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Issue #11

January 2010

It Took Off Quick!

Interview with Bulletproof

Promising Newcomers
Gussie Miller
Alex Highton ...

Album Update Music Is A

Civilized Tears
Slim Void Album Log Quest Of
Life To Me
Katie Thompson Album Diary

Review 2009/ Hind is funding her second

Outlook 2010 project on SellaBand
Editorial Note/
Finally another issue of 50K MUSIC MAG is ready to
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couldn’t meet my own deadline to publish it on the 1st of
every month. Due to job and family duties I was not able
to work on the mag as much as I wanted. So I had to
announce delays in the last two months. I can’t promise 50K MUSIC MAG (
that this will not happen in 2010 again. But what I can is mainly written and solely published by
assure you is that I deliver one mag issue every month. Mario Putzar, D-99947 Bad Langensalza,
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Again I had a supporters to help me writing the articles of
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I have also thought a lot about the name change. As the

most of you know, I have started a thread here in the The parts of the MAG written by other authors are signed as follows:
forum and a poll on to find a new name (AM) - Andy Marczak
after the SAB changes. 30 members of the community (CM) - Cecile Morel
took part in the poll and SELLAMAG has won the voting (CS) - Catself (Agnieszka Holm) - member of Talentcast team
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by a narrow margin. But finally I have elected to stick to (FJ) - Fleur Jack - Kiwi FM
50K MUSIC MAG because I want to save SellaBand’s (ps) - Pete Strobl - posts from his bottom-end blog
blushes in terms of name rights. Also a name change (Lu) - Lucretia
would cause some costs e.g. for domain change. Beyond (NV) - Netvalar - Researcher Extraordinaire
(PMcM) - Paul McMaster
that 50K MUSIC is quite established yet and in case of a (MC) - Multicorriente - Argentinean magazine
name change I have to start from scratch. I only can hope (RSV) - Ronny - Slim Void
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50K MUSIC MAG. (TC) - information from Talentcast webpage
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So, what does this issue bring? In this issue Bulletproof
Messenger and Hind are spotlighted. We have an Articles written by other authors do express the opinion of the particular
extended newcomer section with Gussie Miller (US), Alex author, not of 50K MUSIC.
Highton (UK), The Comeback (NL) and Eline Chiara (NL). All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be copied or distributed
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Tim Bennett (Civilized Tears). And I guess I don't promise Articles, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please send them to my
e-mail adress.
to much when I announce updates of Gisel de Marco and
Inge M for next issue.

You also read the review of 2009 by the Knifelady

(Lucretia) and an outlook to 2010 by Pete Strobl. And we
have the Artist Diary (Part 2) written by Fleur Jack.
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Alex Highton ... 17 Civilized

Gussie Miller - 15 Tears ... 22

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Editorial 2

It Took Off Quick! 4

Music Is A Quest Of Life To Me 6

Slim Void Album Log 8

Katie Thompson Album Diary 9

SellaBand, What Will 2010 Bring? 10

Review Of The Year 2009 12

50K MUSIC - What Was ... And What Will Be 14

Promising Newcomers
Gussie Miller 15
Alex Highton 17
The Comeback 18
Eline Chiara 19

SellaBand News 19

An Artist Diary (Part 2) 20

Decide and succeed or continue to dream 21

Civilized Tears ... Album Update 22

Artist News 23
(Aly Cook, Cubworld, Chris Difford, Kirt, Nemesea,
Kane Sole, Radius, Francis Rodino)

Monthly Charts of Truth 24


It Took Off Quick!

They are one of my favourite bands on SellaBand - Bulletproof Messenger's album
"Arm Yourself" was played more than 100 times in my car stereo. And I love their
straight rock, hope you too. For this issue of 50K MUSIC MAG I talked to Jesse about
their time on SellaBand, what has happened since the album release and their future

50K MM: Where are you from? 50K MM: How would you describe your music?
Jesse: Bulletproof Messenger is based in Long Island, Jesse: Our music is a powerful concoction of electronic
New York, but our members are from Baltimore – MD, beats/synths, hard rock guitars, catchy melodic vocals.
Long Island – NY, Schenectady – NY, and Erie – PA. We pride ourselves in creating everything from ambient
textures, metal-esque guitars, funk bass grooves, beautiful
50K MM: How would you describe the band in three piano passages, and great memorable vocals – we don’t
words? want to limit ourselves to one specific sound, and with our
Jesse: HARD-ROCK/TECHNOLOGY/GOOFBALLS (not new album “Arm Yourself” we are really starting to be able
necessarily in that order, you might want to put goofballs to branch out into new sounds.
first if you have met us in person.)
50K MM: How did you find the way to Sellaband? How
50K MM: Where are you coming from artistically, what has SellaBand changed your life? What were your
are your influences? experiences on your way to 50k?
Jesse: Our influences are spread across the board. We Jesse: One of my previous bands was actually on
love everything from Celldweller to Depeche Mode to Sellaband and doing quite well when I heard of the
Brand New, Pink Floyd, Sevendust, Lamb of God, website. I got a monthly newsletter from the band after
Killswitch Engage, 311, Glassjaw, CKY, Chili Peppers... the joining Bulletproof Messenger and learned of the whole
list goes on and on. We try to pay tribute a little of each of fan-investor concept. When we signed up on the website,
our influences into our music. it was a pretty big deal for us. We had no idea that things
would take off like they would. Almost immediately, fans method of getting out there in people’s faces and touring
from all over the world were investing heavily in us. It your ass off.
took off quick! Within the first couple months we were
chosen out of 3,000 acts worldwide to be flown to London, 50K MM: And at last one important thing about you and
England and play a special showcase for Sellaband’s staff your music everyone should know?
and some of the “Believers”. Fans/investors are called Jesse: We would just like to thank everyone who has been
“Believers” on Sellaband. It was really cool to meet some of with us since the beginning. We are still a relatively new
the new fans that were laying their own money down to band, but we have a very loyal fan base. You are all
support our music. We also got to meet the whole priceless to us, and the reason that we are still going.
Sellaband staff who was extremely cool! Not to mention, Don’t get me wrong, we all love music and will be creating
this was our first gig in Europe – an experience we will music for the rest of our lives, but having the fan support
never forget. Things continued to roll along quickly as the that we are lucky enough to have puts a certain bounce in
next few months passed. We reached the $50k budget in our step, to say the least. It really helps us keep motivated
only 7 months, and from there we dove head first into the to continue to push this project forward. We answer all of
writing process. our fan letters/emails. If you want to get in touch with us,
visit ... And be sure to
check out our new album “Arm Yourself” on iTunes!

50K MM: And very last question: Do you think Crowd-

(Fan-)funding is a viable and sustainable way to finance
an album? Would you go this way again?
Jesse: I think it is absolutely viable. It worked out great
for us. I think what started as an experiment for Sellaband
and its artists became (in the words of Borat) a “Great
Success!”. This method takes the burden of worrying
about the financial aspect of creating an album off of the
artist and lets the artist focus on the music.
Buy album here

50K MM: You released your album almost one year ago.
What happened since then?
Jesse: Since the release of our second album “Arm
Yourself”, a lot has happened. One of our members, Voley
Martin, is in the army and had to go to war in Iraq, so he
was “M.I.A.” from the band for the first segment of 2009.
We spent the majority of the year playing around the
Eastern US playing with a fill in guitarist named
Konstantine Sitzanis, getting a feel for the new songs and
making them real tight until Voley returned. In 2009 we
also saw the entry of new drummer Vince Gorski. Now
that we have a solidified lineup, we are planning out our
next touring season. We are still completely independent
though, and searching for management, booking, and
promotion help… so *hint hint* if anyone in those fields
are reading this, haha!

