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FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH ~ Annual Meeting ~ Agenda ~ January 25, 2015




Call Meeting to Order

Open the Business Meeting
A. Appointment of Tellers
B. Quorum (need 25 confirmed members)
C. Approve Agenda
Secretarys Report
A. Minutes of Congregational Meeting of January 26, 2014
A. Bishops Report to the Congregation
B. Pastor Daves Yearly Report / 2014 Parochial Report
C. Committee Reports
a. Altar Guild Report
b. Fellowship Committee
c. Finance Committee
d. Long Range Planning Committee
e. Thrivent Financial
f. Mutual Ministry Committee
g. Property Committee
h. Quilters Report
i. Share & Care Endowment Fund
j. Worship and Music Committee
D. Financial Secretarys Report
E. Membership Report
F. Treasurers Report
G. Auditors Report
H. Sunday School & Youth Report / Youth Fund
I. Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp Report
J. Any Other Reports
A. Congregation Council:
3 Year Term Nominee _____________________________
3 Year Term Nominee _____________________________
Youth Nominee _____________________________
B. NGLS Assembly: Finlandia University, Hancock, Friday Sunday, May 15-17, 2015
a. _______________________ b. ___________________________
C. Fortune Lake Delegates: FLLC Annual Meeting, Fortune Lake/Crystal Falls, Sunday, March 22nd
a. _______________________ b. ___________________________
D. Conference 8 Delegates: Bethany Lutheran, Republic, Sunday, April 12th, 3:00pm
a. _______________________ b. ___________________________


Old Business
VIII. Proposed Program Support for 2015
New Business
A. Proposal for Water Softener
Installation of Congregation Officers and Council
Prior to February 2015 Council Meeting

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this
is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.
Another year has come and gone, and this is the time to reflect, pray, and give thanks for all that
God has done for us in our lives and in this church. It is so hard to believe that another year has come to
a close. With each passing year it seems that it goes by faster and faster; there is not enough time in a
year to get done all that needs to be done! There is so much that has happened this past year at Faith
Lutheran Church and elsewhere that it would take up too much space to go into a lot of detail, but I
would like to highlight a few of the things that have happened here at Faith and in our community.
If you had a chance to look at the Youth Report, you can see that there has been a lot going on
with the youth. We set up an event at Wyatts World with the Sunday School students to play inflatable
games and have fun, we took three of our confirmands to Bloomington, MN for Youth Encounter, had
our second annual lock-in, a trunk or treat event, and had the confirmation students use Thrivent Choice
dollars to purchase non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry at the Salvation Army.
As for the outreach ministry at Faith, we have had our normal events such as the pie social and
the Christmas baskets where we were once again able to provide 10 families with a Christmas meal. On
top of that we also once again participated in Operation Christmas Child, and sponsoring three families
for the Giving Tree. We also hosted the Christmas Tea this year at Faith, the Quilt Sale, as well as the
Trunk or Treat event mentioned above. That is not including the work that has been put into putting on
the potlucks we had this year as well as the monies that had been donated to charitable organizations.
In previous years there has been a desire to see more outreach to the community done here at Faith,
and I have to say that we have been able to do a lot!
Faith Lutheran Church and I as your pastor have been up to a lot with the other churches as
well. I am still attending the WIN for Christ meetings where we discuss and plan events for the youth in
the Negaunee/Ishpeming/West Ishpeming/Republic area (the West End of Marquette County). Out of
these meetings the events that we have been a part of are a shed build for a Habitat for Humanity house
as well as working on a Habitat home! Out of this group there is also momentum moving toward
another youth group being formed called Drive ONE where students work on cars and talk about God
with other car people. And finally, as a community of churches, we gathered together this December to
put on the Living Nativity. We had a huge event that involved sleigh rides, Santa, games, cotton candy,
fire pits, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, and so much more! It was an amazing community event where not
only could families or individuals come for a safe and family friendly event, but we were also able to
share the Christmas Story with them! We had over 300 people attend this event!
So here we are in 2015, and we have a lot to be thankful for. We have an amazing church with
friendly and faithful people. God has called us to important and exciting work, and its right in our own
back yard! We have seen that when we reach out to the community, they want to be a part of what
were doing. Here in National Mine we are called to reach out to the youth and families that are around
us, and I am excited to see what ideas and things we can come up with where they will feel invited to
come and see what God has in store for them.
In Gods Peace,
Pastor Dave

2014 Parochial Report

Axel Victor Saron
Jordyn Hope Johnson
Livi Jo Lamere
Jake William Burgess
Fisher David Fernia

