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Waiting – for the kettle to boil, for a friend to arrive, for test results from the
Waiting – for a letter from a loved one, for the pay cheque, for the weekend.
Waiting – for the rain to stop, for the storm to subside, for the tide to recede.
Waiting – for the flu bugs to pass, for the temperature to come down, for the
brow to cool.
Waiting – for a break, for a less stressful week, for the holidays.
Waiting – in the bus queue, at the supermarket till, at the post office counter.
Waiting – for Christmas to come, for presents and good food, for the day
after Christmas.

My life is filled with times of being almost there but not yet, of waiting
around in dread or anticipation.

Mostly I just want to get there, abandon the waiting, take a shortcut.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: However, in my more reflective moments I do wonder about the value of
waiting, the blessing of delayed gratification, the benefit of being inactive yet
2 attentive.
And what am I looking out for?


That the really important stuff may happen in the spaces between events.
ZONE That non-doing makes room for meaningful being.
THANK YOU FROM 4 That the journey, even the detoured one, is as significant as the destination.

Advent is waiting time, like a pregnancy progressing slowly through
uncharted waters.
TROOPS Advent is preparing for the coming of the Word made flesh.
DECEMBER DIARY 6 Advent is holding out in the darkness while knowing that the light will come
JANUARY DIARY 7 in its own time.
COLINTON Jesus said: “Stay with me. Keep watch with me. Watch and pray.”
CHRISTIAN AID 8 And the coming will take care of itself.
Wishing you all a peaceful Advent and Christmas time.
WHAT’S ON IN 10, Your minister,



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Light in the Darkness Saving Lives on a Shoestring

Reflections on the Christmas message by The Very In the last of a series of special reports from Malawi,
Rev Dr John Miller, the Moderator, the Rt Rev Thomas Baldwin focuses on the work of Ekwendeni
William Hewitt and Ron Ferguson. Hospital and Nursing College.

In the first of a new series, the Rev James Martin Making a Difference
considers Biblical figures who receive a bad press –
The Rev Malcolm MacLeod introduces a Lewis-based
beginning with The Innkeeper of the Nativity Story.
charity which provides a voice for persecuted
Plus an exclusive Christmas story by Kenneth
Christians around the world.
A Ministry of Presence
Sturdy Independence
Jackie Macadam meets the Rev Peter McDonald,
John R Hume visits Pollokshaws Parish Church on
new Leader of the Iona Community.
the south side of Glasgow.
The Rainbow Assembly
The X-Factor of Their Day?
The first international Children’s Assembly of the
Professor Donald Macleod examines the place of
Church of Scotland, when children from Zambia,
reformed theology in Scotland.
New Zealand, Hungary, Malawi and Kenya joined the
gathering on Iona. Plus Presbytery of Wigtown and Stranraer, all the
regular columnists, news, letters, reviews and
crosswords – all for just £1.60.
ISSUE 320 Page 3


For a number of years, we have taped our morning means that our last
worship services, using recording equipment audio tape goes out at
discreetly housed in the gallery above the pulpit. the end of November.
These tapes are then distributed by a small band of
volunteers to members of our congregation who are Of course, with internet downloading, iPods and
too frail to attend Church. Before the introduction of MP3’s, recording onto CD is fast becoming an
video recording at baptisms, we would also provide obsolete technology. Our new equipment also has
an audio tape of the service to the parents of the the functionality to allow us to distribute in these
baptised child. I still have the tape from my different formats. Soon we will be able to send out
daughter’s baptism in 1996. Of course, the difficulty recordings via podcast, web or email. The potential
I now face is that I don’t have a tape recorder to for recording doesn’t stop with the Sunday services.
play it on! I suspect that this is a common problem With our diverse musical talent, our Directors of
for many of us today. Music can now cut discs with the Praise Band, the
Choir, Young Voices and Celtic Sound. We have the
Providing the housebound with a means of sharing ability to record concerts and other events held in
in our worship is an important part of our Outreach the Church. Who knows, if we’re quick enough,
programme, so it was with that in mind that we perhaps we can get ‘Nine Lessons & Carols from
recently decided to review our approach to Colinton Church’ out in time for Christmas. Now
providing taped services. After securing some that would be a unique stocking filler!
funding, we have purchased and installed a ‘solid
state, single-rack space compact Flash recorder’. For Happy Christmas,
the uninitiated like me, this is simply a slim black
box which works like a computer and allows us to Stuart
record church services onto CD. Also included was a
‘triplicator’ which, I’m told, allows us to effortlessly ps - If you would like to start receiving a copy of our
copy the CDs. Naturally, we did check with Sunday services, or know of someone who would,
everyone who had previously received audio tapes please let us know.
to ensure they can play CDs. They can, which


