't worry, go ahead with the others first." And I never got a turn. My issues were being re-enacted! It's so funny now, but at the time, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was in a lot of emotional intensity. I went back to my room and tapped for an hour, and that helped -I was definitely tuned in to the issue. I also believe that there were immense Borrowed Benefits that we received from that training. GC COMMENT: This whole training, including Betty's aforementioned "participation" is contained within our video set, EFT Specialty Series 1. Something did shift during that workshop and although I never was able to "put myself forward" at that Flagstaff event, I did indeed put myself forward very quickly when you offered to the participants a special small-group training with you at your home in The Sea Ranch that following May. I think I was the second person to call you! Once there, I dared to put forward some writing I'd done on how to present EFT as well as another EFT resource I had. You liked these and said, "So, Betty... how would you like to make these available to others? I'll announce them on my e-mail list and then, when people write to you, you can put them on your e-mail group." GC COMMENT: I remember this well. Betty was now radiating a combination of competence and sincerity rather than invisibility. She was still a bit timid but the more important radiation was there. Although I didn't say to my self, "Gee, what nice radiation", I obviously picked up on her radiation and responded accordingly. That's how radiation tends to work. BETTY CONTINUES: "But I don't have an e-mail group," I said. Your reply? "You will when those people write to you!" Thus was born the Rising Sun EFT Group, a forum for sharing EFT stories and ideas which I maintain, and it now has over 800 members around the world!

GC COMMENT: Once she had an email group, her writings automatically classified her as an author. Thus she became an AUTHORity, one of the important principles contained in the Building a Thriving Practice web site series. BETTY CONTINUES: Some of the business-building ideas that you gave us at the Flagstaff 2001 event and in that small-group training included 1) "becoming an authority" by authoring articles and books; 2) "becoming visible through the media" by appearing on public access TV; 3) "creating a newsletter that speaks for you as a person," including humor and inspiration, not primarily promotional but offering people something of value; 4) "networking and visibility" through whatever local organizations there are, hospital health and wellness, adult education, etc. -even if we offer groups for free or low cost, we're still gaining the visibility; 5) "writing up your own EFT successes," perhaps in a little booklet to give to people; and 6) "corporate contacts," presenting ourselves as resources for businesses, letting them know what we could do for them. At the time, these ideas struck terror to my soul -- who was I to do any of this? But the seeds were planted and, thanks to EFT, the old blocks were collapsing. GC COMMENT: This is critically important. Many business oriented workshops stress various "how-to's" and ignore the all important emotional resistances in the way of success. I speak of these "comedies" written on our mental walls at length in my 6 hour presentation on our video series, EFT Specialty Series 1. EFT, of course, can aim at these comedies and thus bring down those barriers. When the barriers are gone, the "how-to's" are much easier to implement. BETTY CONTINUES: It took some time but now, three years later, I can say that I'm on my way to achieving all of the above! Some of those are just in the beginning stages; others are pretty well developed. There are two final pieces to my story. Early in 2003, I completed my EFT manual called "Tapping Your Amazing Potential with EFT" -- my first published work! I sent it to you so you could take a look. I wanted to be sure you were comfortable with how I was using EFT. When you didn't respond very quickly, I got cold feet -- "Oh no", I thought, "Gary doesn't like it!" By the time we talked, I was clearly triggered, and you just laughed (you thought my manual was fine). This led to your asking me to do a demonstration session with you at the subsequent Borrowing Benefits training held two years later at Flagstaff. So there I was, dealing with my issue in front of the whole group -- on camera! What a change from the first Flagstaff 2 years earlier -- I don't think I could have been more visible this time!!! Moreover, I had both my manual and my professionally-recorded EFT/hypnosis CD's to sell at the conference. Talk about "putting myself forward"! And the amazing session with you collapsed yet another piece of my inner blockages to success and visibility. Since the Borrowing Benefits workshop, things have been moving even more quickly. Not immediately, though. There was even a lull in the fall and I was wondering, why is my practice still so small? In December 2003, I realized something. You always say, "your consistent thoughts become your reality." Here's something else you said: "To go to a new level, you have to think it first. And you must dream it -- create it in your mind -- and this is the pull that will draw you into it." It suddenly dawned on me that I had always told people, "I have a small private practice in Burlington, VT." That was indeed how I thought of myself. Whoa! Could I be keeping myself small by this self-image and self-talk? GC COMMENT: Of course! How we see ourselves has heavy influence on how our lives unfold. These inner visions of ourselves, depending on their quality, become either our walls or our doorways into the Palace of Possibilities BETTY CONTINUES: I made a firm decision then and there to never call myself "small" again. I decided to say to myself every day, "I have a thriving national and international practice based in Burlington, VT." And it was true enough, sometimes I had done phone sessions for people in different parts of the country, and sometimes my manual and CDs would sell to people around the world. I started dreaming about what that would be like -- for it all to become "a thriving national and international practice." Sales, phone sessions, eventually travel..." GC COMMENT: This, of course, is a classic affirmation. Most people fail with affirmations because they don't understand that the true affirmation is NOT the statement itself. Rather, it is the "tail-enders", or "yes, buts..." that show up after the affirmation. When these tail-enders are properly identified and collapsed with EFT, the original affirmation has no competition and thus manifests much more easily. In Betty's case, EFT collapsed her tail-enders thereby allowing her affirmation to manifest. This is critically important to understand.

BETTY CONTINUES: Well, you won't believe what happened. Almost immediately, a flow of business began that I'm still amazed at. I "put myself forward" by sharing information on my CDs with my e-mail group and more than doubled the sales in a couple of days. Requests for phone sessions rolled in until I've had several a week, from around the country. The phone started ringing and now I'm booked about a month in advance! I'm offering classes (weight loss, smoking cessation and an EFT class) with the local hospital wellness program and they got so many calls, we've added extra sections. My monthly income has probably doubled in these last three months. I'm really astonished! I do think that the ability to make that change in my self-perception grew out of all the tapping I've done for my own issues since Flagstaff 2001. And the groundwork has taken time and effort -- writing the manual, creating the CDs, developing the classes to teach. I had to develop the quality offerings. But the hard work pays off so much more when you're free of that fear of putting yourself forward. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. And, thanks to EFT, I've been able to "take them and run with them" rather than holding back out of fear and the "writing on my walls." So, that's my story. You can use it in any way you like if it will be useful to others. Love, Betty