July 6, 2014
August 3, 2014
September 12, 2014
December 14, 2014
December 28, 2014

Wayne Johnson and Priscilla Johnson

August 23, 2014

Kassy Carlson
Jacob Kerkela

October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014

First Communions
Devon Pascoe
Luke Vidlund
Noah Penrose
Aleisha Magnuson

April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014
April 17, 2014
April 17, 2014

Evelyn Elaine Corkin
Robert J. Hansen
Arlene F. Honkala
Sandra L. (Pietro) Laitinen

February 8, 1929 March 20, 2014

May 1, 1962 May 3, 2014
August 21, 1941 May 24, 2014
November 17, 1942 August 1, 2014

New Members
Transferred/Dropped Membership
Lana Gail Mahan
Brandee Korpi

Faith Lutheran Church Annual Meeting

January 25, 2014
2014 Finance Committee Report
The Finance Committee is comprised of the following members: Ken Blau, Chair; Melita Aho; Barb
Carlson; Ross Carlson (Council Liaison); Laura Korte (Treasurer); Donna Kroon-Harris; Lois Ombrello;
Robyn Stille (Financial Secretary); and Pastor Dave Johnson.
The Finance Committee would like to thank Ken Blau, who resigned as committee chair and financial
secretary after many years of service in both roles. Thank you, Ken, for all your thoughtful and tireless
efforts given to maintaining the financial contributions and membership records of Faith Lutheran
Church these past years. You will be missed!
Ken Blau resigned as financial secretary effective January 2014 but continues to maintain official church
membership records. Active membership is defined as those making a contribution of record and
communing at least one time each calendar year. Membership activity is reviewed annually for the
upcoming year. Current membership information is provided in the Membership Report.
The Finance Committee continued to monitor the budget closely as the operating fund faced a
substantial deficit again this year. The Finance Committee reviewed the Contingency Planning
Recommendations provided by the ELCA and shared this information with the Congregational Council
for further consideration. Monthly operating expenses total around $7,500 (salaries, benefits, church
and parsonage utilities, property and liability insurance premiums, supplies and other expenses for the
day-to-day operations of the church). Operating expenses are generally covered by contributions
designated as follows:

Unpaid Bills
Improvement/Debt Reduction

The Finance Committee experienced several changes in membership in 2014. Ken Blau, resigned as
committee chair in December 2013, and two long-standing members (Barb Carlson and Lois Ombrello)
resigned at the end of the year resulting in vacancies on the committee. Robyn Stille assumed the chair
position. The Committee recommended seeking members to fill vacancies beginning in February 2015
as follows:

2 year term: 1 member

3 year term: 2 members

The Finance Committee recommended obtaining a new database for recording church membership
activity, contributions and financial data to streamline financial processes. Shepherds Staff software
was selected and was made possible by the Bob Wiley Memorial Fund. The financial secretary and
treasurer are setting up the new software and hope to begin utilizing the software at the beginning of
the second quarter (March 2015).
Respectfully submitted,
Robyn Stille
Chair, Finance Committee

Mutual Ministry Committee

Annual Report 2015
The Mutual Ministry Committee regularly meets every first Monday of the month. They
report to the Faith Lutheran Church Council on a monthly basis.
Affirming and strengthening the mission of the congregation and ministry of the
staff is the primary goal of a Mutual Ministry Committee. The committee deals with
specific matters as brought to its attention:

Be a support for and an honest, confidential voice to the pastor

LISTEN to the congregation and the pastor
Meet regularly throughout the year, with additional meetings called as necessary
Communicate with the FLC Council on the state of the congregation's mutual
Annually recommend compensation adjustments for the pastor and staff
Perform staff reviews
Make recommendations to other ministry teams for programming that would
enhance our mutual ministry at Faith
Members of the committee in 2014:
Carol Cox, chairperson
Kathy Magnuson, secretary
Donna Kroon-Harris
Luke Anderson
Ilene Mattson
Kurt Penrose
Pastor Dave Johnson
Dave Magnuson (Council Liaison)
The committee is composed of up to seven lay persons. We are seeking new members
to fill several vacant terms:
One one-year term (Ilene Mattson)
One two-year term (Luke Anderson)
One two-year term (unfulfilled since 2014)

Respectfully submitted by Carol Cox



In 2014, the following property projects were done:

1. Energy saving grant project (lighting upgrades in narthex/sanctuary and
low-gallon water faucet aerators in sink upstairs and the kitchen)
2. Changed sewage lift pump in church yard
3. Changed ceiling fans in sanctuary
4. Repaired urinal in mens downstairs bathroom
5. Lawn mowing
6. Snow plowing and shoveling
Thank you to all the people who volunteered their time to help maintain our
church property. It is much appreciated. We always are in need of help. Please
consider getting involved in this necessary committee.