50K MM: What are your plans for 2010 - new album,
touring, ...?
Jesse: 2010 is set for touring. Shows, shows shows! We
are also looking for proper management like I said, but we
will be taking a break from writing for a while. We are
always writing individually, but we have spent so much
time already putting out music that we are going to focus
on the live show aspect and building up our fan base
before we begin working on a new album. The internet is
great for finding and reaching out to new fans, but it’s
obvious to us that you cannot ignore the tried and true

Music Is A Quest Of Life To Me

On November 23th 2009 Hind joined SellaBand to raise the budget of 40.000 € for an
album production. Within only 11 days, which marked a new record on SellaBand, she
reached her goal. On December 8th she rejoined for a second run to collect an amount
of 30.000 € for promotion. For this issue of 50K MUSIC MAG I talked to her about her
time on SellaBand and her future plans:
50K MM: Where are you from? “cross-pop” as a new musical style, and I’m working on
Hind: I’m Dutch born but my father was born in Morocco creating my own recognizable sound together with my new
50K MM: How would you describe yourself in three
words? 50K MM: How did you find the way to Sellaband? How
Hind: Ha, ha, I need 5 words: Perfectionist, sweet, music, has SellaBand changed your life? What were your
lover, independent experiences on your (admittedly short) way to 40k €?
Hind: Through my boyfriend who contacted SellaBand to
50K MM: Where are you coming from artistically, what discuss possibilities with them. Being a professional artist
are your influences? I am able to generate media attention. That helped a lot in
Hind: I have many influences growing up from a mix funding my album as well in supporting SellaBand as a
marriage and living in a multicultural society as the brand. More people now have heard of SellaBand through
Netherlands are. But furthermore on an artistic level I my media actions. The speed was incredible and never
would love to discover in depth the “Cross-pop” style that expected by me or the people around me. It just boosted
I’m developing more and more and giving it my own within 2 days to € 2900 and then at that same evening I
recognizable sound. had the chance to explain Sellaband on TV with over 1,5
million viewers and it rocketed all the way to € 11.500
50K MM: How would you describe your music? within 2 hours. After that it never stopped..:) And within
Hind: As described in the last question. I’m developing 11 days I reached the € 40.000 around $60.000 with the
current exchange rate. So my
experiences were like feeling
awesome, happy, appreciated by my
fans and more of those feelings.

50K MM: What kind of album can

we expect? Who will be the producer?
What are your plans for the album in
Hind: Haha I can’t tell u yet, still all a
secret. But I will reveal that the
minute I have my creative and
financial deal signed with the
producer I’m negotiating with right

50K MM: You immediately returned

to SellaBand for a second run to fund
the promotion budget for your
upcoming album. What are your plans
for promo?
Hind: Yes the plan was always to
raise € 100.000 in total, split in 3
parts. 40K for the album recording,
30K for promotions and 30K for
video’s which I might split in 3 x 10K
or so. Depending on how the singles
will be accepted by my fans. The
promotional plan includes traveling
for support shows, TV performances,
Radio performances local and
national, interviews, putting singles and albums in the The other thing is that an artist or band needs to take a lot
stores (which is really expensive coz of the right of return) of time to make this work within a short period of time. I
and more like that have been promoting everyday with all kinds of media i.e:
national radio, newspapers, local radio stations interviews,
50K MM: And at last one important thing about you and local and national TV, magazines, social media networks
your music everyone should know? like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, etc. One has to be
Hind: I’m 25 years old and I have already 8 years very creative and willing to put all of the effort in it to
experience as a professional singer. Music is a quest of life succeed with SellaBand. Nobody else will do that for you,
to me. I strive to become a better singer everyday. I still you have to do it yourself. And next is to keep in touch
follow lessons with Setske Mostaert, one of the best vocal with all of your believers which is almost impossible with
coaches here in the Netherlands. All to improve finesses, my agenda and yet I’m trying to keep them posted as
and discover all of the possibilities that is still hidden in much as possible through my blog in order to give them
my voice. My music needs to have a healthy cross-pop insight in what I’m doing on a musical level.
sound with lots of soul and feel in it. Real music with real
instruments and as less programming as possible. I love to Hind Laroussi Tahiri was born on December 3rd 1984 in
build my quality level the coming years and to be known as Gouda, Netherlands as a child of a Moroccan father and a
Hind an artist who sings and composes real music that Dutch mother. In 2002 she participated in the Dutch
touches your heart and/or soul when you listen to it. That Soundmixshow and made it to the finals. Hind also took
would be my ultimate goal for the coming years. part in the Dutch Idols talent show in 2003, with a third
place in the finals.
50K MM: And very last question: Do you think Crowd-
(Fan-) funding is a viable and sustainable way to finance In 2003 she released her debut album „Around the
an album? Would you go this way again? World“, a pop and R&B album with Portoguese and Arabic
Hind: Hahaha… what do you think? I have been the influences, which was a great success. In 2004 she
fasted funded artist on SellaBand on an international level, received an Edison award for her debut album. „Halfway
with the highest amount so far $60.000 in 11 days. Of Home“, her second album, came out in 2005.
course I believe that this is a viable way to finance an
album. Or else I would have accepted the record company Hind represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song
deals that have been offered to me in 2009. It can be Contest 2008 in Serbia with the song "Your Heart Belongs
sustainable if the believers base would exponentially grew to Me".
to around a million people. Because I believe that
SellaBand needs way more believers to make this a
sustainable way as an alternative to record companies for
professional artists worldwide.
Everything is up to high standards and parts of it sound
perfect to me. Thought it would just make me wanna puke
at this point, having heard it a thousand times. Must be a
good sign!

For all of you readers that wanna check it out, there's a

teaser up at our myspace site. Please have a listen and feel

m L o free to leave us a comment:

Alb u
slimvoid. These days we're busy rehearsing the album for
our release concert which will take place at 'Blaest' in
Trondheim sometime in March.

It actually sounds very good and the band is keen to get

out there promoting the album.This awfully long process
As the new year is just a few weeks old and the arctic of making our first real album has made the band much
temperatures have calmed down a bit, from 22 Celsius more aware of who we are and what we are doing. The live
below zero to the gentle -10 of today, the Slim Void debut part of what we do will benefit a great deal from that as
album is all done from the band's end of things. The songs well. Time is needed to make a band settle. Now a full year
and their sounds are tweaked as near perfection as time has gone by with our new line up and all that's happened
and circumstance allowed. Having just agreed on the have turned the band into a much more solid unit.
order, fade outs, cross fades and gaps, the whole thing is
now being sent to the mastering guys. Mastering is the There is still some patience needed yet, as there's always a
very last step of the whole process before the album is sent delay and all parts of the process seem to take more time
for printing. than planned. No date set for the album release, but it will
be out late March it seems. The next log will have more
This last step will give the eqs a final tweak, making it details regarding dates, concerts and all of this and that.
sound professional and rid it of any demo feeling what so
ever. Having listened to the album again twice today, Cheers!
surprisingly enough it just sounds better and better. Ronny

Slim Void ...

studio photos

Katie Thompson Album Diary

1 Katie with her biggest fan Harry

2 Katie performing on a birthday party
3 Katie with her Nana at Christmas
4 Katie's new home


Here is Katie's update on album production:
Over Dec/Jan I've kept busy with gigs and also
putting together demos of all my songs. It's summer
here in NZ at the moment so I've been out in the
garden and spending alot of time with family and
friends. This year is going to be crazy busy so I've
been planning like mad (if you seen my house you'd
laugh at the lists everywhere!!!). I will have a lot
more details about the album for you next month so
keep an eye out! Also if you want to keep up to date
with what I'm doing join my Facebook fan club 4
(really want to get the numbers up hehe!!!).

