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Call for Book Chapter Proposals

Book Title

Trajectories of ELT in Oman's Higher Education

This prospective book is currently under consideration by SPRINGER Science and
Business Media.
English has assumed increasing importance in Omans higher education institutions.
It is a fundamental tool for science and technology acquisition and for pursuing
higher education. Most importantly, it is the medium of instruction in all the sciencebased majors and many of the humanities-based specializations. English has also
become a prerequisite for finding a white-collar job in Oman. Therefore, the Omani
government has invested heavily in the planning and development of English within
higher education. Achieving quality in ELT higher education in Oman has been a
target, challenge, and concern for the different institutions and stakeholders. This
book explores English language provision in Omans higher education from different
angles and perspectives. The book is research-oriented, hence, contributions should
be based on research studies focusing on English language teaching in Omans
higher education.
The editors of this book are Ali Al-Issa and Rahma Al-Mahrooqi. Proposals (and all
queries) should be sent electronically at the following e-mail addresses:
Dr. Ali Al-Issas E-mails: /
Dr. Rahma Al-Mahrooqis E-mails: /
Proposals should be submitted by 31st January, 2015.
Authors of accepted proposals will be notified about the status of their
proposals by 28 February 2015.
Full chapters are due to be submitted by 31st May 2015.
All submitted chapters will go though blind review, which would be completed
by 31st July 2015.
Authors of accepted chapters might be requested to make minor or major
changes by 1st September 2015.
Target Audience
This book will be of interest to ELT faculties in higher education who are eager to
share their research studies and practical experience and promote concepts and
practices about English language-in-higher education policy and planning, quality
English language-in-higher education, English for academic purposes, English for


specific purposes, English medium instruction, and Integrating Content and

Language in Higher Education (ICLHE). This book will also be of interest to
researchers who are keen to keep abreast with current trends and developments in
Omani ELT higher education. Furthermore, the book will be a highly valuable and
useful source to other professionals, public and private agencies involved in ELT
higher education theory and practice in Oman.
Kindly forward this email to anyone whom you think might be interested in
contributing to this book.
Topic Areas of Interest
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Implications of ELT in Omans higher education for the job market
ELT as a tool for internationalization and globalization
Students language acquisition and development
Faculties and students language proficiency
Materials development and evaluation
Scholarship of teaching and learning
Teaching and learning resources
Course and teaching evaluation
Policy formulation and analysis
Quality and quality assurance
Assessment and evaluation
ICLHE skills and strategies
Pedagogical approaches
Teacher development
Professional learning
Independent learning
Students motivation
Innovative teaching
Syllabus design
Needs analysis
Critical thinking
Staff appraisal
Best practice
Guidelines for Prospective Authors
Chapters should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length (including tables and
references). Authors may include tables, figures, and photos (black and white) as
required to support their study. References should follow APA 6th edition style. Single
or co-authored chapters are welcomed. Authors may submit more than one


proposal. The acceptance of the chapters will be based on a structured evaluation

process of peer-reviewing using a set of criteria such as originality, clarity of
methodology, accuracy of analysis, and language accuracy.
Please submit a chapter proposal of not more than 500 words. When writing your
proposal, please provide an outline of the topic of your study and respond the
following points:
Why is your topic significant and relevant to the position of English languagein-higher education in the Sultanate of Oman? And how does your work
contribute to the literature about this particular topic? (i.e., what would the
reader gain by reading your work?)
What literature will you use to support your study? (i.e., who are the main
authors you will use?)
What data will you use in your study?
How will you collect the data?
How will you analyze your data?
Please also include a short biography of not more than 100 words. Relevant
information to include: Your studies, work experience, a brief note about your
publications and research interests. In short, anything that would help us appreciate
what you, as the author, would bring to your proposed chapter.
Biography of Editors:
o Dr. Ali Al-Issa is an Associate Professor of TESOL at College of Law, Sultan
Qaboos University. He was an Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies and
Research for five years. Dr. Al-Issa has extensive experience in ELT in the
Sultanate. He has published and presented widely about ELT in Oman locally
and abroad.
o Dr. Rahma Al-Mahrooqi is an Associate Professor of Language and
Communication at the College of Arts, Sultan Qaboos University. She worked
as a Director of the Language Centre for four years. Dr. Al-Mahrooqi is
currently the Director of the Humanities Research Centre. She co-edited
several books and published many papers about ELT in Oman.