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Table of Contents
1. Note from me!
2. Importance of Recruitment
3. Important Dates
internship pace-ing
Polyvore of cute PACE inspiration
End of summer PACE contest
Makeup tips and tricks
5. Elevator pitch
Worksheet from workshop, examples of excellent Elevator pitches
6. Clap 5 review
7. Conversation Tips/Tricks
Preference - know your story and be able to tell your story
8. Recruitment 2015 Rules and Dress code for Formal Recruitment
9. Summer Social Challeng
10. Recruiting in your hometown (or summer internship location)

To my lovely sisters!
First off, I hope you are all having an amazing summer full of
great stories and (hopefully) some incredible pace-ing. I miss
everyone like crazy and cannot wait to catch up in the fall! I realize
that recruitment is probably one of the last things on your mind at the
moment, but Ive been working hard this summer so that I could get
this info to you the first week of July!
In this handbook, youll find a lot of awesome PACE inspiration,
tips and tricks for everything from conversations to hair and makeup,
refreshers of past workshops, some PACE contests, and finally our
dress code for recruitment (so long as Panhel has no issues with it!)
Please read through this carefully, contact me with any and all
questions, and get excited for an incredible semester! With a new
sorority coming to campus, we have to be the best recruiters that ever
were, and I have all the faith that we will do amazingly!
Also, I am looking for a recruitment All Stars Dream Team to be
my go-to group when I need recruiters for informal, tabling, etc. as
well as to help me lead things during polish week and to be bump
group captains in the spring! If you are interested, please let me
Finally, keep your eyes open for a google doc later this week to
share any and all PNM recommendations. Feel free to recommend
girls even if we have contacted them before, as I want to make sure
we are reaching out to plenty of potential new members!
Love you all!
[Redacted], VP Recruitment 2014

Importance of Recruitment
Outside of the usual recruitment is the lifeblood of our organization
argument is that recruitment leads to all of the amazing things that we
love. The more amazing sisters we have, the more we are able to do in
terms of philanthropy, the better bonds we will form, and the more fun well
have! It is important for us to be strong recruiters because we are a values
based organization, and we want to make sure every PNM wants to be an
Alpha Chi, so that we can choose the best fits for our organization. Nothing
is more heartbreaking than an amazing girl who is by nature an Alpha Chi
choosing another chapter because we did not put enough effort into
recruiting her.
The Football Analogy:
Just like a football team needs to practice before they can play a game, we
need to practice recruiting and develop the skills involved in recruiting
before we can start talking to PNMs. When we practice for recruitment, we
are just like a football team getting ready for the big game on Saturday. We
pour our hearts into going through the routines, memorizing the plays,
synchronizing with our teammates. When Game Day (Recruitment) comes,
we are a goal oriented team who is determined to win. We put on our
neatly pressed, perfectly starched uniforms, lace up brand new cleats, and
head onto the field. As a fan, when you watch a football team enter the
stadium, you expect those clean uniforms and a team that looks like a
team. If a football team entered the stadium wearing mismatched, dirty, torn
uniforms, you would expect very little of them, and the team would not have
the same confidence as a team that looks prepared. That is why we have
recruitment outfits - we are part of the same team and need to look the

*August 30 - Greek BBQ
*September 10-26- COB
October 19 - Dress Checks 1
October 19 - Tabling
November 15 - MRC training
November 22 - Dress Checks 2
November 23 - Tabling
January 17-19 - Polish Weekend
******January 29-February 3 Recruitment
Note, events listed with an asterisk * are tentative - the dates are there as
an informal FYI, and more information along with concrete dates will be
passed along once it is made available to me.
Beyond that, we will be having one workshop a month (Sept, Oct, Nov, and
Dec), with dates TBD. Our final round of dress checks will be the first
weekend in December. I will be posting these dates the first week of
classes, so just remember to look out for those!

