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by Sandy Key

Pictured (L-R) on the steps of the state Capitol building are: Jesse Gwatney,
Hollie Hagler, Randi Pogue and Branson Meins.

OJHS economics students honored
January 14 four students
from Ozark Junior High
School were honored by
Economics Arkansas at
Little Rock’s Verizon Arena
for their outstanding
achievements in the statewide Stock Market Game.
Jessie Gwatney, Hollie

Hagler, Randi Pogue and
Branson Meins, started out
the day touring the state
Capitol Building in Little
Rock, meeting with leaders
including state representative Bill Gossage and state
auditor Andrea Lea.
Next, these students

We are all unique
by Clydene Overbey
Life can be rough, but it
can also be wonderful. It really comes down to the way
we handle all the fears, hurts,
hopes, dreams and everyday
problems that we are sure to
Just when things are
smooth on the road, you can
be sure that there will be a
bump up ahead that is totally
going to wreck your cart and
all the things that were good
are going to come spilling
out in a great big heap. What
counts is how you handle
the spill. You can scream and
holler about all the injustices
of your life and just leave it
lying there, or you can stop,
pick it up, and start over.
Many times I have just
gone on and let it lay, but I
always had to come back
and clean it up. It’s always
harder that way, so I try to
always clean up as I go.
Mamma always told me that
if I made a mess to clean it
up as I go. That way when it
is done, it is done.
No one person will ever
view things exactly the way
I do, do the things I do, or
think the things I think. I
learned very early on that
there is no way I can bend
someone’s will and change
what they say, do, think, or
what they want. We all are
unique and different. I can’t,
for the life of me, see why
everyone in the world isn’t
scrambling for a big plate of
fried okra. I love it. It is delicious to me. I hate summer
and the intense miserable
heat it brings and I love winter with its beautiful snow
and ice. I just can’t comprehend anyone liking to get
their brains baked in the hot
summer sun.
God made us all different,

just the way he wanted each
one to be. We all are special
to Him. We are the very first
high tech computers ever
built with every part having
its own use in the scheme of
things. We are what we are
and none of us have a right
to push our thoughts and
beliefs on anyone else yet
we all do try at times.
I’ve tried to change; I’ve
tried to change others. It
doesn’t work. We need to be
happy with who we are and
where we are. Everyone has
the same rights and chances
that I do. I have accepted me
and I have accepted that everyone else has that same
right. It is a sad thing that
we have to be older before
we accept things. I guess we
are like they say about fine
wine, it’s better with age.
I love God, family,
friends, fall, winter, snow,
and a nice warm fire, to name
a few. I hate liars, being lied
to, being lied about, being
called a liar, bullies and summer. As long as I keep the
love list longer than the hate
list I figure I’m okay and I
am satisfied.
My perspective on a lot
of things has done a complete turnabout. That fact, in
no way means that I am a
different, a better, or a worse
person. I’m still just a plain
old country girl who talks
funny to some and likes
pinto beans, fried taters,
okra, red onions sour pickles, coleslaw and corn bread.
I’m just me and you are just
you my friend.
Philippians 4:11-13:
Not that I am speaking of
being in need, for I have
learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I
know how to be brought
low, and I know how to
abound. In any and every

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went to Verizon Arena for a
special awards luncheon.
Jesse, Hollie, Randi, and
Branson were selected to
speak at the awards luncheon, addressing important
figures from the world of
business including Bill Reed
of Riceland Foods and Ray
Hobbs, CEO of Daisy Outdoor Products.
At the luncheon, the four
were awarded a trophy, a
medal, a ribbon, a Stock
Market Game t-shirt, and a
cash prize for their efforts.
This award-winning team of
students placed first in the
entire region of Northwest
Arkansas in the Stock Market Game, showing great
success in the areas of
stocks, finance, and money
- - Jessica Culver

The opening of the 2015
grant cycle was announced
last week by Main Street
Arkansas. Grant funds are
again available for the removal of slip covers from
downtown buildings to restore them as closely as possible to their original look.
We plan to resubmit one
grant request from 2014 for
slip cover removal and if
there are others who would
like to apply we will be happy
to assist.
The grants will require a
25% match by the property
owner and competitive
statewide. The property
owner will pay 25% of the
total cost of the rehab and
half of that (12.5% of the total project cost) can be inkind. If you are a downtown
business and are interested
in this opportunity contact
the Main Street office right
The state gives priority
to historic districts, but will
consider buildings in close
proximity to the district depending on the total number
of grant applications received.
Main Street Ozark is still
offering $200 paint up/fix up
mini-grants for the downtown historic district. We
only had time to issue three
mini-grants last fall before

Water Well Trust seeking
applicants for water well
projects in 6 counties
The Water Well Trust, a national nonprofit helping
Americans get access to a
clean, safe water supply, has
announced that it is seeking
applicants from five counties
in northwest Arkansas and
one Oklahoma county for
the drilling of new water
wells or the rehabilitation of
existing wells.
In October 2014, the
USDA awarded a $140,000
matching grant to the Water
Well Trust through its
Household Water Well Systems Grant program for a
project to increase potable
water availability to rural
households in five northwest Arkansas counties,
Franklin, Benton, Madison,
Marion, and Crawford, as
well as Sequoyah County in
circumstance, I have
learned the secret of facing
plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all
things through him who
strengthens me.