Christmas Activities Communication on Colinton - Umoja Twinning

We have a full packed programme as usual at this Unfortunately, our attempt to have a visual link up
time of year. For the next few weeks the children through Skype on Sunday 22nd November was
will be busy rehearsing for the Nativity Play to be unsuccessful.
shown on Sun 20th Dec.
Our children from Explorers (6ys-8yrs) had been
Please make a note of all our Christmas activities working very hard practicing a song to sing to the
taking place: Sunday school children in Umoja. We are now
Saturday 5th December Activity Afternoon hoping to try again on Sunday 6th December, I will
1.30pm-4.00pm at the church. hopefully be giving you an update in the new year.
Saturday 12th December Christmas Party 2.40-
4.30pm at the church, (This party is for all members On behalf of Children and Youth I would like to wish
up to and including Primary 5) you all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.
Sunday 13th December Mini-Surge Christmas
Get-together (PM) (This party is for Primary 6 & 7) Sharon Carlyle.
Sunday 20th December Nativity Play Sunday Club Coordinator
ISSUE 320 Page 4




All the choirs and music groups are well into
the autumn term. As well as contributing to Young Voices
church services they are preparing carols and “Young Voices” meet on Thursdays at 6.15 pm.
songs for Advent and Christmas. They will be They sing in church about once each month. They
taking part in various services over the are busily recording a CD for Christmas. Exciting
Christmas season and all come together for new songs are learned. A lot of talent is being
the traditional candlelit lessons and carol discovered. They will be singing during the
service on Sunday 20th December at 6.30pm. Christmas period and taking part in the lessons and
There should be about 70 singers involved carols service.
that evening. The service will be followed by We still however need many more singers so
mince pies and mulled wine. It is not to be please encourage youngsters from primary 4
missed. Please put the date in your diaries. (about age 7 years) to the end of secondary
(All the services are listed separately in this school to come along.
The Band
Church Choir The band sings and plays at the early service
The church choir takes part every week at the each week. A great variety of songs are learned
11.15 service. They will be singing many of your from traditional hymns with modern arrangements,
favourite anthems and carols throughout the to brand new songs written this year.
Christmas period including items from Handel’s Musicians are required for the band, especially
Messiah, and from John Rutter. We rehearse on electric and acoustic guitar players, oboe, brass etc.
Thursdays at 7.30pm. If you play an instrument to a better than beginner
standard, please get in touch. It is great experience
Celtic Sound. and lots of fun. If you fancy singing please also
“Celtic Sound” is the new choir formed this year contact us. We meet on Wednesdays at 8.15pm.
and so far it has been a great success, growing to Have a great Christmas time. We hope you enjoy
around 24 members. They have sung in church the music.
twice this term and will be singing again at the
lessons and carols service mentioned earlier. This There is room for YOU somewhere in the
group is for adults who would like to find a place to musical life of the church so please come
sing and learn songs in a different style. The group forward and help.
sings in church and at other events from time to Our contact details are shown below.
time without having the regular commitment of the Anne and Ian Rogers, Scots Pine Villa,
church choir or band. No singing or musical Eddleston, Peebles EH45 8QT.Tel 01721
experience is required. We practice on Wednesdays 730782: email or
at 7.15pm. speak to us at coffee or through the church


Last month’s Colinton News advised that we would provided a first class afternoon for the wives and
be supporting the troops in Afghanistan by providing children. The spread provided was first class and the
hospitality for their families at an afternoon coffee children thoroughly enjoyed the games provided by
and cake function with a crèche for the children and the crèche team. Our guests have thanked us
that sweets would be collected throughout profusely but I know that all who participated in
November for the children to be used at their providing the occasion got just as much out of doing
Christmas party. I would like to take this opportunity it as those who were our guests.
to thank all who have responded so magnificently
for the sweets appeal and to the volunteers who John Campbell
ISSUE 320 Page 6