2. PACE!

Pace: Promote Alpha Chi Everyday (being strategic, repping, creating
a brand every day!)
When you PACE, you are a walking advertisement of Alpha Chi Omega.
You should be promoting the best parts of AXO anytime you are wearing
letters (our strong sisterhood, our intelligence, our kindness, our genuine
nature, etc.) The idea behind PACE is that you are the best version of who
you are, not through image alone, but through preparation and confidence
for every aspect of your day. You chose to be a part of our brand (AXO),
and we chose you to represent our chapter when we offered you a bid to
our sisterhood. With the choice of joining AXO comes responsibility and
expectation. You have the responsibility to live and love the brand of AXO
Theta Psi, and your sisters expect this from you.
How does this translate to your pre-pace behavior?
-Preparation: When you wake up in the morning, before you put on letters,
ask yourself, Am I ready for the day? Do you have your homework done,
are you ready to engage and participate in class, are you ready to tackle a
new project at work, did you study for your exam? All of these things are
equally important as doing your hair and makeup.
-Take time in the mornings to do your hair and makeup, as well as iron your
clothes and organize yourself before you start your day. (If you dont have
time to get ready, dont PACE. You can always go home mid-day, freshen
up, and change into letters when you are confident).
-Confidence: You should always be proud to be an AXO, and anytime you
wear letters, this pride should be reflected through your actions, speech,
and appearance.
Not following these guidelines is simply not an option this semester. These are passed
down from HQ to our chapter, and I have been more lenient than HQ would have
hoped. I will call girls into standards if I see anyone who posts a picture on Wednesdays
bragging about bumming it in their letters.

Internship PACE-ing
Im including a few polyvores of PACE-piration for internships or dressier

Beyond that, remember that you should always carry an AXO water bottle,
key chain, bracelet, etc. These are great tools to bring AXO into a
conversation, and youll be surprised at how many people you are working
with have a Greek background!


Courtesy of our lovely assistant VPR,[redacted]. If you want to send me
more PACE polyvores, theyll be included in my recruitment newsletter!

End of Summer PACE Contests

1. Internship PACE: If you have a great internship/summer PACE story,
especially if you talked to a PNM, please submit it here- [REDACTED]
2. Best Landscape summer PACE: Did you PACE in an awesome location
this summer? Send me the picture! Top photos will be featured in our social
3. For sisters on campus for NSOP - PACEing the entire week is super
important! Beyond your NSOP PR Packages, there will be one big prize for
the sister who speaks to the most PNMs! I need first and last names from
you on this form, as well as emails and any useful info that you can

Make-up/Hair Tips and Tricks!

Alright guys, I admit that Im not a hair expert, but here are some basics that are useful for day to
day life!
-No matter how you plan on styling your hair for the day, you should be using some kind of
-Always use a spray or cream that protects your hair before you straighten or curl your hair. This
helps prevent split ends and leads to generally healthy hair.
-Read the instructions on product labels before you use a product - overuse can make your hair
look greasy and dirty
-When you are attending a mixer or social event, it is super important to have neat, clean hair
when you arrive. When most people drink (including myself) , they tend to ignore frizzy or
unkempt hair, and that is not the image we want to promote to the Greek community
-Invest in a sock-bun or similar easy up-do tools. They take a little while to get used to, but once
you know what youre doing, its a really cute hair style in less than 3 minutes!
-Dry shampoo is your friend!
-Use hair spray to add body and life back into your hair later in the day.
-Youtube has tutorials for the perfect way to straighten, curl, and style your hair. Look up tips!
-When PACE-ing, hair should be done with the same expectations as if it were recruitment - heat
should be applied, messy buns or simple ponytails are an absolute no.

MAKEUP TIPS (courtesy of [redacted])

(If you need help, contact [redacted]! Or watch youtube makeup tutorials! Or contact anyone
whose makeup you admire! I love to experiment and have tons of makeup so dont hesitate to
reach out.)
In case you werent aware, [redacted] has every makeup product that exists and would be glad to
help you guys figure out how to use different things!
o Put on lips before you go to bed for tons of moisture, or use as lip gloss for
moisturizing shine
Also, if you have lots of dead skin on your lips, put Vaseline on and brush your
lips with a toothbrush, theyll be super smooth after.
o Use in the inside corners of eyes to make them pop (but just a little!)
o Use to get off tough eye makeup at the end of the day
o Put on eyelashes before you go to bed as an eyelash conditioner to enhance lash
o Put it on your brows to smooth them and keep them in place


o Apply to feet, elbows, knees, and hands before you go to bed, cover with
socks/gloves/something, wake up with soft skin
o I think pageant girls put it on their teeth to make them look whiter/shinier and to
prevent lipstick from getting on your teethnot really into that idea because Im scared
to eat Vaseline but if you wanna try it go for it!
o Apply to perfume points and the scent will last longer

