‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ & ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ The first ‘faction’ novel by Ian Quartermaine was ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’.

One of a set of six stand alone stories in four books, each with subtle links to the others, all have Ian Quartermaine’s fast moving, brutally frank, pull no punches, extremely graphic writing style. An offbeat. cross cultural romance wrapped up in an adventure story involving corruption, festering revenge, sexual politics and sex in the raw, ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ was based on actual events. A ‘cult’ success with five pressings and first editions of ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ changing hands on the Internet at up to $200, plus a slew of to-kill-for reviews, all occurred despite distribution being interfered with by behind-the-scenes powers who perhaps saw themselves accurately described as corrupt characters in the book (Thai and British), and without one paid advert! As one newspaper reviewer described it: A classic ‘sleeper’. Nine years after the book was first released in Thailand alone - too hot for politically-correct Western publishers, it was said - enough real life events have occurred to allow Ian Quartermaine to create the sequel to ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’. As with the first novel, ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ Return to the Triangle - has changed the names to protect the guilty. The triangle refers to the Golden Triangle and the Human Triangle.

‘The Book They Tried to Ban’
In its initial release in Thailand, ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ engendered a tremendous amount of controversy. Unofficially banned for review because it was ‘uncensored’ - despite sex in Thailand being available in every conceivable format apparently such goings-on cannot be publicly acknowledged. Despite this unofficial ban on coverage in the Thai press, a handful of English speaking freelance reviewers gave the book to-kill-for reviews. Over the years, the Internet added more. By Thai standards, its fifth pressing made ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ a best seller - and all without one paid advert. The controversy even made the distributor reluctant to put the novel on bookshop shelves, making the book’s sales figures even more astounding - as for almost half of the time ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ just could not be purchased. Unknown by the general public - something big Western publishers like to keep to themselves - many well promoted novels from their lists can sell as little as 30 copies in the whole of their Thai release. In comparison, its five pressings has made ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ a massive success in Siam. Another unexpected factor, was that a character in the book - a British ex-public school type whose sexual tastes ran to dressing up in French maid’s clothing, spanking and paedophilia - gained a lot of flack from ex-pat Brits educated in private boarding schools. These ‘private’ schools are called ‘public’ in Britain to fool foreigners and the working classes into thinking they are available to all, whereas they are only really open to children of the rich and influential. One of this social group - an over-the-hill, freelance ‘stringer’ in Bangkok, passing himself off as a ‘foreign

correspondent’ for The Times of London - went as far as to get his virulent objections in print. Not on purpose, he just didn’t realise his behind-the-scenes, bitter and twisted comments would be fair game to publish by the journalist he was speaking to. Talk about being hoisted by your own petard, as this former ‘News of the Screws’ reporter had predominately made his living from digging the dirt on others. The nationally published article confirmed that this frustrated author minus the talent to actually write a book himself, was obsessed with ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ and the character which he apparently considered resembled him. Little did he realise, but his obsession with ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ and a character in it, confirmed the power of Ian Quartermaine’s prose, plot and characterisation - and the author’s ability to involve and affect people - making our stringer confront his own character flaws. Aptly, the cover of the book carries a warning advising people of a sensitive disposition and those who emanate from a sheltered personal background, ‘not’ to buy it. We guess that a private boarding school in times past would pass as a sheltered personal background, regarding almost everything except spanking - the ‘Vice Anglaise’ - and paedophilia. Andrew D, your conduct needed exposing. This Walter Mitty, fake Times of London Foreign Correspondent, was later found guilty of libel in Thailand and received a suspended prison sentence and a large fine - which he did not have the means to pay! Ian Quartermaine brought the secrets of the British ruling classes private perversions out into the open, ensuring that ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ gained a lot of flack. Will ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ do the same? As they say in Thailand: “Up to you!”