Victor Cox, Council Liaison

Worship & Music Committee

Annual Report 2015

The Worship & Music Committee meets regularly with the purpose of:
Discussing the worship services and making appropriate changes in
the liturgy for each season.
Reviewing new liturgy and service music.
Making recommendations for special services as needed.
Assess effectiveness of technology in the worship services (audio,
video, electronic presentations).
Choosing songs for each service (Pastor chooses sermon song).
Special consideration was given to recruiting another musician to fill in for
Laura and Carol. Notices were posted in our newsletter, Westwood High
School Music Department and with the Northern Michigan University Music
Department. No interest has been shown.
Members of the committee are:
Carol Cox
Laura Korte
Carole Watson (Council Liaison)
Pastor Dave Johnson
We welcome new members who have an interest in the worship services
and music.
Respectfully submitted by Carol Cox

Faith Lutheran Church Annual Meeting

January 25, 2014
2014 Financial Secretary Report

2014 Total Contributions: $105,670.73 (compare with $116,535.98 in 2013). This total reflects
contributions from members and visitors.
Gift Amount Range
(by individual giving units)
$8,001 - $9,000
$7,001 - $8,000
$6,001 - $7,000
$5,001 - $6,000
$4,001 - $5,000
$3,001 - $4,000
$2,001 - $3,000
$1,001 - $2,000
$901 - $1,000
$801 - $900
$701 - $800
$601 - $700
$501 - $600
$401 - $500
$301 - $400
$201 - $300
$101 - $200
$51 - $100
$1 - $50







2014 Contributions were designated as follows:

Current - Envelope
Unpaid Bills
Initial Offering
Christmas Offering
Easter Offering
Improvement/Debt Reduction
Building Fund
Ash Wednesday
Fuel Fund
Memorial Fund
Poinsettia Plants
Thanksgiving Offering
Building Fund - Water Softener
Maundy Thursday Offering
Easter Lily
Camp Scholarships
Quilter's Fund
Youth Fund
Operation Christmas Child
Sunday School
Adult Education
Share and Care Endowment
Lenten Offering
Kitchen Supplies
Fortune Lake Camp
Altar Supplies
Loose Offering (current)
Coffee Offering
Room At The Inn
Pastor Appreciation
Youth Encounter
Salvation Army Fund
Vacation Bible School
Altar Paraments
Gaastra Mission
Crop Walk
Sunday School Offering
Noisy Offering


The pie chart represents contributions received in 2014 in broad categories. This chart illustrates the
majority (76%) of contributions are designated to the current/operating funds that make day-to-day
church operations possible.

Faith Lutheran Church

2014 Contribution Designations
Total Contributions: $105,670.73

$1,189.51 , 1%
$276.90 , 0%
$1,390.00 , 1%

$2,110.00 , 2%
$7,000.20 , 7%
$8,849.75 , 8%
$5,031.00 , 5%
Fuel Fund
Improvement/Debt Reduction
Share & Care Endowment
Sunday School

$79,823.37 , 76%


Faith Lutheran Church
The youth of Faith participated in the following activities in 2014.
One Sunday in each month throughout the winter the Sunday School kids served coffee to raise
money towards Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp scholarships. Each coffee hour had a special treat
that the kids worked as a team to serve; root beer floats, brownies with mint ice cream, salad,
and ice cream cones.
March: In March, we took three confirmation students and joined Immanuel Lutheran Church in
Negaunee at Youth Encounter in Bloomington, MN. The students spent the first day packaging
food to feed starving families in Nicaragua at a place called Feed My Starving Children, enjoyed
some free time in Mall of America, and then closed the night off with worship. The following
days involved a speaker who talked about Gods love, time for worship that involved a lot of
singing and moving, and either service work or workshops to help students think about Spiritual
growth. We also did a tour of the city to show that there are areas in our country where poverty
and homelessness is visible. It was such a positive experience that they cant wait to go again!
April: Four students received their First Communion during the Maunday Thursday worship
May: During the first weekend in May, we held our second annual lock-in at Faith Lutheran
Church. This was open to all confirmation and high school students. We also invited the
students from Republic to come and join us. Over all we had 30 students here at Faith having
fun, playing games, and learning about who God is. It was a lot of fun, and even with sleep
deprivation not being very fun, I am looking forward to our third annual lock-in in May 2015!
Summer: Our congregation helped sponsor nineteen (19) youth to attend Fortune Lake
Lutheran Camp for a week in Crystal Falls, Michigan.
One of the summer projects included building a shed for a house build for Habitat for Humanity.
August: Vacation Bible School was held at Bethany Lutheran Church this year for the four
Ishpeming Lutheran churches: Bethel, Trinity, Bethany and Faith. Over 50 kids attended from
Monday, July 28 through Thursday, July 31. The theme was Gangway to Galilee- Amazing
Grace Adventures. All of the lessons were water related. They ate dinner, sang, made crafts,
did science experiments, heard Bible stories, and played games.
September: Sunday School started at a new time and with a new teaching schedule. The kids
first attend the worship service until the childrens sermon and then disperse to their classes.
Volunteers select the class and week that they are available to teach which has allowed many
more parishioners to participate. A lesson is taught that may include worksheets, crafts, and/or
games and then all are invited for snacks and fellowship afterwards.
October: The confirmands as well as the members here at Faith helped with putting on a Trunk
or Treat this year at the church. We had games tied to a lesson about how creating a Jack O
Lantern is like what God does in our lives, food and beverages, and a safe trick or treating