Advent 2, 6 December Advent 3, 13 December Advent 4, 20 December Sunday, 27 December

9.30am Gift Services ONE SERVICE ONE SERVICE

Early Service

Crèche, Sunday Club, 9.30am Service 10am 11.15am

Mini Surge and Fusion all Crèche, Sunday Club, ‘Mama Mia’ - The Sacrament of Holy
available Communion will be celebrated
Mini Surge and Fusion all available The Nativity

The Sacrament of Baptism

(Children’s activities on holiday)
will be celebrated 6.30pm

Lessons and Carols

11.15am 11.15am Service

Morning Worship


Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes

Rev Gayle Taylor ~~~~~

4.30pm - Christingle Service

(held in the Episcopal Church)

Tuesday, 8 December Tuesday, 15 December Tuesday, 22 December Tuesday, 30 December
7.30pm - Kirk Session meeting
Wednesday, 9 December Wednesday, 16 December Wednesday, 23 December Wednesday, 31 December
7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound

8.15pm - Band Rehearsal 8.15pm - Band Rehearsal

Thursday, 10 December Thursday, 17 December CHRISTMAS EVE Thursday, 1 January 2009
6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young Voices 6.30pm - Family Carol Service

7.30pm - Choir Rehearsal 7.30pm - Choir Rehearsal 11.30pm - Watchnight Service

Friday, 11 December Friday, 18 December CHRISTMAS DAY Friday, 2 January

Christmas Service
ISSUE 320 Page 7

Sunday, 3 January Sunday, 10 January Sunday, 17 January Sunday, 24 January Sunday, 31 January
ONE SERVICE 9.30am Service 9.30am Service 9.30am Service 9.30am Service

with Praise Band with Praise Band with Praise Band with Praise Band

11.15am Service Crèche, Sunday Club, Crèche, Sunday Club, Crèche, Sunday Club, Crèche, Sunday Club,
Mini Surge and Fusion
Children’s activities on Mini Surge and Fusion Mini Surge and Fusion Mini Surge and Fusion
holiday available
available available available
The Sacrament of Baptism
Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes will be celebrated
11.15am Service 11.15am Service 11.15am Service 11.15am Service

with organ and choir with organ and choir with organ and choir with organ and choir

Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes Preacher: Rev Gayle Taylor Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes

Monday, 4 January Monday, 11 January Monday, 18 January Monday, 25 January Monday, 1 February
Deadline for articles for
February Colinton News
Wednesday, 6 January Wednesday, 13 January Wednesday, 20 January Wednesday, 27 January Wednesday, 3 February
7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound

8.15pm - Praise Band 8.15pm - Praise Band 8.15pm - Praise Band 8.15pm - Praise Band
Thursday, 7 January Thursday, 14 January Thursday, 21 January Thursday, 28 January Thursday, 4 February
6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young Voices

7.30pm - Choir 7.30pm - Choir 7.30pm - Choir 7.30pm - Choir


We have been made most welcome by old (as in wise) and
young alike,
Since we came to Colinton to live among new folk
Meeting locals has been fun, on foot, in ‘Swing’, by bike.
So many things have changed for me – new church, new job,
same bloke!
We miss the folk from Moray but they deserve a break
Cause we can be real trouble, more than one church can take.
The kids have settled in quite well, the dogs, the pigs (guinea),
the fish
The girls and I have sussed the shops, we’ve even found the
I never thought that I’d be granted every single wish.
I just can’t find a gym though, think that might take a while.
The manse being huge just suits us fine cause Rolf can’t bang
his head
Now if we have not met you yet, we’re looking forward to it,
And the girls can hide in lots of rooms when it is time for bed.
So if you’ve still to say hello, please don’t be shy just do it!