What Will 2010 Bring?
(PS) As an early and optimistic supporter of Sellaband, I it was first developed for use in treating blood pressure
feel confident in saying that I am not alone in wishing a deficiency. In much the same way, The Collaboration
successful and prosperous 2010 to the company and all of Project began as a collaborative effort to raise funding for
my friends, both virtual and physical, associated with the a compilation album of Sellaband artists but has morphed
Dutch crowd-sourcing music website. That said, the past into a clearing house for side projects which are turning
year has brought changes in policy and implementation out collaborative songs and productions by artists, writers
which move me to express concerns of a nature less than and producers from all over the ever shrinking virtual
positive for the first time since I became a supporter, not world. The latest effort includes songs written by Monica
only of the concept itself, but of many aspiring artists on Thomas, Mark Payne, aka Dreb Hacklett of Sheet Metal,
the platform. Casper Van Vulpen, Kostek Andreev and Lille Mulder and
will be available worldwide this spring. Members of The
On a positive note, there are two sub-organizations on the Collaboration Project have joined forces in developing
website which I support and admire very much. The quite an effective production team and it wouldn’t surprise
Dream Team is a group of individual artists organized me to see a successful move toward establishing this team
under the benevolent mentoring of Phil Sommersby. My as an option for other Sellaband artists who may think
good friend Phil offers artists the wisdom gleaned from his that name producers working at a fraction of their normal
years in business outside of the music industry. His “out of fees can insure success. These guys are serious.
the box” thinking has proven to be a valuable resource to
up and coming artists mired in the old school solutions to On the flip side of Sellaband’s 2009, there are three
new wave problems. Marketing and promotion in the developments which I have found to be potentially
music industry is changing at light speed and Phil’s disastrous and which only the loyalty of the old guard
common sense solutions, positivity and sense of old believers can overcome if Sellaband is to continue to
fashioned perseverance have built a successful track become an important force in the evolution of the music
record as no less than five Dreamteamsters have secured industry. In no order of importance, they are:
Sellaband recording budgets during 2009. Regardless of
changes in policy, members of The Dream Team continue 1. The look, construction and functionality of the website.
to use the platform to serve their purposes, maintain a The SAB forums document the disaster and subsequent
positive outlook and reap the rewards of Phil’s sensible eye fixes that have resulted in the present incarnation. Many
over their shoulders. security issues have been satisfactorily addressed and
functionality restored but as the proverbial bell cannot be
The Collaboration Project, under the watchful eye of unrung, the damage to Sellaband’s integrity as a
composer/producer Casper Van Vulpen, is having mixed commerce site could well be beyond estimation.
success in financial terms but if it is indeed “all about the Navigation through the site is less than intuitive, searching
music,” then this project is the Viagra of Sellaband. Most for new music is on a par with browsing through un-
users of the boner-inducing “vitamin V” are not aware that alphabetized record bins and buying the music produced
by Sellaband is nearly impossible for first time visitors to
the site. While Sellaband’s initial priority is to sell parts in
future productions, it seems absurd that albums produced
by Sellaband artists are nearly invisible and difficult to
buy. Yes, there have been answers to these issues but with
all due respect to the tech team working hard to make
sense of it all, the answers haven’t made complete sense in
the real world and Sellaband has not served their own
artists as well as they might or should.

2. The new terms and conditions which allow for

customized budgetary goals. It used to be a simple plan for
artists…post some demos, bring your homegrown support
system to the site to get things rolling, sell 5000 parts and
boom, you’re in a real studio to live out your dream of
making an album with the support of experts in the field.
It seems that Sellaband has caved in to artists who believe
it can all be done otherwise. Of course it is possible to
produce something that sounds relatively like an album
for a fraction of what once was a recording budget. But
that isn’t the point. The original point of it all was to put
unknown or inexperienced artists in contact with people
artists they don’t personally know. And this brings me to
what may be the biggest disappointment of 2009…

3. The ambassadorship of Chuck D. What was originally

touted by Sellaband as a significant promotional inroad to
the U.S. music buying public is fast turning into a public
relations comedy of errors. One can almost hear the pies
hitting the side of the building as Public Enemy’s ship
floats motionless in the doldrums of believer apathy. Many
thought that whistling Chuck D. on board would signal a
turning point for artists like New Zealand Hip-Hopper
Maitreya, Sellaband’s most viable artist of the genre to
date. But instead of using the influence of a successful
career and notoriety to help Sellaband or its artists, Chuck
and Public enemy elbowed themselves up to the trough to
get their own…establishing a goal five times the budget at
the time and at a buy-in price of 250% the norm.

This tactic may have seemed like just the braggadocio

needed to pique the interest of the American public but
coinciding with the financial disaster that has befallen first
who had made records and were in a position to mentor America and then every international economy sucking at
and develop artists in the ways of producing music on a the teat of the U.S. financial industry, the direction taken
scale superior to the bedroom studio. But rather than hold by Public Enemy and sanctioned by Sellaband has done
fast to the idea of educating and developing talent, damage that will not be undone easily. When Babe Ruth
Sellaband now allows artists to produce music on the same pointed to the cheap seats and declared that the next pitch
scale and with the same inevitable results of the typical was ending up there, well, that’s exactly where the next
myspace offerings. pitch ended up and the episode served to further cement
his legendary status. Unfortunately I don’t think that
With a budget of $50,000 on the line, there is an Public Enemy’s plan of attack nor Sellaband’s approval of
understandable expectation of recording quality of even it will do the same.
second tier songs. Under the current terms believers are
asked to accept well-recorded but underdeveloped And so 2010 begins with unanswered questions, high
material, possible hits recorded in Garageband at Home hopes and hopefully some hard-earned lessons. To all the
Studio Inc. and everything between. While it is accepted individuals who share my continued optimism in the
that there are talented artists who can record great promise Sellaband offers, I wish continued success, a hit
material at a high standard for a fraction of $50,000, it song and many healthy, prosperous returns of the day. For
must also be understood that these are exceptions and those who disagree with my assessment, drop me a
perhaps Sellaband is not the place for them. Obliterating comment. and to those who have all the answers…get up
the original budgetary goal perhaps serves the purposes of off your asses and make something good happen.
a handful of artists but it is a mistake that lowers the
standards for what can be expected by those who invest in Happy New Year!

