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1. Under SOLAS what are the statutory certificate..

2. Certificate must carry on board.

3. What are the Major convention, when stablished & last amendment
4. Basic on ISM & STCW & Marpol, when all stablish & last amendment
5. CO2 flooding system sketch.
6. Piston Sketch
7. Stuffing Box sketch
8. Main LO system sketch
9. X-head LO system sketch
10. Turbo charger sketch
11. CO2 regulation. How to release CO2? what are the safety provided in the
How to ensure fire extinguished? & what r the precaution to re enter in E/R.
12. How Primary & secondary explosion occur, As a 2nd engr what
will be action if OMD alarm rcv? how to ensure alarm is correct? what will
be the impact of c/c explosion?
13. At what quantity of oil mist give pre alarm & then slowdown/shutdown.
14. how many types of T/C lubrication system? what is the Function of
Labyrinth seal, sealing air.
15. How T/C cooling system explain ? what is the purpose?
16. Explain Jacket cooling system
17. Why Air cooler is required? why air needs to cool?
18. How stuffing box secured in the engine?
19. How piston internal construction is arranged? Significance of Piston ring.
20. If piston rod leak where oil will go?
21. why x head lubrication is difficult? what is Hydrodynamic lubrication?
22. how to star boiler from cold condition? what r the safety must ensure during
start up?
How to blow down a gauge glass.
-draw card,power card,light spring
-how to calculate bhp,what diff from bhp
-boiler control element
-starting and reversing,why need slow turning
-blowdown procedure
-feed water system
-safety features at boiler gauge glass
-boiler water treatment

-type of survey
-co2 flooding
-improved high lift
-type of scavenging,which one is the most efficiency,why
-power distribution
-bunkering procedure
-how to parallel genset
-marpol till annex 8,imo,solas,LFA,FFA explosion,scavenge fire,starting pipe line exploision
Draw indicator diagram..late and early injection.
Turbo charger...sketch and explain
Refrigeration sys..sketch,explain, troubleshooting
Scavenge fire
Ows..sketch and explain
Power distribution sys...
Power and leading...
Exhaust gas boiler...hydrogen fire...priming..foaming..carry over
Co2 system..
1. Examiner asked about past/sailing experience.
a. Different in operation & environmental.
2. List out fixed fire fighting system and briefly explain.
3. Mechanical foam system onboard of your ship.
a. Sketch and explain
4. Sketch and explain M/E LO system + explain with sketch in more detail
on lubricating system for crosshead bearing.
5. Action taken: LO sump contaminated with water. (minor and major
6. Cylinder Liner
a. Sketch cross section of cylinder liner.
b. Procedure of replacing the liner.
c. Inspection on cylinder liner.
d. Explain about clover-leafing.
7. Scavenge Fire
a. How it occurs and action taken.
b. Possible damage.
c. Simple sketch of stuffing box (from explanation on scavenge fire
related to c/case explosion)
8. Sketch and explain Full Bore safety valve.
9. List out statutory certificate under SOLAS.




T/C ( sketch ,explain, maintenance)

Sketch starting air & explain safety on that system
Sketch air starting valve
Crankcase explosion ( explain, cause, safety device fitted)
Sketch Boiler safety valve (Improved hi-lift)
Crosshead engine
Bunkering procedure
Enclose space entry

Load line survey & regulation

Sketch improve high lift safety valve & explain
Crankcase explosion & diff between fusible plug , relief valve &
safety valve.
Oil mist detector
Power distribution (explain)
Indicator diagram

Load line regulation

Certificate carry on board
Steering gear (wheel to ram) ( telemotor to actuating unit)
Preparation for machinery survey
Boiler low low water level alarm (what to do)
Starting air explosion.
Explain Power distribution
Annex 6 (explain)
Inert gas system ( sketch & explain)
Emergency generator load test
Diff fusible plug, safety & relief

Sketch Busting disc on air starting line & explain

Stern tube cooling system ( explain latest system use on board)
Setting boiler safety valve
As 2nd What to do if gauge glass boiler leak ( explain procedure to
renew its gasket)
STCW (Manila amendment)
Inert gas system sketch & explain

(make sure mention all safety before explain any maintenance carried out)

Diff low, medium, & high speed engine

Low expansion foam system (sketch)
Safety device to avoid scavenge fire
Engine power card diagram
Uptake fire / economizer fire
Power distribution generator (sketch), & emergency generator
Tappet clearance ( diff between suc& disc valve) & which 1 its
clearance is high.(explain).
Improve high lift safety valve(sketch &explain)
Diff 2 & 4 stroke engine

Scavenge fire
Steering gear
Inert gas
Sprinkler system
Annex 1 to 6 (explain each & detail on annex 6,.. SOx, when it
implemented in Malaysia)
6. Manila amendment
7. Steering gear hyd system (sketch & explain)
8. Boiler safety valve (Improved Hi-lift)
9. stroke & 4 stroke engine
10.Scavenging fire (what action taken)
11.Function spring on cylinder head 4 stroke engine