Each morning when we see the view we count our lucky stars
By Shirley Billes Colinton Church of Scotland Manse
As we hear the water flowing rather than the roar of cars.
ISSUE 320 Page 8


‘O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see CAN WE BRING HOPE?

thee lie’ The answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ We can pray, we
So we sing; but for years Bethlehem has endured can work, and we can give and we can also enjoy
rockets, military attacks, suicide bombers and ourselves!
blockades. It’s a broken town and hope is in short
supply. Many children, caught in the literal and Carol Singing
emotional cross-fire of the conflict, have lived a
Monday 22nd December
childhood of pain and fear.
7.00pm - 8.00pm
Noor Rabia, who is now 17, We meet at the corner of
is one of these children. Three Bonaly Grove and Bonaly Rise.
years ago he picked up an
Remember to bring a torch. If you can’t sing, you
unusual-looking object in the
can collect money!
narrow lanes of the refugee
Christmas Services
camp where he lives. It turned
out to be an abandoned There will be an opportunity at the Christmas
explosive device. Noor’s body Services in both Churches to give to Christian Aid.
was hit by shrapnel and he lost his right hand. He If you pay taxes, please put your offering in a
was devastated. He dropped out of school, didn’t Christian Aid envelope and fill in the Gift Aid form.
want to see his friends and retreated into himself.
Present Aid
He felt ashamed and depressed. His family were too
Stuck for ideas for
poor to get him physical or emotional help. He says,
Christmas presents?
‘I had lost all hope in life. I hated this life.’
Noor and his family were offered pig? A bucket of worms
help by Christian Aid partner for your son? What would your Mum say to 50
organisation the YMCA. Fatin Al fruit trees? The list is endless!
Shoppi has counselled Noor for Pick up a catalogue from the Fair Trade stall.
three years, helping him to
process the trauma, imagine a
different future, and to purchase Quiz Night
a prosthetic hand. She says, The Quiz Night returns on Saturday 27 February.
‘When he got his new hand, it changed his life.’ He Spend the long winter evenings learning random
is studying hard now so that he can work with facts and astonish your team with your brilliance!
computers, as his injury means he can’t work on the
Patricia Brignall
land. Noor’s mother, Sara, is really grateful for the
work of the YMCA. ‘Noor has returned to school,
goes out with his friends more and is more
For Noor, everything has changed:
‘I have more life to live – more hope.’
ISSUE 320 Page 9


I’m grateful for the opportunity to write something Working in a team with Rolf has already, as we had
in the Colinton News in my first month as your new hoped, been a blessing – a supportive and creative
Associate Minister because it allows me to say thank partnership, opening up new opportunities for the
you for your warm and sincere welcome. church and community. In just the first 3 weeks, we
have prepared and lead worship together on
It began properly on the night of my service of Remembrance Sunday, planned advent and
introduction on the 5th of November (remember, Christmas for the school and youth and children’s
remember) and this was a much needed milestone groups in the church and we have had meetings and
for me as the people of my previous parish of 10 discussions with many leaders and members of the
years (Bishopton) came to see where I would now church. I’ve also enjoyed, in particular, making new
be working and what kind of people I’d be working connections with a number of soldiers, wives,
with! There was a great spirit of friendship between partners and children of the Barracks as well as
Bishopton and Colinton folk and I can’t thank the hearing about and witnessing the varied Sunday
hospitality team enough for the way they looked school and youth programmes in the church that
after all the visitors and my family and friends that reach many in the church family and beyond. I am
night. I felt very affirmed and quickly at home, it very encouraged by the numbers of leaders and
was a special occasion and a great start. helpers who are prepared to be involved. There is
great potential for building on good foundations and
Although not new to ministry, (despite the developing new initiatives together as I settle into
comments of one or 2 very kind ladies who thought post.
I had just graduated!) I do feel a bit like a student
assistant again at times with so much to learn. All It will be a busy time during advent as ever but I
the new names and faces, a new home and new look forward to: assemblies and parties, Carol
office, new microphone and power point equipment services and concerts and leading rehearsals with
to get used to in worship, a new school to go into ... Shirley as we get ready for Mama Mia! The Nativity.
sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. However, It will be the first Christmas for both Rolf and I in
taking one day at a time, with a new piece of the our ministry here in Colinton, so in more ways than
jigsaw each day, helps me to just about keep up! one, I know it will be unique and meaningful to
New things are risky but if we trust that we’re journey, all together, to Christmas day and beyond,
moving into the right areas with God leading and as God’s people in this place.
prompting, then there are some liberating and
exciting possibilities. Gayle Taylor