NB. ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ contains a considerable amount of the most explicit scenes of sex and violence. Do not purchase if you are of a sensitive disposition or emanate from a sheltered personal background. Other books by Ian Quartermaine: ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ ‘White Slavery - For King and Country’ ‘From Other Worlds’ ‘Cybernaut’ ‘Siam Streetfighter’


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ISBN: 978-616-90445-4About IQ Inc. A group of actors, writers, graphic designers and intellectual property licencing executives combined in an informal relationship to write, mentor other authors and package hard hitting, edgy, real life projects for publication as books and movies. The controversial and successful novel ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ was the first project, ‘White Slavery, For King & Country’ - which obtained a ‘Book of the Year’ nod - the second. Both were superbly reviewed. Two sci-fi novels - ‘From Other Worlds’ and ‘Cybernaut’ - were released simultaneously. These also obtained superlative reviews. ‘Siam Streetfighter followed. ‘The Magick Papers’, by Antonio Pineda, is another non-formula literary work from a talented writer, discovered and mentored by the group. A common thread with all these titles is that they were edited and packaged by an author in his own right, Jake Anthony. Many others projects are currently on release.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Deepest appreciation to Kevin O’Brien Ray Escobar Ian Smart

Graphics: Bird and Jake Anthony

The Story: After their extremely dangerous mission in the Golden Triangle - surprised to be alive and much richer than before - our formerly discredited, ex-SAS security consultant and his much younger, Eurasian female partner - in business and pleasure - are subtly blackmailed and simultaneously bribed, into accepting another dangerous, freelance mission whereby they will get the blame if it goes wrong and the consortium of Thai and Western governmental security services will take the credit if it does not. With their sexual relationship still as hot as the Thai climate, and their sexual politics feud ongoing, creates a complex, unconventional, often funny, multi faceted relationship between the male and female good guys. To this must be added double-dealing and triple cross from the authorities and the multiple bad guys they are up against! The sex scenes in the preceding novel - ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ were described as shamefully readable. From the very first chapter in this sequel, it is up to the reader to judge whether that explicitly frank standard still stands up! Something Steven Hunt always manages to do! With a writing style which more than one press critic has described as a cross between traditional novel and screenplay, making it feel like you are watching a movie rather than reading a novel, so fast moving is the pace, the five previous Ian Quartermaine novels have obtained a world wide ‘cult’ following for the near decade since ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ was first released solely in Siam. Too hot for politically-correct Western publishers, it has been said. Almost certainly alien to the majority of people in the West, Thai culture is a million miles away from the cosy world of Middle England or Middle America, that Thailand could be on another planet. Siam has no grasp of the concept that sex is sinful, so although possibly eye opening to Western readers, the content of this book is absolutely authentic. Uncensored, tough, funny, and told in today’s language, ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ returns to the triangle . The human triangle and the Golden Triangle. Once again, it is based on actual events. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. NB. ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ contains a considerable amount of expletives and the most explicit scenes of sex and violence. Do not purchase if you are of a sensitive disposition or emanate from a sheltered personal background. However, if you wish to learn how to say “fuck you” in Lao...................... 12

‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ Return to the Triangle
A Novel by Ian Quartermaine
(C) 2010.

Edited and Packaged by Jake Anthony

For the benefit of readers from the West, Thai words are spelt phonetically.

Fucked Again
“Bollards,” Gunn exclaimed, almost to herself, as she sat naked on the side of the bed and caught a long, well manicured fingernail on the elastic of her bikini briefs as she tried to pull them over her ankles. Naked other than tiny panties at her ankles, she nursed her not quite broken fingernail. Gunn’s Buddhist mindlessness had kept her one word curse, quiet. She did not wish to wake Steven, who was laying next to her on the bed they had shared for the night. I think you mean ‘bollocks,” Steven quietly said as he opened his eyes, his well honed, ex-SAS instinct for survival having aroused him the moment Gunn had sat up on the bed beside him.

Steven smiled at Gunn’s English language error. “Bollards are largish things that go between two lanes of a highway. Bollocks are largish things that go between a man’s legs, either side of his 007 and a half. You meant it as a curse word.” “Bollards, bollocks, you know what I meant, so what does it matter?” Steven placed his arms around Gunn’s back, gently cupping his hands over her childlike breasts. “But your English language skills are very good. You were pretty close and I did know what you meant.” “You are the horniest man I have ever met,” Gunn said as she turned to stare into Steven’s face, allowing his hands to move deftly sideways to cup his hands around her breasts from the front. “A complaint or a compliment?” Steven asked. Gunn did not reply, as she kicked the bikini briefs away from around her ankles and pulled the sheet covering Steven’s lower body away and laid her naked body across his. “Penal servitude again, if I’m lucky,” Steven added with a wry smile. “Shhhhh,” Gunn quietly said. “The sight of your naked body and your hands on one of my erogenous zones has made me feel really horny.” “Do you mean your tits?” Steven semi-stated, semiasked. “Erogenous zones, far too clever for a fucking woman.”