Realllllly basic basics

o Shower every day before recruitment (and in general). Kind of obvious.
If your hair gets greasy fast, invest in some dry shampoo. You can find it at the
drugstore for pretty cheap. I really like Batiste.
o DEODERANT. Use it. If youre really sweaty, get a more heavy-duty one, like Degree
or Mitchum. I love Degree Ultra Clear Pure Clean.
If youre wearing perfume, try to use deodorant that isnt going to clash with the
scent of it. Stick with fresh and clean.
o Brush your teeth. Use a little bit of baking soda to whiten over time.
o Remove your makeup at the end of the day to prevent clogged pores.
o Get a haircut a week or two before recruitment, so it looks healthy and kept but you
have time to grow into it.
Also, if you want long hair for recruitment, make sure youre getting regular
trims! If your split ends get too bad, your hairstylist will want to chop them all
off, which will end in much shorter hair than you wouldve liked. Trust me, I have
had this experience in the past (although not for recruitment).
o Make sure your eyebrows are kept up! Either get them waxed/threaded before
recruitment or pluck them yourself. If youre going to do them yourself, make sure
youve practiced for a while before recruitmentyou dont want to end up with brows
that are half-gone or misshapen.


*Note: when it comes to eyes, the more formal the event, the darker and potentially more
glittery the makeup! Obviously we dont want to look like raccoons, but as a rule of thumb,
Philanthropy day should be more light and bright, while Pref night should be darker and a little
more pretty/romantic, if that makes sense.
o Eyeshadows
-Basic applications generally have one color as an all-over, base color, with a
darker shade in the crease of your eye and a white or really light color in the
inside corner and right under the arch of your eyebrow.


The Naked Palette by Urban Decay is essentially perfect. My favorite is the first
one, but its obviously up to you. CoverGirl also makes some really great, longlasting and highly pigmented eyeshadows.
-Try to stick to neutral colors, theyre classier and match everything. If youre
going to do other colors, make sure they dont clash or match exactly with your
outfit. Also, just generally stay away from blues, they always tend to look like the
70s (though, there is an exception to every rule, and if you think you can rock it
then by all means, do).
-This is an awesome guide to the different ways to apply eyeshadow: (or
just google makeup geek 10 shapes for your eyeshadow). This part takes
practice. For a few weeks before recruitment, try to experiment with these and
figure out what looks best on you. If you need help, Im totally willing to help you
experiment in whatever way I can! Just reach out to me and well figure
something out. I think the key is really knowing what youre going to do before,
so we avoid doing something that isnt the most flattering to your face.
- As mentioned in that article, highlighter is SUPER IMPORTANT. Itll make
your eyes pop and youll look more awake, which well all need help with during
- MAKE SURE YOU BLEND WELL. Your eyeshadow should not look like
blocks, it should be more of an ombre effect, with colors fading into each other.
An awesome article on it: (or just google xo vain three ways to
blend your eyeshadow like a pro)

o Eyeliners
-Eyeliner is generally used to outline the eyes, as the name suggests. There are a few
different ways to apply eyeliner, but I feel like its generally better to figure out what suits
- That said, full-circle eyeliner, around your entire eye, suits basically no one (although,
like I said before, theres an exception to every rule.)
-I love liquid eyeliner, but if youre going to try it, PRACTICE TONS. Its hard to get the
hang of but so, so worth it. I love the Stila Stay All Day black liquid eyeliner because
its so easy to adjust the thickness of the line. I also love a good cat eye, and think it can
be super flattering on basically everyone, but the most important part of doing your
makeup is doing what you love and expressing yourself. Just, again, practice and figure
out what looks good!
-Pencil eyeliner is also great for different reasons, its easy to apply, you can smudge it
and get more of a smoky look, and it can look way less harsh than liquid. Generally, I do
pencil eyeliner before applying eyeshadow, to make the line less obvious and more subtly
flattering. With liquid, definitely do it after eyeshadow.