15 November Harry Gibson Sangster, Westmill
Phoebe Alexandra Rosalie Shooter, Dec 6 Merle Copland
Belgrave Terrace
Dec 13 Bonaly School

Dec 20 Bridges Family

Dec 17th `June Love
14 November Emily Sinclair and James Thomson

19 November Janet Smith, Ravelston Park
20 November Charles Walker, Woodhall Road
ISSUE 320 Page 10

Since taking up the role of Colinton Parish Church’s seeking to call a minister but being allowed to do so
presbytery elder I have attended 3 meetings, and only on reviewable tenure. We in Colinton are
learnt how to spell presbytery without having to privileged that we were not asked to even consider
think about it! I do still feel I am learning about the either of these when Rev George Whyte moved on.
terminology and mysterious ways presbytery works. Even two of our city centre churches which
Alasdair Mackenzie still attends meetings but in the undertake some widely recognised work, St
role of freely elected elder – these elders match the Andrew’s and St Georges and St Georges West are
ministers who are not directly associated with a moving forward on a basis of union and, following
particular charge so that elders and ordained some discussion at the last meeting, reviewable
ministers are in equal numbers on presbytery. tenure.

I cannot say that they are especially exciting The most exciting thing I have done as Colinton’s
meetings as the main discussion around different presbytery elder was undertaken close to home,
subjects goes on in associated committees that when I represented Colinton as presbytery
bring reports to presbytery. However, I have convened to Introduce Rev Gayle Taylor to our
usually found the opening worship thought- parish! I did feel a bit strange sitting with those in
provoking and there is often someone giving a brief robes but it was also a great delight to be able to
presentation on a matter thought to be of interest offer a welcome to Gayle both from presbytery and
to the churches of the Edinburgh Presbytery. This from our church. And I discovered afterwards that
has included one on GROW (Greyfriars Recycling of there must be one elder present to make presbytery
Wood) and Prisoners’ Week which inspired me to quorate so, as it was a close thing, it is just as well
share my concerns over the situation of the children I chose to play that role.
of prisoners with those who attended church on 15
November. Meetings are monthly, apart from during the
summer months, and I will seek to keep you
An eye opener to me has been the discussion, or informed on at least a quarterly basis.
papers presented, at each meeting I have attended
so far regarding unions of charges or charges Janet Shepherd


COLINTON GARDEN CLUB members. At the time of printing there are very few

Colinton Garden Club has a reputation for being a tickets left but please contact Christopher Davies on

good place to meet, make friends, exchange 441 2152 if you wish to come along.

information and get new ideas. We meet on the 4th We start the New Year with a talk on 25th January
Monday of each month, September to April, in the given by Margaret Kilpatrick, Honorary Member, CGC
Dreghorn Loan Hall at 8pm unless notified entitled “Creating a Country Garden”.
otherwise. Annual membership is well worth the £5
Visit our website:
per household.
New Members are always welcome. Please
On 16th December we have our annual Christmas contact Christopher Davies on 441 2152 or by
Party. We enjoy a quiz, a raffle, delicious food, email to
drink, a sing-song and our now famous play, always
on a topical theme, written and performed by

COLINTON PARISH CHURCH shall appreciate any offers and suggestions that can
LITERARY SOCIETY be included .
The Lord Provost of Edinburgh has offered to host a
Civic Reception in the City Chambers for our
Our weekly meetings from October to December
members as part of our Centenary Year, and this
have proved to be interesting and informative and
has been fixed for Wednesday 27 October 2010.
covered a wide range of topics. As well as our
regular attendees, members have been bringing
Our programme of speakers is being now organised
visitors who have expressed a wish to
and we welcome ideas and suggestions .
hear speakers dealing with a subject of particular
interest to them: they have all been made welcome;
and many more have been staying on after the For the moment we look forward to seeing our
meeting to enjoy the refreshments, prepared by our members and guests in the New Year when our
committee members to whom we are all indebted weekly programme recommences. Until then our
for their loyalty and hard work in keeping the Lit December meetings are as follows:
going every week. They and I have been working
on the programme for the Centenary Year, 2nd December—Barry Pendlebury: The Story of
and I am pleased to give some advance information. the Union Canal
9th December—The Macrae Family: Music at
Our Honorary President the Rev Rolf Billes has Christmas.
offered to hold a special service of thanksgiving to
mark the Centenary of the Lit at 3PM on Sunday 10 Happy Christmas,
October 2010. He has suggested that there should Joe McGeough
be a display of the life and work of the Lit over the President Colinton Parish Church Literary Society
years in connection with the service; members are
already coming forward with interesting items. We

