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In 1997, that Nestle USAs brands were paying 29 different prices for vanilla to the

different vendor
The company had nine different general ledgers and 28 points of customer entry
They had multiple purchasing systems and No way to compare across
plants/divisions to see manufacturing costs.
They had no clue how much volume they were doing with a particular vendor
because every factory set up their own vendor masters and purchased on their own
Formation of project team to implement five SAP modules:
Sales and distribution
Accounts payable and accounts receivable
Supply Chain was done via Manugistics
Each Module deployed under each Nestle division
As of 2002, Nestle USA realized a savings of over $325 million Most of the savings
came from Supply chain improvements, specifically demand forecasting
Leads to more trustworthy forecasts
Nestle came together as one organization with use of common processes (eg.