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2SNow Implementation-1

Try using this Module in service now and get to understand what it s all about, re
garding r
equirementsplanning and approach towards implementation, release phases, sprints
EtcKeywords are
release burn down22)
Total points left23)
Scrum team26) 5 Teams have different sprints and approaches so how will you impl
ement the moduleDifferent stories without releases created----- done with StartN
ow---27) g_formgetReference
call back function should be used28) best way to use server calls on client sid
eGlideajax asynchronous29) LDAP populates user table and group table via,Import
Sets30) ACL to make it a good practice what plugin shud be activatedAnswer not s
urehttp://wikiservicenowcom/indexphp?title=High_Security_Settings That page has
around 3 questions for ACL (31,32,33)31) If High Security settings activated and
default deny access is set, new module has been createdwith no roles associated
with it Will an end user be able to use it?a) he can see the module but cannot
read any records,b) he can read, write, updateetc etc32) If High Security settin
gs activated and default deny access is set, will admin be able to access thenew
custom table createdYes, he can read, delete, update, create, queryAnother 5 qu
estions came from,http://wikiservicenowcom/indexphp?title=Using_Access_Control_R
ules 34) User complains saying,He is not able to write into a fieldThere are two
ACLsCondition Table, --none-Read accessCondition
Table, Field
Write access What should be done?Answer
Create ACL onTable, --none
Write Access39) To refresh cache of the instanceCachedohttp://wikiservicenowcom/
indexphp?title=Troubleshooting_Performance 40) To separate both data and process
, what should be done?Domain Seperation
3SNow Implementation-1Learn all the links on this page, (Helped me in like 15 qu
estions atleast
Performance , good Practices aswell as in business rule client scripts question
s)http://wikiservicenowcom/indexphp?title=Technical_Best_Practices 41) Procedure
to implement project in servicenowDiscover, plan, prepare, deploy, and operate4
2) Preparation phase has which of the following?
Core System setup of LDAP, SSO,
Meetings and workshops
thers were Big Scenario based questions I don t remember They were all troubleshoo
ting type of
Hopeless, only good hands on can help you, some questions were really tough and
fromwebservices I got like only 3 questions rest were from LDAP alone for the
learning domain 2

43) Where can you find info about memory used informationStatsdo44) Security of
connection in LDAP,LDAPSGive a read on all Glide System syntaxes - would be real
ly helpful Sometime based on syntaxes aloneyou could choose some choiceshttp://w
ikiservicenowcom/indexphp?title=GlideSystem Try to find as much as you can and g
et an overall idea of all topics in syllabus Just Theoretical scenariobased idea
s would doOnly for scripting and LDAP you might need some hands on approach
More dumps for Service Now Implementation specialist
What provides tables as staging area for integration: Import set2
Part of prepare stage in StartNow
Core system setup, sprint planning3
What application/database server combination is used in most datacenters
How are workflows captured in update sets
must be published5
How to increase performance of transform maps
reduce number of scripts running6
How are remaining points calculated in release burndown charts
Total points in all storiesminus points in completed stories7
Stages in StartNow
Plan, Discover, Prepare, Deploy, Operate8
What extra feature is available when elevated privilege is activated
Write permission onaccess control record9
Global variable in business rules besi
des current and previous
How to avoid unused numbering in records
Set property

Assign a task number only uponinsert

to true

Components of perceived performance of servicenow instance

Application serverresponse, Network latency and Throughput, Browser rendering a
nd parsing

Perform analysis on complex business problems and provides a variety of solution

Understand database structures, data warehousing and reporting techniques
Participate on project teams as a technical resource while having a solid unders
tanding of process management
Collaborate with IT, business teams and our Process Analysts on solutions
Assist in testing and implementing vendor releases of the Service-Now platform
Good experience into application design and development in the IT Service Manage
ment domain
Experience of ServiceNow integrations with other platforms based on web services
, data imports, JDBC and other channels
Hands-on technical delivery including required documentation of cost-effective S
ervice-now solutions
Hands-on design, development and deployment experience with the Service-now plat
form and similar ITSM toolsets
Knowledge of following skills:
Creation of script based Assignment and Approval rule
Creation of Business Rule, UI Action by using Glide script
Creation of Glide Record object and use of several other important objects as th
ese objects are created for you when your script is called
Creation of custom related list
Creation of Access Control List with the help of Scripting
Creation of Script based UI Policy and Client Script
Glide Ajax, Glide Form (g_form), Glide User (g_user), Glide Record, Glide System
, Glide Element, Glide Aggregate
Querying the table by using Glide Record
Referencing Glide List
Creating and customizing UI and pages using Jelly
Working with complex Log Files
Render forms, lists, UI Pages, and many other things in Service-nowcom with the
help of Jelly
Designing of Macros and Formatters
Use of Import Sets for data loading from external file or database to the servic
SSO Integration
Web Service Integration
LDAP Integration
User Interface Level Integration
MID Server Integration
Integration with event monitoring tool
Experience with Service Catalog, CMDB, CMS, Incident Management
Managing multiple engagement and good resource handling
Good Communication and presentation skills, Client handling, Onsite work exposur
e in Service Now consulting
Good in Requirement Gathering
ITIL V3 process certifications Must