-Test your eyeliner beforehand to make sure it doesnt run down your eyes! I see this way
too often, and it makes girls look tired and messy. Also, dont apply too heavily on the
bottom, it has a similar effect.
-If you have really fair complexion, try brown eyeliner instead of black. Itll be less harsh
and more flattering with your light tones. Brown also might be better for some on the
more casual Philanthropy day. (But, again, do what works for you, and if you need help
contact me!)

o Mascara
-Mascara is pretty easy, not much explanation necessary. Basically you just use the wand
to coat your eyelashes.
-Generally, theres not a huge difference between high-quality mascaras and drugstore
mascaras. I do find, though, that my lashes are more likely to fall out with drugstore ones,
and they seem to get worn down much more quickly with drugstore ones.
-Try to identify whether your lashes need length or volume more, and try to adjust your
mascara around that. For volume, I like Mally Beauty, and for length, I like Buxom Lash
from Sephora. Theres also a (somewhat legendary) mascara called Diorshow that is
awesome for both.
-Even if you only wear a little bit, mascara really helps to frame your overall look

o Experiment with lipsticks before choosing the day of to make sure the one you choose
suits your skin (if you even use lipstick).
o Lots of people say to use a lip liner as well as lipstickI usually dont think this is
super necessary, but can be helpful (kind of like tracing the lines before coloring in the
o Lipstick isnt necessary for any day, but if used, would probably be most appropriate
for Prefs. There are more neutral colors though, that will provide color all day so you
dont need to worry about it wearing off, like lip glosses will.
o Something should be on your lips basically at all times, thoughwhether its Vaseline
or lipstick, just something to make your lips pop and finish off your look.

o Foundation
mistake girls make allllllll the time, but Sephora has a free skin tone match thing where
theyll take your exact color with this machine thing and find the foundations that will
match it best. If nothing else, get this done and then google similar foundations to the one
you matched with. Alternatively, if the Sephora you go to doesnt do this, just ask the
people there to match youtheyre usually pretty good as well.
- I generally use liquid foundation. Generally, powders dont go on as evenly, and
are much more obvious on the skin. If you have oily skin, try a foundation that


controls oil (ask at Sephora, or I think Neutrogena has one) and put powder on top
of it. A setting powder will also help to make sure your foundation stays
throughout the day.
- People differ on whether a brush or fingers are better for applyingI dont think
it makes a huge difference, but if youre using fingers, make sure to wash your
hands beforehand so that you arent rubbing oils from your fingers all over your
face, and thus causing breakouts.

o Blush/bronzer/contouring in general
- Blush is basically a necessityit helps shape your face and add a little color.
Experiment with exact blush placement, but generally, people put it on the apples of their
cheeks, or the biggest part when you smile (if that doesnt make sense, try googling it or
ask me for help!) Nars Orgasm is basically legendary in terms of blush, its flattering on
everyone and is just a nice color.
-I dont use bronzer that often, but basically, you apply it to the areas that would be
naturally tanner than the rest (cheekbones, nose, forehead, basically parts that stick out).
Its a good look for summer, but I generally prefer blush for winter.
-Alternatively, you can use a bronzer that is more brown-y to contour, placing it on all the
natural indents of your face. This can help to bring out features and make your face look
thinner, but it can be tricky. To contour, you would also use highlighter on the parts that
stick out, and blush on the apples (generally). Contouring videos are everywhere, just
practice if youre planning on doing it! Nars has an awesome palette that has its Orgasm
blush, a brown bronzer, and a highlighterI use it all the time.

o Coverup
- Basically just use it where you need it. Generally under eyes and on blemishes. Just be
sure not to apply too heavily, or to use the wrong color, or it will look unnatural/people
will be able to tell what youre hiding.
-There are advantages to having a few tones of coverups, or invest in toning powder (Elf
has a great palette). If you apply a peachy tone on dark circles, and a yellow tone on red
areas, it will even out the color of your skin, leading to a more even foundation color!

o Face care
- MAKE SURE YOU MOISTURIZE. Moisturizing is suuuuuper important and often
ignored. It helps prevent wrinkles down the road, but can also give you a super healthy,
fresh glow now. It will also help your other makeup to apply more smoothly.
Moisturize EVEN IF you have oily skin. Just look for one made specifically for oily
Also, moisturize before bed and before your day starts!
-Find a good cleanser for your skin type! Make sure its not too rough and that it gives
your specific skin type what it needs.
-Exfoliate! I would say once each week


Remember- any time you leave your bedroom, you are representing our
chapter! Use these tips to help for daily life, not just for recruitment weekend.
Practice philanthropy/development day makeup/hair throughout the week
and practice for pref at mixers! This will help you be super prepared for
recruitment and will greatly help our PACE efforts!