Candles purchased
from Hobby Lobby
being recalled
CoScentrix is recalling
DD brand candles sold nationwide at Hobby Lobby
stores from June 2014 to
October 2014. The candle’s
high flame can ignite the surface of the wax, posing a fire
This recall involves four
types of DD branded singlewick candles:
Mason jars in 5- and 12ounce sizes, decorative jars
in 10- and 20-ounce sizes, 13ounce coffee tins and 13ounce jars with a holiday
theme. The candles were
sold in a variety of fragrances and colors. A complete list can be found at
Consumers should return the candles to the nearest Hobby Lobby.
Consumers can also
contact CoScentrix at (888)
298-2722 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
PT Monday through Friday
or online at

Water Systems Council
members contributed a 51%
match towards this project
for at least 19 wells that will
be drilled or rehabilitated,
including shared wells,
which will serve an estimated 145 individuals in this
high-need, low-resource rural area.
The Water Well Trust
(WWT) has limited funds
available for low-interest
loans to eligible individual
households in need of a new
water well or rehabilitation of
an existing water well. WWT
limits funding to a maximum
of $11,000 per household.
Loans have an interest rate
of 1% with terms of up to 20
To be eligible to receive
a WWT loan, applicants
must be the owner and occupant of the home as their
primary residence. In addition, the applicant’s household income must be at or
below 300% of the most recent, published U.S. govern-

the cold weather hit. Hopefully we will have an early
spring and can get back to
work on helping our businesses spruce up their
Contact Main Street at
667-5337 if you are interested
in some assistance with exterior design. The money can
be used for painting, signs,
windows, awnings or anything that will improve build-

ing facades and help promote your business.
If you haven’t seen the
new mural on the east side
of the Apex AT&T office at
105 West Commercial you
need take look. Linda
Millsap had local artist Scott
Gage paint a riverboat scene
welcoming visitors to Ozark
and it is absolutely beautiful. Scott is such a talented
guy and we are fortunate to
have his Six, Six, Seven Studios as part of our “Downtown Courthouse Square
Historic District.”
We appreciate Linda’s
dedication to the promotion
of Ozark and showing she is
always willing to go that extra mile to do it!

Preventing fireplace accidents
Each year, many homes are
damaged or destroyed due
to improper fireplace use. To
help families enjoy fireplaces, and to help prevent
accidents, Susan Helms, director of Injury Prevention
and Safe Kids Mid-South at
Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, offers the following
safety tips:
• Have the chimney inspected annually by a certified chimney specialist.
• Make sure the mantel
and area around the hearth
is clear of debris, decorations and combustible materials.
• Keep an eye on young
children when a fire is burning, and keep them away
from fireplace tools. Consider installing a childproof
fireplace gate.
• Never leave a fire unattended. Always put the fire
ment poverty level. According to the 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines, 300% of the
poverty rate is $71,550 for a
family of four. The income
criteria apply to both the
applicant and all other occupants of the home.
Prospective applicants
can download the application form and instruction letter from the Water Well
at under
“Apply” at the top of the
home page.

out before leaving the house
or going to bed.
• Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
Install smoke alarms on every floor of your house as
well as inside and outside of
all bedrooms.
• If a wood-burning fireplace has glass doors, leave
them open when burning a
fire. This helps ensure that
the fire receives enough air
and prevents creosote,
which is a gummy substance
created during the burning
process, from building up in
the chimney.
• When the glass doors
are open, make sure the
metal mesh screen is closed.
This will help contain the
• Never start a fire with
flammable liquids. Never
burn trash, debris, cardboard
boxes or wrapping paper.
• Avoid using soft, moist
wood, which accelerates the
buildup of creosote. Use seasoned hardwood instead.
• For an unvented gas
fireplace, make sure at least
one window is open for air

Baking show on
AETN on Sundays
AETN (Conway) -- “The
Great British Baking Show”
continues Sundays with
“Pies and Tarts” as the
topic this Sunday, Jan. 25,
at 7 p.m. Be sure to stay
tuned in February

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