Review of the Year 2009

And here it comes, Lucretia's (The Knifelady) review of 2009. I had to abbreviate it,
but you can read the full blog post here:
Welcome to this Quite a few slots obviously became free this year as a
year's review, result of artists leaving, going pretty much inactive, or
when you can becoming ineligible due to finishing their fundraising
find out my more than a year ago, so it's made for some quite
highlights and interesting changes from last year further down in the list,
disappointments as a few of my "near misses" from last time around
of 2009 and managed to fight their way on this time against some of
discover all kinds the newcomers, most notably Civilized Tears who went all
of other things the way up to 4th. This year the near misses are as follows:
such as my top Derek Daisey, Jon Allen and Taylor Horn.
artists and songs
of the year. Top 20 songs of 2009
Top 10 artists of 2009 Here's the list of my favourite songs for this year. To be
I like an awful lot of music, but this is the only time of the eligible for this, the song needs to be currently on the
year you can discover who my real favourites are. As with artist's Sellaband profile and I also impose a limit of one
all things, the list changes each year, often as I discover song per artist. The new requirement for this year is that
more about each artist and their music. To be eligible for the artist must either be currently fundraising or have
this, the artist needs to be currently raising a budget on reached their target in the last 12 months.
Sellaband or have completed one within the last 12 months 1. A few good men -Phil Tweed
and have posted at least one new song on that profile 2. Who do you find - Ulrik
during that time. So here's the list for 2009 3. Drive away - Matthew Ebel
4. Feel it down - MOPI
1. We Love The Underground 5. Drop dead girl - Mount Fabric
2. Phil Tweed 6. Words you bleed - Derek Daisey
3. Matthew Ebel 7. Open her eyes - Silverimage
4. Civilized Tears 8. Bad habit - Voodoo Johnson
5. Ulrik 9. 7:30 plane - Matt Byers
6. MOPI 10. January blues - The Lights
7. The Jade Diary 11. Dead man's suit - Jon Allen
8. The Lights 12. Love called me home - The Jade Diary
9. Voodoo Johnson 13. The universe is burning - Marc Supsic
10. Conflict in the sky 14. My enemy - Silver and Blue
15. The comedown (we are not saints) - We Love The
Most noticeable this year is that the 2-way scrap for my Underground
affections at the top has most definitely become a 3-way 16. Country storm - Aly Cook
scrap. And to be honest it's been so close between the top 17. Death clock - Conflict in the Sky
three that I don't think I actually officially decided the 18. Candy whore - Six Eyes Lost
order until I wrote it here. Brad manages to hang onto first 19. Back up - Taylor Horn
place by a whisker, mostly as a result of coming up with 20. Take me - Broken Sun
more new material than Phil. But both these two should
watch out next year, because there's a very real threat of Sadly a few of the artists on this list appear to be going
displacement coming from third place in the form of new inactive, which is a real shame. You'll find all the listed
entry Matthew Ebel. Squeezed into third place this time songs in my playlist until February, when I'll revert to a
around partly because of being a new find and partly playlist which only contains fundraising artists. Most
because although he definitely has the talent (you might interesting in this top twenty list is probably either Mount
want to put the innocents to bed before you check this out Fabric, as I feel this particular song is one of the flashes of
though), he's not quite 100% there 100% of the time. genius that occasionally pop up from the often quite
Given that he's been putting out at least 2 new songs every mediocre I've heard from that direction, or Silver and Blue
month, the fact he doesn't necessarily write stuff that is who are so new on the site I haven't even had the
easy to play in the first place (watch him play live and solo opportunity to mention them in a hatchet day post yet.
when 3 hands are required for starters!) and is now going
to be putting out an album every 6 months (with or Dropped the ball
without the help of Sellaband), it's obvious the odd missed Here's my list of artists who I think have real music
note is more of a case of familiarity/practice due to the potential, but look like they're in the process of dropping
volume of material than anything else. And if this makes the ball.
you worry about "filler", well I haven't seen any. I also 1. Matt Byers
haven't found a song that I don't like yet, and that's pretty 2. Silverimage
much a rarity in itself. 3. Voodoo Johnson
Amazingly Matt still seems to be listed on Sellaband ball up and carry it, or even effectively just keep pushing
despite all the site changes and the fact I mentioned him in and shoving, trying to roll it on the ground towards that
this category last year as having not been seen for ages finish line. It's fair to say he's still an infinite distance
round the site. The last seen date on his profile is still away, but equally you can see that having been given that
listed as unknown. Silverimage left a message on their own ball, he has both moved and is still trying to keep moving.
wall back in August mentioning that not only were they You'll find out the full story in my hatchet day post, but
having problems with the site, but there was also a split in this is just part of the reason why Cubworld became only
progress. Voodoo Johnson also haven't been seen around the second artist on my belief list to see a parts increase
the site in more than 3 months now so the question of since the site change - the fact that he's making that effort
whether they're actually interested in fundraising any deserves respect ....
more is coming to the fore. It will be interesting to see if
any of these recover or disappear over the next few months. 2. Sellaband
Probably no surprise here, but some of the reasons for my
Sellaband albums own disappointment may be a little bit different from what
What's my favourite of the albums produced so far? Just a you might expect. I could probably write an entire blog on
top 5 here as there's still a relatively small number to this subject alone, but let's keep it simple with a summary
choose from. The main factor deciding the order is how list of the more important ones in no particular order.
much I like the tracks on an album and therefore how
likely I'd have been to go out and buy it if I'd heard it first. - failure to maintain "housekeeping" of inactive profiles -
this was only done for a couple of months before the June
1. Arm Yourself - BulletProof Messenger site change, and we've been back at the bad old days of
2. Circles and Squares - Francis Rodino them not deleting inactive ones, or removing artists who
3. In Control - Nemesea are stating on their profiles they've left the site since.
4. The Elements - Second Person - coming up with a confusing and complicated
5. Until the Morning Light - Daniel Ward-Murphy incentive/plan system which seems to be just as
complicated and confusing for artists to get changed. Even
So interestingly, no change from last year, although I have artists are struggling to know how to fill this in to make
to make special mention for Unseen by Ellie Williams at sense, never mind the poor believers who have to try and
this point, as I think it's easily the best Sellaband album interpret what everything really means themselves now.
Tony Platt has produced to date and shows exactly why Sorting out those with good intentions from the (often
he's considered a world class producer. So from a personal total) idiots is a nightmare as a result.
point of view, whilst I have a lower liking for the songs - failure to enforce section 5.5 in the current fundraising
themselves than I do for those of some other artists, I'd terms and conditions. Just go back over the blogs I've
still say this album is highly recommended as not to be posted since the last site change and look at the "help I'm
missed due to its quality. lost" part of the section I have dealing with artist plans.
Despite some of these plans being more than 2 months old
I also got surprised by one of the album releases this year, now, they still don't conform to this section of the T&C
as it contained a derivative work of a very well known and Sellaband appear to be doing nothing to rectify the
song. I say derivative, because while the lyrics had been situation. This is also only the tip of an ever increasing
altered, the song itself was the same (just the artist's own iceberg as far as this particular problem is concerned.
interpretation as opposed to a straight copy). Interestingly - no Sellabration. 2009 was probably the last chance I
the artist in question had had the cover (i.e. exactly the would have been able to do some travelling (particularly
same song but with its original lyrics) on their page when abroad) for a while and I'd been aiming to go. It's unlikely
they were fundraising. I'm slightly surprised Sellaband let I'll be getting out much this year, even if it does return.
this one through given the terms and conditions under - isolation rather than fostering of community. I
which this album was produced, particularly as the last remember mentioning in last year's blog that I feared this
time I looked, the original composer was still alive, so was the way they were heading and it looks like that fear
here's hoping the correct dues have indeed been paid. came true.
Meanwhile, I'll leave you to try and work out for
yourselves which artist I'm referring to. I may still be listening to and following interesting new
music on the site, but is it really any wonder that even I
Disappointments of the year have become somewhat apathetic as far as believing in
1. Vegas Dragons artists is concerned?
Let me take you off sideways first by talking about
Cubworld raising his 50K (trust me, the relevance will And you shouldn't be surprised that I don't mention
become clear by the end). When you consider that when ArenaFest in that particular list. After all, who described it
Jake originally signed up to the site, he was just an airport in an earlier blog post as "looking like a big if"? So
baggage handler who sang songs for his wife and kids, the whatever the story behind its failure to occur, it should be
idea of giving someone like that 50K to make an album obvious that the fact it didn't happen was obviously not an
and therefore effectively get started in the music industry entirely unexpected possibility to me, and hence couldn't
from nothing is like handing them a ten tonne ball and be that much of a source of disappointment as a result.
telling them they need to carry it to a finish line that's an ...
infinite distance away. And despite starting from nothing, Read the full blog post here: http://knifelady.
as soon as he was given it I've seen him try and pick that