COLINTON LOCAL HISTORY After our next speaker about "The Trams of
SOCIETY Edinburgh" we finish the Xmas run up with
our "Party" on the 7th December.
This is followed in the new year by three not to be
We have enjoyed another good month with some
missed talks in January / February:
very interesting talks which revealed quite a few
little known facts. Firstly, we heard Alan Lucas Jan. 4 Members talks about the Rev.
telling us about (and showing us) his father Lewis Balfour, the Kirk’s old Minister & Rev.
EDWIN's paintings of many local views, which were James Gardner.
mostly painted in the 30 & 40's. Coincidentaly I was Jan. 17 Fraser Hunter from the National
telling John Fisher, one of the Kirk’s congregation Museum of Scotland talks about The Roman
about the talk when he added that Edwin Lucas had Tomb at Inveresk.
been his Scoutmaster (31st Edinburgh) at Juniper Feb. 1 Ian Gow will be telling us about some
Green back in the 30's!....a fact that did not come of the "Lost Buildings of Scotland" which will
out in the talk. include some Colinton ones.
Our next talk was given by Eric Melvin, the ex Head Again a reminder that all of our meetings are held in
Teacher of Currie High, who spoke about "The the Loan Hall, Dreghorn Loan and start at 8pm. If
Edinburgh of Deacon Brodie". This turned out to be you wish any further information please
not only a story of Deacon Brodies life but also an contact our Secretary DEREK DOUGLAS on
excellent slide show of "Old Edinburgh". Tel: 441 3335
It was 10 years ago that we first asked the congregation if It allows the Church to be more accurate in
anyone would be interested in making regular, monthly its budgeting as the income through the
donations to the Church rather than leaving money in the standing order scheme is regular and more
Church Plate at services. The response was extremely positive predictable.
and in fact over 400 now contribute via a monthly standing
order. Contributions under the standing order scheme currently range
from £10 per month to over £200 per month with the average
This allows us to fund the work in the Parish, plan vital amounting to £45. However members should be assured that
maintenance work with some certainty and also make our the amount they give is entirely confidential and the Treasurer,
contribution to the wider work of the Church throughout the Givings Convener and their Bank are the only people aware
Scotland. of the actual amount.

Similar to other charitable organisations however, inflation and MORE ANNUAL INCOME REQUIRED
the current recession has gradually increased our costs and
whilst our income is stable the recent, important addition of an Currently our monthly expenditure is more than our income
Associate Minister to focus on the Children and Youth of the which is a position that cannot be sustained for a long period of
Parish inevitably has placed extra pressure on our budget. time. In fact, we need to see the Church’s annual income grow
by £50,000 if we are to sustain the present level of the
As a result and with this in mind the Kirk Session decided that Church’s work.
we should write to those members who do not currently give
by standing order to consider doing so. By now some 350 With this in mind the Kirk Session has also decided that the
households will have received a letter requesting that this be Church should conduct a Stewardship/Financial Giving
given their consideration. Campaign and more details of the format that this will take will
be issued in the ensuing months.
So how does giving by Standing Order benefit the Church?
It would be a great boost to the forthcoming Campaign if those
1. Our Administration of the Church’s collections is greatly members who receive a letter requesting that they contribute
reduced. regularly by monthly standing order give it serious
2. Most of the congregation who give by Standing Order consideration as this will clearly assist the Church in its financial
also give by Gift Aid which increases their monthly offering by planning going forward.
25% at no expense to themselves as this allows us to reclaim
the tax already paid on the donation from the government. JIM SPOWART (Stewardship Convener)


Advent and Christmas services 2009

Gift Services
9.30am Early Service
Children’s activities available
The Sacrament of Baptism will be celebrated
11.15am Morning Worship

10am Mama Mia - The Nativity
6.30pm Nine Lessons and Carols

6.30pm Carol Service
11.30pm Watchnight Service

ONE SERVICE at 11.15am