Elevator Pitch
From the April Workshop:
Youre walking into an elevator wearing your Alpha Chi Omega letters proudly
with someone you just met last week at the Greek BBQ. She asks you about Alpha
Chi Omega. You want to win her over with all things AXO and as the door slides
shut, you feel a combination of adrenaline and slight nausea: you have 15 seconds,
if that, to communicate the value of AXO in a compelling way - just 15 seconds to
cram in a whole lot of information and background information about the fabulous
Alpha Chi Omega experience.
Elevator Pitch Review use the tips below to help!
-An elevator speech is: a short, quick, to the point speech to convince PNMs to join
Alpha Chi Omega.
Use the 9 Cs to craft your speech: clear, concise, compelling, credible, conceptual,
concrete, customized, consistent, conversational
To make it successful:.
-Practice, practice, practice - practice what you might say and how youre saying
it, make sure youre comfortable with your response and that you believe in what
youre saying
-Focus on impact - make sure you shine, look people in the eyes, describe the
impact Alpha Chi Omega has whether its personal experience, one youve heard
from your sisters, or one you can reasonably piece together


-Share your success - brag about the benefits, be comfortable about talking them
-Be slow and steady - speak at a paced that shows you are calm and confident.
Dont rush into a response or your speech. You want them to think of you as
thoughtful and deliberate
-See the whole world as an elevator - give your speech to everyone, talk about how
great Alpha Chi Omega is at every moment and EVERYWHERE!
DO: Be warm, enthusiastic, and genuine; show passion and energy; watch your
audience and maintain good, natural eye contact; speak in a friendly voice
DONT: use acronyms and jargon; overdo it; forget your audience; be insincere
Some examples from our chapter of great Elevator pitches!
Joining a sorority is something I never expected to do, but something that now I cant
imagine life without. Alpha Chi Omega in particular is a great group of women who have
ambitious goals, big hearts, and an overall passion and dedication for everything and
anything they do. AXO truly enhanced my college experience and Im so thankful for the
opportunity to call myself a part of this organization - [Redacted]
Joining Alpha Chi Omega has given me more opportunities than I could have ever
imagined. I initially decided to rush because I thought it would be a good way to expand
my friend group but I never imagined how strong the relationships that I formed would
be. Beng in AXO has given me running buddies, endless coffee run partners, and a
chance to get to know an extremely accepting group of sisters who are there for me no
matter what. It has also given me a chance to participate in philanthropy efforts I didnt
expect in recruitment, which I appreciate tremendously. [Redacted]
Alpha Chi Omega is a group of women that have each others backs and best interests
in mind. We help each other study, survive finals weeks, and enjoy life together. You can
rely on your sisters and they can rely on you, which is a wonderful feeling. [Redacted]
I hadnt found my niche at college until I met [Redacted] at the all greek BBQ and I
knew that these were the girls I wanted to share my college experience with. My
horizons have been broadened, m y knowledge expanded, and my interests deepened.
AXO is home. - [Redacted]
Joining Alpha Chi Omega was easily the best decision of my college career. I felt
instantly like a part of an incredible family, and like I was loved and appreciated for


being who I am. I feel like that every single day, and am constantly aware of how lucky I
am to have this safety net here at school and in my life. [Redacted]