What Was ... and What Will Be

2009 was a very busy year for me. In March I published some of which are mature enough to share with you, some
the first issue of 50K MUSIC MAG. At that time I never not. One of the mature ones is to publish a printed version
thought that it could be such a success. It became a of 50K MUSIC MAG. I would really like to send out a
monthly periodical with about 800 readers on average. I printed MAG, but I don't know if anyone wants to pay a
hope each one of these readers impatiently awaits every price between 2,00 and 4,00 € (depending on the
single issue. And maybe each of them has as much fun circulation) per issue plus shipping costs in Europe (1,45 €
reading it as I have creating it. - Germany, 3,40 € - rest of Europe). For USA, Canada and
UK costumers I could use a print on demand service called
This success story would not have been written without MagCloud. A mag issue would then cost about 4,00 $ per
the continuous support of many people – the SellaBand issue plus shipping costs.
HQ and team who supported me and spread the word, all
the artists who uncomplainingly answered my questions, Another one is to start a video section on www.50kmusic.
the people who wrote articles and reviews for the MAG com called Visual Control (please contact me in case you
(special thanks to Netvalar, Utterly B Groovy and find a better name) including a VideoLog where I'm going
FleurJack – only to name three) and all the other people to post new videos of SellaBand artists. I already have
who read the MAG, supported me in many different ways plans to expand this idea. But more on that later.
and spread the word around the world. You all made my
year. Over and about I have made a couple of small changes in
design and content of the MAG. So I hope it will become
I don't want to talk too much about SellaBand – Pete and more readable and you like it.
Lucretia have said a lot and I mostly agree. There are only
a few thoughts I would add. The idea of SellaBand is to The ideas I am still working on are related to the MAG's
give artists a platform to fanfund and produce their album. first birthday in March 2010. I have plans for this but it is
But the period of afterproduction is a problem the artist a little bit too early to share them with you. Please have a
(not SellaBand) has to deal with. And then we often see a little patience. I'll keep you in the loop.
lack of promotion, ideas and business experience. Please
understand me right, I don't want to insult or blame artists And here are my Top 20 songs of 2009:
here. But why don't you use the experience of the
community, the so-called wisdom of the crowd. You 1. Julia Marcell - "Night of the Living Dead"
should not stop once you have crowdfunded your album. 2. Bulletproof Messenger - "No Way Out"
You should encourage your believers to brainstorm and 3. Jon Allen - Dead Man's Suit"
share your thoughts and ideas. Use this source of 4. Ellie Williams - "Fin's Song"
knowledge and experience and do not only make them 5. Francis Rodino - "Burn"
street team members. I'm sure you (and your 6. Alex Highton - "A Song For Someone"
believers/fans) will profit in the end. 7. Epyllion - "Just Like You"
8. EES - "Metal Man"
What we, the artists and believers, urgently have to 9. So What - "Sister Dance"
improve is the promotion and profitability of the albums, 10. The Nancy Wha - "As The Panic Grows"
because we are indeed in business together. Believers 11. Lunic - "Masquerade"
invested their hard-earned money and artists work just as 12. Banshee feat. Ellie Williams - "Sallygardens"
hard to deliver a high quality album. But once the album is 13. Fleur Jack - "Not My Fault"
released, the real hard work for both parties begins. So 14. Tender Hooligans - "Hours After Hours"
let's tackle this problem and solve it together. Because it is 15. Mount Fabric - "Drop Dead Girl"
not SellaBand's problem, it is ours. 16. the Lights - "Low Hundreds"
17. Broken Sun - "Take Me"
I think the Collaboration Project, Dream Team, Talentcast, 18. Jon Robert - "Meant To Be"
MAG and all the other artist and believer projects are good 19. The Fanclub - "Poets Die Too"
starting points. Please support them as much as you can to 20. Blue Trash Can - "Primordial Touch"
promote SellaBand artists and their albums beyond the
SellaBand community as well. Even small contributions
help: just be creative, critical, cooperative, inventive, Subscribe to
demanding, … and share your thoughts and ideas with
them. It is really appreciated. And of course keep on
spreading the word.
I have used my Christmas holiday to develop a few ideas, ... just send an e-mail with re "Subscribe" to

Promising Newcomers
Gussie Miller for Chris Rock¹s CW Television Show, "Everybody Hates
Chris". In addition, I have most recently been composing
music for commercials and film, and my voice can be
50K MM: Who are you, where do you come from,...? heard on Chris Rock¹s feature film, "I Think I Love My
Please tell us something about yourself. Wife".
Gussie: I was born and raised in Columbus, OH. I have (
family in both New York and New Jersey where I spent
much of my formative years around entertainment people. 50K MM: How did you discover SellaBand?
My Uncle James "Blinky" Miller, was a music professor Gussie: My cousin in Public Enemy keeps me informed of
who first believed in my talent. My Aunt Juanita, who was everything going on with PE. He had reached out to me
also a music teacher, MADE me sing in her church choir, about the power of Sellaband in funding their current
where she was the choir director. project. I checked it out and "fan funding" sounded like a
great idea!
Years later, after I became an adult, I lived with my Uncle
and got to know my second cousin, James Allen, who is The vision for my first solo effort, "Forever Plan", began
one of the S1W in the legendary rap group, Public Enemy. well over 10 years ago. Due to a tough divorce situation
I desired to sing at the Apollo Theatre, so James escorted and spending much of my time and finances fighting for
me to the Apollo to sing at Amateur Night, because he the custodial rights of my children, "Forever Plan" was put
believed so much in my talent. on hold. I also experienced a workplace accident that
pushed back completing "Forever Plan". However many
setbacks I encountered, I never lost sight of where I
wanted to go with this project. The time has come now, to
utilize the power of SAB to finally bring my vision to

50K MM: How are you going to convince people to

believe (and invest) in you?
Gussie: Being a performer, product spokesperson, and
having been involved in multiple music projects, I have
networked with many people throughout the years. I am
reaching out to all of these contacts via social networking
sites, such as MySpace, facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,
Modern Vocalist, Digg, and my blog, called "Artis
Musicai", (

I am also forging co-marketing and branding agreements

with companies I support, such as HeadBlade,
My background includes being a child actor, and being on
cable and national television, including WBNS TV and
QUBE TV, which later became the Nickelodeon Network.

Taken under the wing early by owners of several major

recording studios, I learned the art of production for
commercials and TV & Film work. I learned the art of
studio production under the direction of John Kiehl from
the Soundtrack Group while I was singing for him doing
jingles in Boston. While in Boston, million selling artist
Paula Cole was a singer in a band I had in the 80¹s.

I have since been a performer at Universal Studios and

Disneyland ("The Lion King Celebration"). Also, I have
entertained on two major cruise lines. After moving to Los
Angeles from Boston, I performed and/or recorded with
Gino Vannelli, LaVerne Baker, Cher, Seal, Mindi Abair and
Marcus Miller. (

While working with Marcus Miller, Marcus used my voice

I am in contact with local and national media, including
Time Warner Cable (Southern California), who has a
program that is considering doing a feature piece on how I
am raising capital to fund my record, using Sellaband.

50K MM: You have raised a small percentage of the

budget yet. But have you thought about the time after
reaching the goal of 50k yet? What are your plans then?
Gussie: I have had a lot of experience in working on
major albums with major artists, as a technician, engineer,
producer and vocalist. This has given me a unique
perspective on how to put a project together. A wise man
once told me, "Most of the time it is not knowing what to
do, but who to call." So, I am calling in favors from
songwriters, producers, engineers and artists I have
worked with over my long career as a side-man. I chose my
close friend, David Isaac, who is a 4-time Grammy winner
from his
work with David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Anita Baker, and
Eric Clapton, just to name a few, to co-produce and
engineer "Forever Plan", because he¹s got some of the best
ears I have ever heard. (http://www.titanmusicand

I also reached out to my admired friend, Tony Shepperd,

who, along with me, is a Westlake Studios alumnus, to co- My recent experience teaching at Columbia College of
produce and engineer because of his work with my idols, Hollywood has introduced me to some amazing
Kenny Loggins, Sting and Take 6. Tony was one of the first production talent, particularly an up and coming young
people to believe in my voice and my vision, and has director, Jonathan Lewis. Jon is slated to direct my music
offered his services to be a part of my team. videos and behind the scenes DVD for a future incentive
( on SAB. (

My band is led by my good friend and all star-musical

director, Alex Alessandroni (Pink, Nelly Furtado, Christina
Aguilera, Babyface, Natalie Cole). My band also includes
my friends who are well known musicians on million
selling CDs, including Herman Matthews (Tower of
Power, Kenny Loggins, Amy Grant, Tom Jones)
drumming in the project. (http://www.herman

My SAB plan will be the catalyst in launching my touring

of major US cities; showcasing first in Los Angeles at one
of the well-known clubs. I will eventually tour throughout
Europe, following the lead of Marcus Miller, and
establishing a lucrative international presence.

Due to Google, I have a very strong internet presence. SAB

is integral in pulling all the pieces together by fan funding
the "Forever Plan" project.

50K MM: And last question: How can we support you to

speed up raising your budget?
Gussie: It would be great to be featured on the SAB front
page, just like Hind, Public Enemy and The Jeffersons.
That would really help! Being featured in 50K, I'm sure
will also draw attention to my project. Any exposure to
your part of the world would also be appreciated!

