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Peeve ey net T (Mc in Wrres fet tul Reinforcement Detailing Manual Robin Whittie Research & Development Group, Ove Arup Partnership AViewpoint Publication ‘Viewpoint Publications Books published in the Viewpoint Publications series deal with all practical aspects of concrete, concrete technology and allie subjects in elation to civil and structural engineering, building and architecture. Contributors to Viewpoint Publications include authors from within the Cement and Concrete Association ise and from the construction industry in general. While the views and opinions expressed in these publications may be in agreement vith those ofthe Association they should be regarded as being independent — ‘0f Assocation poli. 12.085 Fi 1 published 1981 1SBN07210 1223 X ‘Viewpoint Publications ae designed and published by the Cement and Concrete Association, Wexham Springs, Slough SL3 6PL. | Printed by Banstead Press Limited, Nork Way, Banstead, Surrey ® Cement and Concrete Assocation 1981 ‘Any recommendations made and opinions expressed inthis book are the author's, based on his own personal Experience. No ibis or responsiblity of ay kind (including lability for negligence) is accepted bythe {Cement and Conerete Associaton, its servans or agents. DEooeopeRatanoand ff i —— Hun anna frterirtcritct cris Preface ‘This Manual was first produced in 1978 as an “in-house document for the Ove Arup, Partnership. The aim was to bring together and improve a number of separate recommendations which were currently being used by different groups within the partnership. Published recommendations by The Concrete Society and the Cement and Concrete Association were also considered and included wherever appropriate, A client steering committee was set up to monitor progress and ensure that as much existing knowledge within the partnership as possible was included in the manual. This committee took an active part in providing ‘feedback’ from the design and detailing groups. ‘The Manual has been well received within the Ove Arup Partnership and this has provided the stimulus for wider publication. Many of the details shown init are particular to current practice within the partnership. However, most engineers in the profession should find them acceptable. ‘The author would like to thank the Client Committee, the Members of which are listed below, and Ray Ingles, for the time and effort they have given to the project. The author also wishes to express his appreciation for advice and assistance received from Howard Desmond, Barry Gould and Jack Allison. Client Committee V. J. A. Kemp (Chairman) C.H.1. Balmond L. Dobinson MJ. Glover J.K.H. Hopkins A. Stevens.