CLAP 5 Review
Character: Character is represented through the way you treat others, the strength of
your morals, your integrity. Adjectives that describe a PNM who demonstrates character
are - honest, sincere, attentive, polite, truthful, thoughtful, accepting, caring, loyal,
reliable, engaged.
Leadership: Leadership is represented through not just having leadership positions, but
the potential to hold a position in the chapter. Represented through dedication to
organizations, drive to be involved. Adjectives that describe a PNM who demonstrates
leadership ability are - Accomplished, ambitious, engaged, unafraid, bold, organized,
involved, outgoing, dedicated, charismatic
Academic Interest: Academic interest is represented through showing passion and
interest in classes, learning, etc., being proud of the work that you do, making
schoolwork a priority, attending non-mandatory events (like speakers or weekend class
trips). Adjectives that describe a PNM who demonstrates academic interest are Articulate, diligent, motivated, intelligent, focused, curious, studious, driven, passionate.
Personal Development: Personal development is represented through carrying
yourself well, being put together, classy, well-dressed and well-groomed. Personal
development is a quality that can be observed without speaking to someone. Adjectives
that describe a PNM who demonstrates personal development are - Well spoken, put
together, composed, stylish, confident, classy, genuine, articulate, well-rounded,
humorous, gracious, outgoing, engaged, poised
Financial Responsibility: Financial Responsibility is demonstrated through
understanding of financial obligations and how they might apply to joining a sorority. Key
phrases that indicate financial responsibility are saved/saving or budgeted/budgeting.
If someone asks about payment plans or scholarships this is a great sign that they are
thinking about how they will be able to afford dues. Some red flags to look out for are if
someone mentions reckless spending or failure to meet previous financial obligations.
This is NOT about how much money someone has, but about their ability to recognize
and fulfill the financial commitments that they make. Adjectives that describe someone
who is financially responsible are - Dependable, reliable, sensible, careful, responsible,
aware, frugal

Conversation Tips/Tricks!

4 Cs of a successful conversationalist:
1. Commitment- be present for the conversation (sit face, eye contact,
active listening), be genuinely interested in others, be a good listener (and
sell what she says she wants, be that sister!)
2. Confidence- non-verbals (eye contact, posture, leaning forward, sitting
still), ask intentional follow up questions (YOU are the hostess, you lead the
conversation), ask open ended conversations (go deeper, its more
memorable), bring others into the conversation (mention other sisters with
similar interests, be aware!)
3. Compassion- stay positive (dont be negative or critical, you dont want a
PNM to have anything negative to say about AXO if they end up
somewhere else), be sincere (dont be scripted. We practice a lot and go
over a lot of information, but you still should be yourself)
4. Creativity - learn the basics of storytelling (every story is journey), ask
open ended questions (that require an explanation)
When youre talking to a PNM, your goal is to make her leave the room
thinking I want that - that sisterhood, that bond, that experience.
REMEMBER: When you are talking to someone, the impact of your
message is: 55% Body language (posture, gesture, resting face), 38%
vocal quality (tone, pitch, quality), 7% verbal contact. This is why personal
development, outfit unity, etc. are so important. It isnt impossible to change
someones mind about you after their first impression, but it is really damn
We think 4-6 times faster than someone can talk, so be aware of excess
capacity. Recognize that most people only retain 25% of what you say to
them. Learn to repeat back - this is especially important with names! Be
aware of your own weaknesses when conversing!

Preference Conversations
The 7 Steps to A Successful Pref

1. Welcome her - let her know how special/important she

2. Set the tone for the event - the tone for pref should
resemble the tone at a wedding.
3. Ask what quality she is looking for in a sorority sisterexplain you are interested in her and her needs
4. Tell her how AXO can fulfill those needs - we have what
she wants, appeal to her values, be confident!
5. Tell her why she is a good fit for AXO - by mentioning
the qualities youre looking for (clap 5, put yourself in her
shoes, mutual NEED)
6. Tell her the reason you chose AXO (your heart sell!
Share the personal experience you have had within the
7. Part with words of absolute certainty (I statements.
Show that you care, remind her how glad you were to talk
to her)
Pref is not just the words sisterhood home away from
home family You need to offer specific examples. You
and her should be friends when she leaves the pref room you should remember her even if she doesnt join our
Note: Not everyone will have the chance to Pref this year,
even if they are on the recruitment team. If we are a
football team (see football analogy later in the packet) then
Pref is our Super Bowl. Just like you wouldnt want anyone

beyond the superstar athletes on the front line at the

Super Bowl, only our superstar recruiters will be preffing.
These superstar recruiters have NOT been decided yet,
and many wont be decided until the weekend of
recruitment. Girls who volunteer to help at tabling events
and with informal recruitment will be preferred over other
sisters, as these girls will have the most practice
recruiting. Everyone on the recruiting team still needs
to purchase the outfit, as we will still have a ceremony,
speeches, and singing, and will need sisters in the room
beyond those who are conversing. If you are extremely
upset by this, please let me know NOW so that I can
remove you from the recruitment team.