50K MM: Who are you, where do you come from, ...? for which I will be forever grateful. Considering I recorded
Please tell us something about yourself. the songs just for my own amusement, the whole thing
Alex: I was born in Liverpool, lived in London for a few seemed to have taken on a life of its own and I've decided
years, and more recently have moved to the countryside to go with it.
not far from Cambridge. I'd never lived outside the city
before and I was a little bit anxious as to how I would take 50K MM: How did you discovered SellaBand?
to it. Luckily I fell in love with the life, & the village, from Alex: I had heard of the website Slice of the Pie, had a
the moment I arrived. I've two little girls and it's nice to look at it and was a interested. So I started searching
get out into the fields with them, although this last week around for competitors to see what they did. I stumbled
we've been snowed in. across Sellaband and was immediately impressed with the
flexibility of the system. So I thought I'd give it a go.
I love all types of music but the songs for this album seem
to have been pretty heavily influenced by Randy Newman, 50K MM: How are you going to convince people to
Harry Nilsson & David Ackles on one side & NIck Drake, believe (and invest) in you?
Davey Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn on the other. Alex: This is a really hard question and one on which I've
Although I tend to just write whatever comes out and see taken quite a bit of advice in the forum. I thought I may as
what happens. All these songs were written in a bit of a well find out the best way forward from the people who
bubble, I wasn't listening to any new music, which was know the site inside out.
strange for me.
I think the most important thing is the music and I'm
Since I recorded the demo's at home it's been an hoping that people like it enough to invest! I've been
interesting year or so. They've played my songs on the tv getting some great reviews, BBC Introducing Suffolk &
(Hollyoaks), the radio (Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Introducing The Rebel Riffs Music Blog, have both said it's one of their
show, a live session for BBC Suffolk, amongst others), & favourite albums of the year, which considering it's
I've had loads of interest from various different record currently collection of demo's recorded in a shed, I'm
companies. Also the Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher really proud of. Hopefully this shows the believer's some
stumbled across my music and started supporting me, potential.
which has lead to a lot of interest from all over the world,

The Comeback
I've tried to make my incentives value for money across
the board, from a 1 part believer upwards. I hadn't really
done this when I first signed up.
50K MM: Who are you, where do you come from, ...?
I'm trying to engage with the community as much as Please tell us something about yourself.
possible, making sure I'm in touch with followers & Kevin: My name is Kevin Storm, and I am one of those
believers & getting involved in the forum (where you can people you heard about. You know, the kind that gives up
find a wealth of information & some really nice people). everything in life to chase a dream, they may or may not
make it. I dont really care. I make my music, I'm telling
On the other hand I'm trying to bring in outside the stories I have to tell in every possible way, be it graphic
investment. I've just signed with a fantastic booking agent novel or music, I just need to get it out of my system.
(BPA Live) and they are starting to get me gigs. At each of
these I'll be giving away cd's for free with information 50K MM: How did you discovered SellaBand?
inside about Sellaband, which I'll also be mentioning Kevin: Not sure actually, but I think the story about
during the gig. people who DON'T know Sellaband is a lot harder to find :)

I've been messaging my myspace fans, contacting my 50K MM: How are you going to convince people to
mailing list, twittering about the site. believe (and invest) in you?
Kevin: I'm not. I have put the project on Sellaband and I
Also hopefully in the near future I'll be lowering my target will answer every question anyone has. I'm far too busy
as well. A producer friend who is currently working on the getting this thing into the world, in the real world. If
Brian Ferry / Roxy Music project, has offered to help me at people believe in me on Sellaband, I will be very grateful,
a massively reduced rate, just waiting for the costs from but I'm not going to push anyone. The product speaks for
him. Recording starts in March, as he's agreed to wait for itself. I'll let people on Sellaband decide what to make of it
his money until I reach target. ;)
I'm working on new material, writing more music,
I'm totally open to ideas as well. So if anyone has any finishing the next graphic novel, let's see how my firstborn
please get in touch "The Comeback" holds out on it's own , haha.

50K MM: You have raised about 1 % of the budget so far. 50K MM: You have raised about 4 % of the budget so far.
Have you thought about the time after reaching the goal of Have you thought about the time after reaching the goal of
50k yet? What are your plans then? 25k yet? What are your plans then?
Alex: I have no idea how long it will take for me to reach Kevin: well, my goal is 10K, because that's the lowest
target. As I said the album will be recorded anyway in option there was. (50K MM: ehem, sorry for this mistake)
March, however there's no point having an album that no I'm gonna do exactly the same if I reach the goal, as I
one ever hears of. I imagine, even with a reduced target, it would if I don't reach it; make music, draw, write and find
could take some time. I'm in for the long haul! special musicians to collaborate with. The only difference
would be, people would then actually SEE me working my
Once we've raised the money I've very good contacts ass off every day for music, hahaha.
within the industry to work the marketing side for me,
BPA Live are working on Festivals & higher profile gigs. I 50K MM: And last question: How can we support you to
think in the end it will all be down to good old fashioned speed up raising your budget?
hard work. Lots of gigs, lots of promotion. Kevin: Listen. and forget the hype. I make music with my
heart, and so did all the 13 guests. This is a story that
50K MM: And last question: How can we support you to needed to be told for ME. and somehow, everyone I know
speed up raising your budget? seems to understand and feel that. If I can change ONE
Alex: Help me spread the word. I need all the help i can single heart out there with this book, to decide to start
get. There's lots of great artists on Sellaband and I'm pursuing what makes you happy in life, my mission is
honoured to be part of the set up. accomplished. THAT is my 100K goal :)
Eline Chiara SellaBand News
50K MM: Who are you, where do you come from, ...?
Please tell us something about yourself. (sab) The Christmas Competition has been an exciting
Eline: I am Eline Chiara and I come from a small town in race with three Top ten artists making it to their goal
the Netherlands. Currently I live in the city where I go to before the competition ended. The absolute winner is
college. At the age of 8 I started taking piano lessons. Hind with her album project on nr.1 and her promotion
When I was 12 I started taking singing lessons as well. The project on nr. 2. But because the album project is already
last 2 years I have been very busy writing and recording on target the First prize of $1000 in parts, subscriptions to
my own music. Next to being a singer I am also a Uplaya and Youlicense and top coverage will go to the
songwriter and I write songs for other artists as well. promotion project of Hind. The second prize will go to
Lisa Brokop and Paul Jefferson aka The Jeffersons. Lucky
50K MM: How did you discovered SellaBand? third is Catself who will get $250 in parts and special
Eline: I believe I heard something about Hind on the coverage on the site.
radio or on TV and thought I'd check out this SAB.
The ten fundraising Artists who will make the special
50K MM: How are you going to convince people to SellaBand download album:
believe (and invest) in you? 1) Hind
Eline: That's a pretty hard question. Like all other artists I 2) The Jeffersons
offer a revenue share % and some pretty great incentives, 3) Catself
but I just hope that everyone who enjoys listening to my 4) Aryn Michelle
music and sees how serious I am about this, will start 5) Celeste
'believing' in me. I'm very thankful for those people that 6) Chris Difford
invest in me. 7) Anne Marie Sunshine
8) Mopi
50K MM: You have raised about 2 % of the budget so far. 9) Public Enemy
Have you thought about the time after reaching the goal of 10) The Esoteric Gender
50k yet? What are your plans then?
Eline: But of course, that's what you do it for you, right? I There are Artists who reached their target budget too.
am in contact with some wonderful and talented They will be added as bonus tracks:
musicians and I can't wait to start recording with them. 11) Aly Cook
12) Cubworld
50K MM: And last question: How can we support you to 13) Kane Sole
speed up raising your budget?
Eline: Shamelessly promote me, haha! I can't thank you The exact track listing will be announced shortly.
guys enough!
And the three lucky winners of the SellaBand t-shirt and a
stack of all 35 SellaBand albums are:
Shanna Pedler

(sab) SellaBand is proud to have won the Buma Stemra

Interactive Company Award 2010!

