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Objective :

Explaining the important of evaluating the rock properties as well as core and fluid analysis in reservoir engineering.
Identifying the rock and fluid data and calibrating with log data.

Participant :
Senior Petroleum Engineers ( Reservoir, Production and Simulation ) and Geologists who are involved in day to day
operations of oil and gas recovery processes and team work reservoir evaluations and feasibility studies.

Outline :
1. Introduction :
Unit and Conversion factors ditimbulkannya.
Types & phases of reservoir evaluation studies.
Need for core analysis & PVT Data in reservoir

2. Fluid Properties :

Phase behaviour of hydrocarbon systems.

Types of oil & gas reservoirs, gas, oil and water
Fluid properties from correlations.

3. Laboratory PVT Data :

Types & Nature of laboratory PVT measurements.

Bubble point pressure.
Reliability and consistency of PVT parameters.
Adjustment of laboratory PVT data, normalization of
PVT data.

4. Properties of reservoir rocks from Core Analysis :

Core-Gamma surface logs, Porosity and permeability
Porosity estimates from well logs.
Effect of net overburden stress on porosity &
Klinkenberg effect on permeability. Permeability

5. Special Core Analysis Capillary Pressure

Definitions of capillary pressure. Drainage capillary

pressure curves. Laboratory measurements of
capillary pressure
Hysterisis in capillary pressure. Leveretts J-function
Averaging of laboratory capillary pressure data
Rise of original oil-water contact due to water influx

6. Special Core Analysis Relative Permeability

Definitions of relative permeability curves

Relative permeability curves for oil-water system
Relative permeability curves for gas oil system.
Hysterisis in relative permeability
Consistency of two phase relative permeability
Laboratory measurements of relative permeability
Three phase relative permeability. Effects of
temperature and wettability
Normalization and averaging of relative permeability
Relative permeability curves from correlations

7. Calibration of Well Logs with Core Data

Porosity cross plots, Shale content cross plots

Initial water saturation from well logs. Transition zone
Initial water saturation from capillary gravity


: Rp 15.000.000,- ( diluar Ppn & akomodasi ).


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