Heart Sell
The heart sell is your story for being in AXO. It should be incredibly
personal and emotional. While it is not appropriate to cry your eyes out at
pref (we dont want to be Alpha Cry Omega, in the words of [Redacted[),
you should be speaking from the heart and that might make you tear up.
These are the steps to the heart sell:
1. Why did you go greek?
2. Why did you choose Alpha Chi?
3. Why did you remain an Alpha Chi?
You should spend about 50% of the time on steps 1 and 2, and 50% on
step 3.
We will be having a workshop on this in the Fall, and you will have a
chance to write your own heart sell. However, for sisters who are helping
with COB, the workshop will more likely than not fall after COB is over, and
so this is useful information for your final night of COB week!


Rules Regarding Recruitment

1. Accepted excuses for missing recruitment will be strictly according to our
bylaws and national rules. This means that you can only miss rounds of
recruitment or polish weekend for: class, internships FOR CREDIT (paid
internships do not count), verifiable illness of you or an immediate family
member, wedding of a family member (or if you are part of the wedding
party), and family emergency. Beyond that, the only other excuse CRIB will
accept is a job interview for a full-time position. If you submit an excuse
to CRIB for any other reason, it will not be excused, and you will be
fined for the rounds that you miss. These rules are the same for
recruitment workshops (I realize that other clubs and activities sometimes
prevent workshop attendance, and so I will allow you to makeup a
workshop [excluding polish week] with me for the week following the
On that note, send all excuses for recruitment related things to [Redacted],
and CC me and [Redacted]!
2. The deadline for excuses for Polish week and Recruitment 2015 is
STRICTLY January 1st, 2015. Any excuses submitted after this deadline
will not be accepted and you will be fined (excluding family emergency or
schedule changes, which must be verified).
3. There will be 3 dress checks. You are required to come to one dress
check in either October or November to show all three of your required
outfits. The final round of dress checks will be in December, in which you
will be required to show all three outfits, including hair and makeup styles,.
We will be taking pictures at dress checks and will be comparing your final
recruitment outfits to these photos if there are any concerns.
4. The recruitment team is here to help you. We love you all, and we want
to make sure our chapter has every advantage when it comes to formal
recruitment. Please refrain from attacking us as individuals or becoming
personally offended if we ask you to wear something else, change your
hair, wear more makeup, etc. For 361 days of the year, I do not care what
you wear. These 4 days, my team and I have the final say.


5. Please take workshops, handouts, and events seriously. My team and I

put a lot of work into planning and executing these, and it hurts our feelings
when we are blown off.

Dress Code for Formal

I have also compiled a powerpoint with polyvore examples for all of
these outfits, and the link is at the end of the document!
General Dress code tips:
-Hair for each day must be freshly washed and straightened or curled, no
natural looks. Hair must be worn down for philanthropy and development
days, but may be worn in a classy up-do for preference.
-Nails must be either painted in a neutral color (nudes, dark colors like
black or navy, pale pinks) or in a French manicure/unpolished style. They
should be clipped, filed, and cleaned.
-Clothing and shoes should not have stains/scuffs/marks
-Clothing and shoes should be bought in your size, you should feel
comfortable and dress for your own body type.
-Please refrain from removing tags and do not buy anything that is nonreturnable. Remember every outfit must go through two dress checks, and
we will be photographing your outfits and checking them the day of
-If you are unsure about any item, feel free to text/send me a picture
([redacted]) and ask my opinion!
-Our goal for the weekend is to be the best versions of ourselves classy,
fashionable, approachable. (This means do not wear heels that are too
high, clothes that are immodest, etc.)
Accessories that are permitted throughout the weekend:
-A simple gold necklace
-one or two rings per hand