environment with people distributing candy from their vehicles. We had well over 100 people
stop by and participate in the event, and that is not including the 16 vehicles we had outside, the
8 confirmation students running the game, and the 4+ people we had helping out in the kitchen.
Confirmation: On Sunday, October 24th during the church service two students confirmed their
faith. Kassy Carlson and Jacob Kerkela had written out what they believe, and stated their
desire to be members of Faith Lutheran Church.
December: Four confirmands helped with a Thrivent Action Team $250 grant by shopping at a
local grocery store for a list of needed items for the Ishpeming Salvation Army.
The Sunday School children in Preschool through grade 6 presented their annual Christmas
program on Sunday, December 21st during the regular 10:30 am worship service. This year the
program, entitled A Christmas to Believe In. The program included singing several favorite
Christmas carols.
We are thankful for all of the young people in our church and the opportunity we have to nurture
them in the growth and development of their faith in Jesus. We look forward to 2015 and
continuing with this important work!
Submitted by Pastor Dave and Kathy Richards

Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp: the year in review

Fortune Lake Camp continues to be an extension of our congregation. As its mission statement indicates, FLLC
strives to provide experiences of Gods grace for all people to grow in faith. Our congregation and FLLC
share the same mission.

Summer camp registrations increased again; with programs on-site and day camp programs in member
congregations, the theme For everything there is a season reached nearly 1000 youth and adults. New
programs included On-site Day Camp and Art Camp; Rocket Camp and Night Owl programs grew

Senior Adult Days (5 Monday events) grew in popularity with informative speakers, insightful devotions
and delicious lunches. The old-fashioned Thanksgiving feast has become a popular tradition.

Other retreat opportunities were available for all ages. Second Sunday Folk Dances began their 30th
season at camp in October. FLLC was honored to be the first camp to host the ELCAs Presiding
Bishop Elizabeth Eaton in February

Several major site improvements involved extending and re-surfacing the Village Center roof, upgrading
washrooms, laying a new sidewalk between the chapel and Maple Duplex (to aid handicap
accessibility), and replacing the aging gazebo with a new pavilion (funded with gifts from camp staff

Fall Fest 2014, featuring the quilt and fine art auction, was the most successful You may not be aware of the
fact that we are currently running a deficit of $7300 in our operating expenses. As of 2013, we show a
membership at Faith of 481 members, with 160 financial supporting members. If we were all tithing, our
coffers would be overflowing. Think what it could be if all 160 giving members gave proportionately of their

You may not be aware of the fact that we are currently running a deficit of $7300 in our operating
expenses. As of 2013, we show a membership at Faith of 481 members, with 160 financial supporting
members. If we were all tithing, our coffers would be overflowing. Think what it could be if all 160
giving members gave proportionately of their blessings.

Fall Fest in its 18-year history.

The camp staff and board of directors give thanks for your continued financial support through both
congregational and individual gifts. Special thanks to volunteers who assisted with the Fall Fest and in other
Looking ahead, 2015 marks the 85th anniversary of FLLC. Reflecting the theme Driving Faith Forward," a
festive celebration is planned for Sunday afternoon, June 7. The celebration will feature the 2nd Fortune Lake
500 Parade of Vehicles, worship with special music, dedication of the new pavilion, and a Croatian chicken
dinner. You will be hearing much more about this event in the months ahead.
Your Fortune Lake FLAME,
Kathy Magnuson