Today, on the 15th of January 2010, the prestigious award

has been presented during and award ceremony at Dutch
Music Conference Eurosonic/ Noorderslag. Leaving
Spotify and Bandcentral behind, SellaBand proved to be
the most innovating concept of 2009 that serves artists
and authors to exploit or market their music.

That calls for a SellaBration!

(sab) The SellaBand Team posted the sixth new playlist on

SAB's YouTube Channel aptly named ‘SellaBand Video
Playlist 6’.
This new list features amazing artists like KOOT,
Softlights and Painted On Water.

What are you waiting for? Check out the videos at SAB's
YouTube Channel!!
Kiwi FM's Fleur Jack - An Artist's Diary (Part 2)
FleurJack introduces NZ SellaBand artists on Kiwi.FM's I.A.N. every Tuesday night at
9.00 p.m. (NZ time) ... exclusively for 50K MUSIC MAG she writes her artist diary

(FJ) Mon 11th Jan. Christmas break, we tried to get everything ready in
I'll start with my SAB journey. I'm sitting on $2080 which December but we wanted the artwork changed last minute
is 10% of my goal and i'm up about $500 since my last which meant we didn't get to the printers on the other side
report which is great progress! of the holidays and as much as I know that it'll all work out
in the end, I can't stop the butterflies!!
Pavlova and The Jandals (one of my bands) had a sold out
Xmas showcase in Auckland City. We played really well, Can't wait to tell you how the tour goes!
made some new fans and impressed old fans with some Wish Me Luck
new tracks that we've been working on. We are recording
this month on the 23rd and 24th and are hoping to record
most of a live album and set about releasing it in April this

My other band The Twitch is about to release an album

and do a NZ National tour which starts Feb 5th with our
Album release in our hometown Auckland. I have been a
busy little bee organizing the venues, sound-men,
accomodation, press/ publicity and flights among other
things for the rest of the tour.

Touring sounds like a glamourous thing to do, and don't

get me wrong, the actual touring part is great, (what
musician doesn't love to get the chance to play to new
audiences, break a few hearts along the way and see the
country while getting to play their own music ?!) but the
work that goes into putting a tour together is huge!

It's not just booking the venues and putting on a show,

which obviously is work that does need to be done before
anything else can happen but if you don't promote it, then
you don't have an audience and you may as well have
stayed home.

Press releases have gone out to our database and also all
media (that we can possibly think of) and already we have
been featured on 4 websites. We have 3 radio interviews
lined up for the next couple of days and hopefully that is
just the beginning.

I think that it is definitely worth mentioning that we are

going to be cutting it very fine to get the album out in time
for the tour so that we have physical copy's for sale at the
gigs. With the public holidays and everyone being on
Decide and succeed or continue to dream
(Written by Netvalar)
(NV) Well its a new year which means time to evaluate suppose he goes out and starts up a record label because
where you are on this journey we call life. This month then that is exactly what he did. So at the age of 16 she becomes
I would like to talk about a 10 year old girl with a dream. the 2nd artist to sign with Big Machines Record (I can'
Who at 11 years of age turned that dream into a decision. find any connections with a major label either other then
From that decision she has reached success in her late distribution).
teens. Along the way you may think to your self that it was
luck. However if you read this months article you will see Now 20 years old Taylor Swift has received numerous
that she created the path for that luck to take form. awards and nominations. Just to name a few Entertainer
of the Year, International Artist Achievement Award, and
So now back to the age of 10 and the dream of music and Songwriter/Artists of the Year. So how does she stay
film. This all starts with a bunch of kids getting together to relevant to her fans you may ask? Growing up in the social
perform comedic skits under the title "TheatreKids Live! ". networking age we live in today. Early on she would spend
Through this short time the comedy group's founder up to 30 minutes (maybe more) a day connecting with her
decided to spend more time and focus on our girl's fans. Thanking them for everything from a comment on
singing. To achieve this new focus space was rented and her Myspace profile to just saying how grateful she is for
tracks licensed for Karaoke weeknight showcases. As the them being a fan. This has led to her becoming the
audience grew to ever increasing size our girl started to hit number 1 country artist on Myspace with over 40 million
up open mic's and other Karaoke events. It may be this streams of her music. In 2007 she even took one of her
early success led to the decision the following year. awards with her on tour and let her fans pose for pictures
with the award.
What happens once you turn a dream into a decision
though? What is your 1st step on such a road? I can't I read this and think of it as inspiring and even a little bit
answer that but lets see what our darling little girl did that lucky. But I also see in all of this how that luck was created
year. All she is doing at this time is Karaoke and yet she rather then waited for. So for your new year what
buys her own web domain. That initial website may have decisions can you make that will lead to your success?
been a bit sloppy, however by the time her 1st album is
released years later it gets professionally redone. Of course
making a decision means knowing not just dreaming. So
knowing a record deal is in the works someplace she takes
her demo of Karaoke songs to Nashville. Every label in
Nashville received a copy of this demo and all of them
rejected her. You could say that year of turning a dream
into a decision didn't pan out very well.

Returning home and attending school along with all the

things a outcast teen does. Rather then accept failure she
begins to write her own songs with over 200 written to
date. Of course writing songs you want to hear some of the
music too so she learns to play a 12 string guitar. In order
to learn the guitar she would practice everyday for 4 hours
a day, I am sure a day off here and there occurred. This
along with additional trips to Nashville, where she would
co-write additional songs with other songwriters, would
lead to her becoming one of the youngest songwriters
signed with Sony/ATV Music. Of course getting your songs
published is not the same as getting yourself recorded with
your own album.

Now 15 and a publishing deal for her songs, along with her
families support to such a degree that they move from
Pennsylvania to outside Nashville. Constantly finding and
playing where she could bring her songs to more people.
Someplace along the way RCA Records talked to her about
a development deal. This deal would have kept her in
development until the ripe old age of 18 thus our now teen
age girl declined. When you have turned your dreams into
a decision you know when to say no and when to say yes.
That yes comes by way of an unemployed record exec who
tells her he wants to sign her but has no label to sign her
to. So what does an unemployed record exec do when a
talented 15 year old says yes to a deal that can't exist. I

Civilized Tears ... Album Update

(by Tim Bennett)
It's always an anxious moment to see how another
musician will interpret your music and I am happy to say
that Steve has more than exceeded my expectations.

This is my first experience with a top Mixer and it has

been an incredible adventure. We are now 7 songs into the
album and I am amazed how each song has taken on a
new life.

I wrote the songs on acoustic guitar, then played them

with my band, but now the songs have moved into a whole
other dimension.

Steve has managed to weave an intricate mesh of sounds

into the music and there's a lot of drama and cinematic
landscapes in the material. Each song is like going on a
journey. It will be very exciting to see how the album
sounds once the mixing is completed.

The next step is Mastering which really adds the final

finish and polish to the songs. I will reveal who the
Mastering Engineer is very soon.

It is going to be really interesting to see how the believers ,

Since the last interview with ' 50Kmusic ' magazine in supporters and fans of Civilized Tears will take to this
December, the Civilized Tears project has been moving at Album.
a dizzyingly fast pace.
I guess you just never know if people will like it or not.
By the end of 2009 all the tracks had been fully arranged That's the risk of trying to make a living from doing music,
and produced in New York and London. but it's also a risk that I am willing to take and enjoy
immensely !
American Producer/Guitarist, Jeff Thall, is the main man
behind the production on the album and he wrapped up Thanks for tuning-in ,
the final tweaks and details of the tracks by mid- Tim Bennett of Civilized Tears
December. My appreciation and deep thanks go out to Jeff
for his extreme dedication and magnificent job of bringing
my vision to life.

Mike Cozzi was also involved in Co-producing one of the

tracks and I would also like to extend my gratitude to him
for his generous encouragement and advice throughout.