“Fucking woman is it?” Gunn semi-stated, semiasked, as she touched Steven’s penis till it got hard enough for her to slip it inside the end of her moist, baby sized pussy. “Fucking woman for sure, right now if you are a good boy. OK for you?” she asked in a soft, little girl voice. Steven did not reply, his soft growl of pleasure and the gentle, sensuous movement of his body in unison with Gunn’s rhythmic motion, saying more than words ever could.


A Rude Awakening
A phone call two hours later interrupted what was a contented, postcoital slumber. “Is that my mobile or yours?” Gunn mumbled as her arm fumbled around her side of the bed, seeking her phone. “It’s yours I think, she said a bit louder than before, as she discovered that her phone was silent and tried to rouse Steven as the sound of some English classical music - the ring tone of Steven’s mobile continued on the other side of the bed. Steven failed to answer, not giving a toss whether the phone was ringing or not. He was interested only in the moment, which was the pleasant feeling of floating in the deep sleep that only a good fuck can engender.

Gunn leant over Steven’s naked body to grab the phone on his side of the bed, tweaking his penis and flicking his nuts with her fingers as she did so. “Bollocks, did you have to do that?” Steven said, his blissful sleep fucked for sure now. “Not have to but it did the trick. Wake you up, I mean. Your phone not mine, so maybe important.” Steven just laid down on his other side with his back to Gunn. “You answer it.” “Yes, your majesty. Secretary will answer phone for big boss.” Gunn picked up Steven’s phone. “I hate that awful music. English classical music not to Thai people’s taste.” “I will change it to some really nice Isaan folk music, sometime,” Steven mumbled, before relaxing again and closing his eyes. “Who? Who? I don’t recognise your voice. Can you speak louder?” Gunn asked as she laid back on her side of the bed with Steven’s phone in her hand. The prod in Steven’s ribs with her elbow was not to Steven’s liking. “You are getting just like a wife these days,” he said. “No consideration for your lord and master’s needs, comfort and wishes.” “It’s your boss,” Gunn said as she held the phone in front of Steven’s mouth. “I’m freelance, don’t have a boss,” Steven replied. “Former boss, Khun Double-Barrelled,” Gunn said with a quiet laugh. “Mr. Rupert Montgomery-Fairfax.”

“I suppose I’d better stand to attention,” Steven said as he forced himself to wake up enough to take the phone from Gunn’s hand. “You stood to attention two hours ago, and it was very nice,” Gunn replied. “If I stand to attention in that way for Wupert, he never could say his ‘r’s, he will get the wrong idea and think I’ve become as gay as he is. Fuck, what does he want now?” “A bit of quiet blackmail probably, if his last conversation with me a few months ago is anything to go by [*],” Gunn confirmed. “Bollocks to him. Espionage work, security work or any work is not what I’m looking for at this moment in time. I’m too fucking old for danger and shit like that. We scored enough cash from our last escapade not to have to work again. Trust an English civil servant not to let clever people like us to get away with our ill-gotten gains. We did earn it after all, and got rid of a really bad man from Bosnia as well as a bunch of bastards from your area. We also rid the world of a great stash of drugs that would have hurt a lot of people. Well, you got rid of the very bad man from Bosnia. I was just a surprised bystander. You saved my life while you were at it.” Steven clasped Gunn’s hand, but his eyes said more. “Compliments will get you everywhere,” Gunn replied with a wry smile. “Answer the phone and speak to Rupert or he will put you on kitchen duty.”

“Jankers. Thank Christ I’m not in the army any longer. You just brought back some shit memories of boot camp.” “Answer the phone,” Gunn said again. Steven did as he was told and finally relieved Rupert of his tense moment by answering the phone and speaking to him. “And what gives us the pleasure of your gay, dulcet tones, Rupert? Or should I call you, sir?” [*] In the last chapter of ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ (one).


Inter Country Intercourse
The meeting between Rupert Montgomery-Fairfax, Steven and Gunn was to be held in a large, sumptuously furnished room in an old building in the well manicured gardens of the British Embassy, in Wittaya Road. Or Wireless Road to give it its English name, off Sukhumvit, Bangkok. As Steven and Gunn walked through the gardens of the Embassy, towards what was at one time probably the residence of an important, or self-important official on the embassy staff, Steven gave Gunn an order, but stated more as a request. “Darling, this is Wireless Road and expect wires and recording devices where we are meeting. Many probably, so don’t admit to anything, pretend ignorance, and let me do the talking. OK?”

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