[X51V] ROM WM6.

1 VOIP Professional (WWE/GER/ITA/ESN/FRA)

[X51V] ROM WM6.1 VOIP Professional (WWE/GER/ITA/ESN/FRA)

My First thanks to Football. He was there when I was starting learning cooking for the x51v, and also there to answer some questions that lead me to this new rom. Also he has provided a very interesting kitchen for the axim. I 've used this very same kitchen to build up this A09 release

This thread is actually a continuation of this one, where I have started the concept of having a private professional rom for the axim. This is the final step of this concept. This rom is indeed a full professional rom, with this rom your x51v is not a PDA anymore, it will just become a real VOIP Pdaphone. What is the difference between a x51v regular rom with a VOIP software (like Sjphone) and this WM6.1 VOIP rom? Here are the main benifits once your axim is properly configured: - You only need to turn on your wifi to place or receive VOIP call (You don't need to start any software because the VOIP is native on the OS) - You can call directly from your contact PIM database. - You can import call log and dialed number from any other phone using PimBackup. - There are three way to check your PDAphone is connected to the VOIP network 1/ You can see the two network call bar from the top bar 2/ You can use the VOIP today plugin 3/ You can see your VOIP network from the phone application itself. Also this incredible rom is available in 5 different localized version: WWE/WWE/GER/ITA/ESN/FRA Status of these 5 roms: Rom A09 PRO_VOIP (private "pure" edition): WM6.1 Professional - CE OS 5.2.19965 (Build 19965.1.2.3) with "4.8 MB Pagepool"

And includes the following -- Native VOIP support -- Setup VOIP from Schap to configure your VOIP setup. -- SDHC support -- WPA-TSK vagus fix. -- NetCF 3.5 -- SQLCE 3.5 (Localized) -- Softkey Applet (a powerfull applet that allows you to change your softkey without having to soft reset) -- TCPMP 0.72 (Localized) with two different subtitle support (thanks will5 for the information about the new subtitle pluggin) and YouTube support (Subtitle support for SMI in video "Intel 2700G" mode and not in "Intel 2700G Decoder" mode) It also includes avc, aac & ac3 plugin. TCPMP is an alternative to WM Player. File associations is availble in TCPMP settings -- PIE 6.1 and YouTube plugin, scrolling can be done using directional button, PIE Ramdisk is available in Scripts & Tricks section (it uses ram for PIE cache to improve performance). About the YouTube Plugin, it works natively. If you surf on YouTube with PIE, when you click on a video a context menu will be displayed (see screenshot above). Then you will be able to save the video or to view it online through TCPMP. -- DF's PIM Backup 2.8 (a replacement for Data Backup) -- ModemIS, a string initialization modem utility. -- PocketRAR 3.80 (Localized) -- 7-zip, if you need to extract 7z compressed files. -- Windows Live (Localized) -- aximsite wireless switcher -- screen capture, a simple screen capture utility -- Notepad, a very usefull text editor. -- GSFinder+, a replacement for File Explorer, this version has an High Resolution feature. I find this software more interesting than Resco Explorer because of this feature and also because it's faster. -- DF's Task Manager / Registry Editor 3.1, a very good task manager embedding a usefull registry editor (with this software and GSFinder+, you don't need Resco File explorer anymore). -- x51v Mix -- ozVGA and WM6.1 trueVGA Localized dlls, to switch in TrueVGA mode -- MortScrip 4.1 -- rlToday with minii skin (see today screen shots), an alternative for Date today plugin, it display home time, plus 2 other time zone. -- NoPluginsToday, a switcher to quickly de-activate all your plugin and re-activate them all. Plugin de-activation will boost your device. -- MagicButton, is activated by default, so all application will close and release memory instead of being minimized (a replacement for switcher bar) -- Ramdisk see "Menneisyys" article -- Hibernate, a powerfull tool to claim unused memory. -- Remote Desktop Mobile -- UC ROM capability with following registry tricks: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ObjectStore\RegistryType =0 , (file based registry) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Navigation\"4-Way Nav"=0 You can use Paveld PPeditor if you want to change PagePool and generate a new crc file. (Thanks Paveld & wllw from 4pda) Instruction to use Paveld PPeditor Original A08 Classic rom and kitchen from Football are available here.
Update: A09 VOIP Gold release

It's more like a dking special, those rom have :

--a patched gwes.exe to avoid the display problem in menus (thanks to dking that was kind enough to explain me his tutorial published in russian in 4pda.) --dking patched drivers for Axim's screen backlight on minimum brightness --Wireless Manager activated --magic button is removed from startup

Last Update: A09 523F release
WM6.1 VOIP Pro (21055) WWE only WM6.1 Classic (21055) WWE only These two roms are build over the last WM6.1 build (dated september 2009) this build has finger scrolling hability (for the pro rom office mobile is available via UC) features: --pure WM6.1 rom with only added screen capture utility, x51v Mix, Mortscript, SDHC support, WPA-TSK vagus fix, Softkey Applet, aximsite wireless switcher. --dking 2700G driver --patched Wireless Manager --a 450 Ko dking DKLogo slot, that you can use to customize the x51v Boot Logo with dking Dell Logo Utility. The slot is preloaded with default WM6.1 welcome screen, you can put a compressed image up to 450 Ko (to compare with the Dell original logo that weight 120 Ko compressed). --The Pro rom has native VOIP plus all WM6.1 bonus that will be installed by UC (Including My Phone and SkyMarket, and other bonus), I guess that these could be used with classic rom also but I didn't check if they would work with a non pro rom. known bug when using the embedded new pie version: a mouse pointer is displayed, it will disappear after power off and on. Trick Multiple File Drag Select or Touch Scrolling Effect! (from jclampy) For pagepool changer add the following line in fwtypes.cfg: Dell X51v WM6.1 A09 523F -> 0x002829EE Tip for downloading from rapidshare: use jdownloader. If you like these rom and you wish to donate. If you are interested by the french rom please participate here. Attached Files history.txt (1.6 KB, 1177 views) Paveld_PPEditor.zip (337.2 KB, 863 views) link.txt (320 Bytes, 1778 views) gold_links.txt (369 Bytes, 1762 views)

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