The production of the album was not an easy ride by any

stretch of the imagination and there were many ups and
downs. At some points we felt completely lost and then
somehow we'd manage to find a way out of the misty maze
and find the creative answers. Sometimes there were
voices raised in frustration, but there was also a lot of love
& laughter and some truly beautiful moments of free-
flowing musical expression. I guess the production
mirrored the emotional roller-coaster that had inspired me
to write the songs in the first place.

On January 5th, we started the mixing process in New

York with Steve Hardy. Steve has been in the business for
15 years and has worked with many of the world's most
famous bands and artists including: Bono, Prince,
Razorlight, Pink ,Beyonce, Jay Z & Santana, amongst
many others. (Please see his website for more details: )
Aly Cook Become a fan on Facebook Pages:
Artist Italked to Aly and asked, how album
or on iLike:
production runs. And she gave me short and follow me on Twitter:
update: "Yes, my full focus is now on working
with Alan Jansson on which songs we will
record. Alan Jansson is producing .. . check out his
site .. and you could write a little about him
On December 16th Nemesea gave a very special concert in
.... I'm hoping to make a start on vocals in Haarlem, Holland.
Feb. Maybe end of Jan depending on how it
goes .. Every year the DJs of Dutch radio station 3FM establish
I'm also focused on my live webcast The Kiwi themselves for a few days in a house of glass without any

Sofa LIVE WEBCAST & food. During this period they try to collect as much money
CHAT .. This is live EVERY as possible for charity. Last year the money went to the
Saturday .. USA 1.00pm Red Cross for fighting Malaria. The University of Haarlem
PST and 4.00pm EST in (Hogeschool InHolland) also had a version of the house of
UK 9.00pm and in Europe glass. A couple of students made a 31 hour radio show
10.00pm and in NZ and (Feelin Radio) without eating anything.The purpose of this
Australia that is a Sunday at 10.00am for NZ and 8.00am show is collect money for the Red Cross.
for Australia .. The site is best viewed in an open source
browser like Fire Fox :) Nemesea were invited to come and play a few songs in Haarlem. And of course they said yes to this amazing
&view=article&id=47&Itemid=55 - that link takes you to opportunity to contribute. So they came up with some nice
the chat and screen .. ideas to collect some good money for charity.
I will take the Kiwi Sofa in the studio with me when I
travel to record .. so all the sella friends will see the studio
etc. "
(sab) Dutch rock band Radius will release their first single
of their SellaBand album during the Dutch Music
Cubworld Conference Noorderslag. The single will be included in
hand-outs that will be given away to 3000 visitors during
(sab) He did it! Jacob Kongaika aka Cubworld has raised the conference on the 14th, 15th and 16th of January. For
$15,000 and will hit the studio for the second time their Believers they'll add a link on their website to
through the SellaBand platform. He first raised $50.000 download the singles. Stay tuned for the download link.
in January 2007 and recorded his album Step Lightly The full album is expected to be released in April 2010.
Create Out Loud in New York together with the guys from
Brooklyn Noise Productions. He was the second artist on
SellaBand ever to reach the target and now he's the first
artist to raise yet another budget for his second album.
Jake is planning to go more acoustic this time, staying
more true to his musical heart.
If you haven't heard the great music of Cubworld please
Francis Rodino
Francis released a brand new track called "The Other Side"
visit his store and download a free song exclusively for e-team members. He's working with Ruth
Or go to his new profile to congratulate him. Lorenzo, last year's X-Factor finalist, on her upcoming
EMI album (due for March 2010).
Chris Difford And ... his album is now for free for e-team members ... so,
come and join the e-team on
(sab) Chris Difford has decided to make all parts invested
in The Full English project RECOUPABLE.
This means whatever you have invested, Chris will return
it to you once he starts making money back on sales. Pro-
Kane Sole
(sab) If one man deserves to reach his target then it's our
rata revenue share on profit will follow. friendly singer songwriter Kane Sole from New Zealand.
This is a new way of using the SellaBand platform to the He signed up on SellaBand three days after the launch of
fullest and a great example of artist and fan collaboration. our platform back in 2006 and today he officially closed
Check his profile to read more. his full budget of $15.000. As one of our "founding Artists"
it's needless to say that he holds a special place in our
Kirt hearts here at SellaBand HQ. Kane plans to hit the studio
in February 2010.
Songs from the new album of my band Neon Legion are Well done Kane, you are number 41 to have reached the
streamabe now and the networks are all set up! Check out target!
the newest song "Twin" acoustic version on myspace! Also
new: "Twin" album version and "Wicked Men". And I will try to get him for next issue of 50K MUSIC MAG!
Monthly Charts of Truth
(by Thor)

Here's the December edition of the They newly joined in December and
"monthly charts of truth", observing the already reached $7,060, which was
movement in the Top 100 artists. enough for being #3. On #4, there's the
number one finnish artist, Catself, who
Interestingly, the total sum of $67,453 gained $6,170, followed by the two artists Weekly radio
invested is only a little bit less than last
month ($67,895), but with the €/$
who reached their goal, Aly Cook ($5,420)
on #5 and Cubworld ($4,890) on #6.
program with
exchange rate used it would be even more Where's last month's hype artist, Public Sellaband's
than $80,000. The numbers of winners
and loosers are almost equal, there were
Enemy, you might wonder? The $2,250
they gained was only enough for #15. independent
48 artists gaining money, 41 artists loosing
money, 11 didn't move in budget. There are only two bigger losers in
December, it's Konstrust (-$1,430), a band
Four artists reached the goal in December, who once had more than $10k, but
it's Hind (€40,000), Aly Cook ($20,000), decided to leave Sellaband. With -$1,290,
News and
Kane Sole and Cubworld ($15,000 each).
As you can see, there was no regular $50k
Seth Warden lost more than 50% of the
budget and has only $1,260 now, from the
Gossip about
artist this month, but a lower goal is $9k they once had in June. It's not Sellaband
possible to be reached. officially announced, but it looks like they
are leaving, too. #3 of the loosing artists is
Calculated back to $, more than 50% of Electric Fence (-$510), a band that Gigs and
the total money spent in December went decided to leave already some months
to Hind: €19,230 for the Hind Album ago. #4 may be an interesting case: Band Events
Project, reaching the €40k goal, and Without Borders lost $300: They were
another €10,010 on the 2nd Phase, the one of the newly introduced custom artists
€30k Hind Promotion Project. The €40k in October, but without activity, being a Song of the
was reached very quickly, officially in 11 'premium' doesn't help much: Their last
days, but that's only part of the truth. seen date is in October, too.
Things go a lot slower for the 2nd Phase,
but still, €10k reached in three weeks is My forecast for January: If nothing
not that bad. unexpected will happen (like a big TV
show for Hind, or another well known TalentCast
These two Hind projects are #1 and #2 of premium artist joining Sellaband), it will
the monthly gainers. On #3, there's be a slow month, with no artist reaching is the passion of 4 people:
another custom artist, The Jeffersons. the goal, and a much lower sum invested.
MissY, Catself (Agnieszka
Holm), John Werkman and
Johan Jongerius who are
Here's the complete Top enthusiastic about the
and Bottom 10: concept of SellaBand
Top 10 Bottom 10
1 Hind Album 19230 9 24-7 Spyz -100
2 Hind Promotion 10010 9 The Collaboration
3 The Jeffersons 7060 Project -100 Listen to TalentCast's
4 Catself 6170 9 Conflict In The Sky -100
5 Aly Cook 5420 radioshow every Saturday
6 Cubworld 4890 Theory -160 at
7 Aryn Michelle 4360 7 Mua'Dib and
st .n l
8 Celeste 4280
n t c a
ta l e
The Awakening -190
9 Chris Difford 3950 c
6 Blister -210 usi
10 MOPI 3540 n de nt m
5 Wetwerks -260 de pe
ve in
4 Band without borders -300 We lo
3 Electric Fence -510
2 Seth Warden Band -1290
1 Kontrust -1430 Now even for MySpace