-Small bracelet/bangle
-Gold or pearl studs
(If I feel that a piece of jewelry is too loud or does not go along with the
days outfit, I may ask you to remove it)
Everything listed for each day is a requirement for that day!
Philanthropy Day/Days (It is possible that philanthropy will be split
between two days this year)
Top - Fancy White blouse (short sleeve or sleeveless, preferably not a
button down, chiffon or cotton only, no tube tops or spaghetti straps, no
distracting embellishments, No stains)
Bottom - Dark wash skinny/straight leg jeans (no rips or embellishments, no
frays at the bottom, no jeggings, no black jeans)
Shoes - Nude Flats or Nude wedges (must be all nude/tan, no distracting
embellishments, flats must be closed toed, no strappy wedges, if wearing
open toe wedges a professionally done pedicure is a MUST)
Purple Statement Accessory scarf, necklace, chunky bracelet or watch.
Should be a dark purple color to represent DVAS
Development Day
Option 1:
Top - Sleeveless or short sleeve blouse (in mint, white or light red/coral)
chiffon or cotton, no distracting embellishments, no stains
Bottom - skirt (in mint, white, or coral) (no jersey material, body con, not too
tight, think Game Day outfit or Sunday brunch, maxi skirts may be allowed
on a case by case basis)
A blazer is required if your blouse is a tube top
Option 2:
Sleeveless or short sleeve knee-length dress (Spaghetti straps may be
permitted on a case by case basis, so long as appropriate under garments
are worn) (Dress must be a combination of mint, white, and coral, not too
tight, no jersey material or body con)


NOTE: Your outfit MUST have two of the following three colors: mint,
coral, and white
Shoes: Nude Flats or Nude Wedges (same rules as philanthropy day)
Jewelry is suggested but not required. You are allowed to wear bangles,
statement watches, chunky bracelets, etc.. Accessories (white belts,
fashionable scarves, etc), will be allowed on a case by case basis.
Preference Night
Fancy Red Dress - scarlet and similar shades, no maroon, must hit just
above the knee, no jersey or silk material, no body con, should be flattering
but not flaunting
Nude Pumps - must be closed toe, 3-4 inches tall, no wedges, no


Hometown Recruiting
I know this sounds strange, but most chapters of Alpha Chi Omega begin
reaching out to PNMs before they even make their college decisions. There
are 1000 tips in my handbook from HQ that tell you how to reach out to
girls from your hometown- from sending Christmas cards to even writing
them individualized letters throughout the Spring semester BEFORE they
come to college. By the time these girls arrive on campus in the fall, their
hometown groups have decided who to rush and who not to . While this is
not only impossible for our chapter, but also a little crazy in my opinion,
your hometown can be an amazing way to meet PNMs! (And for those of
you who are meeting girls through internships, same applies). So here are
some good ways to get to know these girls and get them thinking about
-When you meet a PNM, invite them out to coffee or lunch. Offer to talk to
them about what classes they have to take, where they need to go the
minute they arrive on campus, etc.
-When youre talking to them, focus the conversation around campus, but
casually bring up your favorite sorority moments (You have to take this
class. I took it with my sister so and so, and we loved it ! We had late night
study sessions with a few of our other sisters, and they were a blast,
though Im not sure how much studying you get done!)
Recruiting off campus or to incoming freshman does not need to be as
aggressive as formal recruiting, but you should still leave the PNM with
them wanting to know more about the chapter and maybe wanting to join!
We want to have an amazing first impression BEFORE theyve even heard
of another sorority!


Summer Social Challenge

Complete this and return to me to be entered into a drawing for an
awesome prize!
1 point - post a Facebook status or tweet about AXO
Date completed:
1 point - PACE at the gym this summer
Date completed:
1 point - Make a PACE polyvore
Date completed:
1 point - Buy/craft a new PACE item for yourself or your little!
Date completed:
1 point - Practice giving your elevator pitch to your dog/mirror
Date completed:
5 points - Talk to people at your internship/summer job about AXO
Date completed:
5 points - Give your parents your elevator speech randomly
Date completed:
5 points - Post a Why Alpha Chi Status
Date completed:
10 points - PACE on vacation (and enter the PACE contest)
Date completed:
10 points - Post your favorite AXO memory and photo on FB!
Date completed:
20 points - Give a stranger (known them for less than 5 hours) your heart
Date completed:
20 points - Read the entire recruitment handbook
Date completed:
40 points - Try 5 of [Redacted]s makeup tips!
Date completed:
40 points - Give your sibling/cousins/best friend your heart sell,
Date completed:

60 points - Meet 10 new people in one night, and practice your

conversation tricks/tips on them! Bonus 10 points if you remember all of
their names at the end of the night!
Date completed:
80 points - Go on a coffee date with a new friend, and convince them to go
through formal recruitment! (or informal)
Date completed:
100 points - Convince a PNM to reach out to me about informal
Date completed:

ppt link: [Redacted]


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